VirtualT r a d es h o w30-31/03/2021 - GLOBAL10 am CET(4 am EDT/5 pm JST)Auditorium 1Tuesday, March 30, 2021Live webinars - Auditoriums 1 & 2All live webinars will be recorded and available on-demand for therest of the show and during the 30-day archive period.Natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration: a step forward withhigh-efficiency solutionsMiriam Solana, HVAC/R Engineer, HVAC/R Knowledge Centre, CarelMatteo Dal Corso, Application Manager - Food Retail, Retail Solutions, Sales &Marketing dept., CarelMarco Fusca, Application Specialist - Retail Solutions, Sales & Marketing dept.,Carel10:30 am CET(4:30 am EDT/5:30 pm JST)Auditorium 2Copeland R290 single-circuit solution for integral displaycase with variable speed scrollOlivier Liegeois, Marketing Refrigeration Director for Retail Sector in Europe,EmersonEric Winandy, Director OEM Solutions Development and Sales, EmersonMaurizio Zago, Product Manager Systems, Emerson11 am CETAxiEco – efficient and save(5 am EDT/6 pm JST)Patrick Stern, Product & Market Manager, ebm-papst11:30 am CETCO2 transcritical technology in industrial refrigeration systems(5:30 am EDT/6:30 pm JST)moderated by sheccoAuditorium 2Giacomo Pisano, Sales Manager, Dorin12 pm CET(6 am EDT/7 pm JST)Long-term chiller solutions – different refrigerant characteristics andtheir impactAuditorium 1moderated by sheccoAuditorium 1Andreas Meier, Managing Director, TEKO12:30 pm CET(6:30 am EDT/7:30 pm JST)LEAP makes access to natural refrigerants,exceptionally easyAuditorium 2Eoin Lennon, Head of Sustainability and Innovation, Novum1 pm CETA perfect fit: Good (organic) food and cool stores(7 am EST/8 pm JST)moderated by sheccoAuditorium 1Antoine Azar, Managing Director, Sustainable Solutions, & Project Manager /Senior Expert, HEATCollin Bootsveld, Project Engineer, Colruyt GroupBritta Paetzold, Project Manager, HEAT1:30 pm CETThe future is natural refrigerants only(7:30 am EDT/8:30 pm JST)Thomas Frank, CEO, Refolution IndustriekälteAuditorium 2

2 pm CETIndustrial applications(8 am EDT/9 pm JST)Wynand Groenewald, Founder, Future Green NowAuditorium 1Samantha Bothma, Design Engineering Consultant, Future Green Now2:30 pm CETLeak and we shall find(8:30 am EDT/9:30 pm JST)Tony Powell, EU Strategic Account Manager, Bacharach3 pm CETCO2 ejector system energy performance in a medium-sized supermarket– 2021 field study resultsAuditorium 2(9 am EDT/10 pm JST)Auditorium 1Mark Sever, Global Applications Expert – Food Retail, Danfoss3:30 pm CETEU Policy Panel(9:30 am EDT/10:30 pm JST)moderated by shecco - brought to you by theAuditorium 2Clean Cooling CoalitionArno Kaschl, Policy Analyst, European CommissionBarbara Gschrey, General Manager, Öko-RechercheTim Grabiel, Environmental Lawyer, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)Andreas Meier, Managing Director, TEKO4 pm CETDriving innovation for natural refrigerants(10 am EDT/11 pm JST)moderated by sheccoAuditorium 1Tommy Ångbäck, Sales Director Refrigeration, Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers,Alfa LavalAlessio Fadini, Application Product Specialist Refrigeration, Brazed Plate HeatExchangers, Alfa Laval4:30 pm CETSustainable cooling solutions for COVID-19 chain & medical segment(10:30 am EDT/11:30 pm JST)Helmut Greiner, Application Engineering Manager, SecopAuditorium 25 pm CETEnd User Panel - Europe, Africa & U.S.(11 am EDT/12 am JST)moderated by sheccoAuditorium 1Richard Taylor, General Manager of Store Design and Implementation,Pick n PayOlaf Schulz, Director Energy Management, METRO AGJeffrey Carlson, Service Technician, Lunds & Byerlys5:30 pm CETMarket trends and annual report(11:30 am EDT/ 12:30 am JST)Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Development Manager, sheccoAuditorium 2

6 pm CETEasy start-up of CO2 racks - what has to be considered?(12 pm EDT/1 am JST)Andreas Meier, Managing Director, TEKOAuditorium 16:30 pm CETNew and ATMOsphere Global Network(12:30 pm EDT/1:30 am JST)Marc Chasserot, CEO, sheccoAuditorium 2Wednesday, March 31, 2021live webinars - Auditorium 13 am CETAustralia & NZ End User Panel(9 pm EDT/10 am JST)by sheccoAuditorium 1Dario Ferlin, National Sustainable Innovations Manager, Woolworths4 am CETMarket trends APAC and annual report(10 pm EDT/11 am JST)Jan Dusek, COO head of APAC, sheccoAuditorium 18 am CETCold Chain Innovation Hub Philippines Project Updates(2 am EST/3 pm JST)Gilda Garibay, National Project Leader, Cold Chain Innovation HubAuditorium 1Atty. Jonas R. Leones, Undersecretary for Environment and International Environment Affairs, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), PhilippinesFranziska Menten, Project Coordinator, UNIDODavid B. Bungallon, Executive Director, TESDADevin Yoshimoto, Communications Lead, Cold Chain Innovation HubJan Dusek, Head of Global Partnership, Cold Chain Innovation Hub

March 30-31On-demand webinars - Auditorium 3All on-demand webinars will be available during the 24-hour event and afterwardsduring the 30-day archive period.Title and speaker to be announced soonUltra-low charge ammonia refrigerationJosé Expósito, PhD. Ammonia Technical Product Manager, IntarconWaterloop evaporators with R290 refrigerantJavier Cano, Industrial Engineer, Deputy General Manager, IntarconSaginomiya NatRef componentsMarcin Michalak, Key Account Manager, SaginomiyaNew Tecumseh High-Efficiency AL compressor platform for R290 case studiesMario Gauna, Application Engineer, TecumsehAnthony Chambon, Application Engineer, Tecumseh

Speakers - In Order of PresentationLive webinarsMiriam SolanaMiriam Solana Ciprés has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padova, and is theauthor of various scientific publications on supercritical CO2 technologies, having completed study andresearch periods at several universities in Italy and Spain, as well as at the USDA in the United States.Currently, she works at the HVAC/R Knowledge Centre at CAREL headquarters, whose objective is tostrengthen specific technical competencies inside the Group through training programs, and lobbyingactivities amongst the most influential associations worldwide. Over the last four years she has focusedher activities on studying refrigerant and energy-efficiency regulations and trends, disseminating information through worldwide conferences, seminars, documentation and the corporate blog.Matteo Dal CorsoAfter obtaining his Masters degree in Energy Engineering (Padua University, 2015), Matteo Dal Corsojoined CAREL working as an Application Manager for food retail refrigeration applications. He iscurrently in charge of the development and deployment of electronic controllers dedicated to centralized supermarket and condensing units by defining marketing strategies, proposing new solutions andsupporting the sales network with technical and application consulting. During the last period, he hasbeen focused mainly on the use of DC compressors in CO2 transcritical application.Marco FuscaAfter obtaining his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Padua, 2011), Marco Fuscagained extensive international experience as a product engineer for valve applications in the oil & gassector. Marco joined CAREL in 2019 as an Application Specialist for food retail refrigeration applications. He is currently in charge of the development and deployment of high-efficiency solutions, definingmarketing strategies and supporting customers and the sales network with technical and applicationconsulting. Recently he has been focused mainly on the use of DC compressors with natural refrigerants,CO2 and propane.Olivier LiegeoisOlivier Liegeois is Marketing Refrigeration Director for Retail Sector in Europe at Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions. He has a Masters Degree in Engineering and has been working with theCompany for more than 20 years. He has been involved in New Product Development during all of hiscareer, starting from engineering, to project management and now to product management.Patrick SternVocational training radio electronics technician. Study in electrical engineering. Professional practice inthe field of electrical equipment for explosion protection as product manager. Since 2000 sales engineerat ebm-papst Mulfingen. Since 2016 product & market manager at ebm-papst Mulfingen

Giacomo PisanoAfter obtaining his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, Giacomo Pisano worked for ayear as a Project Manager for General Electric’s Oil & Gas division, where the core business is turbomachinery applied to the oil & gas industry. He joined DORIN R&D department in 2003, taking responsibility for the CO2 compressor development and being in charge of the product’s technical qualification.Giacomo Pisano then took over several application engineering roles and is currently responsible for theCO2 compressors’ business development. He also joined several ASERCOM working groups and was theChairman for the association’s CO2 working group for many years.Andreas MeierAndreas Meier has several years of experience in management functions within the refrigeration sector.He has been a member of TEKO’s management since August 2015. He was previously President of SalesD / A / CH at GEA Refrigeration Technologies, based in Berlin - Germany, and before that he was theHead of Marketing and Product Management at GEA Küba GmbH. He also worked in Zug, Switzerland,as Sales & Marketing Manager at a Japanese manufacturer for industrial refrigeration.Eoin LennonEoin is a highly regarded thought leader with a long and distinguished career in the RefrigerationIndustry, over the past 30 years. Eoin joined Novum in 2007 and has been working on pioneering thedevelopment of Propane natural refrigeration systems since 2008. This has culminated in the development of the LEAP technology, a breakthrough Cassette refrigeration system specifically patented forNovum display cabinets.Antoine AzarSince January 2017, Antoine has been managing his Engineering and Training Services Bureau “Sustainable Solutions”, for areas including cooling and refrigeration, energy management, MEPS and labels,supply chain and cost optimization and he regularly contributes with his expertise to projects around theworld. Before that, he worked for 16 years at The Coca-Cola Company, most recently as Global ProgramDirector in the field of refrigeration and energy efficiency. Antoine has been supporting natural refrigerants as part of the association “Refrigerants, Naturally!” for a long time and is currently a board member.Collin BootsveldCollin Bootsveld graduated as a chemical engineer at Twente University in The Netherlands.He workedfor a small company on energy conservation in the industry and within the research institute TNO forindustrial clients and governments on sustainable comfort cooling, heat pumps and humidity controlin fortresses. Since 2010, Collin Bootsveld has worked for the family-owned retailer Colruyt Group as aproject engineer. He has introduced hydrogen technology and electrified heavy transport. Since 2013 heis responsible for the introduction of refrigeration based on natural refrigerants for the food shops. He isalso active in the introduction of heat pumps and comfort cooling with propane.Britta PaetzoldBritta Paetzold is a project manager at the environmental consulting agency HEAT, Germany. Shemanages the Refrigerants, Naturally! for LIFE project and coordinates the collaboration of 8 partnersfrom 5 European countries in this project. Britta has a background in natural sciences and nature conservation and has gained experience in international projects for WWF and others.

Thomas FrankThomas Frank is a chemical engineer (Dipl. Ing.) and certificated senior project manager (IPMA level B)with demonstrated experience and network in the field of refrigeration. In 2019 he founded Refolution,an engineering office that is using deep knowledge of refrigeration and analytic process understandingto develop new processes in different fields to transform the industry to only natural refrigeration withefficient, long- lasting and safe-for-humans-and-nature technologies. Refolution is well known forinventing and building new solutions with the oil-free air refrigeration machine from Mitrai Intex, like the-115 C cold sauna; the vaccine-storage container; and the the HOF-CryoBlizzard that is a central refrigeration plant for pharmaceutical batch processes like lyophilization and plasma freezing; steel hardening;plastic deburring; and a solvent recycling process.Wynand GroenewaldWynand obtained his mechanical engineering degree followed with a masters degree on CO2 as a refrigerant within heat pump systems. His passion has always been to support the uptake of CO2 within therefrigeration industry and he has been involved with the design and implementation of CO2 technologyover the last 15 years. With this in mind Wynand founded Future Green Now, an independent consultingfirm dedicated to the natural refrigeration industry. Future Green Now operates internationally and iscurrently involved in natural refrigeration projects within the USA, Australia and Africa.Samantha BothmaSamantha holds a mechanical engineering degree backed by a passion and love for the environment.Pursuing her dream to have a positive impact on the environment has found her supporting the uptakeof natural refrigerants such as CO2 into the industry for the last 5 years. Her design capabilities andpractical experience has led to various design and implementation of state of the art refrigeration facilities making use of CO2 as a refrigerant and innovative design around waste heat and cooling incorporated into facilities designed has made a positive impact within the whole refrigeration industry.Tony PowellTony Powell started in the Refrigeration Industry as an Engineer and has held several Engineering, Sales,and Product Management roles throughout his 20 year career. He has worked in the USA, Mexico,the United Kingdom, and Germany, supporting customers worldwide with a particular focus on theEuropean and North American markets. Residing in Munich, Germany for the last 9 years, Tony supportsthe European market as the European Product Manager for Bacharach’s line of Gas Detectors and is amember of the Institute of Refrigeration.Mark SeverMark Sever has a background in thermodynamics and more than 20 years’ experience in refrigerationapplications with emphasis on electronics and monitoring systems. For the last decade, Mark hasfocused on developing technology that uses CO2 as a refrigerant and on enhancing system performancein food retail applications. Mark greatly enjoys sharing his knowledge of refrigeration applications.Barbara GschreyBarbara Gschrey has been working for Öko-Recherche since 2009 and managed the preparatory study forthe EU Commission in the context of the review of the F-Gas Regulation. She holds in-depth knowledgeabout use and emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases and relevant business sectors.

Tim GrabielTim Grabiel is an experienced environmental lawyer based in Paris, France, providing legal and policyadvocacy at the European Union and international levels. He joined the Environmental InvestigationAgency (EIA) in 2011, focusing on several climate-related issues, including fluorinated gases, ozone-depleting substances and methane, as well as plastic pollution and marine protection. Prior to joiningEIA, Tim spent 1.5 years working in Brussels and 6 years working in the United States on environmentallitigation and legislation. Tim has extensive experience with governmental and non-governmental organizations on a wide range of environmental issues, which include renewable energy, waste management,transportation, forests, air quality, energy, water quality, coal mining, biodiversity and trade.Arno KaschlArno KASCHL works as a Policy Analyst for the European Commission. He studied biology and has aPhD from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. Since 2011 he has been responsible for European fluorinated gas policies, contributing to the negotiations of the Fgas regulation and the Kigali amendment ofthe Montreal protocol.Tommy ÅngbäckTommy Ångbäck is a leading expert in the field of plate heat exchangers used in industrial refrigerationand air conditioning applications. Tommy has spent more than 20 years working with high-efficiency,natural refrigerant-based plate heat exchangers, and he has focused specifically on ammonia/CO2 applications for the last decade.Alessio FadiniAlessio Fadini has nearly 20 years’ experience in the field of brazed plate heat exchangers used incommercial refrigeration and heat pumps. Alessio has spent most of his career working with international customers, supporting the sales of plate heat exchangers in several applications. He has recentlyfocused specifically on Propane & CO2 appliances.Helmut GreinerHelmut has a strong knowledge of and background in the compressor industry. He graduated fromTechnical University Graz, Austria with a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Andhe has more than 17 years of rich experience in the cooling compressor business through differentfunctions: including R&D for compressor developments, Project Management for new platform set-upin Austria and China, as well as Application Engineering for customer developments and technicalsupports. At present, Helmut is based in Austria and is responsible for Secop Application Engineering forglobal specifiers and specifications. Since August 2020 Helmut has been leader of Secop’s global taskforce for the COVID-19 medical segment.Richard TaylorHe is responsible for the internal fit out of new and revamp stores across all formats at Pick n Pay fromHypers to small format stores. Disciplines include layouts, shelving, shopfitting, signage, food serviceequipment and refrigeration. A particular passion is striving for energy efficient solutions, reducing ourcarbon footprint and promoting the use of natural refrigerants in the retail industry.

Olaf SchulzeOlaf Schulze is the Director Energy Management at Metro AG. From 2005 to 2013, he was the ManagingDirector of Metro Properties Energy Management GmbH. Previously, Schulze worked at EuropowerEnergy GmbH as the Head of Legal and Human Resources and at Geberit Mapress GmbH as the Head ofLegal and Insurance.Jeffrey CarlsonJeffrey Carlson has been a member of the Minneapolis, Minnesota (U.S.) Pipefitter local 539 since 2000.He worked at Southtown Refrigeration in Minnesota for 15 years as service technician, service manager,and estimator. He currently works at Lunds & Byerlys as a service technician.Ilana KoegelenbergWith an honors degree in journalism (B.journ) from Rhodes University in South Africa and 10 yearsof experience relating to the HVAC&R industry, Ilana joined shecco in 2019 as Market DevelopmentManager. Here, she manages the Market Intelligence team with a focus on market research, policyanalysis, partner projects and specialized campaigns that aid in accelerating the adoption of climatefriendly technologies across different world regions.Marc ChasserotMarc Chasserot is a specialist in natural refrigeration with over 15 years of experience in the HVAC&Rsector, starting as the Marketing Manager for the Norsk Hydro business unit specialised in CO2 transcritical refrigeration and heating. In 2006 Marc founded the industry-leading website for CO2 coolingand heating experts worldwide, This was followed by three additional industryresources for hydrocarbons, water and ammonia (namely:, www.R718.comand Marc is co-founder and CEO of shecco, an independent market development company specializing in bringing Natural Refrigerants faster to market, working with numerouscompanies worldwide. Marc has chaired and organized numerous international ATMOsphere conferences bringing together leading policy and industry experts to discuss how to bring natural refrigerantsfaster to market. He is also an active member of ASHRAE.Dario FerlinHonours degree in Mech