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Table of ContentsIntroduction. 4Why.Buy.a.Netafim.USA.Water.Meter?. 5Application.and.Installation.Considerations. 6Selection.Guidelines. 8Water.Meter.Registers. 9Reading.a.Water.Meter.Register. 11Product Information.‘M’ Water MetersSizes:.¾”,.1”.and.1.½”. 12.‘WMR’ Water MeterSize:.2”. 14.‘WST’ and ‘WT’ Water :.10”.and.12”. 16.‘IRT’ Water MetersSizes:.3”,.4”,.6”,.8”.and.10”. 20.Fertilizer Meter - PolypropyleneSize:.¾”. 23.Fertilizer Meter - PVCSize:.1”. 253

If You Can’t Measure It,You Can’t Manage It.It Makes Cents.Gas or Electric MeterVehicle OdometerReadsLikeReadsLikeNetafim Standard RegisterNetafim MPE Digital RegisterEvery irrigation system - drip/micro, flood,sprinkler or center pivot - needs water andfertilizer delivered at the right time and in theright amounts. Metering is the only way to makesure water and fertilizers are delivered accurately.Water and fertilizer metering requirements aremet with high quality Netafim USA meters. Theyprovide the confidence and assurance that thecorrect amount of water and fertilizer (nutrients)are being delivered to the crop maximizing yieldsand reducing energy costs.Measurement is the Key to Good, Effective Water ManagementIt is a fact that all crops are affected if irrigation is not consistent and accurate. The use of water meters ensures growers areable to measure and effectively manage the watering of their crops. Over and under irrigating affects your bottom line. Over Irrigating and Under Irrigating Result inReduction of Crop Yield and QualityPlants become stressed by both too much water or too littlewater which affects crop yields and quality.Optimum Irrigation4Under Irrigating Over Irrigating Results in Waste ofWater, Energy and FertilizersEnergy and fertilizer costs increase with everygallon of wasted water.Over Irrigating

Why Buy a Netafim USA Water Meter?Reliability With The Industry’s Longest WarrantyNetafim stands behind our water meters with an unprecedentedwarranty - the industry’s longest - three (3) years on the meteringcomponents (register and metering assembly) and five (5) yearson the meter body. If your water meter encounters a problem,you can be confident that it will be replaced, in the field, with afactory calibrated metering component with minimal interruptionto your irrigation schedule.All meters are individually tested, calibrated and inspected toensure they meet the highest quality standards and the testingdocuments are included with each meter. The performance andreliability of our meters provide a valuable tool for managingyour system.3Brent Hoover of HooverPumping Systems in PompanoBeach, FL, a supplier of prefabricated and sophisticatedpumping systems says:“We choose Netafim water meters andhydrometers for many of our basic pumpingstation designs. Netafim’s proven reliability andaccuracy keeps them on the top of our vendorlist. We’ve had virtually no service calls for thepast 9 years.”Three Components for Quick MaintenanceRegisterThree e YearWarrantyWater MeterBodyMeterBodyFull Diameter Impeller(WST Meter)Paddle Wheel(IRT Meter)Netafim USA Water Meter Benefits Measuring your irrigation water with a water meter is a more accurate way to deliver water to a crop. Monitors system performance and records total water applied. Ensures verification of water received versus water pumped or purchased. Provides accurate water measurement if required by a private or governmental agency.5

Application and Installation ConsiderationsDetermining the appropriate water meter for your application involves several requirements: Water Quality;Flow Range and Straight Pipe Installation Requirement. The following information will help with theselection of the right water meter for your site requirements.Water QualityThe quality of irrigation water is an important consideration when choosing the right water meter for your system.Netafim has a full line of water meters for accurate measuring in good or poor water conditions.Good Water Conditions Water with minimal organic materials Well water with minimal sandA water meter with a full diameter impeller isrecommended for good water conditions. Theimpeller encompasses the full diameter of theinside water meter passage and provides ahigher degree of accuracy from very low flowsto maximum flows. Positioning the impellerdirectly in the flow path assures full flowmeasurement.Side ViewFull Diameter ImpellerFront ViewPoor Water Conditions Water with moderate organic materials Well water with sandFront ViewSide ViewPaddle Wheel6A water meter with a paddle wheel isrecommended for poor water conditions. Thewater is metered with a paddle wheel locatedat the top of the water passage. This providesa free water passage eliminating clogging fromdebris. Paddle wheel water meters can also beused in good water conditions.

Flow RangeWater meter functionality and accuracy is dependent on minimum and maximum flow ranges. Netafim water metersaccurately measure water from a minimum of 0.9 GPM up to a maximum of 5,500 GPM. Specific flow ranges foreach size and model are listed in the Selection Guideline charts on page 8.Straight Pipe Installation RequirementWhen water flows through a pipe, any transition througha fitting, elbow, or change in pipe size causes turbulencein the water. In order to eliminate water turbulence, somewater meters require straight pipe before and after thewater meter. Straight pipe installation refers to the length ofstraight pipe needed before (upstream of the water meter)and after (downstream of the water meter).Meters with built-in straightening vanes (WST WaterMeters) are used to reduce the minimum straight piperequirements. WST Water Meters require 5 x diameterbefore and 2 x diameter after the meter. Meters withoutstraightening vanes (WMR, WT, and IRT Water Meters)require 10 x diameter before and 5 x diameter after themeter. (Diameter Meter Size)Continuous Acting Air Vents are used to remove air fromthe system for accurate metering. Proper air vent selectionand placement within the system is critical - refer to theNetafim USA Air Vent Selection Guide for more information.Configuring Straight Pipe Installation Requirement Example:Water Meter: 8” WSTUpstream:5 x 8” diameter meter 40” (5 x D)40” of straight pipe required upstream of the water meterDownstream: 2 x 8” diameter meter 16” (2 x D)16” of straight pipe required downstream of the water meterMeter Length: 14”Total:70” total installation requirementContinuousActing Air Vent8” WSTWater Meter8” Diameter Pipe40” StraightPipe Upstream8” Diameter Pipe14” MeterLength16” StraightPipe Downstream70” TotalInstallation Requirement7

Selection GuidelinesPoor Water QualityStraight Pipe Installation Requirement - 10 x D and 5 x DMinimumFlow Rate( 2% Accuracy)MaximumFlow Rate( 2% Accuracy)Straight Pipe Installation 10 x D & 5 x D(Upstream Downstream Meter Length)ModelSize45 GPM500 GPM54” Total50 GPM65 GPM688 GPM1,375 GPM70” Total102” Total130 GPM2,475 GPM134” Total8”300 GPM4,125 GPM166” Total10”ProductInformation3”IRT4”6”Page 20Good Water QualityStraight Pipe Installation Requirement - 10 x D and 5 x DMinimumFlow Rate( 2% Accuracy)MaximumFlow Rate( 2% Accuracy)Straight Pipe Installation 10 x D & 5 x D(Upstream Downstream Meter Length)8.8 GPM45 GPM110 GPM500 GPM44” Total54” Total50 GPM65 GPM130 GPM688 GPM1,375 GPM2,475 GPM70” Total102” Total134” Total300 GPM44 GPM51 GPM4,125 GPM4,125 GPM5,500 GPM166” Total168” Total200” 12”ProductInformationPage 14Page 20Page 16Good Water QualityStraight Pipe Installation Requirement - 5 x D and 2 x DMinimumFlow Rate( 2% Accuracy)MaximumFlow Rate( 2% Accuracy)Straight Pipe Installation 5 x D & 2 x D(Upstream Downstream Meter Length)4.0 GPM8.0 GPM15 GPM38 GPM660 GPM1,266 GPM1,431 GPM2,475 GPM30” Total38” Total54” Total70” Page 16ModelSizeProductInformationGood Water QualityStraight Pipe Installation Requirement - 0 x D and 0 x D8MinimumFlow Rate( 2% Accuracy)MaximumFlow Rate( 2% Accuracy)Straight Pipe Installation 0 x D & 0 x D(Upstream Downstream Meter Length)0.9 GPM1.2 GPM14 GPM20 GPM11 1/4” Total14 3/4” Total3.5 GPM55 GPM17 1/4” Total0.3 GPM1.8 GPM2.2 GPM44 GPM4 3/8” Total6” Total3/4”MFertilizer1”Page 121 1/2”3/4”1”Page 23Page 25

Water Meter RegistersNetafim registers are simple to read and operate while providingreliable and accurate readings. Features include: Hermetically sealed - guaranteed not to accumulate moisture or fog Mounted in a dry compartment - no contact with the water Instantaneous readings - easy to read Electrical output - driven by a magnetic coupling that activatesa reed switch creating a pulsed output for communicating withcontrol and monitoring equipment Interchangeable and easily replaced - only need common tools Removable - even when the meter is operatingREGISTERS ARE EASY TOINSTALL AND REMOVEStep 1: Loosenand unscrew thebrass closing ringand cap assemblythat secures theregister.STANDARD REGISTER Gallon or Acre Feet TotalizerThe standard register includes pulsed output for communicatingwith control and monitoring equipment. A leak indicator located inthe center of the dial registers the lowest flow through the meter.If services are shut off and the dial continues to rotate, there maybe a leak in the system network.Step 2: Lift offthe brass closingring and capassembly. Liftout the registerfrom it’s sealedcompartment.Flows are totalled in U.S. Gallons and each dial face indicates themultiplication factor (located directly under the totalizer reading)or flows are totalled in Acre Feet with the decimal point indicatedin blue on the register. Three small fractional dials measurequantities smaller than the totalizer reading.Electrical Specifications:Maximum Contact Current: 50 mAMaximum Contact Voltage: 48 VDCTotalizerReadingDecimalPointMultiplication FactorU.S. GallonsLeak IndicatorFractional DialsGallon TotalizerPULSE OUTPUT - With Pulse Reed SwitchThe Pulse Reed Switch is activated by a magnet installedon a fractional dial. The reed switch acts as a “dry contact”and consumes very little power. The Reed Switch sensor isinstalled in the transparent plastic cover over the registerand can be mounted in any of three positions facing thepointer with the magnet.Acre Feet TotalizerPulse Reed Switch Only9

PHOTO DIODE REGISTER Gallon TotalizerA sensor combines an IR light source and a light sensitive diodein one package. Signals are created when the light beam createdby the IR light is interrupted by a rotating element. Includespulse output (open collector) for communicating with control andmonitoring equipment. This register requires a constanrt supplyof DC power. Flows are totalled in U.S. Gallons based on themultiplication factors indicated on the dial face.Electrical Specifications:Positive (Yellow Wire): 20-30 mAthrough a resistorOutput (Transparent Wire): Opencollector, max. load 2 mAGround (Bare Wire)VoltageNote:Correct polarity of the leadsshould be checked carefully toprevent damage of the sensor.RecommendedResistor Values5691224Resistor ValueΩResistor ValueW1802203304701,0000. (Bare Wire)Output (Transparent Wire)Positive (Yellow Wire)TotalizerReadingMultiplicationFactorU.S. GallonsFractionalDialsGallon TotalizerMULTI-PURPOSE ELECTRONIC (MPE) DIGITAL REGISTER GPM Rate of Flow with Gallon or Acre Feet TotalizerCombines electronic register features with dry pulse output capabilities. Operated by an internal lithium battery with a 10 yearlife and mounted inside a stainless steel glass encapsulated cup. Register data is stored on an internal chip and retrievableif the register is damaged. The register’s LCD screen clearly displays the Rate of Flow in Gallons per Minute (GPM) and TotalVolume in U.S. Gallons (U.S.G.) or Acre Feet.Rate ofFlow GPMTotal VolumeMultiplication FactorU.S. GallonsAcre FeetTotalizerReadingTotalizerReadingGallon TotalizerAcre Feet TotalizerElectrical Specifications:Minimum Voltage: 3.6 VDCMaximum Contact Voltage: 48 VDCMaximum Contact Current: 200 mAMaximum Distance Between Meter andControl Board: 65 feet10

Reading a Water Meter RegisterSTANDARD REGISTERTotal Flow is calculated by adding the readings from the Totalizer and the three fractional dials. The three fractional dialsmeasure quantities smaller than the totalizer reading and are continuously turning while calculating the flow.Totalizer ReadingRotates sequentially for each 1000 U.S.G. (U.S. Gallons) calculatedNumber displayed is multiplied by 1000 to reach total U.S.G.Totalizer Reading(Less than 1,000 U.S.G.)Fractional Dial #1Each number (1-9) on the dial is multiplied by 100 to reach U.S.G.One complete revolution on this dial 1000 U.S.G.Fractional Dial #2Each number (1-9) on the dial is multiplied by 10 to reach U.S.G.One complete revolution on this dial 100 U.S.G.FractionalDial #1(700 U.S.G.)FractionalDial #3(7 U.S.G.)FractionalDial #2(50 U.S.G.)Fractional Dial #3Each number (1-9) on the dial is multiplied by 1 to reach U.S.G.One complete revolution on this dial 10 U.S.G.TOTAL FLOW FOR THISSTANDARD REGISTERTotalizer Reading: 0 x 1000 0MPE DIGITAL REGISTERLCD screen displays 6 digits and alternates every 10 seconds betweenRate of Flow and Total Volume as a whole number and a fractionalnumber in U.S. Gallons or Acre Feet.FLOW and GALWhen both are visible on the display, reading for Rate of Flow in GPMGAL (Gallon Totalizer)When visible on the display, whole number reading for a portion of thetotal volume in U.S.G.FrWhen visible on the display and the numbers are underlined in red,fractional number reading for a portion of the Total Volume in U.S.G. orAcre FeetFractional Dial #1: 7 x 100 700Fractional Dial #2: 5 x 10 50Fractional Dial #3: 7 x 1 7Calculation0 700 50 7 757 U.S.G.757 U.S. Gallons is theCurrent Total FlowNOTE: If the Totalizer Reading is betweennumbers (a number is partially visible), alwaysdefault to the lower of the two numbers whencalculating flow. If a Fractional Dial is pointingbetween numbers, always default to the lowerof the two numbers.GALFLOWand GALRATE OF VOLUME FOR THISMPE DIGITAL REGISTERGAL Reading: 9ReadingReadingFr Reading: 835CalculationGAL Decimal Point Fr 9.8359.835 x 10,000 98,350RATE OF FLOW FOR THISMPE DIGITAL REGISTERTotalizer Reading: 900900 GPM is theCurrent Rate of Flow98,350 U.S. Gallons is theCurrent Total VolumeFrReading11

‘M’ Water MetersIndustry’s Smallest Water MetersNetafim USA’s M water meters are the industry’s smallest multi-jetwater meters. These meters offer the best cost and performance, longlife flow measurement instruments. The multi-jet principle assures anequally distributed load on the impeller minimizing wear and maintainingaccuracy. Wide clearances in the measuring chamber and negligible areaof contact between static and moving parts are the main reasons for thehigh reliability of this design even in hard water.Features Only one moving part - the impeller - in contact with the water for minimum wear and utmost reliability. Magnetically driven sealed registers are stainless steel/glass encapsulated and guaranteed againstfogging due to moisture. No additional upstream and downstream straight length of pipe required for installation. Very accurate over a wide range of flows.Available SizesPulse ReedSwitch ¾”, 1” and 1 ½”SpecificationsMaximum WorkingPressure140 psiMaximum LiquidTemperature122 FBody MaterialCalibrationScrewCorrosion ProofCopper ation Requirements Dial face must be horizontal. There are no straight pipe installation requirements. Prior to installation of the meter, the pipeline should be thoroughly flushed. Meter must be installed so that the pipe will be full of water at all times during metering. Recommendation: Continuous Acting Air Vents of proper size and type be installed to eliminate air.‘M’ MetersStraight Pipe Installation Requirement0 x D and 0 x thTotalRequirement¾”1”1 ½”0“0“0“0”0”0”11 ¼“14 ¾“17 ¼“11 ¼”14 ¾“17 ¼”HermeticallySealed Register

‘M’ Water MetersRegistersRegister TypeStandardRegister TotalizerMeter SizeVolume UnitFlow Rate UnitsPulse Output (gallons/pulse)PointerResolutionPointer 1Pointer 2Pointer 3MPE DigitalGallon3/4”Gallon x 10–0.1Gallon3/4”Gallon x 100–1.0Gallon3/4”, 1” & 1 1/2”Gallon x 10GPM x 1.001.0x 0.01 Gallonx 0.1 Gallonx 1.0 Gallonx 0.10 Gallonx 1.0 Gallonx 10 Gallon–––Performance DataLowest Flowwithin 5% AccuracyLowest Flowwithin 2% AccuracyNominal Flowwithin 2% AccuracyMaximum Flowwithin 2% Accuracy0.2 GPM0.3 GPM0.9 GPM0.9 GPM1.2 GPM3.5 GPM11 GPM15.4 GPM44 GPM14 GPM20 GPM55 GPMSize¾”1”1 ½”Headloss Chart4.5¾”4.01”Headloss 50Flow Rate (GPM)Dimensions and WeightSizeHHeightLLengthBWidthWeight¾”1”1 ½”4 ¼“4 ¼“6 ¾“11 ¼”14 ¾”17 ¼”3 ¾“4 ¼“15“4.4 lbs.6.1 lbs.15 lbs.HL(Includes installation couplers)BOrdering InformationSize¾”¾”1”1 ½”¾”1”1 onUnion/ThrdMPE Digital/GallonGallonsper 36M401.5T-MPE13

‘WMR’ Water MeterIndustry’s Smallest Water MeterNetafim USA’s WMR water meter is one of the industry’s smallestwater meters. The ample space around the core of the in-line helicalaxial turbine allows foreign matter to pass through the meter withoutclogging. This wide clearance produces full pipe flow measurementsand is very accurate over a wide range of flows.Features Magnetically driven sealed registers are stainless steel/glassencapsulated and guaranteed against fogging due to moisture. Minimum head loss. Very accurate over a wide range of flows.Available Size 2”SpecificationsMaximum WorkingPressure230 psiMaximum LiquidTemperature131 FBody MaterialCast Iron withPolyester CoatingConnectionsMPTInstallation Requirements Straight pipe installation requirement of 10 x diameter pipe upstream (before the meter) and 5 x diameterpipe downstream (after the meter). The meter may be installed in any position. For non-horizontal positions, the flow should be upwards. Prior to installation of the meter, the pipeline should be thoroughly flushed. Meter must be installed so that the pipe will be full of water at all times during metering. Recommendation: Continuous Acting Air Vents of proper size and type be installed to eliminate air.‘WMR’ MeterStraight Pipe Installation Requirement10 x D and 5 x TotalRequirement2”20“10”14“44“Tamper Proof SealEnsures unauthorized removal and/ortampering of the water meter register.14

‘WMR’ Water MeterRegistersRegister TypeStandardRegister TotalizerMeter SizeVolume UnitFlow Rate UnitsPulse Output (gal