20 FLAVOR INSIGHT17 REPORTS’moresBy the NumbersOoey-gooey marshmallow, melty chocolate, and crunchygraham cracker unite in the classic campfire dessert: thes’more. It’s a treat where consumers’ taste for nostalgiathrives. Whether they’re made while gathered at abackyard fire pit or sipped in a s’mores martini at anupscale restaurant, s’mores flavor is on the rise.Let’s see how the unique taste went from campfirestaple to innovative dessert trend.1900 Averill Road, Geneva, IL 60134630.578.8600

S’moresPrint & Social Media HighlightsWith summer in full swing, we’re spotting tons of mentions of s’mores on social media.Here are some highlights. On Pinterest we saw a plethora of s’mores pins. Many of the recipes focused on desserts likeS’mOreo brownie bars, s’mores trifle, and a recipe for a s’more martini! Some other recipes focusedmore on breakfast like s’mores cinnamon rolls and doughnuts, and recipes for s’mores crepes. While scrolling Instagram we spotted s’mores featured in a variety of ways. Two highlights:@foodnessgracious’ s’mores slider recipe with marshmallow and chocolate baked betweenHawaiian roll sliders and @dominiqueansel’s frozen smore creations from Dominique Ansel Bakeryfeaturing Tahitian vanilla ice cream and crispy chocolate feuilletine covered in honey marshmallow. On Twitter there were a whopping 185,000 posts mentioning s’mores in the month of June. Sometop words people mentioned in their s’mores tweets were “ice cream” “churros” “skillet” “cheesecake”and “cookie”. Top countries tweeting about s’mores were the US, Thailand, and the UK. When “s’more” is searched on there are 404 results. Recipes range from s’mores croissants,s’mores pizza, s’mores muffins, s’mores smoothies, s’mores bars, and more!Source: Dominique Ansel BakeryWe’re also spotting tons of s’mores related articles in print publications. Here are some ofthe highlights. An entire page in Food & Wine’s latest issue is dedicated to how to roast the perfect marshmallow ala Olmsted NYC, one of the magazine’s top 10 restaurants of the year. One nostalgic ingredient theircustomers say cannot be substituted? Hersey’s chocolate! In Rachel Ray Every Day people were asked how they preferred their toasted marshmallows: lightlybrowned or totally charred. The results: 60% totally charred. Bon Apetit’s June issue listed several restaurants offering gourmet s’mores like Austin’s Emmer &Rye featuring a bran cracker, orange marshmallow and chocolate ganache and Detroit’s Green DotStables s’more slider with marshmallow fluff and Nutella.Source: foodnessgracious blog

History of the S’moreS’mores on the MenuQ2 2010 – Q2 2016We’re seeing s’more menu items heating up with mentions nearlydoubling; increasing from 20 mentions in 2015 Q2 to 38 mentioned inQ2 of 2016. While mostly resting in the dessert and bakery segment,we’re spotting the flavor of s’mores moving into drinks and sauces toadd an indulgent twist. Twisted Root Burger Co.: Toasted Marshmallow S’moresCustard Shake Sticky’s Finger Joint: S’mores French Fries Little Goat Diner: S’mores Cookies Andiamo:Campfire MartiniThough we don’t know the true origin of the s’more, the concept was first publishedin the 1927 Girl Scout book Tramping and Trailing With the Girl Scouts and called“Some More”. The recipe calls for 8 marshmallow-roasting sticks, 16 graham crackers,16 marshmallows, and 8 bars of chocolate (“any of the good plain brands”). Nearly ahundred years later, s’mores are still delighting consumers all over the world.S’mores on the Menu: Top Menu SectionsCondiments and Sauces78MENTIONSToppingsBaked GoodsSaladMeatFAST/CASUALTOP RESTAURANTSEGMENTNot SpecifiedDessert0Source: Mintel Menu Insights1020304050

S’mores Global New Product IntroductionsProducts of Note169NEW PRODUCTSNorway: S’mores FlavorProtein BarMexico: S’mores PremiumCupcake MixS’mores New Product Introductions, Global2010-2016Egypt: S’mores Nut &Granola MixUK: S’mores CheesecakeS’mores New Product Introductions, Global2010-2016 by Top Sub-Category60502.96%2.37%2.37% 2.37%Mexico30Puerto RicoCanada2018.93%5.33%Dairy Based Ice Cream &Frozen Yogurt8.88%11.83%USA109.47%9.47%2010Source: Mintel GNPD201120122013201420152016Snack/Cereal/Energy BarsBaking Ingredients & MixesUK400Puerto Rico: S’moresPremium FrostingCakes, Pastries & SweetGoodsSweet Biscuits/CookiesSnack Mixes

S’mores North America New Product IntroductionsProducts of Note144NEW PRODUCTSThree Olives S’mores VodkaProject 7 Milk ChocolateCovered S’mores GourmetGummiesS’mores New Product Introductions, North America2010-2016Kroger Greek S’moresNon-Fat YogurtPillsbury Grands! S’mores Rollswith Marshmallow IcingS’mores New Product Introductions, North America2010-2016 by Top Sub-Category502.78%452.08%2.08%Snack/Cereal/Energy Bars2.78%40353017.36%5.56%20Baking Ingredients & MixesDairy Based Ice Cream &Frozen Yogurt258.33%Sweet Biscuits/Cookies11.81%1510Cakes, Pastries & SweetGoods8.33%50CVS Pharmacy PeanutButter S’mores NutritionalShake11.11%2010Source: Mintel GNPD201120122013201420152016Snack Mixes

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