THE OLD TOWNGUIDEW H ER E SCOTTSDA L E COMES TOG E T HE RSCOTTSDALE’S OLD TOWN is the beating heart of our city. It’s where U.S. Army Chaplain WinfieldScott put down his farming roots in 1888 and where Scottsdale residents and businesses thrived in thedecades that followed. Today, the various walkable “districts” of Old Town Scottsdale are hubs for the city’sarts and cultural scene, nearly 100 fabulous dining and nightlife options, and highly favored shopping andlifestyle destinations.


THE DISTRICTSOld Town Scottsdale is the energetic heart of our city. In a little more thanone square mile, you can explore nine easily walkable districts filled with artgalleries, shops, restaurants, museums and nightclubs.OLD TOWN SCOTTSDALETake one look at Old Town Scottsdale and it’s easy to see whatmakes the heart of our city so original. Nestled within nine walkable neighborhoods you’ll find a unique collection of shops,restaurants, galleries and nightclubs, as well as contemporarypublic art installations and historic sites from the late 1880s.It’s this effortless blend of chic urban amenities and Old Westcharm that gives Old Town its one-of- a-kind flair and makes ita can’t-miss stop on any Scottsdale itinerary. ARTS DISTRICTFine art galleries,wine-tasting rooms,Scottsdale’s Museum ofthe West, the ScottsdaleArtists’ School and the Thursday nightArtWalk all call this district home. FIFTH AVENUESHOPPING DISTRICTThis long-time localfavorite boasts dozens of unique shops,award-winning restaurants and thefamous Bob Parks Horse Fountain. BROWN & STETSONDISTRICTThis mixed-use districthouses restaurants, barsand numerous hairsalons, which may come in handy ifyou’re planning a night on the town inthe Entertainment District. HISTORIC OLD TOWNThis historic corner ofOld Town is fun andfunky, with a decidedlyOld West Flair. Westernwear boutiques, Native Americanjewelry and historic sites are a few ofthe treasures you’ll find here. CIVIC CENTER PARKThe park’s 21 acres oflush lawns and public artalso house the ScottsdaleMuseum of Contemporary Art and Scottsdale Center for thePerforming Arts. SCOTTSDALEFASHION SQUAREThe largest shoppingdestination in the Southwest, Fashion Squareis home to more than 200 premiumretailers, a Harkins luxury cinema andmultiple restaurants. ENTERTAINMENTDISTRICTThe laidback daytimeenergy of this districtexplodes after dark,with celebrity deejays, live bands andmaster mixologists showing off theirtalents at upscale nightclubs andbars. There’s even a swanky boutiquebowling club offering craft cocktailsand bottle service. SCOTTSDALEWATERFRONT & SOUTHBRIDGEDISTRICTSThese districts on thebanks of the Arizona Canal, house someof the city’s most popular restaurantsand boutiques.TOP ATT RACTIONSScottsdale is a city filled with exciting things to do, and you’ll find some of our most popular attractions right in the heart of Old Town! Check out six of our toppicks below, then visit for more ideas.SCOTTSDALEFASHION SQUAREFeaturing Arizona’slargest assortment ofluxury brands, upscaleamenities, exclusivesales and events, anda central location inthe heart of STS’ SCHOOLNurture your creativeside with classesled by professionalartists experienced inmediums like charcoal,drawing, sculpture,watercolor and more.scottsdaleartschool.orgSCOTTSDALECENTER FOR THEPERFORMING ARTSThe Scottsdale Centerfor the Performing Artspresents an excitingglobal calendar ofdance, music, theater,comedy and film.scottsdalearts.orgWESTERN SPIRIT:SCOTTSDALE’SMUSEUM OFTHE WESTRotating exhibits celebrate the art, history,culture and uniquestories of the 19 statesthat comprise theAmerican West.SCOTTSDALEMUSEUM OFCONTEMPORARYARTSMoCA features themost compelling modern and contemporaryart, architecture anddesign of our timefrom around the globe.smoca.orgSCOTTSDALESTADIUMEvery spring, ScottsdaleStadium is home basefor the San FranciscoGiants during CactusLeague Spring Training. It’s MLB action atits finest! mwest.orgEXPERIENCE SCOTTSDALE 800.782.11173

HISTORIC SITESIn 1888, United States Army Chaplain and Scottsdale namesake Winfield Scott bought 640 acres of Sonoran Desert farmland in what is now the city’s Historic OldTown District. The price? A whopping 3.50 per acre. A lot has changed since then, but here are five places where Scottsdale’s rich history is still visible today.LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSEThe Little Red Schoolhousewas built in 1909 at a cost of 4,500. It had two classroomsas well as a lower level thatwas used for town meetings.Today, the Little Red Schoolhouse is home to the Scottsdale Historical Museum.scottsdalemuseum.comRUSTY SPUR SALOONThe Farmer’s State Bank ofScottsdale opened on MainStreet in 1921 and closedduring the Depression. Today,the building houses the RustySpur Saloon and the old bankvault holds liquor instead ofmoney. rustyspursaloon.comSCOTTSDALE’S RODEOMUSEUMThe museum chroniclesScottsdale’s rodeo history,which dates back to the firstParada del Sol in 1953. Ondisplay are original Parada delSol Rodeo posters, vintageriding gear and artwork byKenneth M. Freeman.OLD ADOBE MISSIONThis small white building,located on the southeast corner of First Street and BrownAvenue, was built in 1933. It isconstructed of 14,000 adobeblocks that were made righton site. For many years thiswas Scottsdale’s only Catholicchurch. olphaz.orgCAVALLIERE’S BLACKSMITHSHOPGeorge Cavalliere opened hisfirst blacksmith shop “out onthe edge of town” (corner ofSecond Street and BrownAvenue) around 1910. In 1920,he replaced the original tinstructure with an adobebuilding that is still a workingblacksmith shop owned andoperated by the Cavallierefamily. 480.945.6262PUBLIC ARTDiscover nine of Scottsdale’s most beloved Public Art installations right in Old Town!“THE DOORS” BYDONALD LIPSKIWhat would it be like tostand inside a kaleidoscope? Find out whenyou venture inside thismonumental workcreated from three28-foot-tall mirroredpanels.“JACK KNIFE” BY ED MELLThis giant bronze of acowboy on a buckingbronco gives a nod toScottsdale’s Westernheritage and the city’sofficial seal. You cansafely cross into theintersection to takepictures by the sculpture.“BRONZE HORSEFOUNTAIN” BY BOBPARKSCreated by Bob Parks,who owned an art galleryin town for 30 years, thispiece showcases thebeauty of five Arabianhorses as they play inthe fountain’s water.“SOLERI BRIDGE & PLAZA”BY PAOLO SOLERIDesigned by the late Italianarchitect Paolo Soleri,the bridge demonstratesthe importance of solarmovement and featurestwo steel-clad, 64-foothigh pylons that createa shaft of light, markingthe time of day.“THE YEARLINGS” BYGEORGE-ANN TOGNONIThis monument to wildhorses has become anicon of the free spirit ofthe American West anddepicts three bronzeyearlings galloping infull stride.“LOVE” BY ROBERTINDIANAConceived when theUnited States wasconsumed by theVietnam War, Indiana’s“Love” sculptures becamea symbol for peace. Thesculpture is a favoritespot for taking pictureswith the one you love.“PASSING THE LEGACY”BY HERB MIGNERYThis life-size bronzedepicts a vintage PonyExpress rider and acontemporary HashknifePony Express riderhanding off the mailto show the “Old West”meeting the “New West.”“KNIGHT RISE”BY JAMES TURRELLThis “skyspace”installation frames thesky as pure color andshows the changing lightof the sky. The illusioncreated by this structureis most dramatic atsunrise and sunset.“ONE-EYED JACK” BYJOHN RANDALL NELSONInspired by tales of thelegendary desert “jackalope,” this 26-foot-tallpainted sculpture hoppedinto Old Town in Sept.2018. It is particularlystriking at night when litwith a soft LED glow.DOWNLOAD THE PUBLIC ART AND HISTORIC OLD TOWN WALKING TOURS AT SCOTTSDALEGUIDES.COMCOFFEE, WINE & ALE TRAILSScottsdale's burgeoning coffee, wine and craft beer scene is celebrated throughout Old Town.Download free Scottsdale Coffee Trail, Ale Trail and Wine Trail maps at ScottsdaleGuides.comand discover some of our favorite places to go for caffeine, craft brews and Arizona wine.EXPERIENCE SCOTTSDALE 800.782.11174

OLD TOWN EVENTSThere’s always something fun happening in Old Town! From ArtWalks and Spring Training to exciting cultural celebrations, here’s a quick look at some of the specialevents you’ll find in Old Town throughout the year. For an up-to-the-minute calendar of Scottsdale special events, visit*ARTWALKThursdays year-round / 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.The weekly Scottsdale ArtWalk has been a Scottsdale traditionsince 1975. Every Thursday evening (except Thanksgiving), thegalleries of Old Town stay open late, welcoming buyers andbrowsers alike. Don’t miss the special Gold Palette ArtWalkevents such as Western Spirit (Feb.), Native Spirit (March),Summer Spectacular (July) and Scottsdazzle (Dec.).*denotes free event*SUNDAY A’FAIRJanurary – April*PARADA DEL SOLPARADE FebruarySCOTTSDALE WESTERNWEEK FebruarySPRING TRAININGFebruary / MarchSCOTTSDALE ARTSFESTIVAL MarchARTFEST OF SCOTTSDALENovember*CANAL CONVERGENCENovemberSCOTTSDALECONTEMPORARY MONTHNovember*SCOTTSDAZZLENovember – DecemberGETTING AROUNDIn Scottsdale, transportation is more than just a way to get from here to there – it’s an experience in itself! Here are three fun ways to get around town.RIDE A GOLF CARTGolf-cart taxis are a fun way to get around Old Town.Several companies operate in the area, and one totry is JoyRidesAZ, which also offers guided OldTown, culinary and historic tours.joyridesaz.comRENT AN E-BIKEAs in, electric bike! Pedego Scottsdale rents batterypowered bikes that let you do as much – or as little –pedaling as you’d like.pedegoscottsdale.comEXPERIENCE SCOTTSDALE 800.782.1117TRY RIDE SHARELyft and Uber provide round-the-clock service inScottsdale, which is perfect if you planning to enjoythe bars and nightclubs in Old Town. Get the apps,then click, pay and uber.com07/20205