Kronos Workforce ReadyUSER GUIDEEmployees of Addison are set up accounts with Kronos Workforce Ready. Here they can easily see and print paystubs and run reports on their earnings for the year. Upon an employee’s start they are emailed Kronosinstructions.


Page 2PART 1 - System LoginStep 1: Enter Username and Password on the login page. If you receive the error: "Your account islocked", please email [email protected] to unlock your account.Step 2: The Change Password screen will display where yourpassword must be changed to one with the new requirements.The screen will explain the new password standards. Mobileusers will also receive this screen.Step 3: Once your password has been changed, you will be taken to a form to configure your Virtual Codevalidation. Up to three methods can be configured for receiving acode. You have the option to configure your Text Message#, Voice Phone # and/or Email address.One or more methods may be selected. Any informationthat is already listed in your account will be pre- populated.If multiple phone or email numbers are stored in thesystem, those will be made available to you via the dropdown lists shown in each field. You may also enter newinformation not stored in the system. When this happens,an administrator must approve the new credentials.Once this step is completed, you will be logged directlyinto the systemFor any logins thereafter, the code will be delivered via theselected method and is unique to you and will expire in 15minutes.Once you enter the code, you can choose to make thecomputer trusted by checking the box to remember thedevice and an encrypted cookie will be placed on yourmachine for that browser. A trusted computer will notrequire the 2nd factor again unless the cookie expires or isdeleted via the web browser options. It can expire if youdo not log in for 30 days and the 30 day counter is resetupon every successful login.Step 4: Anytime thereafter, when logging in from a device that has not been remembered, you will be askedwhich method you would like to use to receive the code for that specific login. Select a method and click thebutton to send either Text Message, Voice or Email. We recommend text message as it is the quickest andmost reliable method.

Page 3PART 2 – Completing Your Onboarding ChecklistThe checklist is a list of required forms that internal and external employees need to complete upon starting theirposition. From the homepage, access the checklist by clicking the magnifying glass under “My To Do Items”beside each item you are prepared to complete. THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY TO COMPLETE ALL ITEMS ONYOUR CHECKLIST.After clicking on the magnifying glass, it will take you to all of the outstanding items on your checklist.The blue lettered hyperlinks will take you to the outstanding items. Once you have finished the selected item,remember to click SUBMIT. Saving does not enter information into the system.

Page 4TO COMPLETE NEW EMPLOYEE INFORMATION:Click on the blue hyperlink in your checklist. It will take you to the popup to confirm your address, DOB, SS#,add in emergency contacts and basic profile information.The Screen will appear like this below. Fill out all of the requested information (You will need to scroll throughsheet). Set the EFFECTIVE DATE as TODAY (Blue Button in calendar).

Page 5Withholding Forms – Federal and State (if applicable)Step 1 – Click on the bell in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will always take you to your to dolist if you cannot see outstanding items.Find the item on your to do list. Click on the magnifying glass and it will take you to your checklist.

Page 6Once you are in your checklist, findthe Federal or State withholdingforms and click on the bluehyperlink.After clicking the link, you will come to your withholding form page. Click on the ADD NEW WITHHOLDINGFORM button to create new withholding forms.Select which form you wish to complete. Please reach out to [email protected] if your state form isnot populating for the correct state.

Page 7We can assist you with pushing through the info in the system, but you will need to reach out to a taxprofessional with questions on how to fill out forms for you. To sign it electronically, you simply have to hit the“SUBMIT” button.It will pull up a time stamp that you enter your Kronos password to electronically sign the documents.After you complete the forms, go back to your checklist and manually click on the blank white box to the left ofthe item to complete the items on the checklist. A popup will appear that you select ok and the timestampentered completes them on the checklist. Please ensure you have completed your Withholding Forms to yourpreferred selections before you click off the box in the checklist stating it is complete.FEDERAL/STATEWITHHOLDING FORMSAND WORKOPPORTUNITY TAXCREDIT FORMS NEEDTO BE MANUALLYCHECKED OFF THECHECKLISTYou will know you are done with the task as they will say 100% complete to the right of the action item.

Page 8Direct DepositClick on the magnifying glass next to the item on your to do list.Click on the blue hyperlink to take you to the item.

Page 9Once you click the link, the screen will look like this below: Set the Effective From date as today.Click on NEW DIRECT DEPOSIT blue button.Active From date can be as of TODAY (Blue button in calendar).ACTIVE TO (end date) should be left as the 12/31/9999 default date.Click validate once you enter the routing number to ensure the bank you are using can be found.TRIPLE-CHECK the account number you are entering is correct and accurate.Click submit once complete and the system will remove from the checklist. Please ensure the numbers you are entering are accurate and always double check the informationyou put in the system. In terms of pay, we cannot reissue funds until the bank returns them to us, if theinformation in Kronos for direct deposit is invalid.

P a g e 10COMPLETE HANDBOOK ACKNOWLEDGEMENTFind the outstanding item. It will be blue and you are able to click on it. Click on the “Employee HandbookAcknowledgement.When you are in the handbook action item, the below screen is where it takes you. Next to employeesignature is a button to “Sign”. Click the “Sign Button” after you have read the Handbook and understandthe policy and procedures. The link for the full handbook is off the right and you can click the down arrowbutton to download it.

P a g e 11Once you click sign, a popup will come up to enter your password.By entering your password, this willelectronically sign the HandbookAcknowledgment Form. Following yourhandbook acknowledgment, simplysubmit the form by clicking the “SubmitHandbook Acknowledgment AGExternal EE” button in the upper righthand corner of the screen.Click ok to submit and completeaction.

P a g e 12Now if you review theitem, it should state100% complete.

P a g e 13VOLUNTARY SELF-IDENTIFICATION OF DISABILITY FORMClick on the blue hyperlink to take you to the form. Scroll all the way through the form. To sign off on the form,enter the date and relative disability information in the box below the date if necessary. Then hit “SUBMIT”. Hityes on the popup to complete the action. Your form will be complete.

P a g e 14COMPLETING A WAGE NOTICE (Most Regions)Find the signature page and Sign::Select Modify again.Then hit yes to complete.Once that is done you will get anautomatic email that it is complete.

P a g e 15Part 3 – Updates After Onboarding has been completedFrom the My Accounts tab, you can make changes to your information, such as: Verifying personal information via My Profile – please update your cell phone number andemail upon first login Viewing pay checks via My Pay Statements Updating direct deposit Change and update your address Changing tax informationIn order for changes to reflect, you must always select the Submit button

P a g e 16TO CHANGE OR ADJUST DIRECT DEPOSIT ONCE YOU HAVE ALREADY ENTERED IT IN YOURCHECKLIST:My Account My Actions Direct Deposit ChangeThen you need to click on “New Direct Deposit”. Set the “Active From” date to today. Leave "ACTIVE TO"12/31/9999 as the default . Hit validate after entering the routing number, double check the account numbermatches and his “Submit” to apply.

P a g e 17TO ADJUST OR CHANGE W4/WITHHOLDING FORMS AFTER ADDING THROUGH YOUR CHECKLIST:My Account My Forms Withholdings - and hit the Blue button that states Add New Withholding Form. (Topright side of page)We can assist you with pushing through the info in the system, but you will need to reach out to a taxprofessional with questions on how to fill out forms for you. To sign it electronically, you simply have to hit the“SUBMIT” button.It will pull up a time stamp that you enter your Kronos password to electronically sign the documents.If you have questions, please first reach out to your local experienced teammembers and your regional Admin/Office Manager for assistance. If you stillneed assistance, please reach out to [email protected]