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Douglas A. Ducey, GovernorJohn S. Halikowski, DirectorEric R. Jorgensen, Division DirectorDear Arizona motorists:The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (ADOT MVD) is pleasedto provide this guide to Arizona traffic laws and information for obtaining a driver license oridentification card. This manual also provides essential safety information for both new andexperienced Arizona drivers.ADOT MVD delivers services to millions of Arizona motorists each year. In line with the Division’svision of getting Arizona “out of the line and safely on the road” we are continuously improvingprocesses to provide swift and efficient service. In addition to coming into an office, ADOTMVD offers alternative methods for Arizonans to access services. For example, two thirds ofall transactions, including common ones like registration renewals, sold notices, title transfers,ordering a replacement license, updating insurance information, ordering a motor vehiclerecord, and more can be done online at We also encourage Arizona driversto take advantage of the more than 160 privately operated Authorized Third Party locations toserve you across the state. Several of these locations offer both Title and Registration and driverlicense transactions! Find a location convenient for you at look forward to providing you with outstanding customer service and a safe drivingexperience while we continue our mission of “moving Arizona’s citizens, economy andinfrastructure by getting safe drivers and vehicles on the road.”Sincerely,Eric R. JorgensenDirectorMotor Vehicle DivisionARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION1801 W. Jefferson St. Phoenix, AZ 85007

Table of Contents4Office Locations and Hours6Fees at MVD Offices8Arizona’s Driver License16 Section 1BEFORE YOU DRIVE18 Section 2SAFE DRIVING PRACTICES26 Section 3ROADWAY AND VEHICLEKNOWLEDGE39 Section 4SHARING THE ROAD WITHOTHER VEHICLES41 Section 5ACTIVELY AVOIDINGCRASHES52 Section 6HANDLING EMERGENCIES56 Section 7LAW ENFORCEMENTAbout This ManualThis manual is designed to help you obtaina driver license or an instruction permit byexplaining the Arizona motor vehicle lawswithout using technical language. Detailsof the motor vehicle laws can be found inArizona Revised Statutes at underTitle 28 “Transportation” which offers themost up to date and accurate information.MVD is providing this manual electronicallyto help insure you have the most up-to-dateinformation.If you are applying for a motorcycle license,you will need to study the MotorcycleOperator Manual in addition to this manual.If you are applying for a Commercial DriverLicense, please refer to the Commercial DriverLicense Manual. All manuals are availableonline at or Comments?Phoenix 602.255.0072Tucson 520.629.9808Elsewhere in Arizona 1.800.251.5866TDD Hearing/Speech Impaired Service602.712.3222All Contents 2021 Arizona Department of Transportation Revised May 2021

Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guide4

Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service GuideAZMVDNow.govIt’s fast, convenient, secure, offers morethan 20 online services, and is continuouslyexpanding. is MVD’sauthorized service website that allows ourcustomers to conduct a variety of motorvehicle and driver license transactions now offers onlineappointments that allow our customers tochoose the best time to visit a local MVDoffice and avoid waiting in line when: De-insured Certificate Vehicle Fee RecapOrgan Donor RegistrationMotor Vehicle Record – Title andRegistration or Driver RecordInsurance VerificationOff Highway Vehicle DecalMotor Vehicle Lien InquiryApplying for a Travel IDTaking a road testRenewing a Driver LicenseServices available at Vehicle Registration Renewal MVD Office AppointmentsPermanent Placard RenewalReplacement Driver License/IDPermit Test @ HomeEmissions/Registration CheckPrepaid VoucherTitle ViewerDriver License ReinstatementInsurance Update and VehicleReinstatementAddress/Email Change30-Day General Use PermitDuplicate Vehicle RegistrationThird Party ServicesThird party providers are authorized tooffer most MVD title, registration and driverlicense services. They often offer convenientextended hours on weekends and evenings.Convenience fees apply. MVD monitorsthe quality of third party work to ensure itmeets state operational standards.For a list of MVD Third Party offices, Education ServicesMVD’s Authorized Third Party driver trainingschools offer education and behind the wheeltraining for new drivers and for those whowish to brush up on their driving skills. Theschools are required to teach MVD’s trainingcurriculum, based on national standards.MVD, in collaboration with the ArizonaDepartment of Education, also approves highschool driver education programs.Fleet Registration RenewalTraffic Survival School ProgramPersonalized/Specialty PlatesThe Traffic Survival School Program isdesigned for drivers who have convictionsfor serious driving violations, have anaccumulation of points on their drivingrecord or are at risk of having their drivingprivilege suspended. The program’s goal isto change or modify risky or unsafe drivingbehavior. Traffic survival schools are licensedby the Arizona Chapter of the National SafetyCouncil (NSC). NSC qualifies instructors toRestricted Use 3-Day PermitVehicle Sold NoticeView Plate CreditPlate RefundVoter RegistrationTab Replacement5

Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guideteach the MVD approved curriculum. A listof authorized traffic survival schools can befound online at InspectionsVehicle inspections match the vehicleidentification number (VIN) to the vehicleownership documents to determine theidentity of the vehicle’s owner and, in somecases, to verify that the vehicle is properlyequipped for highway use. Third Party providersare authorized by MVD to perform Level Iinspections. If necessary, vehicles are referred toMVD for a Level II or Level III inspection.Motor Vehicle RecordUncertified 39-month 3Certified 5-year 5Other FeesAbandoned Vehicle Fee 500Abandoned Vehicle Fee (onfederal land) 600Returned Check Fee 25If your license is revoked, suspended or canceled,you may be required to pay another applicationfee, in addition to a reinstatement fee.Tips for Faster ServiceFees at MVD OfficesOperator or Motorcycle LicenseDepending on your transaction: Visit to determinewhether your transaction can becompleted online. Visit to complete anapplication for an ID, driver licenseor title. Visit to schedule anappointment for a road test, Travelcredential, or driver license renewal. Avoid the first two days and the lasttwo days of the month and the dayafter a holiday. In addition, mostoffices are closed until noon on thesecond Wednesday of each month. Bring your out-of-state driver license– it will be used as a secondary formof identification and may waive thewritten/road test. Bring required identification. Have your vehicle identificationnumber (VIN) handyCommercial Driver License (CDL) For commercial driver license fees, pleaserefer to the Commercial Driver LicenseManual or addition to cash, most fees may bepaid by credit card, cashier’s check ormoney order. Please make your cashier’s checkAges 16-39 2540-44 2045-49 1550 & over and 5-year 10Limited License 10Instruction Permit 7Motorcycle Endorsement 7Restricted Instruction Permit 7Replacement Driver License 12Replacement Instruction Permit 2Out-of-State Driver License SkillTest 15Out-of-State Vision Screening 5Travel Driver License 25Identification Card (ID)Ages 0-6465 & over 12No feeReplacement Identification Card 12Travel Identification Card 256Bring your out-of-state title,registration and license plates.

Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guideor money order payable to: “MotorVehicle Division.”Name and Address ChangesYou are required by law to notify MVDwithin 10-days of any change to your nameor address. If you do not report a change,you may not receive renewal notices or othercorrespondence concerning your driverlicense or vehicle records and you may becited by law enforcement.You may report a change of address onlineat For an address change,provide your full name, and new address withzip code, plus your driver license number,date of birth and the last four digits ofyour Social Security Number. If you wish tohave your new address displayed on yourcredential, you may apply and purchase areplacement license.MVD’s computer system links all of your MVDrecords together. When you submit a changeof address, we will update your driver licenseor identification card record and each vehiclerecord for which you are listed as the firstregistered owner.To complete a name change, you may visitany MVD office or an authorized third partyoffice that offers driver license services.You will need to present appropriateidentification in both your new and previousnames. If you wish to show your newname on your license, you may apply fora replacement license. All names must beverifiable with Social Security Administrationrecords.the following are met: Principal residence is in another stateor country. Possess a valid driver license issued byanother state or country. Operate a vehicle requiring a Class Ddriver license. Is an employee, agent or consultantof an organization that operates inArizona and at least one other state orcountry.Visit our website at forinformation on a 5-year driver licenseand vehicle services available to militarypersonnel.Veteran DesignationA Veteran Designation on an Arizona driverlicense, instruction permit or identificationcard is available to U.S. military veteransor active duty service members. The word“VETERAN” will be printed on the front ofthe driver license, instruction permit, or ID inblue lettering.A new application and photo are requiredand standard transaction fees apply. For afull listing of acceptable documentation theDivision may accept as proof of veteran status,please visit our website Personnel InformationMilitary personnel based in Arizona whoqualify for an exemption under the Soldiersand Sailors Relief Act are not consideredArizona residents.Upon discharge, military personnel maywork in Arizona for up to 90 days, withoutobtaining an Arizona driver license, if all ofMotor Vehicle RecordsYou may obtain your driving or motor vehiclerecord online at or bycompleting a Motor Vehicle Record Request7

Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guideform #46-4416 at and visitingany MVD or Authorized Third Party office.You will be required to show identification.Arizona’s Driver LicenseArizona Revised Statutes, section 28-3153(D)provides that the Motor Vehicle Division(MVD) must not issue or renew a driverlicense or identification (ID) card for a personwho does not submit proof satisfactory toMVD that the applicant’s presence in theUnited States is authorized under federallaw. MVD is required to determine that eachapplicant meets the requirements of thelaw. Identification requirements may changewithout notice.Road TestYou may now schedule an appointment tocomplete a road test! It is highly encouragedthat you schedule an appointment onlineto ensure you are able to take the testwhen you go to an office. You may schedulean appointment at for atime convenient for you. To get the earliestappointment possible, be sure to checkmultiple locations.Visit for more informationregarding what is needed to take theroad test or to schedule your road testappointment.If a road test is required, you may drive a testroute that has a variety of traffic situations.An examiner will ride with you in your vehicleand give you directions to follow. You willbe observed and graded on specific actionsand on your general ability to safely operatethe vehicle.Road tests may be suspended due to extremeweather or safety conditions.Before you can take the road test, youwill have to show that you understand themeaning of Arizona traffic signs. You will alsohave to respond to the following directionsin English:8 Stop Does your speedometer work?Slow downChange lanes left/rightDrive straight aheadTurn left/right at the next street,corner, stop sign or traffic lightFasten your seat beltYou must provide the vehicle to be usedfor the test. The vehicle must be in goodoperating condition: functioning brakes,brake lights, turn signals and horn, awindshield with no cracks, both inside andoutside rearview mirrors, and tires that arein good condition. Passenger and driverside windows must also be operational.The passenger and driver door must openand close properly. You must show proof ofcurrent registration and current automobileliability insurance. If your vehicle is a 1972model or newer, it must be equipped withseat belts, and these belts must be properlyfastened and adjusted.Vehicle InsuranceEvery motor vehicle operated on theroadways of this state must be covered by aninsurance liability policy issued by a companythat is licensed to do business in Arizona. Thepolicy must be an Arizona based policy thatreflects where the vehicle is predominantlybeing operated.Minimum levels of financial responsibility forprivate passenger vehicles are: 25,000 bodily injury liability for oneperson and 50,000 for two or morepersons. 15,000 property damage liability.It is important that you verify that the vehicleidentification number (VIN) supplied by yourinsurance company matches the VIN on yourvehicle registration. If it does not match, askyour insurance company to resubmit the

Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guidecorrect VIN.Resident DefinitionYou must have proof of current insurance inthe vehicle when operating the vehicle. Lawenforcement officers will ask you for proofof insurance at the time of traffic stops orcrashes. Insurance companies notify MVDof all policy cancellations, non-renewals,and new policies. If your insurance companysends MVD a notice that your policy is nolonger active, we will send you an inquiry toverify insurance status.State law requires that you obtain an Arizonadriver license and registration immediately ifany one of the following applies. If you:Failure to maintain proper insurance with acorrect VIN on file with MVD could lead tothe suspension of your vehicle registrationand/or driver license. To verify your insurancecoverage on file with MVD, please and click on “ManageInsurance.”National Driver RegisterArizona is a member of the National DriverRegister, a nationwide computer systemproviding information about problemdrivers. When you apply for an Arizonadriver license, your information is checkedagainst this system. If you have outstandingor unresolved actions in another state, anArizona license will not be issued. If youprovide false information, your Arizona driverlicense may be canceled. Work in Arizona (other than forseasonal agricultural work). Place children in school withoutpaying the tuition rate of a nonresident. Have a business with an office inArizona, that bases and operatesvehicles in this state. Obtain a state license or pay schooltuition fees at the same rate as anArizona resident. Have a business that operates vehiclesto transport good or passengerswithin Arizona. Remain in Arizona for a total of sevenmonths or more during any calendaryear, regardless of your permanentresidence. Are registered to vote in this state.An “out-of-state student“ enrolled with sevenor more semester hours is not considered aresident, even if employed.Voter RegistrationYou may submit a voter registration format the same time you apply for a driverlicense or ID card by completing the voterregistration portion of the driver license/IDcard application.You are not required to register to votein order to obtain a license. If you declineto register to vote, the fact that you havedeclined will remain confidential. If youdo register to vote, the application willremain confidential and will be used onlyfor registration purposes. Submitting a falsevoter registration is a Class 6 felony.To register, you must be all of the following: 18 years of age or older, on or before9

Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guidethe next General Election date. A United States citizen.A resident of Arizona.Have not been convicted of a felony,unless your civil rights have beenrestored.Have not been adjudicatedincompetent.You may also register to vote online or by completing aseparate voter registration form, which canbe obtained at an MVD office or by calling602.542.8683 or toll free 1.877.THEVOTE.You must be registered to vote 29 daysbefore an election in order to qualify to votein the upcoming election. There is no fee toregister vote.If you change your address, you mustre-register to vote. You may register onlineat Donation ProgramA Donor Registry has been established inArizona. To indicate your decision to be adonor, simply visit andclick on the “Organ Donor” logo to registeronline or call 1.800.94.DONOR.The application for a driver license oridentification card includes a box for youto check if you would like to be added tothe Donate Life AZ Registry as an organ andtissue donor.Medical Condition IndicatorSpace is provided on your license to indicatemedical conditions that may requireimmediate attention. You must present astatement about the medical condition,signed by a licensed physician or registerednurse practitioner to obtain a medical codeon your license.Proof of Social Security NumberState and federal laws require you provideproof of a valid Social Security number.Your Social Security number will be usedto verify your identity and to comply withchild support laws. It will not be used as yourdriver license number.Classes of LicensesLicenses are issued by “class”: Class G(graduated), Class D (operator), Class M(motorcycle) and Class A, B, C (commercial).If the Class M license is combined with anyother class of license, it will be added as an“endorsement” on the back of the currentlicense.Instruction PermitIf you are at least 15 years and 6 months ofage you may be issued a graduated and/or amotorcycle instruction permit. You must beat least 18 for an operator permit.Graduated or operator permit: you must beaccompanied by a Class A, B, C or D licenseddriver at least 21 years of age, who occupiesthe seat beside you. These permits are validfor 12 months.10

Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service GuideMotorcycle permit: you are prohibitedfrom carrying passengers or operatinga motorcycle on freeways or interstatehighways between sunset and sunrise, at anytime when there is not enough light to clearlysee persons or vehicles at a distance of 500feet. The motorcycle permit is valid for 7months and can be renewed only one timewithin a 24-month period.To practice taking the written test, pleasevisit our website at License (Class G)A graduated driver license is issued to anapplicant who is at least 16, but less than18, years of age and is valid to operate anyvehicle that does not require a motorcycle orcommercial license.RestrictionsFor the first 6 months, a driver with agraduated driver license shall not drive amotor vehicle between the hours of midnightand 5:00 a.m. unless: A parent or legal guardian with a validClass A, B, C or D license occupies thefront passenger seat or: Driving directly to or from asanctioned school-sponsored activity,place of employment, a sanctionedreligious activity or a family emergency.For the first 6 months, a driver wi