BENEFITS GUIDEMarch 1, 2019 - February 29, 2020

CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONOTHER HEALTH BENEFITSWelcome to Our Open Enrollment.3Dental Plan.13What’s New.4Vision Plan.14Eligibility.5Life and Disability.15FSA Pre-Tax Savings Programs.16MEDICAL BENEFITSHSA vs. FSA Chart.17MyQHealth - Your Health Care Warrior.6Commuter Benefit.17Healthcare Bluebook Transparency Tool.6ADDITIONAL BENEFITSMedical Summary - Blue Plan.7Medical Summary - Consumer Advantage Plan.7Employee Assistance Program.18Prescription Drug Program.8LifeLock Identity Theft Protection .18JMTScripts.9COST AND CONTACTSTeladoc.9Employee Costs 2019.19Health Savings Account.10Election Steps.20Wellness Program.11UltiPro Open Enrollment.21CFA Value Added Services.12Financial New Year, New You.22Contacts.23Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson[2]2019-2020 Employee Benefits

WELCOME TO OUR OPEN ENROLLMENTAt JMT we care! Providing a comprehensive, competitive, andaffordable benefits package to you and your family is imperativeto our overall well-being culture. Our programs are instrumental inTAKE ACTIONensuring we continue to recruit the best and the brightest whileretaining those we hold most valuable, all of you!We welcome you to our Open Enrollment for the 2019-2020 PlanYear. Open Enrollment runs from January 14th - January 31st, andelections will be effective on March 1st. Sign up for anOpen EnrollmentMeeting Review thisBenefits GuideWHAT IS OPEN ENROLLMENT?Open Enrollment is the one time a year where you can make changesto your benefits elections without having a qualifying event such asmarriage, birth, adoption, divorce or loss of coverage. Again, thisyear, JMT will have a passive Open Enrollment which means that ifyou do not want to change anything you will not need to make anenrollment election. Your existing enrollments will carry-over to thenew plan year, except for your Flexible Spending Account elections. Submit enrollmentchanges byJanuary 31, 2019via your UltiProOpen EnrollmentPortalYou MUST re-elect your Flexible Spending Account benefits onan annual basis.Open Enrollment Meetings have been communicated via e-mail. HRwill be visiting many offices in person for meetings, Q&A, and toassist with one on one information, and where we can’t visit we willhost specific webinars.We are happy to present to you, our 2019 Benefits Overview Guide.Take the time to learn more and find the plan that works best for you.If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate tocontact Human Resources. Our contact information is at the backof this guide. REMEMBER: FSAbenefits MUST bere-elected eachplan year. Complete ourWellness Programby January 31st toensure you don’tpay more for yourHealth Care in2019!As always, we wish you and your family a happy, healthy 2019!Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson[3]2019-2020 Employee Benefits

WHAT’S NEWFor the 2019 - 2020 Plan YearBELOW IS A SUMMARY OF CHANGES EFFECTIVE 3/1/2019: Medical: Resetting of Deductible and Out-of-Pocket Amounts:--Blue Plan: Deductible (Individual - 500, Family - 1,000) Out-of-Pocket Maximum (Individual - 2,000, Family 4,000)--Consumer Advantage Plan: Deductible (Individual - 1,350, Family - 2,700) Out-of-Pocket Maximum(Individual - 2,600, Family - 5,200)Prescription:--New Mandatory Generic & Step Therapy Programs. See page 8 for more details. Dental: Resetting the Plan Year Maximum to 1,500 Vision: New programs available at no additional cost for members on Buy-Up Plan. See page 14. New Employee Premiums. See page 19 for details. 2019 Annual Maximums:Health Care Flexible Spending Account 2,700Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account 2,700Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account 5,000Individual Health Savings Account contribution 3,500Family Health Savings Account contribution 7,000Health Savings Account catch-up amount (age 55 or older) 1,000Commuter Benefits 265 (monthly)401(k) deferral amount 19,000401(k) catch-up contribution (age 50 or older) 6,000Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson[4]2019-2020 Employee Benefits

ELIGIBILITY **For Core BenefitsEMPLOYEECORE BENEFITSYou (and any eligible dependents) are eligible for our CoreBenefits if you are: Medical & Prescription Dental An active full-time employee.** Vision Part-time employees regularly scheduled to work 20hours or more per week are eligible for the benefitsindicated by the asterisk (*) under Core Benefits. Basic Life Insurance/Accidental Death &Dismemberment Insurance Short Term/Long Term Disability InsuranceDEPENDENTS Health Savings AccountThe following are considered eligible dependents under ourplan: Flexible Spending Accounts* Commuter Benefit* Supplemental Life Insurance* Your legal spouse (as recognized by the laws of thestate in which you married). Dependent children up to age 26. LifeLock* Your unmarried, disabled, dependent children of anyage if they are ineligible for any other health insurance. Teladoc Health JMTScripts Wellness Program* Employee Assistance Program***See Summary Plan Description for more details.Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson[5]2019-2020 Employee Benefits

MYQHEALTHBy Quantum Healthhelp you, your family, and your physicians work together toensure proper care.YOUR OWN “HEALTH CARE WARRIOR” TO HELP YOUNAVIGATE THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!TURN TO YOUR HEALTH CARE WARRIOR FOR HELPWITH:Do you ever feel like the “healthcare system” is a complexmaze you can’t escape? Maybe even felt passed aroundfrom person to person or place to place just to find theanswers to your questions? We’ve all been there, but thegood news is we have a solution in MyQHealth!MyQHealth’s unique “Health Care Warrior” model isdesigned to help our employees and dependents coveredon our health plans in navigating their personal healthcarejourney, no matter what that path entails. As an extensionof your JMT HR Team, your “Health Care Warrior” is yourpersonal concierge who empowers you to make smarterdecisions surrounding your care, connects you withresources available through JMT, our insurance carriers andin your local community based on your need. By overseeingall aspects of benefits delivery, your “Health Care Warrior”can help close your health care gaps, intercept redundant,delayed, and questionable treatment in real-time and then ID Cards Claims, billing, and benefit questions Prescription Issues Finding in-network providers Pre-notification/Pre-certifications required by the Plan New diagnosis care coordination Nurse support to help you stay or get healthy Reducing your out of pocket costs Healthcare Bluebook transparency tool Anything that can make the healthcare process easierCONTACT:PHONE: 888-984-8188WEBSITE: www.myjmthealth.comOUR GOAL: A MORE EFFICIENT AND COST-EFFECTIVE JOURNEY FOR BOTH YOU AND OUR PLAN.HEALTHCARE BLUEBOOKBluebook provides you with the best transparency tool tomake the most of how you spend your healthcare dollars.Plus, your MyQHealth “Health Care Warrior” can helpyou navigate through this awesome tool.FAIR PRICE & QUALITY SERVICE!Members enrolled in one of our health plans have atransparency tool available to help you save money whilereceiving the highest quality healthcare! Cost and quality ofhealthcare services can vary significantly within the sameprovider network and market. Healthcare Bluebook allowsyou to search by procedure to find providers and facilitiesin your area and uses an easy to understand color codedranking of their services based on cost and quality. Facilitiesare ranked using standard “traffic signals” by green, yellowand red signs indicating the price or quality of the servicesaccording to industry standards. Green means go, yellowproceed with caution, red . Stop and reconsider. HealthcareJohnson, Mirmiran & ThompsonTRANSPARENCY TOOLBONUS: Shop for a green provider online with HealthcareBluebook for one of the named services and you couldbe eligible for a cash reward ranging from 25- 100!“Go green to get green!”CONTACT:PHONE: 888-984-8188WEBSITE:[6]2019-2020 Employee Benefits

MEDICAL BENEFITS SUMMARYThrough Carefirst Administrators (CFA)BLUE PLANCONSUMER ADVANTAGE PLANGENERAL PLAN -NETWORKDeductible (Ded.) 500 / Individual 1,000 / Family(Stacked Ded.)* 1,500 / Individual 3,000 / Family(Stacked Ded.)* 1,350 / Individual 2,700 / Family(Unstacked Ded.)** 2,600 / Individual 5,200 / Family(Unstacked Ded.)**80/20%60/40%90/10%70/30% 2,000 / Individual 4,000 / Family 4,000 / Individual 8,000 / Family 2,600 / Individual 5,200 /Family 5,000 / Individual 10,000 / Family100%60/40%100%Ded., then 70/30%100%60/40%100%Ded., then 70/30%100%60/40%100%Ded., then 70/30% 25 copayDed., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%Co-insurance Percent(JMT Plan/Employee)Out-of-Pocket Maximum(Includes copay, deductible andco-insurance)PREVENTATIVE SERVICESWellness Screenings (Test andReadings)Well Child Care (ages 0-17)Adult Physical (ages 17 )Including GYN and CancerScreeningsOFFICE VISITS, LABS &TESTINGPrimary Care VisitSpecialist VisitX-ray and Lab Test 25 copayDed., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%Ded., then 80/20%Ded., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%Urgent Care Center 40 copayDed., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%Emergency Room80/20%80/20%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 90/10%Inpatient FacilityDed., then 80/20%Ded., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%Outpatient Facility (Freestanding)Ded., then 80/20%Ded., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%Inpatient Physician ServicesDed., then 80/20%Ded., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%Outpatient Physician ServicesDed., then 80/20%Ded., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%Ded., then 80/20%Ded., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30% 25 copayDed., then 60/40%Ded., then 90/10%Ded., then 70/30%URGENT CARE &EMERGENCY ROOMHOSPITALIZATIONMENTAL ILLNESS /SUBSTANCE ABUSEInpatient FacilityOffice VisitsPRESCRIPTION DRUGSGeneric/Preferred/Non-PreferredRetail Pharmacy (34-day supply)Retail & Mail Order (90-daysupply) 10 Generic / 30 Preferred Brand / 50 Non-PreferredBrandDed., then 10/ 30/ 50 20/ 60/ 100Ded., then 20/ 60/ 100Please note that JMT’s Plan Year is March 1 - February 29 of each year. The deductible and out-of-pocket accumulators will re-set each March 1st.*Stacked Ded: If family coverage, one member may stop at individual deductible maximum while others make up the remaining family unit deductible maximum.**Unstacked Ded: If family coverage, the full family deductible maximum may apply to one member. No individual maximum applies.Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson[7]2019-2020 Employee Benefits

PRESCRIPTION DRUG PROGRAMThrough Express Scripts (ESI)Our Prescription Drug Program is administered through Express Scripts (ESI). ESI has a network of pharmacies that allowsfor wide access in your local community & across the country. You may receive a 90-day supply of medication from ESI’sHome Delivery pharmacy for a reduced mail order copay. Accredo is ESI’s specialty pharmacy, providing individualized therapymanagement solutions for a wide range of complex conditions. For a complete list of conditions or for more information, call themat 877-895-9697 or visit’s no surprise that the cost of prescription (Rx) medications are at their highest levels across the United States and JMT is notimmune to those cost impacts. This year we are implementing two new programs that are designed to help our plan save on ourprescription spend by dispensing lower cost alternative medications, where applicable.GENERIC INCENTIVE PROGRAMNEW: For any prescriptions (Rx) filled after March 1, 2019, where a generic drug is available, the plan will cover the genericdrug cost, with you still paying your employee portion. However, if the employee or dependent chooses to fill the Rx with thebrand name drug, the employee or dependent will pay the brand name co-pay PLUS the difference in the total cost of thedrugs between the generic version and the brand version of the medication (Should your physician write the Rx as “Dispense asWritten,” this will not apply).STEP THERAPYNEW: Step Therapy is a program that lets you get the safe and effective treatment you and your family need. In step therapy,drugs are grouped in categories, based on treatment and cost: First-line drugs – the first step – are generic and lower-cost brand drugs proven to be safe, effective and affordable. StepTherapy suggests that you should try these drugs first because in most cases they provide the same health benefit asmore expensive drugs, but at a lower cost. Second-line drugs – the second and third step drugs – typically brand-name drugs best suited for the few patients whodon’t respond to first-line drugs. Second-line drugs are the most expensive options.This program will apply to any new Rx’s requested as of March 1, 2019. Anyone currently taking medications that apply to steptherapy will be grandfathered, and therefore not subject to the above.More information on both programs will be mailed to you by our Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Express Scripts.WHAT DO I DO? Review the FAQ’s below Talk to your doctor to see if a generic drug is a good option for you. Research our 0 copay JMTScripts program at (seepage 9).CONTACT:PHONE: 888-984-8188WEBSITE: www.myjmthealth.comFAQ’S: HOW DOES THE RX PLAN WORK?Specialty DrugsMembers are allowed one 34-day supply fill at Retail and then all refills must be filled by Accredo, ESI’s SpecialtyPharmacy. For more information, call 877-895-9697 or visit OrderMembers can fill a 34-day supply at any in-network retail pharmacy without penalty. Members have the optionto fill a 90-day supply for their maintenance medications at a participating maintenance retail pharmacy (and willpay the equivalent of the Home Delivery copays).Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson[8]2019-2020 Employee Benefits

JMTSCRIPTSThrough CRX Internationalprescribed medication for at least 30 days – this is toensure you have not experienced any complicationswith the medication.YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR FREE MEDICATIONAre you on a brand name maintenance medication?Through JMTScripts you will be able to receive certainbrand name maintenance medications FREE! Ask your doctor for a prescription for a 3-monthsupply with 3 refills. Request your doctor to fax your enrollment formand prescription directly to JMTScripts OR Mail youroriginal prescription and completed enrollment form toJMTScripts.ADVANTAGES OF JOINING THE JMTSCRIPTSPROGRAM 0 copay for 3 months supply for all prescriptionsoffered through the program Include a new prescription for each medication beingordered. Prescriptions shipped directly to your home with noshipping and handling costs CRX will call you prior to each refill to ensure that youhave a continuous supply of medications. No out-of-pocket expensesHOW DOES IT WORK? Review the formulary list of brand name prescriptionsto determine if any of your current medications areavailable through this program.CONTACT:PHONE: 1-866-488-7874FAX: 1-866-215-7874Before ordering through JMTScripts, you or yourdoctor must attest that you have been taking yourWEBSITE: www.JMTScripts.comTELADOC HEALTHGET THE CARE YOU NEEDTeladoc gives you 24/7/365 access to U.S. boardcertified doctors who can treat many of your medicalissues by phone or video. It is not insurance but an addedmedical benefit that gives you and the plan an affordablealternative to costly urgent care or emergency room visits.Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment, andprescribe medication for many medical issues, including: Full-time employees enrolled in one of our health plans areeligible to use this service with the following co-pays:Blue Plan 10 copayConsumer Advantage Plan 49 copay24/7/365 Access to a DoctorCold and flu symptomsBronchitisAllergiesPoison IvyPink eye Urinary tract infectionRespiratory infectionSinus problemsEar infectionand more!If appropriate, the Teladoc doctor can write a short-termprescription and have it sent to the pharmacy of yourchoice.WHEN TO USE TELADOCFor non-emergency medical issues (especially as analternative to the high cost of an emergency room or urgentcare center). Teladoc doctors return calls in 16 minutes onaverage. There is no time limit to your consult.CONTACT:PHONE: 1-800-TeladocWEBSITE: www.Teladoc.comJohnson, Mirmiran & Thompson[9]2019-2020 Employee Benefits

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTThrough PayFlexA Health Savings Account (HSA) is an actual taxadvantaged savings account available to those electingthe Consumer Advantage Plan. When considering theHSA option, think of this as a long term savings plan to beused not only for current, but future medical care expenses.Similar to a retirement plan, this program is designed withthe following benefits: Carryover unused funds into future years. Money saved in an interest bearing account. Optional cash-out feature (taxes may apply). Money goes in the account through pre-tax payrolldeductions. Must be covered under a High Deductible Health Plan(HDHP / Consumer Advantage Plan). Unused funds in your account rollover and accumulateyear after year. Can not be covered under another non-HDHP*. Can not be enrolled in Medicare.You can use your HSA to pay for qualified medicalexpenses such as deductibles and prescription costs;dental and vision expenses. Can not be a dependent on another person’s tax return.You own the funds in the To be eligible to enroll in the HSA, you must meet all of thefollowing:*Other health insurance does not include: specific disease or illnessinsurance, accident, disability, dental care, vision care and long-term careLEARN MORE ABOUT THE HSA & FSA f your spouse has an FSA, you are not eligible to open an HSA until theend of your spouse’s FSA plan year, and it has a 0 account balance.IMPORTANT HSA FACTS & FIGURES 2019 Contribution Limitations: Individual - 3,500. Family - 7,000. Approved IRS Additional Catch-up Contribution: Currently, the IRS allows people aged 55 to 65 (and older if notenrolled in Medicare) to contribute an additional 1,000 per year for an Individual or Family HSA account. Changes from a High-Deductible Plan: If you cease to be enrolled in a high-deductible plan, the money in your HSAaccount is yours to pay for qualified expenses with no time limit. However, you can no longer contribute any additionalfunds. Important Documentation: It is highly recommended that you save all receipts in the case of an IRS audit so you canexplain why you believed a certain expense was a qualified expense. Important Note: If you use your HSA to pay for an ineligible expense, you may be required to pay income taxes and anadditional penalty tax.Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson[ 10 ]2019-2020 Employee Benefits