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TABLE OF CONTENTSForeword by Deva Green1.NEPTUNE: THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE SOUL . 1Introduction . 1The Structural Nature of the Soul and the Consciousness within it . 2Questions and Answers . 3The Consciousness of the Soul and the Four Natural Evolutionary States . 18The Dimly Evolved State . 19The Consensus State . 201st subdivision of the Consensus State . 212nd subdivision of the Consensus State . 213rd subdivision of the Consensus State. 22The Individuated State . 231st subdivision of the Individuated State . 232nd subdivision of the Individuated State . 243rd subdivision of the Individuated State . 25The Spiritual State . 251st subdivision of the Spiritual State . 272nd subdivision of the Spiritual State . 273rd subdivision of the Spiritual State . 28The Pluto Node Cycle . 302.NEPTUNE AND THE PROJECTION OF ULTIMATEMEANING . 31Introduction . 31Questions and Answers . 33The Ego as a Vehicle of Evolution . 35The Astral Plane . 36Lives to Come . 36Questions and Answers . 37Copyright 2014 School of Evolutionary Astrology – All rights reserved

Example Chart A – Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house . 41Example Chart B – Neptune in the 12th house . 44Example Chart C – Neptune in the 9th house . 46Example Chart D – Ultimate Meaning through the Houses . 51Example Chart E – Neptune in the 4th house . 573.NEPTUNE: WHISPERS FROM ETERNITY . 61Introduction . 61Questions and Answers . 62Example Chart A – Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house . 65Example Chart B – Neptune in Libra in the 11th house . 70Example Chart C – Neptune in the 5th house . 76Example Chart D – Neptune in Libra in the 11th house . 804.NEPTUNE: DELUSIONS AND BEING DIRECTEDBY ‘GOD’ . 89Introduction . 89Questions and Answers . 90Example Chart A – Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd house . 93Example Chart B – Neptune in Various Houses . 97Example Chart C – Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th house . 105Example Chart D – Neptune in the 7th house . 110Example Chart E – Neptune Rx in Leo in the 6th house . 1135.NEPTUNE AND DECEPTION . 117Introduction . 117Questions and Answers . 118Example Chart A – The Deception of Osho Rajneesh . 122Example Chart B – Neptune in Sagittarius in the 5th house . 131Example Chart C – To Deceive or to be Deceived and Why? 3rd Spiritual . 144Example Chart D – Aleister Crowley . 157Example Chart E – L. Ron Hubbard . 164Copyright 2014 School of Evolutionary Astrology – All rights reserved

6.NEPTUNE AND THE GOD COMPLEX . 171Introduction . 171Questions and Answers . 173Example Chart A – Adolf Hitler . 175Example Chart B – Michael Bloomberg . 185Example Chart C – Shabbatai Tzvi . 1897.NEPTUNE AND DREAMS . 193Introduction . 193Questions and Answers . 1958.NEPTUNE: INSTABILITY OF THECONSCIOUSNESS OF THE SOUL . 201Introduction . 201Questions and Answers . 203Example Chart A – Virginia Woolf. 205Example Chart B – Syd Barrett . 215Example Chart C – Female, early 40’s . 224Example Chart D – Marilyn Monroe . 2349.NEPTUNE: THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESSAND UNCONSCIOUS . 239Introduction . 239Questions and Answers . 242Example Chart A – Edgar Cayce. 249Example Chart B – Professor Carl Jung . 259Example Chart C – Rachel Maddow . 269Example Chart D – Mark Zuckerberg. 276Copyright 2014 School of Evolutionary Astrology – All rights reserved

10.NEPTUNE AND VICTIMIZATION. 295Introduction . 295Example Chart A – Oscar Pistorius – Summary of a Sadist . 297Example Chart B – Oscar Wilde . 303Example Chart C – King Henry VIII of England . 31111.NEPTUNE AND OTHER ARCHETYPALCORRELATIONS . 319Hope and Faith as Intrinsic to Consciousness of the Soul, and Miracles . 319Healing of the Physical, Emotional, and the Soul itself . 320Wounding of the Soul . 320Purity and Innocence that Manifests by Being in Alignmentwith Natural Laws . 322True Giving Without Expectations of Reward: Tuning into the ActualReality of Another or Others and thus Knowing What to Give, ANDWhat Not to Give . 323Psychic Phenomena . 323The Power of Imagination . 324Questions and Answers . 326Example Chart A – Buddhist Monk, 3rd stage Spiritual . 331Example Chart B – Therese Neumann, 3rd stage Spiritual . 340Example Chart C – Lila and her Wound, 3rd Individuated to 1st Spiritual . 352Example Chart D – Nelson Mandela, 3rd stage Individuated . 36912.NEPTUNE AND VENUS ESSENTIAL NEEDS . 381The 2nd House, Taurus, and Venus . 381The 7th House, Libra, and Venus . 383The 12th House, Pisces, and Venus . 385Copyright 2014 School of Evolutionary Astrology – All rights reserved

13.NEPTUNE AND ITS LOWER OCTAVE VENUS . 389Introduction . 389A Note on Venus Retrograde . 391Venus in Aries . 393Venus in Taurus . 395Venus in Gemini . 399Venus in Cancer . 401Venus in Leo. 404Venus in Virgo . 407Venus in Libra . 411Venus in Scorpio . 415Venus in Sagittarius . 421Venus in Capricorn . 426Venus in Aquarius. 433Venus in Pisces . 44114.THE TRANSIT OF NEPTUNE . 44915.HOW YOU CAN NATURALLY KNOW GOD . 461Other Books on Evolutionary Astrology . 465Copyright 2014 School of Evolutionary Astrology – All rights reserved

SAMPLE CHAPTERCHAPTER NINENEPTUNE: THE COLLECTIVECONSCIOUSNESS AND UNCONSCIOUSIntroductionWe have come a long way now in our development and understanding ofthe archetypes of Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th House. What I want todo now is to share with you a very important part of these archetypes,which, to me, has been severely underdeveloped in the world of astrology in general.These archetypes concern the collective unconscious, and the collectiveconsciousness.We have now correlated Neptune, the 12th House, and Pisces to the consciousnessof the Soul in general, and the nature of the consciousness within any given individualSoul. If we remember that consciousness always assumes and manifests relative tothe nature of the form that it exists within, then we can understand that the totalityof all the dynamics existent in any given Soul determines the ‘form’ through whichits consciousness will manifest. Within this state of consciousness, we must alsoapply the effect of the collective unconsciousness, Neptune, the 12th House, andPisces upon the current state of consciousness for any Soul. The collectiveunconscious correlates to the TOTALITY OF THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THEHUMAN ORGANISM TO DATE: THE CURRENT MOMENT. At the sametime, we need to apply the effects of the collective consciousness to the individualstate of Soul consciousness in such a way as to understand how the effects ofcollective consciousness shapes and defines the individual state of consciousness.The collective consciousness simply means the TOTALITY OF ALL HUMAN’SEVENTS THAT ARE TAKING PLACE AT ANY POINT IN TIME TO EACHINDIVIDUAL.Within the consciousness of the human organism is an awareness of the totality, theimmensity, of the Manifest Creation: of something much larger than any one part ofthat Manifest Creation. This awareness, of course, is the causative factor, thedeterminant, for human consciousness to understand in some way exactly the causeCopyright 2014 School of Evolutionary Astrology – All rights reserved

NEPTUNE: WHISPERS FROM ETERNITYof that Manifest Creation. This need to understand this cause then becomes thedeterminant of creating some kind of cosmology that can explain it. As a result,whatever the agreed upon cause is of that Manifest Creation, at any point in time inthe human evolutionary journey, conditions the nature of the individual Soulconsciousness.This agreed upon, collective, cosmology thus becomes the CORE STRUCTUREOF THE INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS AT ANYPOINT IN TIME. This core structure, in turn, thus conditions every other dynamicwithin the totality of the collective and individual Soul consciousness itself: itsemotions, its mental structures, and its sexuality. Thus, the inner relationship of thecollective and individual Soul to whatever the Source of the Manifest Creation is asreflected in the specific cosmologies of any group of humans at any point in timeAND PLACE. Thus, however, the collective and individual consciousness of theSoul DEFINES the Source of the Manifest Creation, and is exactly how that Sourcewill be experienced. From the point of view of Natural Laws that were set in motionby the Source Of All Things, it of course is entirely possible for consciousness ofeach individual Soul to be in some kind or form of ‘communion’ with its own Source.This communion or desire to KNOW the very origin of all things, the origin of theSoul itself, is intrinsic to the consciousness of the Soul. This desire to know is notdependent on any external source for that knowing. This desire to know, the actualnatural truth of the Creation, can be known by any Soul by way of the Natural Lawsthat allow it to do so. Those natural laws start with the natural law of the breath. Theinhaling and exhaling breaths correlate to the natural laws of cause and effect, thusthe natural law of duality. This natural law thus correlates to thought and counterthought, of the ongoing manifestation of phenomenal reality that is rooted in thisnatural law of cause and effect. Yet, this inhaling and exhaling breath can also besuspended: a state of breathlessness. In this natural state of breathlessness, theconsciousness of the Soul is thus temporally free from the natural law of duality. Inthis natural breathless state, the consciousness of the Soul expands from within itselfallowing it to perceive the very nature of the manifested Creation by way of all thenatural laws that are responsible for it. Consciousness can inwardly expand to thepoint of being able to perceive the actual manifestation of the manifest and the unmanifest from which that manifests.All Souls, by birthright, have this natural capacity: IT IS ‘HARD WIRED’ IN THESOUL BY ITS CREATOR. And what is perceived in this naturally breathless stateis identical to all Souls who are able to arrive at such a state. In essence, a universaltruth that is not dependent on any invented cosmology by humans that is agreedupon to be true when, in actual reality, it is not.These invented cosmologies began when the human organism shifted from nomadicways of living to settled communalities in which foraging in order to survive wasCopyright 2014 School of Evolutionary Astrology – All rights reserved

Neptune: The Collective Consciousness and Unconsciousprogressively replaced by growing crops and raising animals for clothing and food.The very first ‘conception’ for what we now call God began exactly at that time.Before then humans lived in accordance with Natural Laws which they weredependent upon for their very existence. Their world was one of nature spirits of allsorts that did not have a perceived Source or cause.The South Node of Neptune being in Aquarius for all humans on the planet todaydirectly correlates with the time in which humans began to live in farming typecommunities, of when cosmologies were invented to explain the nature ofphenomenal reality. The concept of ‘God’ began that progressively was defined byhumans in all kinds of ways that had nothing to do with the ACTUAL Source Of AllThings.So we can see by way of the South Node being in Aquarius how the collectiveconscious/unconsciousness from that time until now has affected the individualconsciousness of each Soul by way of the various man-made religions andcosmologies that have defined ‘God’ in all the ways that it