INSTALLATION AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONSOWNER / INSTALLER: For your safety this manual must be carefully and thoroughly read andunderstood before installing, operating or servicing this heater.RESIDENTIAL RADIANT GARAGE TUBE HEATERSingle and Two Stage Pull Through System (Negative Pressure)Models:R (B,S,M) G 0225 – (N1/L1/N2/L2)R (B,S,M) G 035 – (N1/L1/N2/L2)R (B,S,M) G 045 – (N1/L1/N2/L2)!INSTALLER: This manual is the property of the owner. Please present this manual to theowner when you leave the job site. WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service, or maintenance cancause property damage, injury or death. Read the installation, operation and maintenanceinstructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment.IF YOU SMELL GAS:FOR YOUR SAFETY! DO NOT try to light any appliance.! DO NOT touch any electrical switch; DO NOT use anytelephone in your building.! IMMEDIATELY call your gas supplier from a neighbor'stelephone. Follow the gas supplier's instructions. If youcannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.DO NOT store or use gasoline or otherflammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity ofthis or any other appliance.!IMPORTANT: SAVE THIS MANUAL FOR FUTUREFUTURE REFERENCE.Mestek, Inc.260 North Elm St. Westfield, MA 01085Telephone (413) 568-9571 Fax (413) 562-8437 www.mestek.comForm 43471040Oct 2013

TABLE OF 23.0)24.0)DESCRIPTIONPAGESafety . 2Installer Responsibility . 2General Information. 2Minimum Clearances to Combustibles. 4Specifications. 5Packing List . 5Accessory Packages . 7Dimensions . 8Heater Assembly Overview . 9Typical Suspension Methods .10Heater Assembly .11Gas Connections and Regulations.14Instructions for Pressure Test Gauge Connection .16Electrical and Thermostat Connections .17Venting .25Air for Combustion .30Direct Outside Air for Combustion .30Lighting and Shutdown Instructions.32Sequence of Operation.32Control Component Location.33Cleaning and Annual Maintenance .34Troubleshooting Guide.35Replacing Parts .38Removal of Spark Electrode .38Removing Main Burner and Gas Valve .39Air Switch Pressure Check .39Ignition System Checks .40Motor and Blower Wheel Check.41Installation Data .41Replacement Parts Guide .42Warnings Card .46This heater complies with ANSI Z83.20 (current standard) and CSA 2.34. Copies of the National Fuel Gas Code (ANSIZ223.1-latest edition) are available from the CSA at 8501 East Pleasant Valley Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44131 or 55 ScarsdaleRoad, Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2R3. All NFPA codes are available from the National Fire Protection Association, BatterymarchPark, Quincy, Massachusetts 02269.For installations with mounting heights less than 10 feet, install theheater at the highest possible height for the best radiant energydistribution.Form 43471040Oct 2013-1-

1.0)SAFETYThis heater is a self-contained infrared radiant tube heater. Safety information required during installation andoperation of this heater is provided in this manual and the labels on the product. The installation, service andmaintenance of this heater must be performed by a contractor qualified in the installation and service of gasfired heating equipment.All personnel in contact with the heater must read and understand all safety information, instructions and labelsbefore operation. The following symbols will be used in this manual to indicate important safety information.SAFETY REQUIREMENTS The heater area must be kept clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammablevapors and liquids. This heater is designed for use with one type of gas (LPG or Natural). Make sure that the type of gas to besupplied to this heater matches that shown on the heater rating plate. DO NOT install this heater directly onto an LPG container or propane cylinder without directions from yourpropane company. LPG containers (propane cylinders) must not be stored indoors or in the vicinity of anygas-burning appliance. Children and adults should be alerted to the hazards of high surface temperatures and should stay away toavoid burns or clothing ignition. Clothing or other flammable materials should not be hung from the heater or placed on or near the heater. Young children should be carefully supervised when they are in the same space as the heater. NEVER attempt to service the heater while it is plugged in, operating or hot. Any guard or other protectivedevice removed for servicing a heater must be replaced prior to operating the heater.Warning instructions must be followed to prevent or avoid hazards whichmay cause serious injury, property damage or death.Caution instructions must be followed to prevent incorrect operation orinstallation of the heater which may cause minor injury or propertydamage.2.0)INSTALLER RESPONSIBILITYThe installer is responsible for the following: The heater and venting, as well as electrical and gas supplies must be installed in accordance with theseinstallation instructions and any applicable codes and regulations. Every heater shall be located with respect to building construction and other equipment so as to permitaccess to the heater. Each installer must follow the clearances to combustible materials for the heaters. Install the heater so that the supports and hangers are correctly spaced in accordance with theseinstructions. The heater must be supported by materials having a working load limit of at least 115lbs. Supply the owner with a copy of these Installation and Operation Instructions. Where unvented heaters are used, gravity or mechanical means shall be provided to supply and exhaust atleast 4 CFM per 1,000 Btu/hr input of installed heaters. Never use the heater as a support for a ladder or other access equipment. Do not hang anything from theheater. Supply all installation materials necessary that are not included with the heater. Check the nameplate to make sure that the burner is correct for the gas type in the building and theinstallation altitude.3.0)GENERAL INFORMATIONThis heater is a self-contained infrared radiant tube heater for use in locations where flammable gases or vaporsare not generally present (as defined by OSHA acceptable limits) and is intended for space heating of garages,vestibules and entry ways, workshops, enclosed patios, golf practice ranges and most industrial and commercialapplications. DO NOT install this heater in residential bedrooms or bathrooms, mobile homes or recreationalvehicles.-2-Form 43471040Oct 2013

INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTSREQUIREMENTSThe installation must conform to local building codes or in the absence of local codes, with the National Fuel GasCode ANSI Z223.1/NFPA54 or the Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code CSA B149.1. Heaters shall beinstalled by a licensed contractor or licensed installer. Clearances to combustibles as outlined in this manualshould always be observed. In areas used for storage of combustible materials where they may be stackedbelow the heater, NFPA54 requires that the installer must post signs that will “specify the maximum permissiblestacking height to maintain the required clearances from the heater to combustibles.”Every heater shall be located with respect to building construction and other equipment so as to permit accessto the heater. Each installer shall use quality installation practices when locating the heater and must giveconsideration to clearances to combustible materials, vehicles parked below, lights, overhead doors, storageareas with stacked materials, sprinkler heads, gas and electrical lines and any other possible obstructions orhazards. Consideration also must be given to service accessibility.The heater, when installed in aircraft hangars and public garages, must be installed in accordance withANSI/NFPA 409-latest edition (Standard for Aircraft Hangars), ANSI/NFPA 88a-latest edition (Standard forParking Structures), and ANSI/NFPA 88b-latest edition (Standard for Repair Garages) with the followingclearances:a. At least 10 feet above the upper surfaces of wings or engine enclosures of the highest aircraft that may behoused in the hangar and at least 8 feet above the floor in shops, offices, and other sections of hangarscommunicating with aircraft storage or service areas.b. At least 8 feet above the floor in public garages. WARNING: Minimum clearances marked on the heatermust be maintained from vehicles parked below the heater.(FOR CANADA ONLY)a. Installation of this appliance is to be in accordance with latest edition of CSA B149.1 (Natural Gas andPropane Installation Code).b. For installation in public garages or aircraft hangars, the minimum clearances from the bottom of theinfrared heater to the upper surface of the highest aircraft or vehicle shall be 50 percent greater than thecertified minimum clearance, but the clearance shall not be less than 8 feet.Although these heaters may be used in many applications other than space heating (e.g., process heating),Mestek will not recognize the warranty for any use other than space heating.For indoor installation only. NotNot for use in residential dwellings.This heater is for Indoor Installation and Covered Patio Installation only and can be used in either Vented orUnvented mode. The term Unvented actually means Indirect Vented. While the products of combustion areexpelled into the building, national codes require ventilation in the building to dilute these products ofcombustion. This ventilation may be provided by gravity or mechanical means.This heater is not an explosion proof heater. Where the possibility of exposure to volatile and low flash pointmaterials exists, it could result in property damage or death. This heater must not be installed in a spray boothwhere the heater can operate during the spraying process. Consult your local fire marshal or insurance company.High Altitude:Appliances are supplied as standard for altitudes of O to 2,000 feet (0-610 m). High-altitude ratings are obtainedby a change in the orifice size. When ordered for high altitude installations, burners are supplied by the factoryready for high altitude installation. Check the nameplate for altitude before proceeding with the installation. InCanada the adjustment for altitude is made in accordance with Standard CGA 2.17, Gas-Fired Appliances for Useat High Altitudes.Form 43471040Oct 2013-3-

4.0)MINIMUM CLEARANCES TO COMBUSTIBLESCombustible material must be located outside theclearance dimensions listed.Failure to do so may result in death, serious injury orproperty damage.Minimum clearances to combustibles shall be measured from the outer surfaces as shown in the followingdiagram. For reduced clearances below the heater, use the Deflector Kit (Part No. 43504010), described inSection 6.1), and maintain the minimum clearances specified in the notes below. Follow the instructionspackaged with the kit for installation. Install the warnings card (ordered separately) and complete the blankspaces using the clearances from combustibles table below. See Section 24 for a printed copy of the warningscard.EndEndCeiling* CeilingFrontSideSideBelowBelow45 Angle (Maximum)HorizontalModel No.R (B,S,M) G 025R (B,S,M) G 035, 045RearMINIMUM CLEARANCES TO COMBUSTIBLESMounted HorizontallySidesCeiling1Below2Ends8”4”41” *8”12”4”57” **8”Angle Mounted at 45º45º Front 45º Rear30”4”40”4”1The clearance is 12” when installed in an UNVENTED configuration in industrial and commercial installations.2IN CANADA,CANADA clearances below the heater are:R (B,S,M) G 025: 36” (27” with deflector);R (B,S,M) G 035, 045: 48” (36” with deflector)* The clearance is 33” with deflector.** The clearance is 42” with deflector / 30” side clearance with deflector. WARNING: Certain materials or objects, when stored under the heater, will be subjected to radiant heat andcould be seriously damaged. Observe the Minimum Clearances to Combustibles listed in the manual and on theheater at all times.NOTE:1. The clearancesclearances specified above must be maintained to combustibles and other materials that may bedamaged by temperatures 90ºF above ambient temperature. Clearances to combustibles are posted on thecontrol box. In areas used for storage of combustible materials wherewhere they may be stacked below the heater,NFPA54 requires that the installer must post signs that will “specify the maximum permissible stacking heightto maintain the required clearances from the heater to combustibles.” Mestek recommends posting these signssignsadjacent to the heater thermostat or other suitable location that will provide enhanced visibility.2. The stated clearance to combustibles represents a surface temperature of 90 ºF (32 ºC) above roomtemperature. Building materials with a low heat tolerancetolerance (such as plastics, vinyle siding, canvas, tritri-ply, etc.)may be subject to degradation at lower temperatures. It is the installer’s responsibility to assure that adjacentmaterials are protected from degradation.-4-Form 43471040Oct 2013

5.0)SPECIFICATIONSModelSeries No.R (B,S,M)G(B,S,M)G025035045Minimum *Mounting [email protected]@Natural GasPropane GasHorizontal 45º Angle#42 (0.094)#52(0.064)8’8’#35 (0.110) 1.75mm (0.069)8’8’1/8” (0.125) 5/64” (0.078)8’8’Orifice SizeHeatTotalBtu/hr Exchanger Heater Flue Restrictor PlateInputLength LengthI.D. & Part #25,0007/8” 1/8” #42741031* MOUNT HEATERS AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE. Minimums are shown as a guideline for human comfort and uniformenergy distribution for complete building heating applications. Consult your Mestek representative for theparticulars of your installation requirements.TypeGasNaturalor PropaneGas PipeConnection½” MPT(Male)TubeDiameterFlueConnectionFresh AirConnection3”4” Round4” RoundFuse Rating:Spark Module: 2 Amp 250V(for 24V Circuit)6.0)ElectricalSupply120 Volt, 60Hz,1 PhaseCurrentRating2.6 AmpIgnition System (direct spark):30 second pre-purge periodPACKING LISTA. Control/Draft Inducer PackagePart DescriptionQTYControl Box Assembly . 1Draft Inducer Assembly (with 4” Starting Collar #40504020) . 1Flue Restrictor Plate (refer to 5.0) for I.D. & part number). 115” Plastic Vacuum Air Tube (#03988150). 1Control Fastener Kit (#42787000) . 1Containing:¼ - 20 Locknuts (#02167010) . 6Gas Connector 5/8” OD x 36” (#30302360) . 1Installation & Operation Instructions (#43471010) . 1CONTROL/DRAFT INDUCER PACKAGE NUMBERS1-STAGE CONTROLS - MESTEKMODEL NO.PART NO.2-STAGE CONTROLS - MESTEKMESTEKGAS TYPEMODEL NO.PART NO.GAS PANEForm 43471040Oct 2013-5-