CABINET UNIT HEATERSSELECTION AND "ROUGH IN" MADE EASYONLY THE LENGTHS VARYThe Sterling Cabinet Unit Heater is theindustry’s most recent design. Years ofmanufacturing and engineering experience combined with a concern for appearance have resulted in a crisply styledunit that will blend with almost any roomdecor and provide reliability, durability,individual control and quiet operation.As unit size increases, only the lengthchanges. The depth and height remainconstant, thus allowing the designer tohave uniformity of appearance when unitsof various sizes are installed in adjacentareas.The wide selection of floor, wall and ceilingunits with a variety of air flow arrangementsallows for exactly matching design requirements.The standard 16-gauge front panel isrugged enough to withstand harsh treatment. Exposed cabinetry is provided with aneutral eggshell baked powder finish. Backand side panels are 18-gauge.2The pedestal base for floor models is theheight of most mop boards.Field repainting to match the decor ispossible and factory applied decoratorcolors are available as an option.Recessed models are provided with a fieldinstalled wall seal that allows for full orpartial recessing depending on the model.The wall seal kit is also available as anoption for full or partial recessing of mostother models.The solid state speed control providesinfinite variations from high to low speed,giving the occupant finger tip control overfan speed and room temperature.All Sterling commercial hydronic productsare made from recycled materials. Materialrecycled contents can be obtained fromyour local Sterling representative.All units are CSAcertified.


CABINET UNIT HEATER STANDARD FEATURES- Adjustable wall seal to suit recessing requirements.- Copper Aluminum coil for steamor hot water.- Support bracket to wall.- Whisper quiet blowers.- Cabinet finishneutral eggshellbaked powder.- Leveling legs optional.- Motors - Permanentsplit capacitor.- 16-Gauge steel front panel withinsulation, standard.- Permanent washable filter,aluminum fiber media.- Outside air knockoutprovided standard on“F” and “FS” models.- Speed Control / Access doors - Standard onall floor and wall models.- Steam Coil (Standard) - Brazed copper tube and headerwith aluminum fin. Factory tested to 250 PSI.- Access Area typicalboth ends.- Optional High Capacity2 row coil.4

CABINET UNIT HEATERSRATINGS AND SPECIFICATIONSWALL SEAL - The optional wall seal kit with gasket isdesigned to allow for easy installation and permanent protection for the wall board, plaster orsheet rock surrounding the unit on recessed models.COILS STANDARD ONE ROW - The durable mechanicallybonded copper/aluminum coil presents the bestof today’s hydronic technology. Providing 12 fins perinch with 1/2" nominal diameter tubes, the ultimatein BTU capacity is provided without sacrificing noise,vibration or amp draw. All element assemblies aresubmersion tested at factory at 250 PSI and arerated at a working pressure of 300 PSI All units aredesigned so that field modifications can be madeto reverse the coil position if required.HIGH CAPACITY COIL - This is a hot water coildesigned to provide increased capacity whenthe required load exceeds that of the standardcoil for a given size. Its construction is similar to thestandard coil; however, fins are double depth andthere are two rows of tubes. Element assembliesare submersion tested at 250 PSI and are rated at aworking pressure of 300 PSIBLOWER FAN ASSEMBLY - The blower fan assemblyprovides one of the industry’s best CFM output perunit size. The sizes range from 200 CFM up to the1400 CFM unit at 115 volts. This is the widest rangeof sizes in the industry. The Low Noise blower assemblyis made with galvanized steel, providing long lifeand durability.MOTORS - Standard motors are (PSC) permanentsplit capacitor. This provides the ultimate in motorlife, operating cost, noise levels and dependability.A standard shaft size of 1/2" diameter is the same onall motors. By using a solid state variable speedswitch, a range of speeds can be achieved. Motorsare either 1/15 or 1/10 HPECM MOTOR - Optional motors are ElectronicallyCommutated Motors (ECM). These motors arehighly efficient at full and part load with efficienciesup to 85% compared to 40% with traditional PSCmotors. The ECM motors are also 1/15 or 1/10 HP withlow power consumption, providing energy savingswhich will satisfy green building initiatives.FILTER - The standard permanent filter is made ofdurable aluminum which has an average arrestanceof 69%. Light and easy to handle, the filter slides intoits locating channel and is permanently held inposition with factory supplied cotter pins.FRONT PANEL - 16-gauge front panel is standard with1/2" - 1-1/2 lb. density, neoprene one side insulationin front of the coil. Full panel insulation is availableas an option. Tamper resistant fasteners are alsoavailable.MOTOR/BLOWER SHELF - Support shelf adds supportto units strength and structural integrity. A supportgusset is supplied with 600 CFM units and up.FINISH - Standard finish is an aesthetically pleasingneutral eggshell baked powder, which is suitable forfield repainting if necessary. Optional colors available as shown on color chart.LEVELING LEG - Optional leveling legs are available.Four (4) legs per unit allow adjustment for pitch andyaw when unit is mounted on uneven floors.SPEED CONTROL / ACCESS DOOR - The solid statespeed control allows infinite speed selection forcomfort control. Located under the finger touchaccess door, the speed control is out of view yeteasily accessible. The access door requires just thepressure of a finger to open and swings 120 to astay open position. The access door comes with astandard 1/4 turn/philips head fastener and is available with optional tamper resistant fastener. Speedcontrol switch is not mounted on C or RC units.ACCESS AREA - A spacious rough-in area is providedbetween the unit ends and the internal cabinet atboth ends. The removable front panel allows fullaccess to the piping and valve area (left-handstandard) and to the wiring, switch area.Right hand shown. The rear portion is enclosed withsheet metal.HINGED PANEL / CEILING UNIT - The hinged panelson all ceiling units are standard. Stop chains arestandard. Speed control switches are shipped insideunit with wiring diagram. Switch can be mountedinternal or remote from unit.CONSTANT CABINET DIMENSIONS - Throughout thedesign of the cabinet unit heater, one feature hasbeen a primary concern - "uniformity." The cabinetdepth is one dimension on all unit sizes. Along withthat, the cabinet height is constant on all unitsexcept FS and FSI. Only the length changes onthese models. The internal cabinet allows for allcontrols and piping to be reversible by making alllocator and fastener holes in mirror image.SLOPING TOP CABINETS - Best feature for areas thatcannot tolerate accumulations of books, cups,paper, etc.5

CABINET UNIT HEATERSMODELS AND AIRFLOW ARRANGEMENTSMODELFloorARRANGEMENT NUMBERFF-1000FloorInverted FlowF-101025% F.A.F-1020F-1030 See options 18 & 19 25% F.A.FIFI-1040SlopeFSFS-1005SlopeInverted FlowFI-1050FS-101525% F.A.FS-1025FS-1035 See options 18 & 19 25% F.A.FSIFSI-1045WallFSI-1055WW-1060WallInverted FlowW-1070WIWI-1090Recessed WallRWRecessed WallInverted 1190RC-1200RC-1210CAT00207MODELS, ARRANGEMENTS AND SIZES ARE DESIGNATED AS FOLLOWS:EXAMPLE - RC - 1190 - 086MODEL ARRANGEMENT SIZESIZECFM0203040608101214230 335 430 630 860 1060 1230 1410

CABINET UNIT HEATERSRATINGS AND SPECIFICATIONSENTERING WATER - 200 FENTERING AIR - 60 FTABLE 1UNIT 811.98128.612.86MBHEDRCond. .131377.785.435688.4104.1434107.7108.2451112Number Fins Per InchFace Area-Ft.2Coil 1-1/4CUNumberDiameter/Width (In)HP15-3/4 x 71/1515-3/4 x 71/1525-3/4 x 71/1025-3/4 x 71/1045-3/4 x 53 - 600.8VAR.3352701/151120/1/600.453 - 601.4VAR.4303451/151120/1/600.653 - 601.4VAR.6305051/151120/1/600.853 - SPEED6304403201PERM.43-3/48-11/161/235-3/4 x 71 @ 1/101 @ 53 - SPEED10607405601PERM.50-3/48-11/161/245-3/4 x 71/10RPM:35-3/4 x 71 @ 1/101 @ 1/1510508752115/1/602.2VAR.8606851/102120/1/601.53 - 602.8VAR.12309851/42120/1/602.83 - /602.8VAR.141011301/42120/1/602.83 - 1/25673259-1/25685259-1/2Heating Cap. - HotWater20 WTDHigh Cap. - Coil 2 RowHeating Cap.Hot Water20 WTDHeating Cap. - Steam2 PSIGStandardCoilCoil:Blowers:Standard PSC Motor:HighLowNumberVolts/Phase/HertzAmperesFan Speed ControlStandard MtrCFM:HighLowOptional ECM Motor:HPNumberVolts/Phase/HertzAmperesFan Speed ControlECMCFM:HighMedLowFilter:No.TypeLength (In)Width (In)Thickness (In)dB. Level 18" From UnitLength (In)Height (In)Depth (In)CABINET UNIT HEATERSSHIPPING WEIGHT 831017617818519412196198207215142212232342437



SELECTIONSELECTION PROCEDURE1. Determine job requirementsFormulas: BTU/HR at rated conditions a. Type of heating (steam or hot water).BTU/HR at required conditionsb. Minimum heating capacity (BTU/HR or EDR).CONVERSION FACTOR2. Select unit sizeFT (Final Air Temperature) a. If necessary convert the required BTU/hr toBTU/HRrated conditions as specified in the capacityEntering Air Temp. F CFMx 1.085tables. (Refer to the formulas at right).b. Select unit(s) from tables with capacitiesequal to or slightly higher than the BTU/HRGPM (Gallons Per Minute) required. Read directly the motor HP andBTU/HRfan RPM.Water Temperature Drop x 500HOT WATER COIL CAPACITYEXAMPLE:Heating loadEntering air tempEntering water tempWater temp drop34,000 BTUH60 F140 F30 FTable 1 on page 7shows selection of size 06 (2 rowcoil) with 69,800 BTU at 20 Fwater temp drop, sufficientfor application.From Table 7, page 12Correction Factor .571for 140 F entering water tempCapacity at 20 F water temp dropwith 140 F entering water 69,800 x .571 39,856 BTUHFrom Table 8, page 12Capacity Correction Factor .90for 30 F water temp dropWater Flow at 20 F water tempdrop with 140 F entering water 39, 856 3.99 GPM(500 x 20)Equivalent Standard Capacity34,000 66,160 BTUH (.571 x .90)FINAL CALCULATIONS:Actual capacity at water droptemp with 140 F entering water 39,856 x 0.9 35,870 BTUHFrom Table 8, page 12Water Flow Correction Factor .59for 30 F water temp dropWater Flow at 30 F water tempdrop with 140 F entering water 3.99 x .59 2.35 GPMTable 3 on page 9shows 620 CFM for high speed fansettingFinal air temp35,870 60 F 113 F(620 x 1.085)STEAM COIL CAPACITYEXAMPLE:Heating LoadEntering Air TempEnteringSteam Pressure34,000 BTUH60 F10 psigFrom Table 5 Page 11correction is 1.13 for 10 psig.Equivalent Capacity 34,000 30,088 BTUH1.13Condensate Rate Actual CapacityLatent Heat of SteamTable 1 on Page 7shows selection of size 03with 31,400 BTUH is sufficientfor application. 35,482953Actual Capacity 31,400 x 1.13 35,482 BTUHSTATIC PRESSURE CORRECTION FACTORSFOR BTU OUTPUT/WITH STANDARD MOTOREXAMPLE: Unit - C-1150-08 output at 200 /60 F 56 MBH at 6 GPM.Static Pressure .125, Correction factor .79 56,000 x .79 44,240 BTUcorrected.NOTE: H igh Static Motor Options 20 and 51 maintain standard air flowwith external static pressure up to 0.4'' water column.10 37 lbs/hrFinal Air Temp35,482 60 F 157 F335 x 1.085TABLE 4UNITSIZE02030406081012140.0 ESP0.05 ESP0.1 ESP0.125 ESPBTUBTUBTUBTUCFM FACTOR CFM FACTOR CFM FACTOR CFM 0.791.00.82

STEAM CALCULATIONSAND CORRECTION FACTORSI.CAPACITYA. For 2 lbs steam, 60 F entering air temp.Read output directly from Table 1 on page 7.B. For higher steam pressures and orEAT's above or below 60 FMultiply output from Table 1 on page 7 byappropriate correction factor from Table 5 (below).II. FINAL AIR TEMPERATUREA. For 2 lbs steam, 60 F entering air temp.See Table 1 on page 7 for Steam MBH Capacity.See page 10 for Steam Coil Capacity example.B. For capacities calculated in IB (above)Output from IB (above) EAT Final Air Temp.1.085 x CFM from Table 1 page 7III. CONDENSATE PER HOURA. For 2 lbs steam, 60 F entering air temp.Read lbs per hour from Table 1 on page 7.B. For capacities calculated in IB (above)Output from IB (above)Latent Heat from Table 6 lbs per hour of condensateTABLE 5 — STEAM CORRECTION FACTORS BASED ON2 LBS STEAM 60 F EATSTEAM PRESSURE — POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH (SATURATED)ENTERING AIRTEMPERATURE30 F40 F50 F60 F70 F80 F90 F100 1.19TABLE 6 — PROPERTIES OF SATURATED STEAMSTEAM PRESSURE IN POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH perature- FLatent Heatof Steam11

HOT WATER CALCULATIONSAND CORRECTION FACTORSI.CAPACITY @ 20 F TD:A. For 200 F EWT, 60 F EATRead output directly from Table 1 on page 7.B. For EWT and/or EAT aboveor below StandardMultiply output from Table 1 on page 7by factor from Table 7 (below).II. CAPACITY AT OTHER TD'SA. For TD's from 5 to 60 FMultiply output obtained in IA or IB(above) by appropriate factor from Table 8 (below).III. GPM AT OTHER TD'SA. For TD's from 5 to 60 FMultiply GPM of unit for 20 F TDby factor from Table 7 (below) EWT/EATThen multiply by appropriate factor from Table 8 (below).IV. PRESSURE LOSS AT OTHER TD'SA. For TD's from 5 to 60 FMultiply PD of unit for 20 F TDby appropriate factor from Table 8 (below).TABLE 7 — H OT WATER CONVERSION FACTORS BASED ON 200 F ENTERING WATER 60 F ENTERING AIR20 F TEMPERATURE DROPENTERING AIRTEMPERATURE30 F40 F50 F60 F70 F80 F90 F100 FENTERING WATER TEMPERATURE — 20 F WATER TEMPERATURE DROP100 F0.5180.4390.3610.2860.2120.1400.0690.000120 F0.6660.5850.5060.4290.3530.2790.2070.137140 F0.8140.7310.6510.5710.4940.4190.3450.273160 F0.9630.8780.7960.7150.6360.5580.4830.409200 F1.2601.1721.0851.0000.9180.8370.7590.682180 F1.1201.0250.9410.8570.7770.6980.6210.546220 F1.4081.3171.2311.1431.0600.9770.8970.818240 F1.5551.4641.3751.2861.2011.1171.0350.955260 F1.7021.6091.5181.4291.3421.2571.1731.094280 F1.8501.7551.6631.5711.4831.3971.3111.230300 F1.9971.9081.8241.7171.6301.5451.4621.371To obtain the BTU capacity for conditions other than those in the basic capacity tables, multiply the basic rating(200 F when entering water, 60 F entering air,) by the proper constant from the above tables.TABLE 8 — H OT WATER BTU, GPM AND PRESSURE LOSS FACTORS BASED ON STANDARD CONDITIONSOF 200 F ENTERING WATER 60 F ENTERING AIR AND 20 F WATER DROPTEMPERATURE DROP FUSE FACTORS FROM THIS TABLE TO OBTAINAPPROXIMATE RESULTS51015202530405060To obtain BTU for other Water Temperature Drops,multiply basic BTU rating by applicable Factor. obtain GPM for other Water Temperature Drops,multiply basic GPM rating by applicable obtain Pressure Loss Feet of Water for othertemperature Drops, multiply Basic loss at 20 F drop byFactor.See page 23 for altitude and glycol correction factors.TABLE 9 — CFM AT VARIOUS EAT12Entering Air Temperature30 F40 F50 F60 F70 F80 F90 FConversion Factor1.

STANDARD EQUIPMENTOPTIONS & ACCESSORY EQUIPMENTBASIC UNIT16-gauge front panel, 18-gauge ends and tops of cold rolled steelfor all units; the internal casing shall be furnished of galvanizedsteel; steam or hot water coil with 1-1/4" copper tube stub ends,115 volt PSC motor of (1/10 or 1/15 HP); centrifugal forward curveddouble width fan wheel with galvanized fan housing; variablespeed fan control located right hand; permanent aluminum filter,cleanable; left h