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The Masoneilan* 12400 Series Digital Level Transmitter/Controller from GE Oil & Gas marks a significant evolution inprocess control.The SIL2-capable 12400 Series advanced design reducescomplexity, saving you time and money, and deliveringprecise performance.2 GE Oil & Gas

OverviewWith a combination of features such as smart filtering, HART communication protocol compatibility and an optional4-20 mA analog output signal, GE’s Masoneilan 12400 Series transmitter/controller offers exceptional processcontrol for a wide range of applications - even severe service. Easy to install and operate, it is the first torquetube-type level instrument that integrates level transmitter and switch functions in a single device. Plus, the12400 Series transmitter/controller is engineered for optimum efficiency, upgradeability and reliability making ita cost-effective investment for the long term.The Masoneilan 12400 Series instrument is a two-wire, loop-powered level transmitter with HART Communication that operates according to the fully proven buoyancy and torque tube principles. A change inliquid level varies the net weight of the displacer (2), increasing or decreasing the load on the torque tube (4)by an amount directly proportional to the change in liquid level. The resulting rotation of the torque rod (6) andattached magnets (7) modifies the magnetic field surrounding a non-contact sensor (8), producing an analogsignal proportional to the level in the vessel. This analog signal is converted into an error-free digital signal thatis processed by the on-board micro-controller. After processing, the digital result is converted to a 4-20 mAanalog output signal.This sensing method is non-contacting and frictionless, and it provides total isolation between the sensedmotion and sensor output.354671268Sketch showing the arrangement ofthe different parts.In black: torque tube, arm anddisplacerIn red: mechanism and displacerchambersIn blue: instrument head12345678- Displacer chamber- Displacer- Torque arm- Torque tube- Torque tube housing- Torque rod- Magnets- Non-contact sensorMasoneilan 12400 Series Digital Level Transmitter/Controller 3

Key BenefitsEase of UseWhile the Masoneilan 12400 series transmitter/controller offers powerful measurement functionality, it deliversefficiency for simplified ownership and operations.Easy InstallationLocal and remote installation are available via three explosion-proof pushbuttons or the HART communication protocol, and the 12400 Series transmitter can be calibrated with or without fluid, includingfluid with an unknown specific gravity.Simple OperationThe 12400 Series instrument offers automated configuration, calibration and diagnostic functions as well asan easy-to-read, seven-language LCD display.InteroperabilityField data integration is seamless across multiple communication platforms: GE’s Masoneilan ValVue*software, Device Description (DD) and Device Type Manager (DTM), any HART -compatible handheld andValVue* software plug-in and snap-on.User-friendly instrument health summary4 GE Oil & Gas

Key BenefitsCost-EffectiveThe 12400 Series instrument saves money, time and other valuable resources through its advancedfunctionality, reliability and scalability.Streamlined FunctionalityThis is the first level instrument to offer integrated level transmitter, controller and switch functions in asingle device eliminating the need for additional switches.Durability for Long-Term ServiceThe accurate, non-contact sensor provides reduced wear and reliable performance, and the ruggedconstruction protects from weather and harsh elements.Cost-Saving UpgradeabilityField upgradeable flash firmware for future updates.Advanced Process Control PerformanceWith a range of outstanding features in a durable, flexible package, the 12400 Series meets many of theindustry’s most demanding application requirements.ComplianceThe 12400 Series is SIL2-capable (Transmitter function only) and holds full hazardous areas certificationsincluding ATEX, IECEx, FM and FMc (Factory Mutual Canada).Severe Service CapabilityThe instrument withstands high temperature, high pressure and demanding NACE applications.FlexibilityThe instrument meets most installation requirements and accommodates most process structures throughtop, side or bottom connections and full horizontal plane rotation.AccuracySmart filtering reduces unwanted oscillations without changing response speeds, and the frictionless sensoroffers 0.1 percent measurement resolution.StabilityInside a chamber, surface turbulence and foam do not impede the displacer, and process fluid agitation doesnot affect measurement.Reliable DataContinuous recording and recent data is stored in non-volatile memory for dependable access in the event ofpower failure.Masoneilan 12400 Series Digital Level Transmitter/Controller 5

Seamless IntegrationControl SystemThird Party AssetManagementValVue SuiteOpen TechnologieseDDLDTMPlug-In ApplicationSnap-On ApplicationConventional I/OWirelessField Calibrators with HART GE’s DPI620 Series CalibratorHART Handheld CommunicatorGE’s Masoneilan Valscope-PRO*GE’s Masoneilan ValVue* standalone6 GE Oil & Gas

Open TechnologyThe 12400 Series digital level instruments can be integrated with a broad range of controllers,control systems and software available in the industry.FeatureIntegration BenefitLow compliance voltage (10 VDC)For legacy system, low impedance circuitry, and Masoneilan VECTOR* (loop-poweredwireless HART adaptor)Built-In Analog and Discrete signalsFor non-HART systems and to meet specific industry requirements where digitalcommunications is not approvedHART , wired or wireless compliantIntegration flexibility of device calibration and diagnostic, and level variableseDDL compliantInterface that Integrates with eDDL hosts, software, portable calibratorsDTM compliantIntegrates with FDT capable hostsAsset management compliantIntegrates with plant management softwareMasoneilan 12400 Series Digital Level Transmitter/Controller 7

SIL 2 Capability for Enhanced SafetyThe 12400 Series transmitter, SIL2-certified in accordance with IEC61508 per EXIDA, is suitable foruse in safety instrumented functions.Complete Safety Function: From Displacer Up to Analog Output SignalThe safety function of the 12400 Series transmitter is not limited to the instrument head but also includes allmeasurement components.The FMEDA analysis results include the entire transmitter from displacer through the torque tube, the sensor,and the electronics up to the 4-20 mA output signal. In contrast, other available devices limit their analysis tothe instrument head only.Including all measurement components in the safety function means a higher diagnostic coverage and a SafeFailure Fraction greater than 90 percent.Enhanced Diagnostic CoverageThe 12400 Series instrument has been enhanced with a new sensor bias sub-assembly to enable a betterdiagnostic coverage of internal and user faults. Following in the footsteps of many other innovations that havemade GE’s Masoneilan product line a technology leader, this new patented solution improves the diagnosticanalysis on all components between the sensor and the torque rod. In case of failure caused by a loose part orhuman error, the spring arm will force the sensor to go into the repeatable failsafe position.This is particularly useful in detecting the main faults that are often human errors during the coupling procedure.For instance, the wrong coupling or a loose coupling between the sensor mechanism and the torque rod can occurwhen the work is done by untrained people. These errors are now fully detected and diagnosed, and they willgenerate a HART fault message and could even activate one of the two optional switches.The spring arm forcesthe sensor to go infailsafe position.Normal operatingCoupling correctly done8 GE Oil & GasFailure diagnosticLoosen coupling

Electrical ImplementationMain 4-20 mALevel Variable(Transmitter) orController Output(Controller)AnalogOutputHART With HART DataSecond 4-20mALevel VariableLow Level AlarmHigh Level DigitalOutputEach discrete contact is configurablefor normal open or closed action andwith several possible triggers.Case neilan 12400 Series Digital Level Transmitter/Controller 9

General DataInstrumentUser Interface:Level Controller: Handheld CommunicatorPushbuttons operation with digital displayValVue softwareValVue AMS* snap-onValVue PRM* plug-inDTM though any FDT/DTM compatible hostP, I , D . advanced controlRemote setpoint and controller outputLow and high controller alarms (absolute and deviations)Process trend through ValVue software suiteLevel Switches: Two built-in solid state switches: 1 A - 30 VDC max Configurable: low and high level alarms, fault or resetoccurred, instrument in failsafe Level Transmitter/Controller: Level or interface level measurement Specific gravity measurement and display (only with thedisplacer fully immersed) Zero and span digital calibration:- independent zero and span adjustment- current loop range independent from zero/span calibration(can be changed at any time without zero/span re-calibration)- manual or automatic calculation for reduced span and zeroshift for interface service Self-tuning for smart filtering Selectable low and high level alarms Low or high failsafe output signal immediately activated incase of a failure detection Continuous self-diagnostic with bargraph Continuous data record: number of fillings, low level time,high level time, working time Configuration check: analysis of 12400 data base to avoidbad mounting, out of range use Storage and display of alarms that have appeared Output current generator for loop check10 GE Oil & GasSecond 4-20 mA Analog Ouput: Second level variable measurement, useful to connect a locallevel indicatorAction: Direct or reverse via softwareOutput Signal Filtering: First order filtering of output signal with adjustable timeconstant Smart filtering of contactless sensor output signal, toeliminate noise before digital signal processingSoftware and Hardware Locks: Software lock for pushbuttons Hardware jumper lock for full protection against parameterchange

General DataOperating LimitsAmbient Temperature Limits:Specific Gravity Range: Standard Operating range: -40 C to 80 C (-40 F to 176 F) Extended Operating range: -50 C to 85 C (-58 F to 185 F)- For devices installed in hazardous area, temperature limitsdepend on the marking.- LCD display may not be readable below -15 C ( 5 F)- Beyond standard operating range, performance may beaffectedby the temperature shift. Storage and transportation: -50 C to 93 C (-58 F to 200 F) Ambient temperature shift: 0.028% / C of full span(zero and span, over extended temperature range) 0.15 to 1.4 with a standard displacer Lower and higher specific gravities with special displacers(consult your local sales contact)Process Temperature Limits: -210 C to 450 C (-350 F to 850 F)For temperature higher than 150 C ( 302 F) or lower than-100 C (-150 F), an extension is required between the caseand the torque tube. Note: See diagram page 12 and approvalcertificates.Electric Characteristics FollowingNAMUR NE 43: Normal output signal: 3.8 to 20.5 mA Low failsafe output signal ( 3.6 mA) High failsafe output signal ( 21 mA)Supply Voltage: U min 10 VDC U max 30 VDC (intrinsic safety) U max 40 VDC for AO 130 VDC for AO 2 (flameproof envelope)Supply Voltage Influence: 0.1 μA/VInstrument Head AloneInstrument Headwith Torque Tube S/AAccuracy (full span) 0.1% 0.5%on request 0.25%Hysteresis Dead Zone (full span) 0.1% 0.3%Repeatability (full span) 0.1% 0.2%Performance SpecificationsPerformance at room temperature with standard displacer and specific gravity from 0.15 to 1.4 (or special displacer with equivalent sensor angle variation) within standard operating temperature range.Electromagnetic CompatibilityCompliance with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, including NF EN 61000-6-2, NF EN 61326-1, NF EN 61326-3-1, NF EN 61000-6-4 andNF EN 55022 standards.Over-voltage Protection (at 25 C / 77 F) 10 kW for 8/20 μs pulse wave form 1.5 kW for 10/1000 μs pulse wave formMasoneilan 12400 Series Digital Level Transmitter/Controller 11

Numbering SystemaSeries Identification 12abc - deMode4. SIL-certified(1), HART communication protocol, LCD display and push buttonsbAction1. Controller with adjustable switches and second 4-20 mA analog output signal: AO 1, AO 2, DO 1, DO 22. Transmitter: AO 13. Transmitter with adjustable switches and second 4-20 mA analog output signal: AO 1, AO 2, DO 1, DO 2cMounting0. Top and bottom1. Top and bottom2. Side and side3. Top vessel4. Side vesseldScrewed, BW or SWFlangedFlangedFlangedFlanged124123-Top and sideSide and bottomSide and bottomTop and sideSide and sideScrewed, BW or SWScrewed, BW or SWFlangedFlangedScrewed, BW or SWHazardous Protection1. FM & FMc (ex CSA), Intrinsically Safe, Explosion proof, and Nema 4X-6P2. JIS, Explosion proof3. CU TR (ex Gost-R), Intrinsically Safe, Explosion proof, and IP 66/674. Inmetro, Intrinsically Safe, Explosion proof5. ATEX & IECEx Intrinsically Safe, Explosion proof, and IP 66/676. Other approvals (based on ATEX/IEC approvals)7. Other approvals (not based on ATEX/IEC approvals)e01234567895. Material1. Aluminium with epoxy painting2. Stainless steel12(1) Only Transmitter function is SIL certified.Pressure Envelope Characteristics RatingANSI class 150 to 2500PN 10 to PN 420 Ranges356, 610, 813, 1219, 1524, 1829, 2134, 2438, 3048mm(14’’, 24’’, 32’’, 48’’, 60’’, 72’’, 84’’, 96’’, 120’’)Other ranges on requestTemperature LimitsUse an extension between case and torque tubefor temperatures included in colored area.Notes:1. Above 260 C (500 F), torque tube must be inInconel.2. 12402, 12406, 12407 and 12409 models only,for stainless steel version, can be usedbetween 400 C ( 750 F) and 450 C ( 850 F).3. For devices installed in hazardous location,temperature limits depend on the marking.See page 13 for complete information.12 GE Oil & Gas

Hazardous Location ProtectionATEX & IECEx Approvals(94/9/EC Directive)FM and FMc Approvals (FactoryMutual and Factory Mutual Canada)Explosion proofExplosion proof II 2 G/DEx d IIC T6, T5 or T4 GbEx tb IIIC T85 C, T100 C or T135 C Db IP66/IP67 Class I ; Division 1 & 2Groups B, C, DT6 or T5Intrinsic safetyDust-ignition proof II 1 G/DEx ia IIC T6, T5 or T4 GaEx ia IIIC T85 C, T100 C or T135 C DaIP 66/67 Class II & III ; Division 1 & 2Groups E, F, GT6 or T5Intrinsically safe Class I, II, III ; Division 1 & 2Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, GT6, T5 or T4Non-incendive Class I, II, III ; Division 2Groups A, B, C, D, F, GT6 or T5Other approvals: CU TR (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan)JIS (Japan)KOSHA (Korea)CCOE (India)Inmetro (Brazil)NEPSI (China)IA (South Africa)CRN (Canada)Enclosure Rating IP 66 / IP 67 NEMA 4X - 6PMasoneilan 12400 Series Digital Level Transmitter/Controller 13

MountingIn case of internal mounting, the instrument has nodisplacer chamber; the mechanism chamber flange isbolted directly on the vessel flange.In case of liquid turbulence, it is recommended thatthe displacer is isolated with a damping chamber toprevent oscillations.Model 12403Model 12400Model 12401Model 12404Model 12409Model 12402Model 12405Model 12408Model 12406Model 12407In case of external mounting, the instrument is connected to the vessel either with flanges or with screwed or welded connections. Theinstrument is constructed so that the mid-range level reference on the displacer chamber coincides with the normal level in the vessel.It is recommended that shut-off valves be inserted between the level connections and the vessel, with a drain valve on the lower partof the level.ModelConnections12400BW, SW or Screwed NPT - 1 1/2’’ and 2’’ - DN 40 and DN 5012401Flanged - 1 1/2’’ and 2’’ - DN 40 and DN 5012409BW, SW or Screwed NPT - 1 1/2’’ and 2’’ - DN 40 and DN 5012402Flanged - 1 1/2’’ and 2’’ - DN 40 and DN 5012405BW, SW or Screwed NPT - 1 1/2’’ and 2’’ - DN 40 and DN 5012408Flanged - 1 1/2’’ and 2’’ - DN 40 and DN 5012406BW, SW or Screwed NPT - 1 1/2’’ and 2’’ - DN 40 and DN 5012407Flanged - 1 1/2’’ and 2’’ - DN 40 and DN 5012403Flanged - 3’’ and 4’’ - DN 80 and DN 1012404Flanged - 4’’ - DN 10014 GE Oil & GasFlanges: Class flanges -- according to EN 1759-1 and ASMEB16-5 standards PN flanges -- according to NF EN 1092-1 or DINstandards Other standards and dimensions, please consult yourlocal GE sales contact

OrientationModels: 12402, 12405, 12406, 12407, 12408 & 12409Right hand instrument mountingLeft hand instrument mountingNote: Unless otherwise specified, the case will be position 1 left-mountedWeight odels: ANSI 600 and PN 1121351431321411321438888Level 29mm72’’1171281501591481571481598888Weight 1871761851761878888Models: ANSI 600 and PN 040Level 0’’66718185808480854040Masoneilan 12400 Series Digital Level Transmitter/Controller 15

Materials of 14Nuts15Torque tubeflanges103Mechanismchamber upperflange2Mechanismchamber12Torque rod5Displacerhanger9Torque tubehousing7Torquearm6Extensionrod8Torque tube11Torque tubeknife4Displacer1Displacerchamber16 GE Oil & Gas

Materials of ConstructionStandard ConstructionsDescriptionCarbon SteelStainless Steel12Displacer chamber (tube)ASTM A 106 Gr B (300/600 lbs) / 1.0425 EN 10216-2 (900/1500 lbs)ASTM A 312 Ty 316 / 1.4401 ENMechanism chamberASTM A 216 Gr WCC / 1.0625 EN 10213-2ASTM A 351 Gr CF8M / 1.4408 EN 102133Mechanism chamberupper flangeFlanged: ASTM A 216 Gr WCC / 1.0625 EN 10213-2Others: ASTM A 105 / 1.0481 EN 10273Flanged: ASTM A 351 Gr CF8M / 1.4408 EN 10213Others: 1.4401 EN 10272456789DisplacerASTM A 312 Ty 316LASTM A 312 Ty 316LDisplacer hangerASTM A 240 Ty 316LASTM A 240 Ty 316LExtension rodASTM A 479 Ty 316LASTM A 479 Ty 316LTorque armASTM A 479 Ty 316LASTM A 479 Ty 316LTorque tubeInconel 600Inconel 600Torque tube housingASTM A 106 Gr B / 1.0425 ENASTM A 312 Ty 316 / 1.4404 EN10Torque tube flanges (mechanismchamber and instrument sides)ASTM A 105 / 1.0481 EN 102731.4401 EN 1027211121314151617Torque tube knifeASTM A 479 Ty 316LASTM A 479 Ty 316LTorque rodInconel 600Inconel 600Gaskets (torque tube, flanges)AISI 316L GraphiteAISI 316L GraphiteStudsASTM A 193 Gr B7 / 1.7225 EN 10269 zinc bichromate platedASTM A 193 Gr B8 Cl. 2NutsASTM A 194 Gr 2H zinc bichromate platedASTM A 194 Gr 8Instrument caseAnodized cast aluminium, with epoxy paintingAnodized cast aluminium, with epoxy paintingInstrument coverAnodized cast aluminium, with epoxy paintingAnodized cast aluminium, with epoxy paintingNote: Many other materials are available as option: alloy steels, K-Monel, Hastelloy Please consult GE."NACE" Constructions (exposed and non exposed bolting)DescriptionCarbon SteelStainless Steel12Displacer chamber (tube)ASTM A 106 Gr B (300/600 lbs) / 1.0425 EN 10216-2 (900/1500 lbs)ASTM A 312 Ty 316 / 1.4401 ENMechanism chamberA