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IntroductionVirtual Reality (VR) is instrumental inreimagining the way users interact withcontent across various industries likeentertainment, engineering, architecture,real estate, marketing and many more.Founded in 2016, VRTechGroup unitesinnovative companies that build projects infast-growing virtual reality market fromindustrial to entertainment solutions.Today we present you VRTechIndustrial- our venture with track record of successfulimplementation of virtual reality solutions forindustrial application.

73% of millennials express their interest inVR, making its workplace application thenext natural step.** Greenlight VR by Touchstone Research 2015

Key Challenges in Industrial TrainingIndustrial EnvironmentPersonnel TrainingCollective TrainingReplace the ageingworkforce with millennialworkers accustomed toextensive and sophisticatedgaming platforms.Decrease the training time,improve staff adaptation andqualification in communicationsand control of businessprocesses.Provide interactive toolsfor training and educationin order to improvecollective problem-solving.

Problem No. 1. Human Errors CostsWorldwide incident statistics for largeproperty damage show that humanfactor is the second largest causeof accidents in process industry*.Mechanical FailureOperational ErrorUknown CausesProcess UpsetsNatural HazardDesign ErrorArson/Sabotage43012107103826In order to decrease the human error rate,employers across industries look for moreadvanced and efficient personneltraining methods.203040* Source: Large Property Damage Losses in the Hydrocarbon-Chemical Industries:A Thirty-Year Review (New York: J & H Marsh & McLennan Inc., 1998).

Problem No. 2. Poor Customer Service78% of consumers abandon a45% percent of people share negativetransaction because of poor servicecustomer experiences on social media, with(American Express)35% of people likely to post negative online78% of consumers claim that positivereviews after a poor experience.(Dimensional Research)experience means interacting withcompetent customer service reps.(The Cost of Poor Customer Service” by GenesysGlobal Survey, 2009)Companies invest in technologies in order tocreate unique data-driven consumerexperience. Yet, personnelCustomer service agents fail to answerconsumer questions 50% of the time.(Harris Interactive)training isstill one of key factors in successfulsales.

VR Simulators: Key AdvantagesVR Saves MoneyVR Saves TimeLower the human error rate andmitigates accident risks alongwith corresponding costsFamiliarise the staff withadvanced products fasterand in a safe environmentDecrease assets and machinerymaintenance costs thanks tobetter employee trainingImprove learning rates thanksto high interactivity andimmediate evaluationSave on logistics duringcomprehensive trainingsMake sure your staff is readyand reacts properly in anyemergency situation

VR Market / VR Training39 %41 %of large companies useVR/AR to enhance abilityfor employees to train insimulated environmentsof large companies useVR/AR reality to l and manufacturing companieshave begun to leverage virtual reality toimprove several areas of internal operations,including employee training.Source: Centric Digital Digital Trends Spotlight / eMarketer, 2016

VRTech Industrial Solution SuiteCommunicationVR SimulatorsOperation VRSimulatorsDesign VRSimulatorsCommunication simulatorshelp improve interpersonaland customercommunications withimmersive techniques andon-the-go analysis.Operation simulators helptrain complex machineryoperators. They save timeand money and mitigatehuman factor in real-lifeoperational risks.Design VR helps engineers,designers and maintenancetechnicians to learn howcomplex machinery works,what it consists of and howto maintain its properoperation.

Product/ Communication VR SimulatorsCommunication simulators are designed to improvepersonal and business efficiency by training therelated communications skills of the employees.Proper communication training helps preventaccidents and improve customer service for suchspheres as retail, public transportation, power, oiland gas, production and many more.Personnel training and evaluation is carried out inVR environment, which allows modelling anysituation: from mundane tasks to emergencies,without risking the trainees’ well-being and keepingthe environment safe.Actual simulation footageTicket Inspector VR simulator helpsimprove communication skills foronboard inspectors. It automaticallyevaluates their qualification, analysingthe trainee’s activities on the go,providing useful advice.

Product/ Operation VR SimulatorsTrain Driver VR simulator is a highlydetailed model of a train with theoriginal control systems andphysical model used for training andevaluation of drivers, engineers andmechanicians.Operational VR simulators are designed for trainingand evaluating the employees responsible formachinery operation. They significantly improve thequalification of workers, thus saving resources andhuman lives.VR environment allows creating complete copies ofreal-life objects, granting them the same operationalprinciples.The system supports live supervision and control bytraining inspector, user hints and statistics for theusers and the ability to simulate any situation inorder to work out the response algorithms.Actual simulation footage

VR EngineProduct/ VR DesignIndustrial VR simulators demonstrate the technologicalcapabilities of various equipment along with itsoperational conditions and particularities.Blow-up schematics help disassemble any device fromwristwatch to a power plant, down to the smallest bolt andnut, and study each and every component of complexengineering systems without the need for actual physicalmodel of the equipment.Virtual reality improves the quality and dramaticallyspeeds up the personnel training process without loss ofquality thanks to team action training, problem solvingand exercises on memory development.Actual simulation footage

Business Model based on Integrated offeringEasily scalable VRsystems from HTC,OptiTrack, Nvidia, OculusIn-house developed serverside / adaptation for client’stech ducerVR scenes composed usingUnity & Unreal graphicenginesBusinessanalystIn-house team withexpertise in IT integration /External network ofspecialists

GtM Model Developmentpayments / license feesDirect integrationpayments / service feesAudienceDirectindustrialclientsTailored VR SimulationSolutionsRtBCost savings/ earlyadoption / bestpracticeVRTechIndustrialWhite Label VRSimulation SolutionsRtBUpsale / Portfoliodiversification / bestpracticeAudienceIntegrators

Key Industrial Application AreasComplex machineryoperationSafetyMeasuresAdvancedpersonnel trainingEmployeecertificationVR is instrumental* in improving multimediaemployee training. It is way more advanced incomparison with scale models or screenapplications thanks to immersion effect.* Immersive Virtual Reality Plant / Shneider Electric, 2016

Key Team MembersYuri KrylovGia DjahaiaAlex MorozovCEOR&D DirectorCMOProject management &operationsProduct Development &integrationsMarketing Strategy &business developmentEx- ClaustrophobiaPerformance, WorkStation,CoWorking 14Ex- Digital October, NPTV,AltSpace, FOTTEx- Rybakov Foundation,Sberbank, Access Industries,Vodafone Automotive

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