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The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsTABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION. 5Section I - What Is An Affiliate? . 7Basics of Affiliate Marketing . 7Affiliate Marketing 101 – The Basics . 10Research Is Key . Ошибка! Закладка не определена Bestsellers . 11Ebay Pulse tool . 11Section II – Newbie to Profitable Affiliate . 13Build Up To About 10 Products To Promote. 13ClickBank Marketplace. 14CB Trends . 14CB Engine . 15Getting Traffic To Your Site . 18Video Promotion . 18Things to remember: . 20Pay-Per-Click Advertising. 20Adwords & Contextual Advertising. 21Ad Variations . 22URL Display and URL Actual . 23Yahoo and MSN’s Adwords Equivalent Contextual Advertising . 24Facebook and Myspace Advertising . 25Squidoo and Hubpages. 25Web 2.0 Social Networking . 26The Advantages of Having Your Own Website . 26Building Quality Incoming Links To Your Site . 30Section III: Step-by-Step Checklist To Affiliate Success. 31Get organized . 31Page 3

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsSign up for Pay Per Click programs . 31Sign up for ClickBank . 32Video Training. 32Article Marketing . 32Top 25 Article Directories. 33Build Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages. 34Autoresponders . 34Sign Up For Web 2.0 Social Networking Sites . 35Set Up A Blog on a Free Site . 37Consider Setting Up Your Own Website . 38Getting Traffic To Your Site . 39Page 4

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsINTRODUCTIONWhen it comes to going into business online, one of the easiest andmost lucrative methods is through Affiliate Marketing. This is becausebecoming an affiliate marketer requires no experience, no website,and simple promotional techniques that will convert prospective buyersinto customers.For the relative newcomer, affiliate marketing offers a planned methodand blueprint to begin making sales online. There are a multitude ofdifferent opportunities, niches, and markets to choose from. A personcan become an affiliate for just about anything from digital products toflowers and everything in between.In this ebook, we will cover the basics of affiliate marketing to giveyou an idea of where to start, how to get started, and what websitesare good to work with.We will then move into how to become a profitable affiliate in 60 daysor less, becoming an affiliate insider, and some advanced techniquesthat if applied properly, will take your earnings to the next level.By the time you finish reading this ebook, you will be able toimplement a concrete plan that will get you into earning money quicklyand easily. These techniques have worked for a long time, and theywork consistently to earn money from affiliate marketing if followed.If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing, this ebook will giveyou new techniques to add to your marketing arsenal so that you canPage 5

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super Profitsincrease your affiliate earnings and expand on the methods that youuse in order to be successful.So, without further ado, let’s get started on ourjourney to affiliate profitability!Page 6

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsSection I - What Is An Affiliate?Basics of Affiliate MarketingThe concept of affiliate marketing is a variation on the outside salesposition except that it all happens in cyber-space, and there is nodoor-to-door component. Think of yourself as the salesman, one ofmany, for a specific product or service and you’ve mastered the basicsof what is an affiliate.People have all kinds of products and servicesthat they want to sell online.Part of the process to become successful is to have a large amount oftraffic that is interested in what you have to offer. The way you canaccomplish this is by having a salesman or affiliate promote yourproducts. When a sale is made, you share the earnings with youraffiliate/salesman through commissions.Successful affiliates make a good living by promoting products andservices of other vendors in order to make that commission.For the purposes of this e-book, I will focus on one of the easiestaffiliate networks to get started – ClickBank. Once you learn how anaffiliate network like ClickBank works, you will be able to expand thatto other networks that have a myriad of different products andservices that are commissionable.ClickBank is one of the largest, oldest affiliate networks out thereonline. ClickBank sells only digital products, is extremely easy to learnPage 7

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super Profitshow to use, and has a ton of vendors just waiting to snap up a goodaffiliate.There is no waiting time to become a part of the ClickBank affiliatefamily, and the commissions are much higher than other networkswith some commissions going as high as 75%.ClickBank is an affiliate network in that it is a whole bunch of vendorsand affiliates all working under the umbrella organization calledClickBank. Through ClickBank, products and services are bought andsold, accounting goes on within the network, and commissions arecalculated per product sold. Before we go any further, let’s look atwhat you can potentially earn from one product.For example: You promote and sell a ClickBank product calledMaverick Money Makers: Get Paid For Life!. It sounds like a prettyexciting product, right? Well, it has the highest payout of any Top 10ClickBank Product and is the top converting product offer online. Itpays out at a 50% commission level.When you look at its pitch page, it is endorsed by some pretty heavyweight people including CNBC, As Seen On TV, Small BusinessOpportunities, Fox News, CBS News, and Readers Digest.As an affiliate, you will earn 50% of the 97 dollar price tag, and it’srepaid on a monthly basis. So, that means that for every person whosigns up through your affiliate link (which we will get in a minute), youwill be paid 44 each month as long as that person stays signed up.What do you think if you simply stuck with this affiliate program andreached their magical 100 referral mark. That’s 4400 per month forpromoting only one product.Page 8

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsAre you beginning to see how lucrative affiliatemarketing can be?Think about how much you could make if you found 10 affiliateprograms like this one? This is not only possible, but not that hard toaccomplish if you know how.Look at ClickBank and find 10 things that you think you mightwant to sell.Make a list, because as you learn more, you may want to revise it, oryou may find that your choices are right on.Page 9

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsAffiliate Marketing 101 – The BasicsSince you are reading this e-book, I will assume that you areinterested in earning money online as an affiliate.It takes some basic things to be successful at affiliate marketing:Staying focused.Picking a niche product to start with and then STARTING.Reading this e-book and then taking action.Making a schedule and then sticking to it.Research is key.ClickBank has been in business since 1998, and has built their networkto one of the largest retailer of digital products. With over 10,000digital products, it is one of the premier affiliate networks. It is easy touse, easy to join, and there are products in a ton of different areasfrom pets to electronics. In order to earn commissions, all you need todo is take your affiliate ID and you get a link which you can use tosend customers to. When they click on your link, it will record yourcommissions when they buy the product.www.ClickBank.comPick a niche product and start to research if it’s a viable topic orsubject.Page 10

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsFinding a profitable niche should be your firsttype of research.You want to have a product that is HOT! If you find a product that isn’tvery hot, don’t expect to make any kind of money with it.The reason I picked the Maverick Money Makers is because it is a hotitem. People are interested in the niche, and it’s marketed well,presented in a professional manner, and has tools for its affiliates touse to make money.To find out what people are looking to buy, check out thefollowing sites:Amazon Best Sellers – BestsellersAmazon gives you a quick and easy way to find out what’s hot andwhat’s not on their site. It is a clear indicator of what the buyingmarket is looking for, making it very easy for your to put yourself inthe path of oncoming web traffic and make sales.With the Bestsellers section, you will know for sure that certainproducts are selling. They even give you a Top10 list for each categoryso that you can use that to make articles, reviews, and blog posts.Ebay Pulse tool: http://pulse.eBay.comPage 11

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsThis is a great place to find out what the hot products are because if aperson is typing it into eBay, they are typing it into Google andAmazon. EBay Pulse gives you a real-time look at what people arelooking to buy.You can log into eBay and do a search on the completed items. It willtell you what people are selling, how many have sold, and the averageprice. Look for items with bids; this is a great way to get an idea ofwhat people are looking for.Page 12

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsSection II – Newbie to Profitable AffiliateBuild Up To About 10 Products To PromoteAs an affiliate, you will want to build up to about 10 products so thatyou can mix up the top performing products and add the latestreleases. While you should like what you’re selling, don’t be wed to it.What may be a hot seller may cool off and if you follow trends, youneed to be able to move on. You don’t want to add all these productsat once; build slowly as you get more experienced.Because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with products, pickyour products carefully. Choose popular products because you want tohave top performing products.Here are some things to remember when you are selecting products.When you search for new products to promote from ClickBank, thereare certain things that you are looking for.First and easiest is the selection of the category that you want to workwith. For instance, each affiliate product has some information that willhelp you make a good decision.The three sites you will want to use to ascertain if a product is a goodseller and a possible product you will want to promote include: ClickBank Marketplace – CB Trends – CB Engine – www.cbengine.comPage 13

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsClickBank Marketplace1. Sale Price: (Initial /Sale) This is the amount that affiliates areearning for referring customers. The amount earned is kept byClickBank accounting and pays out every two weeks to theaffiliate.2. Percentage of Sale: (Avg %/Sale) This is the average percentagecommissions earned per affiliate per sale.3. Gravity of Product: (Grav) The gravity number is importantbecause it shows the popularity of the product over time. Everytime the product is sold or a new affiliate joins and uses the link,the gravity of the program will change.CB TrendsThe popularity, price, and commission paid of the product is veryimportant.When it comes to popularity or gravity, unless you are already a SuperAffiliate, avoid the products with very high gravity (125 ), because itmeans that the market will be highly competitive and the chances ofyou making sales will be decreased accordingly. (This applies only toClickBank and not the other commission driven organizations.)In order to find out if a product is good to add to your affiliate arsenal,you will want to check it out at CB Trends ( whichis a free service that shows a visual representation of what is on theClickBank marketplace site making it easier to understand. There aresome useful tracking tools that give you an easy way to see what ishappening with the products you choose including:Page 14

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super Profits Popularity of the product Earning per sale Percent per sale Gravity Referrals CommissionIf you take the visual representation, combine it with what you see onClickBank’s Marketplace, you will have a good idea of whether theproduct you’re thinking about promoting is a good one.Out of the 10 products that you pick to promote over time, you willwant at least 6 of them to be popular. You want to mix it up so that atleast half of what you’re promoting is more competitive. The rest ofthe products should be up and comers, those products that are newerand building in the Marketplace.CB EngineCB engine shows you the new products and is an excellent tool to useif you want to focus on the new product releases. If you are going towork with ClickBank, which is a good first step into the affiliate arena,CB Engine should be one of the sites you bookmark and use.It has a Brand New Products list and re-listed products with a ton ofinformation to help you make an informed choice about the productsyou want to promote. Each product, new and re-listed, have graphsand visual representations about the health and viability of theproduct.Page 15

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsThere are a couple of ways to go about finding out more about theproduct or service you are about to promote. First, you can buy theproduct.Whether it’s digital or tangible, buying and experiencing the productwill usually make you a better promoter. However, with 10 products,that can become a bit pricey, so you may want to buy a coupleproducts that you can afford, and look over the sales pages only of theremainder.When looking over the sales or pitch page, you will want to think interms of being a prospective buyer. Ask yourself some basicquestions: Does the page, headline, and opening paragraph grab yourattention? Is the page easy to read in terms of colors, graphics, and layoutof the site? Is the message being presented clear and concise and easy-tounderstand? Are there highlights of important facts, headlines to break upcontent, and pictures that are relevant to the topic matter? Does the page lead you to the logical conclusion where you wantto buy the product?All of these things are important and will make or break you whenpeople come through your referral link. Having a page where you wantto buy the product will generally translate to high sales conversions.Page 16

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsIn that way, the traffic you drive to the product site stands a higherchance of buying in the end. If the page left you with a ho-hum,whatever feeling, it is probably quite possible that visitors arriving atthe site will have the same reaction.As you go about promoting your affiliate products, make sure that youkeep track of the products that are converting well, and the ones thatare not. When you have a hot product that goes warm and then cold,you need to be ready to get rid of it.Earlier I told you not to get attached to a product or service. This iswhy. You have to know when to get rid of it.Look at the choices you first made on ClickBankand ask yourself the questions from above.Are there any products that you mightwant to get rid of now?Page 17

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsGetting Traffic To Your SiteVideo PromotionWhile most people will tell you to use pay-per-click advertising, articlemarketing, and building a website, here’s a shortcut method to getyour started and quickly. Videos can get you into search engines fast.Use one of these tools to get started: Camtasia Studio has a 30 day free trial. CamStudio is free and located at Jing works on a Mac or PC. Web Cam. Sony Movie Studio. Movie Studio 9.Now that you have a selection of products, a website, or direct links toa vendor’s website, it’s time to promote. First, you will want to get intothe video arena.I know you probably weren’t expecting that, but people are videojunkies, and if you want to get people engaged, you will need to gowhere the traffic goes.Creating videos is one sure-fire way to get traffic to your site. Creatinga video is not as hard as you think. It’s actually easy and fun.Page 18

The Affiliate’s Guide To Super ProfitsWorking with Camtasia can be a little daunting,but it will pay for itself in spades if you takethe time to learn how to use it.If you need to go free, Jing is the second easiest way to record fromscreen to video. If you’re good with PowerPoint, you can create a slideshow, narrate it about your site, and simply read from a script. Theseare the easiest types of video to create, and when used correctly, theyare traffic bringers.Set your monitor resolution to 800x600 for recording. Record yourvideos at 800 x 600, then resized to 480 x 360 with SmartFocus. Youwant them to be quick and about the product you are promoting.The bottom third of the video is very important. You want to tell yourvisitors your domain name or the domain of the affiliate site. If youdon’t have a site of your own, go to SnipUrl where you can p