VRV, integrated climate controlfor medium to large commercial spaces

Total SolutionConceptThe Daikin VRV Total Solution provides a single point of contact for the designand maintenance of your integrated climate control system.Our modular units enable you to select the right mix of equipment andtechnology to ensure that you achieve the optimal balance of temperature,humidity and air freshness for the perfect comfort zone with maximum energyefficiency, minimum operating costs and reduced CO2 emissions.Did you know that you can use our VRV solution to manageup to 50% of an office building’s energyconsumption, giving you a huge potential of cost andOtherWater heatingOfficeequipmentSpace heatingenergy savings, while limiting the environmental impact.Total energy consumption for an office buildingSpace coolingLightingVentilationSource: EIA; 1995, Commercial buildings Energy consumption survey02

VRV Outdoor UnitsIntegrated heat pump solution›› Solutions for every climatefrom -25 C to 52 C›› Flexible to fit any building22Heating and coolingWide range of indoor units that fit roomsof any size and shape››››››››Perfect comfortWhisper-quiet operationStylish designConcealed installation possibleAir separationthrough air curtainsA highly efficient solution to doorwayclimate separation››››››Most efficient open-door solutionAir curtain heating for freeYear-round comfort,even on the most demanding days›› Can be customized to your specific needsto achieve the highest seasonal efficiencySave up to 15% compared to›› The new standard in heating comfortHot wateran electric air curtainUse renewable energy to produce hot waterVentilationtraditional systems››››››››Free heating of water possiblePossibility to combine with solar panelsHot water for showers, sinks,tap water for cleaning, under floorheating or radiatorsHot water up to 80 CSave up to 17% comparedto a gas boilerUser friendlycontrol systemsSave up to 72% compared toCreate a high-quality indoor environment››››››››Heat is reclaimed between outand indoor airFree coolingOptimum control of humidityAir filtration ensures a steadysupply of clean airSave up to 40% thanksto lower cooling and heatingrequirementsFull control for maximum efficiency››››››››››››From individual control to the management of multiple buildingsUser friendly touch screen controlRemote control & monitoring via internetZone controlEnergy management toolsEasy F-gas compliance via remote refrigerant containment check03

Why choose appliedVRV solutions?Low operating costsAccording to the Franklin Andrews, one of the world’s leadingconstruction economists, running costs for VRV heat recoverysystems compare highly favourably with a 2 or 4 pipe fan coilsystem. Running costs per m2 Gross Floor Area of a fan coil systemcan be 40 to 72% higher compared to a VRV heat recovery system.Greater space efficiencyA VRV system is more space efficient than a chiller too, because itrequires much less plant space. For example, Franklin Andrewsestimates that a 2 or 4 pipe fan coil system could take up around7% of the overall lettable floor area of the building, while acomparable VRV building would take up between 3-5%. Thismeans that Daikin VRV allows developers to maximise the rentalspace, by requiring 29% less plant space than a chiller system.And in a highly competitive market place, offering the mostflexible and efficient use of office space can be a real deal breaker.Meeting tomorrow’s legislation todaySome designers are also be concerned about utilising ahigh volume of refrigerant in a building, instead of a chilledwater system. However, Daikin VRV systems are designed andinstalled in accordance with all the latest F-gas regulations tominimise any risk of leaks. VRV also meets the requirementsof the Energyrelated Performance Directive and has beendesigned for seasonal efficiency with future legislativerequirements in mind.

Designed to meet currentand future requirementsSmart energy managementVRV also provides greater flexibility to meet current and futuresystem allows. Therefore Daikin offers Intelligent Touch Manager,client requirements, because the system can be designed,an easy-to-use, intelligent control system with smart energybuilt and commissioned floor by floor. With 20 different indoorunit types and a range of 14 different capacities available, VRVcan be introduced zone by zone and tailored to the needs ofeach building tenant throughout a phased refurbishmentprogramme.Precise zone controlto suit building occupancyEach floor – even each room – can be individually controlledto maximise energy efficiency and prevent energy waste. Thisversatility makes VRV ideal for buildings with multiple tenants,which may have vacant areas and variable periods of high andlow usage.Modular approach gives greaterflexibilityVRV’s modular approach provides greater flexibility to balanceheat loads in different parts of the building. In contrast, a chillerruns an entire system, which requires an expensive backupunit. So if it fails, the total system fails. VRV also offers extendedpiping lengths so the system can be designed flexibly to suitbuildings of many different sizes and shapes.A heat pump system will only work as intelligently as its controlmanagement tools to detect areas or units of energy waste andreducing running costs, so that the system performance can bemaintained as per the original design conditions.Reliability you can depend onOf course, ensuring lower running costs depends on systemreliability and efficiency over its entire lifetime. So it’s reassuringto know that Daikin has an unparalleled reputation for quality,reliability and after sales service.

The VRV Total SolutionLow operatingcosts3/4Renewableambient airfor building ownersVRV invertersystemHeating &CoolingOur heat pump technology is highly energy efficient asituses renewable energyfrom the outdoorair to drive the heating process, without the need for asecondary heating system. This leads to a direct saving inCO 2 emissions and running costs.Maximise seasonal efficiencyBut the Daikin VRV utilises other revolutionary technologies tomaximise seasonal efficiency and minimize runnings costs.The variable refrigerant temperature for example, a uniqueDaikin feature, automatically adapts the VRV IV system toindividual building requirements and the local climateleading to cost savings of 28% compared to similarsystems. This without compromising comfort and flexibility.061/4ElectricalenergyNon invertersystems

Intelligent indoor unitsUnits as the round flow cassette offer up to 50% savingscompared to standard cassettes thanks to daily automaticfilter cleaning. Intelligent sensors save up to 27% of energy, byadjusting the setpoint or switching off the unit when nobodyis in the room.Did you know that aheat recovery systemextracts heat fromcooled areas and than reuses it to warm other areasPersonal comfort for tenantsor create hot water, thus enabling it to heat and coolWhen viewed from the perspective of the occupants of adifferent parts of the building at the same time.building, it is the comfort level provided by the climate controlsystem that is the most important and so:COPDesired room temperatureIdeal situation whenheating and cooling108››the temperature has to be right››there has to be enough fresh air entering the area››the humidity level needs to be correct››the sound level has to be minimized765432Our integrated system addresses all of these requirements1020Only cooling406050% heating50% cooling80100Only heatingand provides individual control where possible.Special attention has been paid to minimising the soundlevels of the system. The sound levels of our indoor unitsCoefficient of performance of a Daikin VRV heat recovery systemcan be aslow as 19 dBA, while the sound emittedby our outdoor units can be lowered during noise-sensitivetimes such as night.Futhermore VRV is thecomfort.benchmark in heatingThe VRV IV continues to provide heating,even when in defrost mode, it provides the answer toany perceived disadvatages of using a heat pump formonovalent heating.07

Flexible solutions forconsultants and design officesOur modular system allows for a high level offlexibilityand we have the equipment to meet all climate controlsituations: from heating when the outside temperatures areas low as -25ºC to ultimate cooling when it is 50ºC.Our outside equipment is flexible to fit any building,no matter the design. It can be either placed on the roof tomaximise interior space utilisation or inside, leading to lesspiping length, lower installation cost, increased efficienciesand better visual aesthetics.Our extremely wide range of indoor units offer numeroussolutions for any space , no matter the shape or design. Itallows us to select the best possible solution no matter whatthe size of room or its shape. Our specially designed indoorunits, ventilation units and the Biddle air curtains can bevisible and form part of the décor or they can be invisible,depending on the needs of the users. Ourpiping designflexibleis almost unlimited with 1,000m ofpiping length. What’s more, the small refrigerant piping takesup less space in shafts and ceiling voids, maximising lettablespace. Whatever you need, our solutions are flexible enoughto provide08an optimal result.

Find out what solutionsVRV can offer for›› retail applications›› office applications›› hotel applications›› residential applications09

Reducingretail costsIn the current commercial environment, retailers are under pressure to reduceboth store development and running costs. Legislation adds further financialpressure with different energy efficient schemes. Therefore affordable,energy efficient solutions are vital to minimise lifetime costs, while ensuringcompliance with the latest regulations.VRV solutions offer›› Energy saving inverter heat pumptechnology delivering COP’s up to 4.5›› Individual control of each indoor unit›› A customisable solution using‘variable refrigerant temperature’to achieve the highest seasonalefficiency›› The new standard in heatingcomfort, with continuous heatingduring defrost›› Flexible installation. The outdoor unitcan be installed outdoors to maximisecommercial space or can be installedindoors so there is no visual impactand low noise.22Did you know that VRV IV is optimised for seasonal efficiency?Revolutionary variable refrigerant temperature controlautomatically adapts your VRV to your individual buildingrequirements and local climate, reducing running costs by 28%!The system can be easilycustomised to optimiseTo view the full VRV product range,refer to or yourlocal sales representative10the system towards yourrequired balance betweencomfort and efficiency.

Round flow cassette with auto cleaning panel50% energy saving compared to standard cassettes›› The auto cleaning function ensures daily filter cleaning,leading to 50% energy saving›› Lower maintenance cost(filter cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner)›› Intelligent sensors switch off the unit when there is nobodyin the room, saving up to 27%›› Perfect comfort: 360 air discharge and presence detectiondirecting the airflow away from persons22User-friendly controlCreate a comfortable environment for customers››Easy to use menu making it easier than everto control your system››Energy saving functions, reducing your running costs››Contemporary design››Weekly schedules increase comfort and efficiency››Supports multiple languages››Lock-key function to avoid improper useBiddle air curtainHighly efficient solutions to combat the issue of climateseparation across your doorway››Most efficient open-door solution giving substantialenergy savings of up to 72% and a payback period ofonly 1.5 years compared to electric air curtains››Year-round comfort ensured by rectifier technology andoptimised air flow velocity11

Efficiency in theworkplaceEfficient building and facilities management are key to minimising operational costsVRV solutions offer›› Significantly reduced costsfor hot water and heating by re-usingheat recovered from areas requiringcooling›› Perfect comfort by simultaneouslyheating spaces while cooling others2222›› Flexible installation. The outdoor unitcan be installed outdoor to maximisecommercial space or indoor tominimise the visual impact and noise.Did you know that You can also connect a VRV system to a geothermal waterTo view the full VRV product range,refer to or yourlocal sales representative012ring. As the temperature at 10m under the ground is almostconstant all year round this ensures high efficiencies even inextreme weather conditions.

Centralised control Complete Daikin package for office building management››Intuitive user interface››Smart energy management››Flexible in size and integration via WAGO››Online access and control of multiple buildings››Easy management of electrical consumption of multipletenants22Fresh airA healthier office atmosphere››Minimise energy waste by recovering heatof exhausted air››Combining ventilationand air conditioning in one systemFully flat cassette››Ideal for medium to large buildingsDesign & Genius in one››Air filtration ensures a steady supply of clean air››Unique design in the market:fits flush in architectural ceiling tilesand fully flat with the ceiling››Iconic design & engineering excellence››Intelligent sensors for maximum comfortand efficiency Silent asrustlingHot waterCutting the cost of hot water››Use heat pump technology to produce hot water››Free production of hot water possible by transferringheat from areas requiring cooling.leAves››Possibility to connect solar panels››Possible applications: sinks,under floor heating, showers and radiators013

Hospitality with economyA hotel’s reputation depends on how welcome and comfortable guests feel during their stay. Yet at the same time, hotelowners must maintain complete control of their operation costs and energy consumption.VRV solutions offer›› Low cost heating and hot waterby recovering heat from areasrequiring cooling›› The perfect personal environmentfor guests by simultaneously heatingspaces while cooling others›› Flexible installation. The outdoor unitcan be installed outdoors to maximisehospitality space or indoors to minimiseexternal space or noise in city centres.22Did you know that if your system has just 10% less refrigerant then the optimalamount, the power consumption to maintain capacity canrise by 30%. Therefore we have developed our automaticrefrigerant charging function & automatic refrigerantTo view the full VRV product range,refer to or yourlocal sales representative14containment check to ensure the optimal capacity andefficiency through the life time of the system and to complywith F-gas regulations.

Centralised controlSmart energy management››Full control and management of VRV systemswith up to 2,560 indoor units››Simple intuitive navigation and extensive graphical reporting››Power consumption allocation per indoor unit››Full control of all the air conditioning system’s functionsand the basic building functions such as fire alarm optimize energy efficiency, comfort and safety››Monitoring and control of multiple buildings via the webIntelligent hotel room controllerPuts the hotel owner in full control of the energy use››Connects to all types of controllers, including easyto use touchscreens››Change setpoint automatically when guest leavesthe room or opens the window, saving energy››Meets all the guests’ needs because every room isindividually controlled››Easy integration in hotel booking software22Concealed unit››Especially developed for small, well-insulated roomsHot waterHeating water with renewable energy››such as hotel bedrooms››Perfect comfort: very low sound level ensuringproduce hot water››a good night’s rest››Blends unobtrusively with any interior décor››Maximises usable space: very compact dimensionsto reduce the ceiling void to a minimumUse renewable energy through heat pump technology toFree production of hot water possible by transferring heatfrom areas requiring cooling.››Possible applications:bathrooms, under floor heating and radiators››Hot water up to 80 C15

Residential solutionsThere is no place like HOME.Mini VRV solutions offer›› Cost effective, low energyconsumption heating system›› Lower CO2 emissions comparedto traditional heating systems›› Up to 9 stylish indoor units that canbe connected to one outdoor unit›› Compact design›› Low outdoor unit sound2222Did you know that when you opt for a Daikin air conditioner, you are alsoTo view the full VRV product range,refer to or yourlocal sales representative16thinking of the environment?When we produce your air conditioner, we do our utmost torecycle, reduce waste and use renewable energy.

22Stylish indoor units ››Remarkable blend of iconic design and functionality››Combines the feel of a radiator with the comfortand energy efficiency of a heat pumpunique:the feel of a››Air purification filterradiator ››Perfect comfort: Whisper-quiet at around 19 dBA››Cools your house in summer17

PortfolioProduct name x x x xx RTSYQ-PAHeat pumpoptimised for heating x xx RXYCQ-Afor standard cooling &heating requirements x xxxx REYQ-P8/P9Small footprintcombination x xx REYHQ-PHigh COP combination x xx for connection withheating only hydrobox x x RWEYQ-P x xx RWEYQ-PR x xx AHU connection kit (such as EKEXV)Biddle Air curtain for VRV (CYV)Low temperature hydrobox for VRVHigh temperature hydrobox for VRVIndividual control (such as BRC)Centralised control (such as DCS3*/DST)Network solutions(such as DCS6*/DAM/DMS)(1) (1) (1)Capacity (HP)4 5 8 10 12 13 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54HEAT PUMPRQYQ-PVRVIII-Q - H/PMulti combinationRQCEQ-PVRVIII-Q - H/R1Not a standard combination (free combination)280360460 500 540 636 712 744 816 848Fresh air indoor units(such as FXMQ-MF)Product name140HEAT RECOVERY -Control systemsHeat Reclaim ventilation (such as VAM)RXYQ-THeat pump withoutcontinuous heatingAirHydroboxcurtain connectionResidential type indoor units(such as Daikin Emura)H/R - H/PH/R - H/PGEOSTANDARDTHERMALSERIESSERIES(1) (1) (1)VentilationREYAQ-PTypeREPLACEMENT VRVAIRCOOLED18Capacity (HP)Indoor units4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54RYYQ-THeat pump withcontinuous heatingCapacity classSingle unitx : component is not connectable : component is connectable RXYSQ-P8V1 (Single phase)RXYSQ-P8Y1 (Three phase)HEAT RECOVERYAIR COOLEDWATERCOOLEDSystemVRV outdoor unitsVRV type indoor units (such as FXSQ)TypeHEAT pumpSystemNot all components are connectable at the same time to one outdoor unit.Refer to the engineering databook for more information.

VRV indoor unitsStylish indoor units2-way blowceiling mounted cassetteFXCQ-ACeiling mountedcorner cassetteFXKQ-MASmall concealed ceilingunitFXDQ-M9Slim concealed ceilingunitFXDQ-AFXMQ-P7Large concealedceiling unitFXMQ-MA4Wall mounted unitFXAQ-PCeiling suspended unitFXHQ-A4-way blow ceilingsuspended unitFXUQ-MAConcealedfloor standing unitCooling capacity (kW)1Heating capacity (kW)2324050637180 100 125 140 200 250FXLQ-PFXNQ-P1.7 2.2 2.8 3.6 4.5 5.6 7.1 8.0 9.0 11.2 14.0 16.0 22.4 28.01.9 2.5 3.2 4.0 5.0 6.3 8.0 9.0 10.0 12.5 16.0 18.0 25.0 31.5Connectableoutdoor unitRXYSQ-P8V1RXYSQ-P8Y1TypeModelProductnameRound flow cassetteAuto cleaning function3Presence & floor sensor 3FCQG-F Fully flat cassettePresence & floor sensor 3FFQ-C Small concealed ceilingunitFDBQ-B Slim concealed ceilingunitFDXS-F Concealed ceiling unitwith inverter driven fanFBQ-C Daikin EmuraFTXG-JA/JW Wall mounted unitCTXS-KFTXS-K Wall mounted unitFTXS-G FHQ-C Nexura floorstanding unitFVXG-K Floor standing unitFVXS-F Flexi type unitFLXS-B FXSQ-PConcealed ceiling unitwith inverter driven fanFloor standing unit25CONCEALED CEILINGFXZQ-Awith inverter driven fan2