AutoCAD Plant 3D Customer Success PlanBest practices guide to successful Plant 3D project start-up

Table of ContentsExecutive Summary .3Plant 3D Project Kick-off Timeline Example . 3Planning .4System Requirements . 4Product Deployments . 4Pilot Projects & Testing . 4Autodesk Training and Consulting . 5Project Kick-off . 5Support .6Project Setup Checklist .7General Settings . 7P&ID DWG Settings . 8Plant 3D Drawing Settings . 9Isometric Drawing Configuration .10Specs and Catalog Content .11Spec Sheets .11Catalogs .11Catalogs Specs.11Reports .12Network Infrastructure.12Database and File Servers .12AutoCAD Profile Paths (Multi-user environment) .12Project Collaboration with Autodesk BIM 360 Team .12Additional References .122

Executive SummaryEnsuring success for projects with AutoCAD Plant 3D requires careful planning andproject team coordination.There are many activities and tasks that must be completed prior to using Plant 3D outof-the-box. Training, project configuration, catalog / spec creation, etc. are all topicsthat require time and effort from the project team time before starting a project.This document outlines these tasks that should be addressed before beginning workwith Plant 3D on a live project. By following the checklist and recommendations this willhelp ensure successful project kick-off and production.Plant 3D Project Kick-off Timeline Example3

Planning Define project scope Estimate time to complete Project Setup Checklist starting on page 7System Requirements Review: System requirements for AutoCAD Plant 3DProduct DeploymentsEnsure the following software is deployed on all CAD workstations: Microsoft office 2010 – 2016 or Office 365MS Office is used for import / export to Excel and Catalog Builder functions Latest version of AutoCAD Plant 3DAlways install the latest version of AutoCAD Plant 3D to ensure you haveaccess to the latest feature enhancements and updates. All Service Packs and Hotfixes are installed or included in the deployment AutoCAD updates AutoCAD Plant 3D updatesService Packs & Hotfixes can be located through the Autodesk Desktop App or theAutodesk Download Finder websitePilot Projects & TestingIt is recommended to run a pilot project to test configuration from the checklist, catalogparts / specs, and isometric drawings. We also recommend creating a “master” testproject containing all standard configuration settings and customizations.4

Autodesk Training and Consulting AutoCAD P&ID Essentials (basic training for designers)AutoCAD P&ID Advanced (admin training for project configuration)AutoCAD Plant 3D Essentials (basic training for designers)AutoCAD Plant 3D Advanced (admin training)Project Setup and ConfigurationSpecs and CatalogsAutodesk Enterprise Priority Support CustomersVisit with your Customer Success Manager about training:Autodesk ConsultingAutodesk Subscription CustomersLearn about working with an Autodesk Partner for training:Work with an Autodesk PartnerProject Kick-off Ensure all project team members have received proper training All items on project setup checklist are complete5

SupportWe recommended designated (or dedicated) in-house support staff for AutoCAD Plant3D and P&ID. This could be the BIM Model Coordinator or Pipe Design Lead workingwith Power Users to support the underlaying project team members.When issues are encountered, the end-user will contact the local Plant 3D “Power User”of their team. If the problem is unable to be resolved it can be escalated to the projectleader or administrator who will then submit a support cases as needed to AutodeskSupport using their Autodesk Account portal using the guidance on this page:Autodesk Account Management: Submitting & Viewing Support RequestsProjectManagerBIM / VDCDesign TeamLeaderPlant 3DPower UserDesignerEngineerSpec Writer6

Project Setup ChecklistThe checklist below contains a list of Project Setup tasks for the configuration of anAutoCAD Plant 3D or AutoCAD P&ID project. The hyperlinks will open correspondingtopics within the Autodesk On-line Help website.General SettingsDatabase SetupInformation only section; shows SQLite or SQL Server properties.Note: Use SQL Server for any network, multi-user projectsRefer to the SQL Server section for more informationDrawing Properties / File Name Format (applies to 3D drawings, Orthos, and P&IDs) Add custom properties as required Configure file name format string (optional)Paths Configure project paths as requiredProject Details Project general properties Drawing Work History prompts General paths Custom properties Tool palette group associationsProject Reports (for P&ID drawings only) Control Valve List Document Registry Equipment List Instrument List Line List Line Summary List Nozzle List Specialty Items List Valve List7

P&ID DWG Settings Review: AutoCAD P&ID Advanced Configuration GuideEnd Connections Modify P&ID end connection symbolsLine Settings Review line settings, gaps, standoff distance, line grips, etc.Data Manager Configuration Create custom views as requiredP&ID Class Definitions / Symbols Create P&ID object class definitions Modify existing symbols / create new or custom symbols Converting existing AutoCAD blocksNote: converting existing AutoCAD blocks directly within a project P&ID drawingwill only convert the block into a P&ID symbol for that drawing. To convertblocks for use with the entire project, refer to the task above for creating new orcustom symbols for use on P&ID tool palettes. Layers / Colors / LinetypesDefine Property Lists Service abbreviations Pipe Specs list Instrumentation Abbreviations (ex. PI, FT, etc.)Tag AnnotationsLine number tag configuration (should match 3D pipe line tag config)Valve tag formatInstrument tag formatEquipment tag formatText StylesP&ID Drawing Template (DWT File) Title block and borderCommon Reports Bills of Materials Line list Equipment List Tie-in List Drawing Index Specialty Item List Instrument List Valve List8

Plant 3D Drawing SettingsExport and Import Settings Add custom configuration as needed for data export and import with disciplineteams (ex. Instrument tag list, nozzle list, etc.)Data Manager Configuration Add custom Data Manager views as needed for viewing / sorting data in aspecific wayPiping and Equipment class property definitions Add new properties as needed for each class (Equipment, Fasteners, Pipe RunComponents)Piping Connection Settings Add any new end types that are required Configure any new simple joints that are required Configure any new compound joints are required Adjust settings in DefaultConnectorsConfig.xml as required Test all joint types in a test model to verify they work as expectedSelection List Properties Service (Under P3d Line Group) Instrument prefixes (ex. PI, FT, FC, etc.)Ensure all tag formats are configured: Pipe Line Group TagExamples: Size - Service - Spec - Line Number Size - Service - Spec - Line Number - InsulThk InsulType Size - Service - Spec - Line Number - Tracing Pipe run component tags Valves Instrument items Equipment Specialty itemsP&ID to Plant 3D object property mapping (optional) Pipe line properties Valve properties In-line assets: Valves Fittings Specialty items Reducers9

Isometric Drawing ConfigurationReview: Isometric Configuration (Advanced) De-mystifying AutoCAD Plant 3D isometrics – configuration referenceIso Styles Iso title block and drawing border Attribute mapping for title block (service, spec, insulation, etc.) Iso table configuration (BOM, cut list, weld list) Iso symbol keys (SKEYs) – IsoSymbolStyles.dwg & IsoSkeyAcadBlockMap.xmlIso Themes Dimensions Small bore Continuations Vent / drainIso Testing Create preliminary pipe runs with fittings, instruments, etc. Run iso sheets and ask drawing checker to verify: Symbol output / representation Dimensions Annotations Title block propertiesOrthographic Drawing Configuration Ortho title block / drawing border Drawing layers Annotations / text styles BOM table setup10

Specs and Catalog Content Review: Introduction to Specs and CatalogsSpec Sheets Gather new and existing spec sheets (digital or hard copy) for the project Existing AutoCAD Plant 3D specs (migrate as needed from older versions) Re-create or re-build: AutoPLANT specs CADWorx specs Batch assign Long Descriptions as required to match standards (Size & Family) Configure Part Use Priority for parts the show conflicts Configure Branch tablesCatalogs Establish a common, shared folder on the network for part catalogs Ensure all parts are available in the out-of-the-box Plant 3D catalogsor Content Packs on Autodesk Exchange App Store: Pipe run components Instruments Specialty items Fasteners Bolt sets and gaskets Pipe supports Nozzles Placeholder parts Structural steel shapes Create list of all missing parts or parts that need to be manually created for thecatalogs (3D block based or Python scripted) Create / build new custom catalog(s) containing the required parts using CatalogBuilder or manually through Catalog Editor Test custom parts and fittings (including any custom end types and joint /connections that are required) Test isometric SKEYs for custom parts to verify proper representation anddimensioning (see related: Iso testing)Catalogs Specs Review: How to add a custom property to a catalog component Add new custom properties to catalogs and specs as neededShared Content Folder Configure common folder for CatalogsNote: Per workstation setting through user interface(PLANTMODIFYSHAREDCONTENTFOLDER) or set path variable in Windows Registry11

ReportsReport Creator Configure new report data queries as neededReport Designer Create new report layouts as needed to match company / client standardsConfigure data fieldsConfigure data grouping and sortingTest report outputNetwork InfrastructureDatabase and File Servers Windows Server for hosting project files and folders Microsoft SQL Server How to configure Microsoft SQL Server for AutoCAD Plant 3D projects Hosting projects with Vault Server (optional) Configure new or existing Vault Server Configure Vault roles and permissionsSQLite Databases – Use only for testing / setup purposes on a local machineSQLite is not intended for multi-user projects running on a network Review: AutoCAD Plant 3D Projects: SQLite versus SQL ServerAutoCAD Profile Paths (Multi-user environment) Tool palettes for P&ID symbols AutoCAD Profile (for shared tool palettes)Project Collaboration with Autodesk BIM 360 TeamWith the release of Plant 2018 customers now have the option to share projects to thecloud and invite team members to collaborate, regardless of physical location. BIM 360Collaboration requires an internet connection and an Autodesk BIM 360 Team hub.Review the following: Collaboration Workflow documentation How to activate your subscription to BIM 360 Team Project Collaboration for Plant DesignAdditional ReferencesAutodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018 On-line HelpTips and Tricks for the AutoCAD P&ID Administrator12