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Operate with efficiency. Manage the operation.Connect with customers. Enhance with mobility.Today’s restaurant technology must beversatile enough to address a variety ofneeds from a number of sources. Yourcustomers are looking to make reservationsand place orders while on-the-go, participatein loyalty programs and pay at the counter ortable using their phone. Your staff wants totake orders more quickly and accurately, aswell as provide faster service from the tableto the kitchen. And you? You’re looking forbetter ways to stay on top of your operationswhile not always having to physically be inyour restaurant.That’s why you need a complete end-to-endsolution from a trusted source that will helpyou address all of your operational needs.From configuring and supporting yoursystems to engaging and connecting withyour customers, NCR Aloha offers sucha solution.“I want to serve my guests quickly and easily,and make more money.”Trust in the industry’sleading restauranttechnology providerIncrease your staff’sproduction andsatisfactionNCR, the industry’s leading restaurant technologyprovider, enables you to build meaningfulrelationships with your customers and gives you thefreedom to go anywhere while staying connected toyour operations. How does NCR do these things? Witha powerful solution that is innovative, integrated andinvisible to you. Well, not quite invisible – after all, ourproducts are the most recognized, well-designed anddurable in the industry.Don’t be limited by the constraints of conventionalservice. NCR’s innovative technology will enableyour staff’s productivity – and your profits – tomove upward.Whether your staff is serving customers withinnovative handheld devices or easily managingtakeout orders, NCR Aloha expands their capabilitiesand efficiencies. Our integrated POS and kitchenproduction systems offer complete order accuracyand ensure food is queued, prepared and delivered toyour customers fresh and fast, just as they like it. Yourcashiers will love how easily and quickly they can takeyour customers’ orders, and you will benefit from thequicker wait times and loyal customers that will result.Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself thestreamlined operations and increased productivity thatNCR Aloha enables.NCR Aloha Restaurant Solutions

Operate with efficiencyKITCHEN DISPLAY AND PRODUCTION:The highly-configurable system providesadvanced routing options and many otherrobust capabilities, enabling faster deliverieswhile providing valuable metrics.TAKEOUT AND DELIVERY:Streamlines take-away and curbsideoperations and incorporates thetools needed to manage deliveriesto remote locations.POS HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE:The gold standard of rock-solidreliability and ease-of-use forrestaurants world-wide. Your staffwill be amazed at the speed andaccuracy that NCR Aloha provides.“I want to have better insight into the business,as well as remotely access my sites’ settings – allwhile keeping our data protected.”Sustain your profitabilityand manage more effectivelyGUEST AND TABLE MANAGEMENT:Intelligently tracks table status,reduces the time tables are leftunseated, maximizes seatingefficiency and captures key guestinformation to help you providepersonalized service.NCR Aloha Restaurant SolutionsLooking to expand your operations? Or are you havingtrouble keeping up with just your one restaurant?No worries. NCR Aloha works great for managingboth large and small restaurant operations. Whetherchanging menu items, running reports, or supportingmultiple locations – it can all be done efficiently andon your terms.You’ll have unmatched insight and control overthe two most critical components of your business– labor and inventory management. And don’t letemployee theft eat away at your profits; implementthe industry’s leading loss prevention tool within youroperations and get the necessary data to end anystealing.You’ll be amazed at how NCR’s cloud-enabledtechnology will benefit you. No matter where youare, you’ll be able to securely manage, upgrade andsupport your restaurant and its systems more easilythan what any other technology available allows.So stop sweating the details. Live freely. Manageeffectively. Increase your profits and reduce your stress.

Manage the operationTHE CLOUD:NCR’s architecture offersyou mobility, scalability andsecurity. Our vast networkof dedicated servers enablespowerful operationsmanagement, anywhere,at any time.THEFT DETECTION:Utilize the industry’s leading lossprevention tool in your sites andboost your bottom line. Receivevisibility into potential employeetheft as well as the necessarysupport data to stop it.“I want to visit a restaurant that rewards my loyaltyand offers a service experience like none other.”LABOR AND INVENTORYMANAGEMENT:NCR removes the barriers tomanaging two major costs toyour business. Sites can optimizestaffing, control food costs andstreamline communications withsuppliers – all with central visibilityand management.SYSTEM SUPPORT:NCR’s system support tool effectively manages yourrestaurant’s technical realities, providing real-timemonitoring of every server and terminal. Proactivealerts and secure remote access allow issues to beresolved before impacting your operations.SITE CONFIGURATION:Control configurationsettings from one centralized database management tool. Securely accessdata wherever you havean Internet connection,and push changes – suchas pricing or menu items– easily and automaticallyto your sites.NCR Aloha Restaurant SolutionsDATA REPORTING:Valuable sales andlabor data is collectedfrom your restaurantlocation(s) and madeavailable via the Internet,resulting in unmatchedvisibility and allowing forfast, accurate decisionmaking.Improve your guests’ experienceNCR Aloha can help you make your customers’experiences even more pleasurable and memorable.The interaction, ease-of-use and speed of servicecapabilities NCR Aloha provides will make yourguests love your restaurant more and more eachtime they visit.Your customers will feel welcome, well-served andextremely satisfied. They’ll stay engaged with yourrestaurant even when they’re not physically in yourestablishment. How? With robust loyalty and rewardprograms. Mobile ordering capabilities. Real-timefeedback. Integrated digital menu boards. LeverageSECURITY SERVICES:Protect your restaurant – and yourcustomers’ credit card data - from cyberattacks and maintain a strong networkdefense through a multi-layereddefense solution.the NCR Aloha solution to build your restaurant’sbrand and reputation while ensuring continuedcustomer engagement and satisfaction.The best part? Everything is integrated, creating anunsurpassed experience for the people that mattermost – your guests.

Connect with customersDIGITAL SIGNAGE:Leverage your brand and engageyour customers, as well as benefitfrom operational efficiencies.Control menu prices and promotenew items from anywhere.“I want to manage the restaurant on my termsand serve my guests faster and easier.”LOYALTY AND STORED VALUE:Stay connected with your customerseven after they leave your restaurant.Utilize flexible, customizable rewardand bonus programs that also allowyou to identify your best guests.Serve and manage with no boundariesReady to take your restaurant to the next level?Enhance your operations with the freedom thatmobility provides.IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK:A relationship management tool that enables youto identify patterns of customer feedback, receiveserver-specific analytics tied to your business, andadditionally, better understand which social mediachannels most customers are using to spread theword about your brand.NCR Aloha Restaurant SolutionsWhether a guest, server or manager, mobiletechnology offers benefits for everyone who interactswithin the restaurant. Your customers will appreciatethe ease and convenience of placing an orderand paying for their food straight from their ownsmartphones. Using handheld devices, your serverscan reduce the amount of time your guests are in lineby quickly taking orders, routing them to the kitchenand collecting payment, further improving the speedat which your customers are served. And you? Nomatter where you are, you can keep a real-time pulseon your operations in order to make smart decisionsimmediately. This means that not only will you be ableto stay connected with your restaurant when away, butalso manage more effectively when on-site.Transform the way your restaurant interacts withyour guests, your staff and you with NCR Aloha’smobile technology.

Enhance with mobilityLeading brands choose NCROur industry expertise, continuous innovation, technical know-how and vast service networkare the key ingredients to you receiving the best return on your technology investment. We’llwork with you to ensure you make the right choices. NCR provides solutions that help ourcustomers achieve superior operations while providing an exceptional consumer experience.Our success is evident in over 100,000 restaurants worldwide, including these leading brands:MOBILE POS:By being able to quickly take ordersand accept payments at the table,handhelds give your staff the abilityto be both engaging and efficient a win-win combination.ONLINE/MOBILE ORDERING ANDRESERVATIONS:Enabled straight from your website,ensuring seamless integration with thestore. Customers can make reservationsfor your restaurant. Or your guests canorder and pay online, later picking uptheir meal at your restaurant, easily andconveniently.MOBILE ANALYTICS:Enables operators and staff to have visibility intotheir business and operations wherever theyare. It provides real-time, automated analyticsrelating to a single site or multiple locations andtakes the complexity out of analyzing data ina mobile application that alerts you to criticalinformation, anytime.NCR Aloha Restaurant SolutionsDUNKIN’ DONUTSSTACKED LOGOCOLORS: PMS 165 Orange, 219 Pink, 1545 Brown

Why NCR?NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everydayinteractions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software, hardware, and portfolio ofservices, NCR enables more than 450 million transactions daily across the retail, financial, travel, hospitality,telecom and technology industries. NCR solutions run the everyday transactions that make your life easier.NCR is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia with over 30,000 employees and does business in 180 countries.NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.NCR Corporation3097 Satellite BoulevardDuluth, GA 2013 NCR CorporationPatents PendingEB10850-0214