Washington Area Darts AssociationWADA WeeklyVolume 84 - Issue #2 - Winter - January 29, 2017Washington Area Darts Associationwww.wadadarts.orgPoints on the Line DartsWADA is always seeking ways to make match play equitable whilekeeping it fun. We are aware there are teams of mixed skill levels who desireto continue to play with each other. WADA currently has the "salary cap" rulein place (Rule 17.A), but the Board is considering adjusting that to a "points1 Report Scores 2 Executive Director3 Chairman of the Board 4 Secretaryon the line" concept. That is, rather than a team's entire roster being limitedSend scores to [email protected] by the salary cap, WADA would institute a rule that says the WARPs of thefour players shooting in each round cannot exceed a defined threshold. UsingFAX 888-476-06634201 Wilson Blvd #110-312 our current rating system, the WARP cutoffs are as follows:AA 8.3 ( 5 points under the current salary cap system)Arlington, VA 22203A 7.7-8.3 ( 4 points)BB 5-6.7 ( 3 points)OfficersB 3.3-5 ( 2 points)Executive DirectorC 0-3.3 ( 1 point)Chelsea Priest The Board is currently looking at the following "points on the line" limits for [email protected] divisions:A: 32Webmaster/Secretary/Treasurer17Pat Martin B:C: [email protected] example would be a B level team that has one A (7.7), three BB (5),two B (4), and one C (2). Rather than seeking a team exemption to play in theTournament DirectorB division, the team would instead have to keep their four players in theLance Kent current match (ie, two sets of doubles or four sets of singles) below 17 [email protected] Thus, the team could play the following lineups:A,B,B,C or BB,B,B,C orBB,BB,BB,C or any other combo that would not exceed 17 points, given theBoard of Directors player [email protected](includes all board members)[email protected] Wilkinson (Chairperson)[email protected] Horton (DC)Joshua Sanderlin (DC)Vacant (DC-ALT)However, we need your feedback. Think the limits are too low? Too high?Let your Board rep or one of us know! We encourage you to try it out at yourmatches so you can get a feel of how your lineup may adjust. We're alsolooking for ways to penalize teams who exceed their "points on the line" limit,such as forfeiting legs. Give us your ideas! Additionally, our next meeting ison Saturday, 25 February at 6pm at Fairfax Revolutions. Come for themeeting, make your voice heard, and stay for the [email protected] Quinn (MD)Mike Simione (MD)Addison Hunt (MD-ALT)[email protected] Lucier (VA East)Vacant (VA East)Robert Sobelman (VA E.-ALT)[email protected] Tucker (VA West)Vacant (VA West)Brian Skapura (VA West-ALT)Upcoming Tournaments & EventsSubmit a tournament or event check online at 10-12Feb. 25thMarch 3-5March 23-26April 21-23April 29-30Sept. 1-3TRICODA (Solomons Island)Next WADA Board Meeting (Revolution—Fairfax)March Madness (Colonial Beach, VA)Virginia Beach ClassicMoose Internationals (Hopewell, VA)WADA Winter Championships (Mighty Mikes)Washington Area Open

Washington Area Darts AssociationDivision StandingsWinter Season through Week 2WEDNESDAYMONDAYDivision 1-A (VA East/West) MondayRevolution Fairfax Sparkle FartsRevolution Fairfax Top GunsMcMahon's OutlawsRevolution (Sp) Pork the CorkTUESDAYWon Lost I R P %5226 2 0 0 66.674830 1 0 0 61.543543 4 0 0 44.872157 3 0 0 26.92Division 4-B (MD) WednesdayFlanagan's HurlersLa Mexicana Easy AcesFlanagan's The Opposing TeamBYEWon Lost I R P %5121 2 0 0 70.831125 3 0 0 30.561026 1 0 0 27.7800 4 0 0 0.00Division 5-C (MD) WednesdayMoose (SS) Banging the NeighborsR P %0 0 77.78 Eagles HAMMERHEADS0 0 66.67 Eagles Dart Vader0 0 27.78 BYE0 0 0.00Division 9-B (VA East) WednesdayCue Club Invasive SpeciesR P %0 0 76.67 Revolution (Sp) TBD Stauffer0 0 45.00 Revolution (Sp) Zombies0 0 40.00 Cue Club Loose CannonsWon Lost I R P %297 3 0 0 80.562115 1 0 0 58.332250 2 0 0 30.5600 4 0 0 0.00Division 10-C (VA East) WednesdayRevolution (Fx) Make Darts Fun AgainR P %0 0 59.72 Revolution (Fx) Patriot Harley Davidson0 0 54.17 Revolution (Sp) StrikeForce0 0 51.39 BYE0 0 34.72Won Lost I R P %297 2 0 0 80.56729 1 0 0 19.4400 3 0 0 0.0000 4 0 0 0.00Division 2-B (DC) TuesdayBlack Rooster Raging BullsAmerican Legion Ms. J & The BoysBlack Rooster DAMFBYEWon Lost I288 12412 32052 200 4Division 3-C (DC) TuesdayPassenger The JackalopesRocket Bar CosmonautsRocket Bar Fighting UnicornsMidlands HornetsWon Lost I4614 32733 21218 1525 4 0 0 16.67Division 6-B (VA East) TuesdayRevolution (Sp) Bullz DeepCue Club Bulls On CueRevolution (Sp) DartichokesCue Club PicklebackWon Lost I4329 23933 33735 12547 4Division 7-B (VA East) TuesdayRevolution (FX) Bulls HittersLA Bar Unemployed Porn StarsRevolution (FX) Shafted the SequelLA Bar No namersWon Lost I R P %4527 1 0 0 62.502016 3 0 0 55.562943 2 0 0 40.281422 4 0 0 38.89Division 8-B (VA West) TuesdayAfterlife360 Takin' The ShotFirst Break Uz GuyzFirst Break OutcastsBYEWon Lost I R P %2811 3 0 0 71.793444 2 0 0 43.591623 1 0 0 41.0300 4 0 0 0.00Won Lost I R P %4428 2 0 0 61.113537 4 0 0 48.613537 3 0 0 48.613042 1 0 0 41.67Area Weekly Luck of the DrawsFor a complete list of lucks and monthly events and additionalinfo available check online at Tuesday 8 PM - Addy's, Manassas, VA Thursday 8 PM - Addy's, Manassas, VA Friday 8 PM - Revolution, Springfield, VA 1st/3rd Fri. 9 PM - Eagles, Gaithersburg, MD Friday 9 PM - Mighty Mike's, Sterling, VAWhat’s it mean?I ID, R 3% Late Roster Penalty P Penalty PointsTeam % (Point Won / (Won Lost P)) - Rx3 Saturday 8 PM - Revolution, Fairfax, VA Saturday 8 PM - First Break, Sterling, VA Saturday 8 PM - Bunker Hill, Waldorf, MD

Washington Area Darts AssociationShooter Milestonesand Shooter Highlights through Week 2One Hundred and Eighty!Bryant, Brett . 9thAlexander, Nick . 1st!Barrow, Doug . 1st!NINE MARKSkapura, Brian . 121stLarkin, Todd . 38thHaas, Joel . 22nd & 23rdA League HighlightsAllen, Ray . 7MK T40Bryant, Brett . T80 T40DeRemer, Doug . T40Fields, Kevin . 7MKKidd, Mark . 7MKx7Lane, Chris . T40x3McGarrigle, Brian . 7MKx7 T40x2Moffett, James . T40Mullins, Dave . 7MKx3Sarandos, Mike . 7MKB League HighlightsAlexander, Nick. T40 T80Barrow, Doug .6MKx2 7MK T80Best, Ryan . T33Biwer, Mike . 7MKx3Boehnet, Mike . 7MKBossi, Joe . 7MKBrockelman, Franco. 7MKCappel, Adam . T40Crowder, Anthony . 6MKx3Diaz, Alfonso . 6MKDow, English . 6MKx2Drago, Matt . 6MKDrewett, Larry . T33Englander, Lloyd . T30Ermatinger, Chris . 7MKx2 4BFields, Kevin . 4BFields, Kevin . 4Bx2Franklin, Ron . 6MKx2Haas, Joel . 9MKx2Larkin, Todd . 7MKx5 9MKLiddle, Greg . 7MKMoffett, James . 7MKx2O'Donovan, Adam . 6MKO'Neill, Tim . 7MKPowell, Billy . 6MK T38Reel, Nate . T40Reel, Nate . 5BRussel, Miles . 7MKSchulze, Demark . 6MKSimione, Michael . T21Skapura, Brian . 9MK 7MKSobelman, Robert . T24VanVoorhees, Joe . 6MKVerano, Rica . T40 T35 T25Verano, Steve . T35C League HighlightsAruta, Rob . 7MKBrown, Nick . 4BBrown, Tom . 5MKChamseddine, Jad . 5MK 3BConradt, Kate . 5MKx2Dolan, Coby . 5MKKash, Chris . 6MK, T10Lewis, Richard . TMunroe, Jake . 3BNewton, Ric . 5MKPaasch, Jon . TPowers, Chris . T T20Sousa, Jason . T40Tarlecki, Damian . 5MKx2Walsh, Frank . 5MKIf you are missing highlights, your score sheet may have beenincorrectly filled out or the handwriting was too hard to read. Pleaseresend them in an email to [email protected] and note thatyou are missing highlights and what week they were hit.Mark your All Star PointsCONFStarsCricket01 TonsBullsC 5MK100 3B&C 6MK120 4ALLALL 7MK8 & 9MK140 160 56ALL PERFECT GAMEPerfect Game defined as 9dart501 6dart301 12dart701 or 8dart CricketGood sportsmanship and proper dartetiquette shall be the prevailing attitudeat all WADA Events. Our league dependson our members and how you representyourselves at our host establishments.

Washington Area Darts AssociationAll Star PointsAll Star Points through Week 2ShooterA1Bryant, BrettMcGarrigle, BrianMullins, DaveKidd, MarkLane, ChrisGroves, ScottEverett, JohnDaly, MarkDeRemer, DougAllen, RayMoffett, JamesSarandos, MikeReel, NateHovey, ReidFields, KevinPts29272521129976633333ShooterPtsB2Haas, Joel8Rather, Jim6Brockelman, Franco3Lambert, Erik3Diaz, Alfonso2Legislador, Dennis24Powell, Billy4Evans, Charlie4O'Donovan, Adam2Simione, Michael26Faheem, Mubasherr8Alexander, Nick7Drago, Matt7Reel, Nate6Medina, Pete6Moffett, James6Hickman, Andrew5Cappel, Adam3O'Neill, Tim3Fields, Kevin27Barrow, Doug11VanVoorhees, Joe8Liddle, Greg6Sobelman, Robert2Alexander, Nick2Verano, Steve2Best, Ryan2Schulze, Demark28Larkin, Todd19Skapura, Brian13Crowder, Anthony6Dow, English4Boehnet, Mike3Russel, Miles3Miles?3Drewett, Larry2ShooterPtsB9Biwer, Mike15Fields, Kevin10Ermatinger, Chris8Bossi, Joe7Verano, Rica7Franklin, Ron4Englander, Lloyd2Liddle, Greg2C3Munroe, Jake5Powers, Chris3Aruta, Rob3Lewis, Richard3Kash, Chris3Sousa, Jason3Chamseddine, Jad2Brown, Nick2Tarlecki, Damian2Conradt, Kate2Lucas, David1Brown, Tom1Paasch, Jon1Greene, Norman1Newton, Ric1Dolan, Coby15Stephens, Ryan9Conner, Robert7Walsh, Frank1Young, Kathy1

Tri-County Dart Association’s and Bozick Distributors presentsTr 7,500FridayLOD5016:30 pmLODCricketpeOnaXdXI Xoic102, Fe b r u a r y 1 0, 1 1, 1 2SaturdaySundaySaturdayMen’s Women’s Men Sing Women 4-PersonLODMen’s Women’s Men’s Women’sDbls 501 Dbls 501 Cricket Sing Cri701501-Cr-CC Sing 501 Sing 501 Dbl Crick Dbl Crick9:00 pm 10:30 am 11:00 am 12:30 pm 1:00 pm3:30 pm7:00 pm 10:00 am 10:30 am 12:00 pm 12:30 pm 12Entry 15Entry 25Team 25Team 17Entry 17Entry 60Team 15Entry 17Entry 17Entry 25Team 25Team1st 2501st 2801st 2801st 1801st 3001st 1601st 4401st 2801st 2801st 1601st 2601st 1802nd 1302nd 1402nd 1402nd 902nd 1502nd 802nd 2802nd 1402nd 1402nd 802nd 1302nd 90Top-4 70Top-4 80Top-4 80Top-4 50Top-4 80Top-4 40Top-4 140Top-4 80Top-4 80Top-4 40Top-4 80Top-4 50Top-8 40Top-8 40Top-8 40Top-8 40Top-8 40Total 680Total 740Total 740Total 740Total 740Top-8 40Total 370Total 770Total 320Total 1,000Total 710SundayYouthYouthYouthYouthSing 501 Sing 501 Adult 501 Adult 5016-1213-176-1213-178:30 am8:30 am8:30 am8:30 amSunday6th AnnualMaryland StateSingles Cricket 15 - EntryMen start at 3:00 pmTop-8 40Total 3207Women start at 3:30 pmTotal 37080% PaybackValid Maryland or DCDriver’s License RequiredFor more information please contact Bill Corrigan 240-925-3534NO outside food or drinks allowed All events close 15 minutes prior to start timeDart Supplies by:Holiday Inn Select Solomons155 Holiday Dr.Solomons, MD 20688410-326-6311Darter’s rate 69 a night