Minnesota Pollution Control AgencySTATE OF MINNESOTAMinnesota Pollution Control AgencyMUNICIPAL DIVISIONPUBLIC NOTICE OF INTENT TO REISSUENATIONAL POLLUTANT DISCHARGE ELIMINATION SYSTEM (NPDES)/STATE DISPOSAL SYSTEM (SDS) PERMIT MN0020672Public Comment Period Begins:Public Comment Period Ends:March 13, 2013April 11, 2013Current Permit Issued:Current Permit Expiration Date:December 5, 2007November 30, 2012Name and Address of Permittee:City of Wadena708 Sunnybrook RoadWadena, MN 56482Facility Name and Location:Wadena Wastewater Treatment Facility708 Sunnybrook RoadT134N, R35W, Section 5,City of Wadena, Wadena County, MinnesotaReceiving Water: Union Creek (Class 1B, 2A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5, 6 water)Description of Permitted FacilityThe Wadena Wastewater Treatment Facility (Facility) is located at SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 5, Township134 North, Range 35 West, City of Wadena, Wadena County, Minnesota.The existing treatment system consists of a fine screen, grit removal system, main lift station, primary clarifier,aerated oxidation ditch, two effluent clarifiers to remove suspended solids, two effluent sand filters, UVdisinfection, primary and secondary anaerobic digesters and two 250,000 gallon biosolids storage tanks foradditional storage capacity and load out. The biosolids are then land applied on nearby farm fields. This is aClass A Facility.The Facility has a continuous discharge (SD002) to Union Creek (Class 1B, 2A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5, 6, water) and isdesigned to treat an average wet weather design flow of 750,000 gallons per day (gpd) with a five daycarbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD5) of 200 milligrams per Liter (mg/L). The average dryweather design flow for this Facility is 500,000 gpd.

Page 2 of 5Permit MN0020672The Facility is further described in plans and specifications on file with the Minnesota Pollution ControlAgency (MPCA) prepared by the firm of Toltz, King, Duvall, Anderson, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota.There are no bypass points designed in the disposal system.In accordance with MPCA rules regarding nondegradation for all waters that are not Outstanding ResourceValue Waters, nondegradation review is required for any new or expanded significant discharge (Minn. R.7050.0185). A significant discharge is 1) a new discharge (not in existence before January 1, 1988) that isgreater than 200,000 gpd to any water other than a Class 7 water or 2) an expanded discharge that expandsby greater than 200,000 gpd that discharges to any water other than a Class 7 water or 3) a new or expandeddischarge containing any toxic pollutant at a mass loading rate likely to increase the concentration of thetoxicant in the receiving water by greater than one percent over the baseline quality. The flow rate used todetermine significance is the design average wet weather flow. The January 1, 1988, design average wetweather flow for this facility is 750,000 gpd.This Permit also complies with Minn. R. 7053.0275 regarding anti-backsliding.Any point source discharger of sewage, industrial, or other wastes for which a NPDES/SDS permit has beenissued by the MPCA that contains effluent limits more stringent than those that would be established by parts7053.0215 to 7053.0265 shall continue to meet the effluent limits established by the permit, unless thepermittee establishes that less stringent effluent limits are allowable pursuant to federal law, under section402(o) of the Clean Water Act, United States Code, title 33, section 1342.The location of the Facility is shown on the attached map.Preliminary Determination on the Draft PermitThe MPCA Commissioner has made a preliminary determination to reissue this NPDES/SDS permit for a termof approximately five years. A copy of the draft permit is available for review at the MPCA office at theBrainerd office listed below and on-line at 1.A copy of the draft permit will be mailed to you if the MPCA receives your written or oral request at thisoffice. If you have questions about this draft permit or the Commissioner's preliminary determination, pleasecontact Robin Novotny at 218-316-3851.Written CommentsYou may submit written comments on the conditions of the draft permit or on the Commissioner’spreliminary determination.Written comments must include the following:1. A statement of your interest in the permit application or the draft permit.2. A statement of the action you wish the MPCA to take, including specific references to sections of the draftpermit that you believe should be changed.3. The reasons supporting your position, stated with sufficient specificity as to allow the Commissioner toinvestigate the merits of your position.Petition for Public Informational MeetingYou also may request that the MPCA Commissioner hold a public informational meeting. A public

Page 3 of 5Permit MN0020672informational meeting is an informal meeting that the MPCA may hold to solicit public comment andstatements on matters before the MPCA, and to help clarify and resolve issues.A petition requesting a public informational meeting must include the following information: statement identifying the matter of concern.The information required under items 1 through 3 of “Written Comments,” identified above.A statement of the reasons the MPCA should hold a public informational meeting.The issues that you would like the MPCA to address at the public informational meeting.Petition for Contested Case HearingYou also may submit a petition for a contested case hearing. A contested case hearing is a formal evidentiaryhearing before an administrative law judge. In accordance with Minn. R. 7000.1900, the MPCA will grant apetition to hold a contested case hearing if it finds that: (1) there is a material issue of fact in disputeconcerning the application or draft permit; (2) the MPCA has the jurisdiction to make a determination on thedisputed material issue of fact; and (3) there is a reasonable basis underlying the disputed material issue offact or facts such that the holding of the contested case hearing would allow the introduction of informationthat would aid the MPCA in resolving the disputed facts in making a final decision on the draft permit. Amaterial issue of fact means a fact question, as distinguished from a policy question, whose resolution couldhave a direct bearing on a final MPCA decision.A petition for a contested case hearing must include the following information:1. A statement of reasons or proposed findings supporting the MPCA decision to hold a contested casehearing according to the criteria in Minn. R. 7000.1900, as discussed above.2. A statement of the issues proposed to be addressed by a contested case hearing and the specific reliefrequested or resolution of the matter.In addition and to the extent known, a petition for a contested case hearing should also include the followinginformation:1. A proposed list of prospective witnesses to be called, including experts, with a brief description ofproposed testimony or summary of evidence to be presented at a contested case hearing.2. A proposed list of publications, references, or studies to be introduced and relied upon at a contestedcase hearing.3. An estimate of time required for you to present the matter at a contested case hearing.MPCA DecisionYou may submit a petition to the Commissioner requesting that the MPCA Citizens’ Board (Board) considerthe permit issuance. To be considered timely, the petition must be received by the MPCA by 4:30 p.m. on thedate the public comment period ends, identified on page 1 of this notice. Under the provisions of Minn. Stat. §116.02, subd. 6(4), the decision whether to issue the permit and, if so, under what terms will be presented tothe Board for decision if: (1) the Commissioner grants the petition requesting the matter be presented to theBoard; (2) one or more Board members request to hear the matter before the time the Commissioner makes afinal decision on the permit; or (3) a timely request for a contested case hearing is pending. You mayparticipate in the activities of the Board as provided in Minn. R. 7000.0650.The written comments, requests, and petitions submitted on or before the last day of the public comment

Page 4 of 5Permit MN0020672period will be considered in the final decision on this permit. If the MPCA does not receive written comments,requests, or petitions during the public comment period, MPCA staff as authorized by the Board, will make thefinal decision on the draft permit.Comments, petitions, and/or requests must be submitted in writing on or before the end date of the publiccomment period identified on page 1 of this notice to:Robin NovotnyMinnesota Pollution Control Agency7678 College Road, Suite 105Baxter, MN 56425

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