State and Local Electrical Inspectors By CountyJuly 1, 2021Recent changes are highlighted below in red ItalicsThis directory is subject to frequent changes.Please check back often or refresh your web browser.This list is sorted by county, authority having jurisdiction and then by city or townshipVERY IMPORTANTBefore filing an electrical permit or calling for an electrical inspectionin a particular city or township please verify the appropriate*Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).If the *AHJ column indicates "State", please file the permit with the STATE.If the *AHJ column indicates "Local", DO NOT file the permit with the state.Contact the LOCAL city or township for more information.Misfiled permits create extra work and expense, they delay the electrical inspection processand they may result in costly construction delays for the entire project.See the end of this directory for a list of websites hosted by Contract Electrical InspectorsSave time and easily file electrical permits online! No.123456789101112County*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees StateStateStateStateStateStateState form/State feesEntire CountyBethelBlaineCircle PinesColumbia HeightsColumbusHam LakeHilltopLexingtonLino LakesLinwood TownshipNowthenElectricalInspectorDirectory 20210701.xlsxState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State ReadelBraden TrendeStephen TokleStephen TokleDavid SawyerBraden TrendeAndy SlothDavid SawyerStephen TokleBraden TrendeBraden TrendeBraden -75691

Line No.*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees Inspector13 Anoka14 Anoka15 AnokaCountyStateStateStateOak GroveSpring Lake ParkSt. FrancisState form/State fees16 AnokaLocalAndoverLocal form/Local fees17 AnokaLocalAnokaLocal form/Local fees18 AnokaLocalCentervilleLocal form/Local fees19 Anoka20 AnokaLocalLocalCoon RapidsEast BethelLocal form/Local fees21 AnokaLocalFridleyLocal form/Local fees22 AnokaLocalRamseyLocal form/Local feesBraden TrendeDavid SawyerBraden ectricalInspectionsElectricalInspectionsAndy teAudubon, Callaway, Lake Park, Ogemaand the townships of Atlanta, Audubon,Callaway, Cormorant, Cuba, Hamden,Lake Eunice, Lake Park, Lake View,Riceville, Richwood, Spring Creek,Walworth and White EarthState form/State feesJason Ekholm218-844-2542StateDetroit Lakes, Frazee, Wolf Lake andthe townships of Burlington,Carsonville, Detroit, Eagle View, ElbowLake, Erie, Evergreen, Forest, GreenValley, Height of Land, Holmesville,Maple Grove, Osage, Pine Point,Ponsford, Rochert, Round Lake,Runeberg, Savannah, Shell Lake,Silver Leaf, Spruce Grove, SugarBush, Toad Lake, Two Inlets and WolfLakeState form/State feesTerry Lane218-237-846723 Becker24 BeckerElectricalInspectorDirectory 20210701.xlsxState form/State feesState form/State feesLocal form/Local 832

Line No.County25 Beltrami*AHJ City or TownshipStateForm and Fees InspectorBemidji, Blackduck, Funkley, Kelliher,Red Lake, Redby, Solway, Tenstrike,Turtle River, Wilton and the townshipsof Alaska, Battle, Bemidji, Birch, BrookLake, Buzzle, Cormant, Durand,Eckles, Frohn, Grant Valley, Hagali,Hines, Hornet, Jones, Kelliher,Lammers, Langor, Liberty, MapleRidge, Moose Lake, Nebish, Northern,OBrien, Port Hope, Puposky, Quiring,Roosevelt, Shooks, Shotley, SugarBush, Summit, T150-R34, T151-R33,T151-R34, T151-R35, T153-R30, T153R32, T153-R33, T153-R34, T153-R35,T153-R36, T153-R37, T153-R38, T154R31, T154-R33, T154-R34, T154-R35,T154-R36, T154-R37, T154-R38, T155R31, T155-R32, T155-R33, T155-R34,T155-R35, T156-R30, T156-R31, T156R32, T156-R33, T156-R34, T156-R35,Taylor, Ten Lake, Turtle Lake, TurtleState form/State feesRiver, Waskish and WoodrowWade Koons218-255-3011Ronald Ditsch218-779-6758320-277-6277State form/State feesBenjamin HusomElectricalInspectionsKelly JohnsonKelly JohnsonBrandon LennoxKeith HollnagelJohn SandboJames 08-5309507-665-6213507-375-5294218-590-0861State form/State feesDavid Hucky952-442-2761State form/State feesBrian Luce952-233-898826 BeltramiState27 BentonStateThe townships of Benville, Hamre, Lee,Minnie, Spruce Grove, Steenerson,T157-R36, T157-R37, T157-R38, T158State form/State feesR36, T158-R37 and T158-R38Entire County except Sauk Rapids, St.State form/State feesCloud and eStateSt. CloudSartellSauk RapidsEntire CountyEntire CountyEntire CountyEntire CountyBentonBentonBentonBig StoneBlue EarthBrownCarlton35 CarverState36 CarverStateLocal form/Local feesLocal form/Local feesLocal form/Local feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesCologne, Hamburg, Mayer, NewGermany, Norwood Young America,Waconia, Watertown and thetownships of Benton, Camden,Dahlgren, Hancock, Hollywood,Laketown, San Francisco, Waconia,Watertown and Young AmericaCarver, Chanhassen, Chaska andVictoriaElectricalInspectorDirectory

Line No.County37 Cass38 Cass39 Cass40 Chippewa41 Chisago42 Clay43444546ClayClearwaterCookCottonwood*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees InspectorPhoneStateWestern upper Cass, including Backus,Cass Lake, Hackensack, Walker andthe townships of Birch Lake, Deerfield,Hiram, Leech Lake, Otter Tail, PikeBay, Powers, Shingobee, Turtle Lake,Wilkinson, T142 R31, T143 R30, T145R29 and T145 R30State form/State feesAnthony Kohrs218-255-1046StateEastern upper Cass and the upper partof southern Cass including Ball Club,Bena, Boy River, Federal Dam,Longville, Outing, Remer and thetownships of Beulah, Blind Lake, BoyLake, Boy River, Crooked Lake, Gould,Inguadona, Kego, Lima, Pine Lake,Ponto Lake, Remer, Rogers, Salem,Slater, Smoky Hollow, Thunder Lake,Torrey, Trelipe, Wabedo, Wahnena(T144 R25), Woodrow, T142 R25,T142 R29, T143 R29, T144 R26, T144R27, T144 R28, T145 R26, T145 R27and T145 R28State form/State feesJeff Overmeyer218-252-0919StateStateStateLower part of southern Cass, includingChickamaw Beach, East Gull Lake,Lake Shore, Motley, Pillager, PineRiver, and the townships of Ansel,Barclay, Becker, Bull Moose, Bungo,Byron, Fairview, Home Brook, LoonLake, Maple, May, McKinley, MeadowBrook, Moose Lake, Pine River,Poplar, Sylvan, Walden and WilsonEntire CountyEntire CountyState form/State feesState form/State feesMichael WenzelBruce HaugenMark tock, Dilworth, Georgetown,Glyndon, Moorhead, Sabin and thetownships of Alliance, Elmwood,Georgetown, Glyndon, Holy Cross,Kragnes, Kurtz, Moland, Moorhead,Morken, Oakport and VidingState form/State feesRondney Schaffer 701-235-2840StateStateStateStateBarnesville, Felton, Hawley, Hitterdal,Ulen and the townships of Barnesville,Cromwell, Eglon, Elkton, Felton,Flowing, Goose Prairie, Hagen,Hawley, Highland Grove, Humboldt,Keene, Parke, Riverton, Rollag, Skree,Spring Prairie, Tansem and UlenEntire CountyEntire CountyEntire CountyState form/State feesJason EkholmTerry LaneJustin BarfussRandal MahaElectricalInspectorDirectory form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State 614

Line No.County*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees InspectorPhoneStateNorthern Crow Wing including BreezyPoint, Crosslake, Emily, Fifty Lakes,Jenkins, Manhattan Beach, PequotLakes and the townships of Fairfield,Gail Lake, Ideal, Jenkins, Little Pine,Mission, Pelican, Ross Lake, Sibleyand TimothyState form/State feesJeff Overmyer218-252-0919StateSouthwestern Crow Wing includingBrainerd, Merrifield, Nisswa and thetownships of Center, Lake Edwards,T134-R28 and R29State form/State feesMichael ateStateStateSoutheastern Crow Wing includingBarrows, Crosby, Cuyuna, Deerwood,Fort Ripley, Garrison, Ironton,Riverton, Trommald, Woodrow and thetownships of Bay Lake, Crow Wing,Daggett Brook, Dean Lake, Deerwood,Fairchild, Fort Ripley, Garrison,Irondale, Long Lake, Maple Grove,Nokay Lake, Oak Lawn, Perry Lake,Platte Lake, Rabbit Lake, Roosevelt,St. Mathias, and WolfordBaxterCastle Rock TownshipCoatesDouglas TownshipEaganEmpire TownshipEureka TownshipGreenvale TownshipHamptonHampton TownshipInver Grove HeightsLilydaleMarshan TownshipMendotaMendota HeightsMiesvilleNew TrierNininger TownshipState form/State feesNathan ReadelMichael WilliamsScott PreussBrady BoeBrady BoePete DeGroodScott PreussScott PreussScott PreussBrady BoeBrady BoeGary PedersonPete DeGroodBrady BoePete DeGroodPete DeGroodBrady BoeBrady BoeBrady StateStateStateStateStateStateNorthfield (area located in DakotaCounty) and the townships of Eureka,Greenvale, Sciota and WaterfordRandolphRandolph TownshipRavenna TownshipSciota TownshipSunfish LakeVermillionVermillion TownshipWaterford 8404507-430-365278 DakotaLocalApple ValleyLocal form/Local fees79 DakotaLocalBurnsvilleLocal form/Local feesScott PreussBrady BoeBrady BoeBrady BoeScott PreussPete DeGroodBrady BoeBrady BoeScott PreussElectricalInspectionsElectricalInspections47 Crow Wing49 Crow 7374757677Crow WingCrow DakotaElectricalInspectorDirectory form/Local feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State fees507-381-1791952-895-44445

Line No.County80 Dakota81 ennepinHennepin*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees InspectorElectricalLocal form/Local feesInspectionsLocal FarmingtonElectricalLocal form/Local feesInspectionsLocal HastingsElectricalLocal form/Local feesInspectionsLocal LakevilleLocal form/Local feesLocal RosemountPatrick McMullenLocal form/Local feesLocal South St. PaulPatrick McMullenLocal form/Local feesLocal West St. PaulPatrick McMullenState form/State feesStateEntire CountySteven RobertsState form/State feesStateEntire CountyJoshua KathJesseState form/State feesStateEntire CountyHendricksonState form/State feesStateEntire CountyDavid HolmenState form/State feesStateEntire CountyTodd DresherState form/State feesStateEntire CountyBrady BoeState form/State feesStateEntire CountyBrandon LennoxState form/State feesStateBrooklyn ParkAndy SlothState form/State feesStateCorcoranPaul HipsagState form/State feesStateDaytonPaul HipsagState form/State feesStateEden PrairieJames NoonanState form/State feesStateEdinaJohn ThompsonState form/State feesStateExcelsiorBrian LuceState form/State feesStateFort Snelling (unorganized territory)Pete DeGroodState form/State feesStateGreenfieldPaul HipsagState form/State feesStateHanoverPaul HipsagState form/State feesStateIndependenceDavid HuckyState form/State feesStateLong LakeDavid HuckyState form/State feesStateLorettoDavid HuckyState form/State feesStateMaple PlainDavid HuckyState form/State feesStateMedicine LakeStephen TokleState form/State feesStateMedinaDavid HuckyPlease follow the link below for a map of Minneapolis electrical inspection 61763-390-9255952-442-2761MinneapolisDistrict 1201Approximate zip code areas:5540155402554155548755488110 HennepinStateApproximate Neighborhoods:- Central- DowntownElectricalInspectorDirectory form/State feesGerald Jones651-489-93376

Line No.County*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees InspectorPhoneMinneapolisDistrict 1202Approximate zip code areas:55403554055540855411554125541655430111 HennepinStateApproximate Neighborhoods:- Camden- Near North- Calhoun-IslesState form/State feesTom Bzdok763-324-7300State form/State feesDavid Sawyer763-551-5557State form/State feesGary Pederson952-431-3565MinneapolisDistrict 1203Approximate zip code areas:55414554185542155455112 HennepinStateApproximate Neighborhoods:- Northeast- UniversityMinneapolisDistrict 1204Approximate zip code areas:55404554065540755454113 HennepinStateApproximate Neighborhoods:- Cedar-Riverside- Phillips- Longfellow- PowderhornElectricalInspectorDirectory

Line No.County*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees InspectorPhoneMinneapolisDistrict 1205Approximate zip code areas:55111554095541055417554195542355450114 Hennepin115 teStateState125 HennepinApproximate Neighborhoods:- Southwest- NokomisMinnetonka BeachState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State ShorewoodSt. BonifaciusTonka BayWayzataMSP International Airport(Metropolitan Airports Commission)126 HennepinLocalBloomingtonLocal form/Local fees127 HennepinLocalBrooklyn CenterLocal form/Local fees128 Hennepin129 HennepinLocalLocalChamplinCrystalLocal form/Local fees130 Hennepin131 HennepinLocalLocalDeephavenGolden ValleyLocal form/Local fees132 Hennepin133 HennepinLocalLocalGreenwoodHopkinsLocal form/Local fees134 HennepinLocalMaple GroveLocal form/Local fees135 HennepinLocalMinnetonkaLocal form/Local fees136 Hennepin137 HennepinLocalLocalMoundNew HopeLocal form/Local fees138 HennepinLocalOsseoLocal form/Local fees139 HennepinLocalPlymouthLocal form/Local fees140 HennepinLocalRichfieldLocal form/Local fees141 HennepinLocalSpring ParkLocal form/Local fees142 HennepinLocalSt. AnthonyLocal form/Local feesElectricalInspectorDirectory 20210701.xlsxState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesLocal form/Local feesLocal form/Local feesLocal form/Local feesLocal form/Local feesLocal form/Local NoonanDavid Hucky612-798-1877952-442-2761David HuckyDavid HuckyStephen TokleDavid HuckyPaul HipsagBrian LuceDavid HuckyBrian LuceDavid ctricalInspectionsElectricalInspectionsStephen TokleElectricalInspectionsStephen TokleElectricalInspectionsJohn ElectricalInspectionsStephen 2-861-9860952-442-7520763-754-29838

Line No.County*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees InspectorPhoneLocal form/Local feesLocalSt. Louis ParkUniversity of Minnesota(All UM property statewide)145 Hennepin146 HoustonLocalStateWoodlandEntire CountyLocal form/Local feesState form/State tricalInspectionsDavid Holmen147 HubbardStateState form/State feesAnthony Kohrs218-255-1046148 IsantiStateEntire CountyEntire Countyexcept Cambridge and IsantiState form/State fees320-309-9483149 IsantiLocalCambridgeLocal form/Local fees150 Isanti151 ItascaLocalStateIsantiEntire CountyLocal form/Local fees152 Jackson153 KanabecStateStateEntire CountyEntire CountyState form/State fees154155156157StateStateStateStateEntire CountyEntire CountyEntire CountyEntire CountyEntire county except T62-R11 and alltownships north of and including T63State form/State feesState form/State feesMark ven BartlettJesseHendricksonStephen FischerThomasMcCormickRonald DitschCurt CollierMark SenkyrState form/State feesJustin Barfuss218-220-0825State form/State feesFred Reichel218-750-7412State form/State feesCurt Collier218-966-5070143 HennepinLocal144 HennepinKandiyohiKittsonKoochichingLac Qui Parle158 LakeStateLocal form/Local feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State 7-829-8080159 LakeLake of the160 WoodsLake of the161 WoodsStateNorthern Lake Co. including T62-R11and all townships north of and includingT63Entire County (Except NorthwestAngle)StateNorthwest AngleState form/State feesRonald Ditsch218-779-6758162 Le SueurStateEntire county except New Prague andthe township of LanesburghState form/State feesChris Jackson507-402-4963163 Le SueurStateState form/State feesChris tateStateMontgomery is a STATE inspectionarea effective June 18, 2021New Prague and the township ofLanesburghEntire CountyEntire CountyEntire CountyEntire CountyState form/State feesState form/State feesScott PreussMark SenkyrRandal MahaRodney VanOrtTerry 80218-237-8467StateGrygla and the townships of Agder,Cedar, Como, East Valley, Eckvoll,Espelie, Grand Plain, Linsell, MooseRiver, Moylan, Mud Lake, Rollis, ThiefLake, Valley, Veldt and WhitefordState form/State feesRonald Ditsch218-779-6758Le SueurLincolnLyonMcLeodMahnomen169 MarshallStateElectricalInspectorDirectory form/State feesState form/State feesState form/State fees9

Line No.County*AHJ City or TownshipForm and Fees InspectorAlvarado, Argyle, Holt, Middle River,Newfolder, Oslo, Stephen, Strandquist,Viking, Warren and the townships ofAlma, Augsburg, Big Woods, Bloomer,Boxville, Comstock, Donnelly, EaglePoint, East Park, Excel, Foldahl, Fork,Holt, Huntly, Lincoln, Marsh Grove,McCrea, Middle River, Nelson Park,New Folden, New Maine, New Solum,Oak Park, Parker, Sinnott, SpruceValley, Tamarac, Vega, Viking,Wanger, Warrenton, West Valley andWright170 MarshallState171 Martin172 MeekerStateState173 Mille Lacs174 MorrisonStateState175 MowerState176 Mower177 MurrayStateStateAustin, Lyle, Mapleview and thetownships of Austin, Lansin