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SRM-MDM Catalog Solution OverviewWhat is SRM-MDM Catalog?Bundles together in one application functions needed for catalog content managementPre-configured content adapted to support procurement processesBased on SAP NetWeaver MDM Technology.Available in two Flavors as Product and Service Catalogs.How does it work?It uses a repository (Catalog Items) on the MDM ServerBuilt-in repository and data model for SRM processesIt utilizes Windows-based frond end clients for content managementMDM Console for catalog data modeling and system administrations.Import Manager for uploading catalog contentData Manager for enriching and approving catalog contentWebDynpro-based search user interfaceOCI standard to integrate with the procurement application.Search and procure product using web interface. SAP 2009 / Page 2

Our proposal -MDM Catalog as a CentralRepositoryWhy?Supplier’s catalog data in disparate system landscapesLengthy and complicated procurement processesApproachMDM e-procurement solution or catalog .Bundles together in one application functions needed for catalogcontent management.Links supplier catalog to procurement systemHelps user search and order right itemBenefitsCatalog is seen centrallyQuick price comparisonReduced time and effort related to creating purchase transactionsCost savings due to centralized catalog referenced by end usersfrom multiple landscapes SAP 2009 / Page 3

Agenda1. of SRM-MDM Search User-InterfaceCatalog Content Management using MDM ApplicationsCatalog Integration ScenariosCatalog supportability MatrixIntegration of additional Add-On Solutions SAP 2009 / Page 4

Overview SRM MDM Catalog 3.0SRM 7.0 and SRM-MDM Catalog 3.0 released as apart of SAP Business Suite 7.Catalog 3.0 built on top MDM 7.1.Service Procurement integration in the form of ServiceHierarchy catalog.New features: Price sorting, multiple parameterspassed from calling applications.Performance and Stability is key for all our releasecycle. Search performance improvedContains search 3 times faster SAP 2009 / SRM-MDM Catalog Update130 active projects

Catalog User and Views at a glanceSRM UsersDynamic Attributes(PORG, Plant Id,supplier Id, Contract Id)MDM User Catalog UI filtered basedDynamic Parameters MDM Views(NamedSearches/Masks)Catalog UI filtered basedon views PassedComplete catalogwithout any FilterMDM Repository SAP 2009 / Page 6

Configuration of User InterfaceThe SRM-MDM search user-interface Configurationincludes:Catalog and User specific Customizations of the Search UserInterface.Customization of the Shopping options availableOrder simulation Screen ( Preview)One Click Transfer.Display only modeIntuitive configurations optionsFlexibly configurations for depicting the search results.Highly customizable search options.Customizations to enable/disable certain features for e.g.Shopping list, attribute search.Customizations to specify the dimensions of the images andrendered hyperlinks.Configurations to specify the OCI field mapping. SAP 2009 / Page 7

Intuitive and comfortable search functions forthe end-userThe SRM-MDM search user-interface includes:Clear and user-friendly designIntuitive search functions for less training effortAutomatic stemming for keyword searches.Drill down Search options using Hierarchies and selection lists.Different search algorithms from Exact to Sounds LikeFiltering of results by attributes (e.g. color, size)Highly customizable display and search options.Display of product relationships (e.g. Sales Kits, Accessories,similar items)Shopping lists for bundling favorite items.Multiple pricing with references to contracts and info recordsSupport for comparing items.Service hierarchies in SRM 7.0 Service ProcurementRestriction of the content displayed using masks and namedsearches.Integration of electronic forms (e.g. business cards) SAP 2007 / Page 8SearchForItems

Free combination of full-text search, selectionlist and hierarchical searchThe following search functions are at the requestor‘s disposal:Full-text search across all text-search enabled characteristics (e.g. part numbers, description texts, etc.)Hierarchy search using a freely definable classification incl. category-specific attributes.Selection list for direct choice of one or several characteristic values (e.g. manufacturer, supplier, etc.)Advanced search with additional drop-down lists, single search fields and price range searches.Number of Items per category/ Selection List also shown. SAP 2007 / Page 9

Flexibly configurable display for depicting thesearch resultsThe following elements are offered for the display of search results:Results displayed in two modes List (Tabular) and Context (thumbnail).Freely configurable columns in width and position incl. one or multiple image referencesSupports Multiple Pricing (List Price , Purchase info prices , Contract prices and also scaled prices)Jump to Item Details for detailed information on the item.Jump into compare view with colored differentiation.Adding of items to cart or favorite lists.Support for Images and hyperlinks (rendered/links). SAP 2007 / Page 10

Multiple PricingUse caseAn Item exists with following prices needs to be stored in a catalogPrice TypeReferencePriceFlat550Flat Scaled (qty 10)450Info recordXYZ/1234500Contract110000350Contract 24401109701400Our solutionNumber of Items in repository 1.Flat prices and info record prices stored in Price information field of the Item stored in the repositoryContract price to be stored in the Contract price field for the same item.On the UI all the prices will be shown linked with the same item. SAP 2009 / Page 11

Service Catalog (Main display)Service hierarchyHeaderTotally Expand selected Header (s)FeaturesTightly Integrated with ERP and SRMDisplay of Complex Hierarchical structures.Headers of all the hierarchies available for filtering.All the other search functions same as product catalog.One click total expansion of selected hierarchies. SAP 2009 / Page 12Customer business challengesBuilding complex structures in the documents requireshigh efforts and there are chances of errors.

SRM MDM 3.0Scope and prioritiesService HierarchyUpload service hierarchy from SRM & ERPEnhance service procurement process from SRM with access to service hierarchies from SRM-MDM CatalogCorresponding changes to OCI interface (extension of fields)Corresponding UI changes to reflect service viewService Procurement is a central theme for SRM 2008/ Business Suite 2008Performance and TechnologyAdoption of MDM 7.1Key update for MDM Core and Business SuiteStrong feedback from customers on security and performanceAdoption of new MDM Java APIKey aspect of our commitment to performance optimizationLess memory consumption through user session management. Any number of clients with same MDM user will hold/createsingle MDM session.Additional performance optimizations in SRM-MDM search user-interfaceMisc. topicsLess maintenance with ability to pass Multiple parameters from calling applications.Continuous focus on delivering tweaks to functionality based on customer feedback.Named Searches to filter the qualifiers on the UI.Number of results relevant to each item displayed in Hierarchy /selection list.Price Sorting now available on UI –Phase 1 implementation: Single price sorting. Separate application for maintaining thefield. SAP 2009 / Page 13

Agenda1. of SRM-MDM Search User-InterfaceCatalog Content Management using MDM ApplicationsCatalog Integration ScenariosCatalog supportability MatrixIntegration of additional Add-On Solutions SAP 2007 / Page 14

SRM-MDM Process FlowSRM Business Content SAP 2007 / Page 15

SRM-MDM Catalog: Manage hForItemsThe following functions are available via MDM Console:The Console is used for modeling the catalog data model and system administrations.Predefined repository modeled for SRM processes. Flexible extension and modification of repository–Additional tables, fields and attributesSelection of catalog languages (Unicode 4.0) to be used and also defining Inheritance Levels for SupportedLanguages .Activation of fields for full-text search and sorting of their columns in search user-interfaceAdministration of authorization roles, users and their individual password handling, defining Constraints. SAP 2009 / Page 16

SRM-MDM Catalog: Import and bCatalogCatalogBasic Tools/ServicesMDM Import ManagerProvides data transformation capabilities topreprocess the source data one field at a time prior to the import.MDM Import ServerExecutes automatic upload of data via File Adapters.Sources of InformationThe supplier catalogs and product hierarchies can have anyformat supported by the standard SAP NetWeaver MDMapplication.ImportManagerSimultaneous import of multi-lingual texts and scale pricing(e.g. also via MS Excel)Upload contract data from SRM, including price conditionsbased on:–Product Group/ Product Id/ Supplier Part NumberUpload purchasing info records and contracts with relatedmaterial masters from ERPUpload of Service hierarchies from SRM andERP SAP 2009 / Page 17ImportServerSearchSearchForForItemsItems

SRM-MDM Catalog: Import and EnableWebCatalogThe following functions are offered by MDM Import Manager:Definition of individual import maps for diverse MS Excel, text or XML formatsSave and re-use mapsAuto-map and key-mapping functionalitySimultaneous import of multi-lingual texts and scale pricingAutomatic filtering of obsolete items during full-refresh of catalogs.Dialog-based upload process with numerous plausibility checks during content import SAP 2009 / Page 18SearchSearchForForItemsItems

SRM-MDM Catalog: Enrich Product ntentEnrich Product Content using MDM Data MangerAdd images and attachments to product record.Add new items manuallyDefining views using Masks (static) and Namedsearches (Dynamic).Quick maintenance of individual items and comfortablemass changes to numerous items at once (Validations &Assignments)Re-assignment of existing records to another categoryEasy-to-use multi-dimensional search within the completecatalog. SAP 2009 / Page ems

SRM-MDM Catalog: Approve Product rItemsThe following features are at the purchaser‘s disposal:Flexible and powerful Workflow Engine–Freely definable approval procedures through integration of MS Visio flowchart diagramsEasy creation and modification of Workflows– SAP 2009 / Page 20Validation & Item approval based on self-created quality rules (comparable to MS Excel formulas)–E-mail notification–Assignment of tasks to user or group of users

SRM-MDM Catalog: Enable Web ntentApproveProductContentPublish Web CatalogConfiguring the User Interface (UI)Search optionsItem DisplayOCI mappingsIntegrating Catalog with SRM System.Defining External Web Services definition (IMG).SPRO - SAP Implementation Guide - SAPSupplier Relationship Management - SRM Server - Master Data - Content Management - DefineExternal Web Services.PI configuration (for defining communicationChannels to Import Server) SAP 2009 / Page 21EnableWebCatalogSearchForItems

Agenda1. of SRM-MDM Search User-InterfaceCatalog Content Management using MDM ApplicationsCatalog Integration ScenariosCatalog supportability MatrixIntegration of additional Add-On Solutions SAP 2007 / Page 22

Business Scenarios OverviewThe catalog is integrated with thefollowing SAP SRM and SAP ERPbusiness scenarios:SAP SRM: Self-Service ProcurementSAP SRM: Service ProcurementSAP SRM: Contract ManagementSAP ERP: PR,PM and PO (as of SAP ERP 2005) SAP 2007 / Page 23

Open Catalog Interface (OCI)Standard that enables transfer of data betweencatalog and procurement system application viaHTTP.LaunchingCatalogCalling Up the Parameters from SRM (ExternalSystem)URL and parameters to Launch Catalog (IMG)Addition functions for Product CatalogValidation,Background searchItem detailsReturn From the CatalogStandard fields and Field codes defined fortransfer of Items from catalog to procurementsystemNaming Convention (NEW ITEM- Fieldname [ index ].)Required and Optional Fields SAP 2007 / Page 24Transferring itemsfrom Catalog

MDM Catalog Integration ScenarioMDM CatalogSRMSUSERPOCI 1RFXOCI 1Importof Flat Items & ServiceHierarchiesOCI 2ServiceCatalogUIImportof Flat ItemsOCI 1PR/PO/PMOCI 2QuotationXML via PIUpload ServiceHierarchiesServices CatalogRepositoryUpload of ContractsFlat ItemXML via PIContractsSUSConfirmationSUSInvoiceImportFlat ItemsOCI 2UploadPurchase inforecords andcontractsOCI 2ERPMasterDataData transferfrom Catalogto theinvokingapplicationthrough OCIXML via PIOCI 1XML via PIOCI 1MECCMImportFlat ItemsOCI 2ShoppingCartPurchaseOrderConfirmationInvoice SAP 2007 / Page 25Product CatalogRepositoryUpload ServiceHierarchiesCall upParametersfrom ExternalSystemOCI 1ImportFlat ItemsOCI 2ProductCatalogUIUploads sent toMDM ports inform of XML viaPI Adapter

Agenda1. of SRM-MDM Search User-InterfaceCatalog Content Management using MDM ApplicationsCatalog Integration ScenariosCatalog supportability MatrixIntegration of additional Add-On Solutions SAP 2007 / Page 26

Catalog Supportability MatrixVersionSRM-MDM Catalog 2.0MDM 5.6SRM-MDM Catalog 3.0MDM 7.1SRM-MDM Servicecatalog 3.0MDM 7.1Below SRM 5.0YesNoNoSRM 5.0YesYesNoSRM 6.0YesYesNoSRM 7.0YesYesYesERP 2005YesYesNoERP 2005 ENH PACK 4YesYesYes SAP 2009 /

Agenda1. of SRM-MDM Search User-InterfaceCatalog Content Management using MDM ApplicationsCatalog Integration ScenariosCatalog supportability MatrixIntegration of additional Add-On Solutions SAP 2007 / Page 28

The Dynamic Web Forms support the flexiblecustomizing of eForms within mere hoursThe following functions are available via Dynamic Web Forms:Comfortable configuration environment for electronic forms via easy R/3 table maintenanceSelection of product variants, complex price calculations, integration of F4-helps into ERP systemDynamic compilation of questionnaires (e.g. for catering, user accounts, transport costs, etc.)Enrichment of SRM-MDM catalog items or direct OCI-call from SRM or ERP SAP 2009 / Page 29

The Catalog Validation Engine offers suppliersan autonomous catalog importThe following functions are offered by the Catalog Validation Engine:Flexible definition of validation rules, such as mandatory fields, value lists, regular expressions, etc.Web-based supplier portal for the autonomous validation and import of catalog updatesEmail notification incl. transparent MS Excel validation protocol to supplier in case of errorsAutomatic import of correct catalogs with follow-up commercial approval by procurement team SAP 2009 / Page 30

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Appendix SAP 2009 / Page 32

SRM-MDM Catalog: Users and rolesThe following roles are available for the SRM-MDM Catalog:User Interface (UI) Configuration ManagerCan set up user-specific configuration for users who are assigned the Catalog User role.The owner of this role is authorized to configure the Java-based Web Dynpro search UI and the open catalog interface (OCI)mapping.Catalog ManagerResponsible for importing, managing, and classifying product and contract data in the MDM Import Manager and MDM DataManager. The Catalog Manager configures masks and named searches.Catalog Content ApproverResponsible for approving or rejecting catalog items in the SRM-MDM Catalog workflow.Catalog UserSearches for products in the catalog and adds them to a procurement application such as the cart.AdministratorHas full administrative rights to manage the available functions, maintain roles in the MDM Console, and link them to masks(views). For more information, see Masks.External IntegrationA technical role that is used for the automatic upload of data via the MDM Import Server. The system user is assigned to thisrole. SAP 2007 / Page 33

Service ProcurementProcess Overview Upload ScenarioShoppingServices/HierarchiesImport serverERP(MECCM)XMLVXML1,2,3Communicationthrough MDM-API(7.1)AXISRMRFxVValidations:XMLMDM RepositoryASourcing ScenarioSRMCatalog LaunchV2.At Import ManagerEnd Both XSD anddata validation.Hierarchy Structure(Headers & Outlines)XML2Service-Items(Functional Location& Free Text)XML3OCI HTMLAt XI end only calItemsHierarchy Structure SAP 2009 / Page 34

SRM-MDM 3.0Transfer of MSS from ERP – Using MECCM reportModel Service Specifications created in MM-SRV can beselected and transferred to the SRM-MDM catalog SAP 2009 / Page 35

SRM-MDM 3.0Transfer of Quotations from SRM RfxAccepted quotations (supplier responses) can bedirectly published to the SRM-MDM catalog SAP 2009 / Page 36

Configuration UICatalog and User specific ConfigurationServices / product.General configurationsCustomize Screen DisplayCustomize Search optionsOCI Mapping SAP 2009 / Page 37

Item DetailsThe following features are offered in detailed display of Items:Very detailed information regarding the item.Price information in tabular display with more detailed information regarding references and scalesDifferent tabs for displaying substitute items, accessories and information relevant to sales kits also.Options to compare substitute items.Add items to cart and favorite lists.Navigation buttons to move to the next and previous items. SAP 2009 / Page 38

Compare ScreenProvides feature to compare different items in the screen.Color coding for displaying similar information.Option to add items to the cart.Navigation to the Item details. SAP 2009 / Page 39

Shopping ListsFrequently shopped Items can be saved under a shopping list for faster and convenient usage in future.Easy to maintain and update from results set, Item details and cart preview screen.Option to share lists amongst different Catalog User.Navigation to the Item details, Add to cart and compare available.Filter to search for the desired list. SAP 2009 / Page 40

Service Hierarchy (Filtering using headers)Hierarchy (Header)Selection shows aspecific servicehierarchy SAP 2009 / Page 41

Service Hierarchy (Cart Preview) SAP 2009 / Page 42

Dynamic Web FormsStandard OCI interface toSAP NetWeaver 2004sSRM ( PM / MM )SRM-MDMSRM ServerERP 2005SRMSCF4-helps via RFCSAP SRM-MDM1OCICatalog SearchSRMMaster Data2SAP ERPERPMaster DataInstallation underSAP NetWeaver 2004sRFC34Catalog ItemOCI5eFormSRM 2005ERP 2005OCIConfiguration via SM346Full transport system supportOCIDynamic Web FormsDynamic Web Forms with F4-helps in SRM or ERP SAP 2007 / Page 43SRM-MDM with Punch Punch-Out function toDynamic Web Forms

Catalog Validation and Integration ToolTwo validation scenariosSupplier(s)Online validation at customerOffline validation at supplierCustomer configuresMandatory fieldsLookup table validationsData type compliancyRegular expression checksSupplier carries outOffline checks with local CVI toolOnline checks via web-based accessDirect import if no errors occurCustomer retains the full commercial and final approval ofall content revalidationsUpload andvalidate catalogCVI OnlineCarry out corrections,if nec