Stacking the DeckFebruary 18, 2015

ourthYear at Cisco Live4

6VMAAwards42SummitEmergingMedia Awards16SummitInternationalAwardsAddyAwards

600Presentations60,000Cisco Live2014Slides

Familiar Faces

New Template for 2015

The Anatomy ofEffective Presentations

The Cisco brandNo more death by PowerPointBest practices for your presentations

Engaging your Audience Tell stories to connect with your audience Understand your audience and tap into their motivations Stir emotions to connect with your audiencePresentation ID 2015 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public10

Key Concepts for Creating Visual ImpactPresentation tips: Limit slides and slide content 5 by 5 rule Diagrams, images and animation Cisco icons in Brand Exchange No copyrighted imagesPhotorealisticPictographicDevice Icons

Back Row Visibility

Back Row Visibility

White SpaceCrowdedClear Visual Hierarchy

Network DiagramsComplexScannable

Beware of the PDF

ColorOriginalTemplate Colors Applied

2014 Highlights

Simple, Successful SlidesScannableVisually Balanced

Clear, Well OrganizedScannableWell Organized, Clear Flow

Good Use of ColorUsing Template ColorsClear, Concise Use of Color

Tips and Tricks

Common Problems Software:PC: PowerPoint 2013 or 2010Mac: PowerPoint 2011 or runPowerPoint 2013 or 2010 using a virtual PC Importing existing Cisco Live slidesinto the new template Template theme colors Page numbers, Presentation IDand mandatory slidesAt-a-Glance PDF

Successfully Import Cisco Live 2014 Slides: PC Copy slides into new deck Reset slides to the correct layout Format slides as needed At-a-Glance PDF includesstep-by-step instructions

Successfully Import Cisco Live 2014 Slides: Mac View side-by-side originalpresentation with new template Copy slides into new deck Reset slides to the correct layout Format slides as needed

How to Apply Template Theme Colors: Mac

TroubleshootingIssueText does not adjust afterapplying and resetting layoutSolutionCut and paste text into theproper placeholders

Vanishing Page Numbers First make sure layouts have been chosen and reset Then verify page numbers are turned onPCMac11242334

Presentation ID: PC Step-by-step animated guidesposted in Speaker ResourceCenter (SRC)

Slides You Can’t ForgetTheme SlideTitle SlideEvaluation SlideContinue Your Education SlideOptional Certification SlideEnd Slide

We Are Here to Help Improve visual and technical quality Gain greater consistency of message Achieve corporate branding goals PowerPoint Tips and Tricks At-a-Glance To contract with Decca for additional support,please contact:Sheila At-a-Glance PDF

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