CAMWorks User Files and their ManagementThe target audience of this document is system administrators dealing with multipleCAMWorks users. This document does not replace the“Installation and License Activation Guide.pdf” of CAMWorks. It is intended to provideadditional details regarding the user files that need to be managed, and or backed up.Key PointsFiles used by CAMWorks.If a description is not shown here, it can be found in the installation manual.The recommended location is for a multi-user environment.Techdb.mdbThis is the main file used by CAMWorks. It contains data like the machines available, toolcribs, tooling data, feature and operations.The file used by an individual station is determined by the maintenance, linking procedure.The desired access is read-write and modify. In environments where some users must beprevented from making changes to the data, those users can have the write, or modifyprivilege removed. (There is no ‘undo’ procedure when making changes to the database)Error messages will be displayed if an attempt is made to open the file while in read-onlymode. The most common symptom is the lack of data in the TechDB forms/menus.Recommended placement of the TechDB:In a shared directory; for all users that will not make changes to the data.(Without privileges)In a shared directory; for all users that will be able to make changes to the data.(With privileges)In a local machine; for the user that will make changes and test before placing the changedfile back into the shared directory for all users.888.688.3234 GOENGINEER.COM

MATERIAL.mdbThis File contains the feeds and speeds customized by the user. From this file, data (like thelisting of installed materials) is copied to Techdb.mdb when the option “Update ToolMaterial Data” or the option “Update Stock Material Data” is used. The file is still accessedby an individual operation in CAMWorks when the operation is set to “use library forfeeds/speeds”.The desired access is read-write. In environments where some users must be preventedfrom making changes to it, those users can have the write or modify privilege removed.Error number 2147217911 will be produced if a user with no write privileges attempts towrite the file:Recommended placement:Program Files: Default location in the individual stationC:\CAMWorksData\MatlibData Files: In a shared drive, for users that will not make changes to it.Default location in the local machine, for the user that will make changes and test before placing thechanged files back into the shared directory for all users.The directory where data is installed is selected during original installation. After that, data locationcan be changed by editing the settngs.ini file. The write flag can be removed from users that should notchange it.Special tools and holders.cwtt is a user-defined turning is a user-defined milling is a user-defined mill holder888.688.3234 GOENGINEER.COM

These files originate from a .sldprt file. It is recommended to keep both .sldprt and the userdefined file in the same directory.stl files can be used as turn holdersRecommended placement / shared directory.ReportDatabase.mdb is the reports file and templates used by the setup sheets inMSAccess format. If this file is used, it must follow the location of the TechDB.mdb.However the Setup sheet images will be stored in the folder specified in the camworksoption.XSL file is used by the setup sheet in xml style. The .xsl formats are for viewing the setupsheet information or formatting of the XML file. The path for the template or style is sethere on the Setup Sheet options UI.888.688.3234 GOENGINEER.COM

Recommended placement:A network shared drive (directories where the .xsl files reside must be called mill, turn ormill/turn, under the shared directory).pst files are EDM post processor files.Recommended s.ecc or .sbcc or .sdcc are edm cutting conditions databases.Recommended CuttingConditions.swp and .swb are macros, usually accessing API capabilties.Recommended location:Shared drive.However, for performace considerations while using extremely complex macros,a local copy can be made available.ept, .epf are new machine simulator filesRecommended placement: Default position in individual ctory XML containing .stl, .xml and .mps are machine definitions for the machinesimulator.Recommended placement:Default position c:\camworksdata\machsim\xml.CTL, .LNG (in some cases .cnf, .pinf, .rtf, .kin) are post processor filesRecommended placement:Shared server directory.If this is a standalone workstations create a directory under C:\CAMWorksData\ Post.Users must browse for them the first time after installation.888.688.3234 GOENGINEER.COM

Installation RecommendationsAs described in Chapter8 of the installation manual, upon installation, CAMWorks will place andlink the TechDB.mdb file in a default location.General Recommendations:Always install CAMWorks and its components in the individual computers as the user and“Run as administrator”.After initial installation of CAMWorks Solids, always start the first time as administrator.Designate a user/computer as the focal point to make changes to the technology databaseand feeds/speeds databases. Changes/updates should be done in this machine and testedbefore replacing the files shared by all users in the network drive.The file TechDB.mdb and MATERIAL.mdb should be located in a shared drive for all users.Users not allowed to make changes can be designated as “standard users”, with no writeprivileges to the files.The multi-user environment of SOLIDWorks should be turned on if multiple users areexpected to simultaneously access the same files in a shared directory.Avoid having different service packs on the individual stations. When updating, all stationsshould be updated at the same time so they are at the same version/service pack888.688.3234 GOENGINEER.COM