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PresenterKey SkillsSybase, Oracle, PowerBuilder,Java J2EE, C#Bryan om/Bryan EnochsAgile Scrum Master and LeadArchitectRecent Projects2018 – Currently building a large scale solution for a multi yearFederal Government Contract valued at 13B over 10 years.2018 – State of California CIS Expansion to expand contractservices for the states 88,000 agencies.Page

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Client InvoiceServices (CIS) Client Invoice Services (CIS) is a mobile enabled, global application with servers in the USand England. Manages clients’ expenses through validation against thresholds, contracts and inventoryand applies payments of vendor invoices in country in currency for consolidated billing. Stores granular invoice detail and dynamic client specific information, and exportsappropriate data to accounts payable and/or billing systems. Uses a Business Objects reporting server and a flexible report writer for ad hoc extracts. Is front ended by our EDI gateway that enables automated importing and exporting ofvendor electronic data files, including EDI, CABS, XML and other delimited files. Processes approximately 300K invoices per month with 94% automation in support of AT&Tlarge business customers.elevate.appeon.compage4

Why PowerBuilderand Appeon?AT&T has invested millions of dollars into this large scale application. It has been keptcurrent with versions, infrastructure and needed a mobile facelift.It would have been too costly to rewrite our client/server app and we needed a ipad, iphonemobile enabled.With support from Appeon and their partners, we made some minor changes across the appand delivered a mobile enabled version within a few months.Since this time, another large scale app called the Integrated Billing System has decided tomove forward with the same approach for their PB app.elevate.appeon.compage5

CIS Key VolumeMetricsAverage Annual Revenue Supported X.XB% Automation94%Active Clients350 Active Vendors4,000 Active AccountsAverage Number ofInvoices Per Month450,000 300,000 (Some invoices have 30000 circuits)Invoice Detail Lines Per Month10,000,000 Call Detail Records Per Month25,000,000 CIS manages large volumes of granular invoice detail data to meet customrequirements for large mega deals.elevate.appeon.compage6

CIS KeyFunctionalityExternal SuppliersInternal BillersVodafone, Telus, Optus, Allstream, Verizon, Frontier, Qwest,Granite, Telco Malaysia, Singtel, BT, COLT, CZTel, EIRCOM, EMC,GTS, SWISCOM INVOICEOnenet, CRIS, VTNS, DCS, Execubill, UB, GBP, ABOM, CABS, COBRA,OPUS, DPSS, UCC, Ccard.CLIENT INVOICE SERVICESVALIDATIONEDI EngineLanguage SupportCDR LEVELCurrency EngineRerating EngineValidation EngineLanguage TranslatorVALIDATIONAuto Mapping EngineDynamic Setting EnginePAY INCOUNTRYCURRENCYClient AttributesEU Privacy Compliant*CUSTOM DATAAGGREGATIONDATASTANDARDIZERVALIDATION *INVENTORYEXPENSEMANAGERRECONCILEEXPENSE TOREVENUETarget Architecture Global Invoice Payment, Validation & Consolidation system delivering asingle, custom, consolidated global bill to the customer for all their Worldwide Telco Services!elevate.appeon.compage7

Page 811/7/2018CIS SystemArchitectureScalable Cloud Based ServersProduction-Alpharetta / DR-Hayward Data CentersNumerous Vendor EDI /CABS/EFILES (over 1000 filesper month)Payment AuthorizationPayment InformationVERIFY RECEIPTCFAS / Accts PayableEDI Gateway ServersElectronic Files usingImport ModulesConsolidated Billing detailswith customized customerspecific informationUS / Domestic ProductionBilling Systems –ACUS/IBS/UBData EntryReporting ServerData Archival &Warehouse ServerBackup Detail and CustomReportingProvisioning /Inventory Interfacesfor Validationelevate.appeon.comEMEA ServerHighfield House, Redditch Englandpage8

TechnologyProfileSystem TechnologyRequired Personnel Skill sets High End Cloud Based SolutionHP DL580 G3 Windows ServersHP-UX 11i OS and Windows Server 2012serversOracle 12GAppeon Mobile EnablementPowerBuilder Enterprise 12.5 IDEMicrosoft ASP.NET IntegrationEDI Server – EC Gateway, EC Real TimeProcessor & EC Mapping Developmentsoftware (comparable to Sterling Gentran)SVN Source Code Senior PowerBuilder / .NET Developers /AppeonLinux Cron / Shell scripter expertsEDI Mapping Specialists / Connect DirectspecialistsSQL Programmers – extensive T-SQLStored procedure/trigger developersData Modeling / Design Experts usingPowerDesignerOracle 12G DBAs with knowledge of PL –SQL and AdministrationSystem Architects dealing with extensiveknowledge of large scale systemspage9