Bridgestone Australiaand New ZealandManaging Director,Andrew MoffattBridgestone AustraliaGlobal might, local expertiseA subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation– the largest tyre manufacturer inthe world – Bridgestone Australia’sAustralasian head office is basedin Adelaide, South Australia.The Bridgestone brand has a globalreputation as the tyre industry marketleader, renowned for producingquality products and being at theforefront of technology, innovationand continuous improvement.Bridgestone Australia is a major supplierto the Australasian automotive industry,providing an extensive range of qualitytyres, carefully developed to suit localconditions. The company is supported byan employee network of more than 1,500people across Australia and New Zealand.Bridgestone Australia also manufactures,wholesales and retails quality truck retreadproducts through its Bandag network,the world’s leading retread brand.Bridgestone strives to be trustedby the community and valued byits employees. With this in mind, alloperations are guided by a mission ofServing Society with Superior Quality.No other tyre brand can matchBridgestone’s global strength, researchand development focus and specificin-country testing to ensure the productsthat we offer to the Australian market areideally suited to our unique conditions.By partnering with Bridgestone,your business will benefit from theskill and expertise of our Australianoperation as well as the globalresources and knowledge of theBridgestone brand internationally.

Total TyreManagementBridgestone’s TotalTyre Managementprogram is more thana business solution; it’sa business imperative.The Bridgestone Total Tyre Managementprogram delivers a comprehensivesolution to your tyre needs. With marketleading products, a detailed plan developedspecifically for your business and ongoingadvice from our team of experts, we will helpyou achieve the best CPK possible.Beyond this, the Bridgestone Total TyreManagement program offers unprecedentedservice levels – with nationwide servicingvehicles, 1,000 Bridgestone and affiliated tyreoutlets and 24/7 emergency support, help isalways at hand.24/7supportBridgestone’s Emergency TyreAssistance service provides 24/7support through our 1300 number.CentralinvoicingNo matter which store you deal withthroughout our network, we’ll make sureyou receive your contractual terms on oneeasily manageable statement.MobileservicingWith a fleet of 280 service vehicles, we cometo you to provide a range of on-site servicesincluding, but not limited to, pressure checks,tread depth readings and rotations.A storenear youWith 1,000 Bridgestone and affiliated dealersacross Australia, all your tyre and servicing needswill be available at a store near you.QualifiedexpertsBridgestone tyre fitters undergo comprehensivetraining and that means the people who service yourtrucks are not only highly skilled and qualified, they’rethe best in the business.MonthlyreportingOur detailed reporting capabilities will ensure youmaintain a clear picture of your tyre usage, CPK dataand more – designed to keep you informed andahead of the game.Onlinedata accessWith online access to your fleet data, you’ll be able to checkin anywhere, anytime with our B-Fleet system providing insightsinto monthly tyre usage and cents-per-kilometre, individualvehicle cost analysis and more.EnvironmentalcredibilityBridgestone has a clear commitment to the environment.Partner with us and you can be assured you’re working witha company dedicated to creating a healthier environment forcurrent and future generations.A leadingbrandPartnering with Bridgestone means you will be supplied withquality products developed specifically for Australianconditions. It also gains you access to global expertise andresources from the world’s leading tyre

Improve your bottom lineBridgestone’s Total Tyre Managementprogram offers a number of benefitsall designed to deliver importantimprovements and efficiencies foryour business.- Like you, our aim is to keep your fleeton the road as much as possible.With 24/7 support, mobile servicingand a 1,000-strong retail network,we can provide your business with anunparalleled level of customer service.- Ensuring your fleet is operating asefficiently as possible is equally asimportant. Our monthly reporting andlive data collection capabilities provideus with all the information to makethis happen. With plans developedaround the needs of individual vehicleapplications, we can recommend theright product mix to deliver maximumefficiency and the best CPK foryour business.- We will work with you to implementa tailored plan, designed specificallyto suit your business needs. This planwill identify where savings can beachieved and what product type, sizeand construction is most suitable.- Invoicing is an area that can take timeand resources away from other valuableareas of your business. Our centralisedinvoicing system means you willreceive one clear, itemised statement– making the payment process simpleand easy, regardless of the size ofyour fleet.- By partnering with Bridgestone you cantake the worry and guesswork outof what products to run your fleet on– not only will you be choosing qualityproducts made by the market-leader,you will be choosing products designedspecifically to suit local conditions.- Our highly qualified and experiencedteam will interpret your data reportsbefore providing in-depth analysisdesigned to help deliver the best tyresolutions for your needs.- Our tyre fitters undergocomprehensive training and they’rethe best at what they do – this meansyou can rest assured your fleet willalways be serviced efficiently andeffectively by expert people.Monthly reportingOur reporting capabilities will ensure you maintain a clear picture of your tyre usage, CPK data and more. As the samplereport below shows, we can provide detailed analysis and reporting – all designed to help improve your bottom line.Spending by Product GroupOthers280,000Wheels & Rims240,000LabourSpend 200,000LTR Tyres160,000Parts & Accessories120,000OB Tyres80,000Retread40,000TBR Tyres0PSR ngs

Support where it counts, when it countsTotal Tyre Managementoffers support whereveryou need it, whenever youneed it. Our Bridgestoneand affiliated dealernetwork includes morethan 1,000 storessupported by 280 mobileservice vehicles. You’llalso have access to theskills and expertise of13 technical engineersand a 24/7 emergencysupport number.1,000 280 24/7 13retail storesservice vehiclessupporttechnical engineersA team of expertsThe Total Tyre Management teamhas been structured to ensureyou have access to the rightlevel of support whenever youneed it – with locally-based teammembers for day-to-day contactand national managers providinghigh-level analysis and support.Bridgestone Australia has a team of13 technical engineers based acrossthe country, working closely with ourcustomers and supported by thenational team in Adelaide. As part ofour commitment to this industry,we continuously review the market andplan for future product

Why Bridgestone?There’s a reason some of the largestand best-known transport operatorschoose to partner with Bridgestone– as the world’s leading tyre brand,our products speak for themselves.Bridgestone invests millions of dollarsin tyre research and developmentand this means we have a range ofinnovative, hi-tech and cost-effectivesolutions for the many challenges facedby the modern transport operator.Whether you’re hauling freight on thehighway, moving livestock off roadand on, navigating heavy loads throughurban areas or taking passengersaround the suburbs or interstate,we have a tyre for every application.Premium line upOur Premium product range, whichincludes the number one steer tyre onthe market, is readily available and widelyused by fleets across Australia.Ecopiatyres and do not compromise whenit comes to durability, irregular wearresistance or wet performance. Rolling resistance quotients calculated using Secrets of BetterFuel Economy, published by Cummins in 2006.Bandag retreadsBandag Manufacturing Pty Limited is awholly owned subsidiary of BridgestoneAustralia Limited and operates underlicense to Bandag Incorporated. Bandag isthe number one tyre retreading brand inAustralasia and has been helping customerslower their total tyre costs for more than45 years.Bandag is the only company in Australiato manufacture pre-cured tread locally.The company produces more than600,000 retreads each year, using a uniquecold cure retreading process designed toextend the life of the tyre and ensure totalquality control and reliability.Thanks to state-of-the-art shearographytechnology, Bandag is able to detectany product defects before releasingto the market.For fleet owners, our Ecopia tyres canpotentially deliver a saving of hundredsof thousands of dollars in fuel costs.Bandag offers:Testing shows that tyre rollingresistance accounts for up to 33% offuel consumption and more than 90%of this resistance comes from the driveand trailer tyres. Bridgestone Ecopia lowrolling resistance drive and trailer tyrescan deliver fuel savings of up to 6%.- The highest quality retread product onthe market; andEcopia tyres also benefit the environmentby helping to reduce CO2 emissions.The Bridgestone Ecopia M749 driveand R109 trailer truck tyres providethe perfect solution to help you reducefuel costs without compromisingon tyre performance. Both offer acomparable wear life to premium- A complete range of retreads to suitall applications;- A premium low rolling resistance rangewhich delivers increased fuel savingswhen coupled with Ecopia casings.Bridgestone Ecopia products capitalise onreduced rolling resistance to deliver realfuel savings, with comparable wear life,better profitability and importantenvironmental benefits. Combine thiswith our Bandag LRR retreads and we have acomplete, quality tyre solution to suit your needs.

Bridgestone andthe environmentAt Bridgestone, we believe it’s ourresponsibility to help ensure a healthyenvironment for current and futuregenerations. We’re constantly looking tominimise the environmental impact of ourproducts and our manufacturing processesand we have a number of importantinitiatives to help us achieve this goal.EcopiaOur Ecopia tyres represent an eco-friendly,fuel saving solution which can reduceCO2 emissions. The Ecopia compound is theresult of global research and developmentinto low rolling resistance technology.Put simply, rolling resistance is the forcerequired to roll a tyre. Lower rollingresistance means less fuel consumptionand lower CO2 emissions – and that’sgood for everyone.Bandag retreadsInstead of disposing of tyres with worn outtreads and good sidewalls, they can beremanufactured and put to work again andagain. In addition to saving tyre casingsfrom ending up as waste, retreads haveanother important environmental benefit– as the graph below shows, productionof a retread requires significantly less oilthan production of a new tyre. In short,when you choose Bandag retreads youchoose to make a real contribution to thesustainability of our environment.This is further supported by a significantenvironmental commitment at Bandag’sWacol manufacturing site. The businesshas invested in a number of importantenvironmental initiatives, including:- installing rainwater collection tankswith a storage capacity of up to onemillion litres, providing water for themanufacturing process;- fitting two 100 kilowatt solar powersystems to reduce greenhouse gasemissions; andOur products deliverreal ways to reduceCO2 emissions. Partnerwith Bridgestonetoday to strengthenyour environmentalcredibility.- plans to recycle 200 tonnes worth oftread scrap annually, as well as a hostof other activities.Reduce, Reuse, RecycleBridgestone Select and Bridgestone ServiceCentre stores use accredited AustralianTyre Recycling Association members tocollect and recycle old tyres. Their Codeof Conduct compels them to store anddispose of waste tyres in a way that’sethical, environmentally friendly andauthorised by the Environment ProtectionAuthority. This recycling program divertstyres from landfill or shipment overseaswhere they are burned as fuel, insteadcreating rubber crumb that is used ineverything from playground and roadsurfaces to tile adhesives and compoundfor new tyres.Tyre Stewardship AustraliaBridgestone Australia is a member of TyreStewardship Australia which, under its TyreStewardship Scheme, aims to reduce theamount of end of life tyres damaging theenvironment via landfill, illegal dumpingor undesirable export while increasing therecycling rate of end of life

Bridgestone Total Tyre ManagementBetter for your business, better for theenvironment. Call us today to startimproving your bottom line with atailored tyre management plan.Head Office196 Greenhill RoadEastwood SA 5063Phone: 08 8206 0200Fax: 08 8206 0299Email: [email protected] South Wales andAustralian Capital Territory148 Silverwater RoadSilverwater NSW 2128Phone: 02 8756 4500Fax: 02 8756 4550Victoria and Tasmania365 Fitzgerald RoadDerrimut VIC 3030Phone: 03 9369 2922Fax: 03 9369 4455Queensland400 Nudgee RoadHendra QLD 4011Phone: 07 3868 0000Fax: 07 3868 0089South Australia andNorthern TerritoryCorner Hansonand Cormack RoadsWingfield SA 5013Phone: 08 8348 9155Fax: 08 8348 9111Western Australia516 Abernethy RoadKewdale WA 6105Phone: 08 9311 6666Fax: 08 9311 6677EmergencyTyre Assistance1300 382 000