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Table of ContentsTable of Contents .2Product Announcement and Availability .4NEW Entry Level NetScaler MPX models .4Low to Mid Range NetScaler MPX models .4NEBS Level 3 certified Citrix NetScaler MPX and SDX appliances .5NetScaler Command Center MPX appliance .5Citrix NetScaler 10 Release .6NetScaler Clustering .6Additional capabilities in NetScaler 10 .7Action Analytics application monitoring and adaptive policy controls.7NetScaler DataStream Enhancements .7Deeper Integration with XenDesktop.7NetScaler SDX .8Citrix NetScaler Product Overview .9Citrix NetScaler Platinum Edition .10Citrix NetScaler Enterprise Edition .10Citrix NetScaler Standard Edition .10Available Hardware and Virtual Platforms .10Pay-As-You-Grow Performance Upgrade Licenses .11Burst Pack Performance Upgrade Licenses .12NetScaler CloudBridge .12NetScaler Software Options .12Cluster License Upgrades .13Pay-As-You-Grow Performance Upgrades and Cluster Licenses.14Burst Pack Performance Upgrades and Cluster Licenses .14Upgrading from Access Gateway MPX 5500 to the NetScaler MPX 5500 .14Upgrading from Standalone Cloud Bridge to NetScaler Platinum .15Integrated Web Interface on NetScaler .15NetScaler SDX Appliance Details .16NetScaler VPX Virtual Appliance Details .16NetScaler Application Firewall.16Citrix Application Firewalls provide the following key benefits: .16NetScaler Command Center MPX .17Licensing, Pricing and Discount Programs .17Licensing Guide.17NetScaler List Pricing (No Cluster upgrade license included) .18NetScaler List Pricing (With Cluster license upgrade included) .19NetScaler Application Firewall Pricing.25NetScaler VPX Pricing .26Burst Licensing .27Discount Programs .29Upgrade and Migrations .29Software Migration and Upgrade Paths .29Multi-Step Upgrades.302

Citrix Maintenance Programs.31Appliance Maintenance .31Appliance Maintenance Renewals .32Manufacturer’s Warranty .34Subscription Advantage .34Technical Support .35Premier Support .35Existing Customers purchasing additional Citrix product licenses .35Ordering .36Cold Spare Appliance Program .36Optical Components and Accessories .36NetScaler AC and DC Power Supplies .37NetScaler Hard Drive, SSD, Compact Flash (CF) Accessories .3810GE XFP, 10GE SFP and 1GE SFP.40Selling Requirements .41Sales Certification Requirements .41Technical Requirements.41Partner Preferred Pricing.42Citrix Advisor Rewards .42Ordering Requirements .42Ordering Saleable Product: Hardware .43Evaluation, Partner USE and Partner DEMO Product.43Evaluation.43DEMO.44Product SKUs .44End-of-Life Announcements and Schedules .44Delivery .45Product Fulfillment.45Product Returns .46Product Export and Import Classifications .47Export Classifications .47Import Classifications .47France .47Israel.47More Information .473

This Partner Notification Document (PND) is intended to help in the preparation of Citrix PartnerNetwork members’ internal sales/ordering systems. The document provides an overview of theCitrix NetScaler and NetScaler Application Firewall product lines.This is not a public announcement, and should not be shared with customers. List prices areprovided in USD and do not include additional fees, such as duties and importation taxes.Product Announcement and AvailabilityNEW Entry Level NetScaler MPX modelsOn November 6, 2012, Citrix will introduce a new MPX hardware platform for the low-end of theapplication delivery controller (ADC) market. These two new models provide unique scalabilityfor smaller enterprise accounts with growing performance needs. They are the only scalableentry-level ADCs available that provide complete feature support, including the simultaneoususe of all functional modules. The design further improves SSL capacity and other performancemetrics. These new units target smaller Enterprises, offer valuable upsell potential in CitrixXenApp/XenDesktop solutions and Citrix Access Gateway deployments.The new models include the MPX 5550 and 5650 with 0.5 and 1 Gbps of Layer 7 throughputrespectively. The 5550 model is available with Pay-As-You-Grow, Burst Pack performance andclustering license upgrades. Each of these models is available with a 6x10/100/1000 BASE-Tcopper port configuration.Product NamePublic Announcement DateOrder datesGeneral Availability DatesRegion AvailabilityLanguagesNetScaler MPX 5550, 5650November 6, 2012Available now (cluster and non-clustering SKUs licenses)Available nowAllEnglishLow to Mid Range NetScaler MPX modelsOn August 16, 2012, Citrix introduced a new MPX hardware platform for the low to mid-rangemarket. These three new models provide additional scalability, superior performance to priceratio, advanced SSL capacity for enterprise, and optimization features for CitrixXenApp/XenDesktop virtual solutions and other deployments. The models include the MPX8200, 8400, and 8600 with 2, 4, and 6 Gbps of Layer 7 throughput respectively. These modelsare available with Pay-As-You-Grow, Burst Pack performance and clustering license upgrades.Each of these models is available with two port configuration options: 6x10/100/1000 BASE-T copper and 6x1000BASE-X SFP (fiber or copper) 6x10/100/1000 BASE-T copper and 2x10GE BASE-X SFP Product NamePublic Announcement DateOrder datesGeneral Availability Dates4NetScaler MPX 8200, 8400, 8600August 16, 2012NowNow

Region AvailabilityLanguagesAllEnglishNEBS Level 3 certified Citrix NetScaler MPX and SDX appliancesCitrix is now shipping NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) Level 3 certified NetScalerMPX and SDX appliances. This platform design is available for purchase as the MPX and SDXversions of 11500, 13500, 14500, 16500, 18500, and 20500 models. NEBS models areavailable with Pay-As-You-Grow and Burst Pack performance upgrades and all NetScalersoftware options.NEBS is a telco standard to ensure equipment is highly resilient to environmental impacts.Compliance is required in the telco core (where phone calls are routed) for fire safety, hardenedprotection (e.g. lightning strikes or earthquakes) and tracking. North American telcos requireNEBS compliance and this capability is also highly desirable worldwide. NetScaler goes beyond“compliance” and is fully certified via third party testing. The changes needed for NEBScertification are purely mechanical (e.g., chassis, power supply, etc.) and do not affectperformance, port configurations, power consumption or other metrics. NetScaler MPX withNEBS can be converted to NetScaler SDX with NEBS on-premise via field replaceableupgrades.NEBS certified, Citrix NetScaler appliances provide a strong foothold in the fast growing telco,service provider and mobile carrier space. These markets are of major strategic importance andprovide areas of substantial growth for NetScaler.Product NamePublic Announcement DateGeneral Availability DatesRegion AvailabilityLanguagesCitrix NetScaler NEBS certified appliances for MPX/SDX11500 ,13500, 14500, 16500, 18500 and 20500AnnouncedNowAllEnglishNetScaler Command Center MPX applianceCitrix now sells a NetScaler Command Center MPX appliance in all GEOs. This new product isa hardware appliance version of the existing Citrix Command Center software for centrallymanaging multiple Citrix networking appliances (including NetScaler, CloudBridge, AccessGateway and Branch Repeater). Through a built-for-purpose design, this solution can manage300 separate appliances. NetScaler Command Center MPX is only sold as a high-availability(HA) pair. NetScaler Enterprise and Platinum Edition versions will continue to include anentitlement to use the software version of Command Center. The Platforms contain two powersupplies and are configured with four copper gigabit Ethernet ports (included) and four SFPports. Either Copper or fiber SFP transceivers can be deployed and must be purchasedseparately – only SFP transceivers purchased from Citrix are supported on the CommandCenter appliances.Product NamePublic Announcement DateGeneral Availability Dates5NetScaler Command Center MPX (High Availability Pair)Announced June 19, 2012Now

Region AvailabilityLanguagesAllEnglishCitrix NetScaler 10 ReleaseAll Citrix NetScaler customers with valid maintenance agreements can now download NetScaler10 software.NetScaler 10 advances the state of the art for all application delivery controllers (ADCs) byenabling datacenter managers to inject cloud scale into their mainstream enterprise networks.This new NetScaler release provides unprecedented capabilities to scale performance, capacityand consolidation – along with new real-time performance monitoring, and enhancedDataStream capabilities for scaling Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL infrastructures.Product NamePublic Announcement DateGeneral Availability DatesRegion AvailabilityLanguagesCitrix NetScaler 10April 17, 2012NowAllEnglishNote: Starting with the release of NetScaler 10, only the nCore (.nc) versions will be supported.No support for “Classic” (.cl) will be provided on version 10 and future software releases.NetScaler ClusteringNetScaler clustering is new Citrix technology that enables multiple NetScaler appliances to begrouped together and work in concert to support the delivery of one or more applications. Asingle virtual IP address (VIP) can be supported across up to 32 NetScaler nodes to scaleoverall capacity to massive levels. NetScaler ‘nodes’ can be added or removed seamlessly tomatch NetScaler capacity with real-time traffic demands. This eliminates costly overprovisioning and the use of expensive and complex chassis-based alternatives. Clustering isalso a potential alternative to high availability (HA) pair installations, which would eliminate idleNetScaler appliances.Clustering is a licensed and charged-for upgrade and is orderable now. NetScaler 10 clusteringsoftware is available via download now for NetScaler MPX and VPX platforms runningProduct NameCitrix NetScaler cluster license upgrades (MPX and VPX)Announcement DateApril 17, 2012Order DatesTodayGeneral Availability DatesTodayMPX and VPXRegion AvailabilityAllLanguagesEnglishNetScaler 10 (any edition). Each node within the cluster must have a cluster upgrade license.6

Additional capabilities in NetScaler 10Action Analytics application monitoring and adaptive policy controlsAction Analytics complements NetScaler AppFlow with integrated, real-time visibility into fullapplication and SQL environments. Built-in graphical monitoring and statistical displaycapabilities through the new Stream Analytics menu option provide an “at-a-glance” view intokey application data, including: top application URLs being accessed, top clients submittingrequests, worst performing applications, number of concurrent users for any applicationresource, and more. In addition to including built-in monitoring support for the most popularapplication attributes, Action Analytics allows customization to track and display a wide range ofapplication and client traffic statistics.Action Analytics also allows real-time application data to be fed back into the NetScaler policyengine for automatic policy optimization. It supports powerful customer use cases, such as: Enhanced acceleration through optimized compression and caching. Knowing what themost frequently accessed data is, allows a policy of caching and or compression to givefaster user responses.Control over resource usage such as bandwidth via rate limiting. Where there is limitedb