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PLC AutomationPLCs, Control Panels, Engineering Suite1PLC Automation product familyAutomation Builder - Integrated engineering suite3AC500-eCo - Entry level PLC solutions4AC500 - High performance modular PLCAC500-XC - PLC operating in eXtreme Conditions56AC500-S - Functional Safety PLC7CP600-eCo and CP600 control panelsApplication descriptions and additional information89Index3ADR020077C0203 - Edition December 20152ABB PLC Automation 1/1

PLC Automation product familyOverview1ABB offers a comprehensive range of scalable PLCs and robust HMI controlpanels as well as high-availability solutions. Since its launch in 2006, the AC500PLC platform has achieved significant industry recognition for delivering highperformance, quality and reliability.Comprehensive rangeABB delivers scalable, flexible and efficient ranges of auto mation components to fulfill all conceivable automation appli cations. ABB's automation devices deliver solutions with highperformance and flexibility to be effectively deployed withindiverse industries and applications including water, buildinginfrastructure, data centers, renewable energy, machineryautomation, material handling, marine and more.Programmable Logic Controllers PLCsThe AC500, AC500-eCo, AC500-S and AC500-XC scalablePLC ranges provide solutions for small, middle and high-endapplications. Our AC500 platform offers different performancelevels and is the ideal choice for high availability, extremeenvironments or safety solutions. Our AC500 PLC platformoffers interoperability and compatibility in hardware and soft ware from compact PLCs up to high end and safety PLCs.Engineering suiteABB Automation Builder is the integrated software suite formachine builders and system integrators wanting to automatetheir machines and systems in a productive way. Combiningthe tools required for configuring, programming, debuggingand maintaining automation projects from a common intuitiveinterface, Automation Builder addresses the largest single costelement of most of today's industrial automation projects:software.Control panelsThe CP600-eCo and CP600 HMI control panels offer a widerange of features and functionalities for maximum operabil ity. ABB control panels are distinguished by their robustnessand easy usability, providing all the relevant information fromproduction plants and machines at a single touch.1/2 ABB PLC Automation

Automation BuilderAutomation Builder integrates engineering and maintenance for PLC, Drives, Motion, HMIand Robotics. Automation Builder complies with the IEC 61131‑3 standard offering all 5 IECprogramming languages for PLC and drive configuration. In addition, Automation Builderincludes continuous function chart, C/C , extensive function block libraries and powerfulembedded simulation and visualization features. Automation Builder supports variouslanguages (English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish) and comes with new libraries, FTPfunctions, SMTP, SNTP, smart diagnostics and debugging capabilities. Download AutomationBuilder from compact PLC offers flexible and economical configurations for your modern controlsystem. The ideal choice for smaller applications.AC500Our powerful flagship PLC with a wide range of performance, communications and I/Ocapabilities for industrial applications. The ideal choice for complex high speed machineryand networking solutions.AC500-XCExtreme Condition PLC variant of the AC500 platform with extended operating temperature,immunity to vibration and hazardous gases, use at high altitudes and in humid conditions.AC500-SThis safety PLC (SIL3, PL e) is designed for safety applications involved in factory or machineryautomation area. The ideal choice to implement and manage complex safety solutions.CP600-eCoThe economic control panel series offers touch screen graphic displays from 4.3" up to 10.1".The user-friendly configuration software PB610-B Panel Builder 600 Basic provides themost commonly used HMI functions. Comprehensive sets of graphic symbols areavailable to support the design of tailor-made HMI solutions.CP600This control panel series offers a wide range of touch screen graphic displays from 4.3" upto 15". The user-friendly configuration software PB610 Panel Builder 600 provides state-ofthe-art HMI functions. Comprehensive sets of graphic symbols are available to support thedesign of tailor-made HMI solutions. CP600-WEB panels are available for the visualization ofHMI applications provided by the AC500 WebServer. They include the Microbrowser insteadof an HMI application.ABB PLC Automation 1/31

PLC Automation product familyAutomation Builder1 Engineering Productivity for Machine Builders and System IntegratorsProduct license optionsAutomation Builder BasicAutomation Builder StandardAutomation Builder PremiumFreenAC500-eConnnAC500 with local I/O & network (1)nnnnnnnnnnnAC500 with fieldbus (2)AC500-S SafetyDrive ManagerDrive application programming (3)Motion programmingn (4)Panel Builder 600Panel Builder 600 BasicnIntegrated engineering (5)Productivity features (6)Additional features (7)(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)TCP protocols, Modbus, IEC60870-5-104, CS31PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CANDrive composer pro license needs to be purchasedNo Fieldbus connectivity in Automation Builder BasicPLC, Safety, Panel, Drive, Motion, RoboticsC/C , ECAD data exchange, CSV interface extensions, project compareProject Version Control1/4 ABB PLC Automationnnnnn

Discover engineering productivity when engineering yourdiscrete automation solutions.Automation Builder is ABB's integrated programming, main tenance and simulation environment for PLCs, safety, robots,motion, drives and control panels.Simplified diagnostics and maintenance reducedowntime.Automation Builder is the perfect software suite for theconfiguration and programming of various ABB controllerfamilies in one single project.Automation Builder combines the proven ABB tools Robot Studio, Drive Manager, Mint WorkBench, Panel Builder andsucceeds Control Builder Plus.Safe and restore your applications with a consistent jointbackup.The Automation Builder minimizes your efforts for projectcode and data administration.Improve your productivity with seamless engineering, commondata storage, a single project archive, time-saving libraryblocks for device integration, and one common softwareinstaller.Download Automation Builder with Automation Builder using a 30 days testlicense.After having tried and tested with your individual applications,you can use the free Automation Builder Basic or purchasethe Automation Builder Standard or Premium.Reduce engineering efforts and maintenance costs usingeasy-to-use libraries for wind, water, solar, drives, motion,robotics and safety applications.Benefit from the simplicity of IEC 61131-3, PLCopen, C/ C ,RAPID and MINT programming languages.Speed up your project with the powerful ECAD andMS EXCEL interfaces of Automation Reduced riskSaved timeStreamline and simplify your engineering process: Reduce risk and save time.ABB PLC Automation 1/51

PLC Automation product familyAC500 libraries1 A good investment for system integrators and end-users, AC500 libraries improvestability while reducing warranty costs and service. Library packages containeasy-to-use examples for minimal programming effort and quick implementationof complex and demanding applications.1/6 ABB PLC Automation

11Motion control library2Solar libraryAC500 libraries deliver the seamless integration of drives,HMI and supervisory systems for the quick and easy buildingand commissioning of automation solutions. AC500 solutionlibraries by ABB are maintained to ensure that your programscan also be used with less risk.Motion control libraryLibrary package for decentral, central and coordinated motionaccording to the PLCopen standard.Solar libraryLibrary package for solar trackers increasing energy efficiency,providing quick commissioning and excellent positioningaccuracy.3Water library4Temperature control libraryWater libraryLibrary package with energy efficiency functionalities offeringquick commissioning of water applications, such as pumpstations with remote communication.Drive integration libraryLibrary package for the quick integration of ABB ACS drivesusing different fieldbusses – free-of-charge included inAutomation Builder.Temperature control libraryLibrary package for the advanced PID temperature control ofdemanding applications, for example extrusion.ABB PLC Automation 1/7

PLC Automation product familyPLCs at a glance 1 AC500 Programmable Logic Controllers with scalable, state-of-the-art technologyfor better performance.Standard industrial communication fieldbus, network andprotocols supported by the 'One Platform' solution makethe AC500 the perfect automation solution in even the mostFieldbusdemanding environments. Flexible and scalable superior CPUsdeliver performance whenever and wherever you need it.Ethernet and FieldbusEthernet and FieldbusAC500PM595-4ETH-FPM585-ETHCPU PerformancePM582PM572PM590-ETH PM592-ETHPM591-ETHPM591-2ETHSM560-S PM583-ETHSafety 564-ETHPM556-ETHPM566-ETHFunctionalityEthernet enabledFieldbus enabledEthernet, Fieldbus and High Availability enabledEthernet, Fieldbus, High Availability and enlarged memoryeXtreme Conditions version available1/8 ABB PLC Automation

PLC Automation product familyPLCs at a glance.AC500-eCoSystem Configuration and Application programmingnAutomation Builder (common programming tool)Application FeaturesExtended temperature rangeFunctional safetySupport of simple motion with FM562 module (1)Support of coordinated motion (1)Support of High Availability (HA)CPU FeaturesPerformance (time per binary instruction)Program memoryUser data memoryRemanent data ( saved)Serial communicationRS232RS485Isolated interfaceEthernet features on CPU with integrated Ethernetor external communication moduleOnline access (Programming)ICMP (Ping), DHCP, IP configuration protocolUDP data exchange, Modbus TCPEthernet features on CPU with integrated Ethernet onlyHTTP (integrated web server)SNTP (Time synchronization)FTP serverSMTP client (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)IEC 60870-5-104 remote control protocolSocket programmingDownloadable protocolCapability to connect Fieldbus ModulesI/Os integrated on CPUI/O Modules FeaturesAnalog modulesAC500-XCAC500-S (2)AC500-S-XC (2)nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnAC500-eCo0.08 µs128.512 kB14.130 kB2 kBAC5000.0006 0.06 µs128 16 MB128 16 MB12 3 MBAC500-XC0.0006 0.06 µs128 16 MB128 16 MB12 3 MBAC500-S (2)0.05 µs1024 kB1024 kB120 kBAC500-S-XC (2)0.05 µs1024 kB1024 kB120 nnnnnnnnnnnnnS500S500-XCS500-S (2)S500-S-XC (2)nnnnnnnn (2)nnnn (2)nS500-eCoConfigurableDedicatedAC500nDigital modulesConfigurableDedicatednTransistor outputs short circuit protectedOutput diagnosisExtension with S500-eCo and S500(-XC) I/O modulesnnnnnnnnnnnn fullypartly(1) Requires Library PS552-MC-E.(2) AC500-S and AC500-S-XC are extension CPU modules. They require an AC500 or AC500-XC CPU to operate. The latter supports all communication interfaces.ABB PLC Automation 1/91

PLC Automation product familyAC500-eCo2113AC500-eCo central processing unit (CPU)–– Different memory options–– Integrated communication option.12 S500-eCo I/O modules– – Up to 10 expansions– – Decentralized extension available.1/10 ABB PLC AutomationTerminal blocks–– Three types of pluggable terminal blocks available.3

PLC Automation product familyAC500 and AC500-XC11––––––––23Terminal baseCommon for all AC500 CPU typesFor 1, 2 or 4 communication modulesWith serial interfaces.With 1 or 2 Ethernet interfaces2 Communication modules–– For PROFIBUS DP , Ethernet, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT CANopen , PROFINET IO or serial programmable–– Up to 4 pluggable.541S500 I/O modules–– Up to 10 expansions–– Decentralized extension available.45 Terminal units–– Up to 10 terminal units–– Decentralized extension available.3 AC500 central processing unit (CPU)–– Different performance, memory, network, operatingconditions options–– Integrated communication.ABB PLC Automation 1/11

PLC Automation product familyAC500-eCo system characteristics1 Locally, AC500-eCo CPUs are expandable with up to 10 I/O modules.AC500-eCo CPUs with different performance levels are available.21563478910111/12 ABB PLC Automation

2Wall mounting7Adapter with COM238SD-card adapter4SD-card1A C500-eCo CPUs are locallyexpandable with up to 10 I/Omodules (standard S500 andS500-eCo I/O modules canbe mixed).5Adapter with realtime clock6A dapter with COM2& realtime clockTerminal blocksAC500-eCo Starter kit.For more information,see page 1499RS485 isolator for COM110 COM1 USB11 C OM2 USBprogramming cableABB PLC Automation 1/131

PLC Automation product familyAC500 system characteristics1 AC500 offers superior local extension capabilities for I/O communication,best-in-class CPU functionality and industry-leading performance.34671921/14 ABB PLC Automation85

1A C500 CPUs are locallyexpandable with up to 10 I/Omodules (standard S500 andS500-eCo I/O modules canbe mixed).2Terminal base3C ommunication moduleUp to 4 modules for multiplecombinations to communicatewith nearly everything4CPU module5S500 Terminal unit6S500 I/O module7S500-eCo I/O module8SD-card9Battery luggable marker holder10 Pfor I/O modules with templateABB PLC Automation 1/151

PLC Automation product familyAC500 PM595 Controller system characteristics1 The flagship of the AC500 platform, the AC500 PM595 Controller, was designed asscalable, flexible and efficient as the entire AC500 range.With the AC500 CPU PM595, ABB launched a new core formachine control applications. Its high-performance processorwith generous memory offers performance, security and reliabilityfor the upcoming challenges of automation applications.3A variety of connectivity capabilities, integrated safety andutilizability even under rough environment provide machinebuilders with valuable benefits when performing theirautomation tasks.25161/16 ABB PLC Automation4

1A C500 CPUs are locally expandablewith up to 10 I/O modules (standardS500 and S500-eCo I/O modules canbe mixed).2C PU with integrated connectivityand terminal base3C ommunication moduleUp to 2 modules for multiplecombinations to communicatewith nearly everything4S500 Terminal unit5S500 I/O module6SD-card7Battery8P luggable marker holderfor I/O modules with template5S500-eCo I/O moduleABB PLC Automation 1/171

PLC Automation product familyCondition monitoring system CMS based on AC5001 Predictable performance for your operationsOptimize your assets with a condition monitoring system(CMS) based on the proven AC500 platform. The new FM502module can help you to improve your operations resulting ingreater efficiency and higher reliability while minimizing serviceand operating costs.1/18 ABB PLC Automation

12345Diagnostic Value – KPIAdvantages–– Planned maintenance rather than spontaneous repairensures predictable performance–– Approaching damage is identified very early–– Protection against spontaneous failures and operation incritical conditions–– Reduction of costs in maintenance and lost production time– – Plant availability is increased– – Optimum utilization of the aggregates until real end of life– – Simple to use, maintain, adapt or expandVery low VibrationsCMS also protects against machine failures, unforeseen suddendamage, incorrect installation, and reduces maintenanceand wear. Virtually no unscheduled downtimes boost plantavailability and reliability.DiagnosticPre-WarningTimeSimple AnalysisWarningMonths beforeRMSAlarmHeatExpandable, robust and proven– – Stand-alone CMS or control integrated– – Expandable by AC500 communication modules andAC500 I/O modules– – Proven and future proof, as based on AC500 platform– – Extreme conditions XC version available– – Fast data logger, e. g. for production quality– – Fast protection in parallel to condition monitoringNoiseNo matter whether as stand-alone condition monitoring orintegrated into machine or process control, the module isperfectly suited to build optimized, self-analyzing automationsolutions that simultaneously perform condition monitoring,control, protection, safety and data logger functions with onecontroller. The fast data logger function also contributes toconsistent high quality production, due to the possibility tocombine control and production information directly.AC500 CMS increased machine efficiencyAll based on the AC500 platform modularity provides ultimateflexibility: Communication and I/O modules can be added andcombined with Safety.VibrationsAdd predictable performance and productivityThe new CMS module brings further reliability and easy inte gration with all kinds of machinery systems, enabling precisemanagement of the real-time condition of your operation. Thistransparency takes your business and productivity to a newlevel with more efficient machines, predictable performanceand significant reduction in maintenance costs.GradCOFFWeeks beforeDays beforeSmoke61Terminal base: TF501 or TF5212Accomodating: 0 or 2 communicationmodules3PM592 CPU4FM502 CMS module5Expandable by I/O terminal units6Expandable by further I/O modulesABB PLC Automation 1/191

PLC Automation product familyExtreme conditions1 PLC AC500-XC – the rugged variant of AC500 for extreme indoor andoutdoor conditions.The PLC AC500-XC is reliable, functionally safe andoperational even under rough environmental conditions.11/20 ABB PLC Automation23

11Terminal base4 Extreme conditions CPU with integrated connectivityand terminal base2E xtreme conditionscommunication module5 E4 xtreme conditionsS500 terminal unit3E xtreme conditions CPU6E xtreme conditionsS500 I/O moduleOperation in extremely humid environments–– Increased resistance against 100 %humidity and condensation.Extended operating temperature–– -40 C up to 70 C operating temperature.Reliable in high altitudes–– Operation in altitudes up to 4000 m abovesea level or air pressures up to 620 hPa.Extended immunity to corrosive gases andsalt mist–– G3, 3C2 immunity–– Salt mist EN 60068-2-52 / EN 60068-2-11.Extended immunity to vibration–– 4 g rms random vibration up to 500 Hz–– 2 g sinusoidal vibration up to 500 Hz.Extended EMC requirements–– EN 61000-4-5 surge immunity test–– EN 61000-4-4 transient / burst immunity test.ABB PLC Automation 1/21

PLC Automation product familyFunctional Safety1 AC500-S Safety PLC is the solution for complex machine safety applicationsrequiring maximum reliability, efficiency and flexibility.This safety PLC protects people, machines and processes,the environment and investments - the ideal choice for windturbine, crane, hoist and robot applications.1231/22 ABB PLC Automation

11 Safety CPU2 S500 Safety I/O moduleBetter integration and ease of programmingFeaturing a consistent look and feel across the entire range, theAC500 is the PLC of choice for applications where uncom promised flexibility, comprehensive integration and seamlesscommunication are a must. Automation Builder seamlesslyintegrates your safety application in ABB PLC, Safety, Drives,Motion, HMI and Robotics. Through integrated standardlanguages, such as IEC 61131-3, Automation Builder is easyto use thus allowing you to get started in virtually no time atall. And what is more: intuitive system configuration using onesingle tool ensures optimal transparency.33 Safety terminal unitThe AC500-S Safety PLC, ABB's latest addition to the AC500family, facilitates the implementation of even most complexsafety applications. Support of safety-relevant calculations,such as COS, SIN, TAN, ASIN, ACOS and LOG makes theAC500-S th