SBFEATURES All wear components are fully immersed in fluid (wet multi-disc design)Performance-matched to fit small-frame motors with SAE A mountRelease pressure independent of motor pressureMaximum release pressure up to 3,625 PSI (250 bar)Brake directly coupled to the output shaftWide-variety of input and output shaft optionsEnvironmentally sealed / factory prefilled with oilBENEFITS Proven, Quiet, Trouble-Free Operation Compact, Cost-Effective Package Simplifies System Circuits - Eliminates Need forPressure-Reducing Valve Series Operating Capability Reliable Performance - Fewer Critical Components Design Flexibility Global Interchangeability Suited for “Stand Alone” Brake Applications Ease of InstallationAPPLICATIONSTruck-Mounted Cranes and Boom Lifts, Recovery Winches, Aerial Boom Lifts, Marine Cranes and Winches,Industrial Conveyors, Recycling Equipment, Fishing Winches, Agricultural Equipment, Drill-Rigs, Specialty Attachments,Grapples, Draglines, Truck Tarps and Truck Side CurtainsThe SB Series brake provides superior performance in an extremely compact package. Unlike conventional brakesoffered today, the SB brake is performance-matched to fit the full range small-frame SAE A mount motors availabletoday. With an overall diameter of less than 5.4” (137mm) the SB has a holding capacity in excess of 5,500 lb-in (620Nm) and is easily mated to a variety of global industry standard motor mounting and shaft options. In addition, the SBSeries can be used as a stand-alone brake solution without an input drive motor. This option further opens design flexibility to meet a wider variety of application needs.The SB series uses the same time-proven brake technology used in other White Hydraulic brakes and incorporates thelatest advances in multiple-wet-disc-brake technology. The design is a spring-applied / pressure release type that usesmechanical spring-force to apply the brake in the absence of release pressure. System pressure is applied to the brakerelease port to overcome the spring force to release the brake. In the absence of pressure, the springs activate the brakefor full system load-holding capability. In addition, all internal components including the bearings and brake discsare fully immersed in an oil bath to provide extended life and trouble-free operation. The brake is intended for use asa static load-holding brake with limited short-duration dynamic operation allowed. Actual customer testing and fullsystem testing is required to ensure the product meets performance requirements. All these features combine to makethe SB Series the leading small-frame brake in the world today.SPECIFICATIONSCode225315415520620Holding Torque2,000 lb-in(225 Nm)2,800 lb-in(315 Nm)3,700 lb-in(415 Nm)4,600 lb-in(520 Nm)5,500 lb-in(620 Nm)450 psi(31 bar)450 psi(31 bar)3,625 psi (250 bar)Max. Release PressureFull Release PressureRelease Volume2290 psi(20 bar)290 psi(20 bar)290 psi(20 bar).51 cu. in (8.3 cc)

SBHOUSINGSA10A11A30A312-Hole 7/16”-20 SAE O-Ring Release Port2-Hole 1/4”-19 BSP.P Release Port4-Hole 7/16”-20 SAE O-Ring Release Port4-Hole 1/4”-19 BSP.P Release PortNote: Cast Dimensions are .030” (0,76)5.15 (130,8)5.09 (129,3)4.19 (106,4)4.19 (106,4)BrakeRelease Port.54 (13,7)17 3.75 (95,3)5.12 (130,1)2.67 (67,8)2.67 (67,8)17 .54 (13,7)Brake Release Port3.250 (82,6)3.248 (82,5)3.250 (82,6)3.248 (82,5).24 (6).24 (6)*(4) Fill and Drain Ports*(4) Fill and Drain Ports4.53 (115,1) Max.89 (22,6).34 (8,5)4.53 (115,1) Max.89 (22,6)3.255 (82,7)3.253 (82,6)A10 1.67 (42,3)A11 1.64 (41,6).34 (8,5)5.15 (130,8)5.09 (129,3)3.255 (82,7)3.253 (82,6)A10 1.67 (42,3)A11 1.64 (41,6)5.15 (130,8)5.09 (129,3)(2) M12 x 1.75Mounting Holes(2) M12 x 1.75Mounting Holes*Fill and drain ports for filling and draining the brake only. No system connections are to be made to the fill and drain ports. These ports are not suitable for use in a cooling loop.3

SBSHAFTSZW1” Straight Output w/ 6-B Spline InputMountingFlange2.03 (51,6)1.68 (42,7).251 (6,4).250 (6,4)1.02 (25,9).970 (24,6).70 (18) Min.251 (6,4).250 (6,4)1.110 (28,2)1.101 (28,0)2.3 (58,6).18 (4,6)Ø 1.0 (25,4)45 6-B Spline Output w/ 6-B Spline InputMountingFlange2.03 (51,6)1.68 (42,7)1.00 (25,4) Min. Spline.245 (6,2).243 (6,2).810 (20,6).805 (20,4)2.3 (58,6)5/16” - 18 UNC25mm Straight Output w/ 25mm Straight Input25mm Straight Output w/ 6-B Spline InputMountingFlange2.03 (51,6)1.68 (42,7).314 (8,0).313 (8,0).276 (7,0).274 (7,0)1.218 (30,9)1.168 (29,7).70 (18)Min.21 (5)1.08 (27,4)1.07 (27,2).984 (25,0).983 (25,0)M8 x 1.25ZXZU45 32mm Straight Output w/ 25mm Straight Input32mm Straight Output w/ 6-B Spline InputMountingFlange2.62 (66,5).394 (10,0).392 (9,9)1.372 (34,8)1.359 (34,5).31 (8)1.12 (28,4)45 ZYZT25MM Straight Input Dimensions.70 (18) Min.996 (25,3).992 (25,2)2.22 (56,4).276 (7,0).274 (7,0)1.285 (32,6)1.235 (31,4).70 (18)Min.46 (11,7)1.260 (32,0)1.259 (31,9)M8 x 1.2545 4.25 (6,3).999 (25,4).998 (25,3)5/16” - 18 UNCZZ6-B Input Spline DimensionsØ .99 (25,1)

SBTECHNICALBearing Curve: The bearing curve represents allowable bearing loads based on ISO 281 bearing capacity for an L10life of 2,000 hours at 100 RPM. Radial loads for speeds other than 100 RPM may be calculated using the multiplication factor table to the right.-125 -100-75-50-250255075Bearing Load MultiplicationFactor Table100mm8,0003,500320 lbs (145 kg)7,0006,000RPM Multiplication 0.587000.568000.503,0002,500320 lbs (145 s-5-4-3-2-101234inORDERING INFORMATIONSERIESOPTIONS930HOLDING TORQUE HOUSINGSSHAFTMISCELLANEOUSCodeHolding TorqueCodeHousingsCodeShaftsCode2252000 lb-in (225 Nm)A102-Hole 7/16" O-RingZT25mm Straight w/ 6-B Spline Input*AAStandard3152800 lb-in (315 Nm)A112-Hole 1/4" BSP.PZU32mm Straight w/ 6-B Spline Input**JA4153700 lb-in (415 Nm)A304-Hole 7/16" O-RingStand-AloneBrake CoverZW1" Straight w/ 6-B Spline Input5204600 lb-in (520 Nm)A314-Hole 1/4" BSP.PZX32mm Straight w/ 25mm Input6205500 lb-in (620 Nm)ZY25mm Straight w/ 25mm InputZZ6-B Spline w/ 6-B Spline InputThe SB brake can be configured as a “standalone” brake for applications without a drivemotor.***The standard paint code for this option is Z.The standard paint code for this option is A.OptionsADD ONSCodeOptionsAStandardPAINTCodeOptionsADark Metallic GrayBDark Metallic Gray(Unpainted Flange Face)CBlackDBlack (UnpaintedFlange Face)ZNo PaintCAVITYCodeOptionsANone5

SBINSTALLATIONThe SB Brake is a wet multi-disc type static brake and is shipped factory filled with fluid. The fluid used is a standard SAE 20 hydraulic fluid. A hydraulic motor can be mounted to the SB Brake to provide a complete motor/brakepackage. A shipping cover protects and seals the input interface until it is ready for installation. The shipping cover isremoved by removing the two cap screws and following the motor installation procedure below. Mounting pilot surfaces need to be free of paint or other substances for proper assembly and leak-free performance. Standard SB brakesare sold unpainted with an easy to remove shipping cover. Stand-alone SB brakes come standard painted and factoryinstalled cover.The input interface must be sealed to keep the brake environmentally protected and bearings fully immersed in fluidfor proper lubrication and long life. Standard SAE 20 hydraulic oil is used in the brake cavity as well as typically usedin hydraulic systems.An internal seal is provided to seal long-pilot motors. When a short-pilot motor is used, an o-ring face seal is neededto properly seal the motor/brake interface. Two mounting bolts (M12 x 1.75 thread) and an o-ring seal with mountinginstructions are included in the brake installation kit 930999001 and shipped with each SB Brake.Short Pilot Motor Installation - .11 (2,8 mm) Ø3.25 (82,4)Stand-Alone InstallationFace SealInput Mounting CoverNote, the factory installed pilot seal may be left in place. However, this seal will notprovide proper sealing for motors with short pilot mounts, therefore, a face seal mustbe used.Long Pilot Motor Installation - .21 (5,3 mm) Ø3.25 (82,4)The SB can also be used as a stand-alone brakewithout an input drive motor. In these cases, themounting cover should remain in place and not beremoved. The cover seals the unit and keeps thebearings immersed in oil for lubrication and longlife.Internal SealFIG. A - End ViewTo remove cover, pierce andpry with a sharp awl.Note, the face seal contained in the mounting kit is not needed and may be discardedwhen mounting a long pilot motor.6

White Hydraulics ProductsSBA White Hydraulics product is defined as products manufactured and/or sold by White Hydraulics Inc. Hopkinsville,Kentucky USA and/or White Hydraulics Gmbh Ratingen, Germany and/or White Hydraulics, Inc. Shatin, N.T. HongKong.Important InformationBefore selecting or using a White Hydraulics product, it is important that all information concerning the product warranty, limitation of liability and responsibility of the customer be reviewed. This information is located below. Pleasedirect any questions regarding this information to your White Hydraulics representative.DisclaimerThis catalog provides product options for further investigation by customers having technical expertise with respectto the use of such products. It is the responsibility of the customer to thoroughly analyze all aspects of the customer’sapplication and to review the information concerning the product in the current product catalog. Due to the diversityof possible applications, the customer is solely responsible for making the final selection of the product(s) to be usedand to assure that all performance, safety and warning requirements of the application are met. The customer is furtherresponsible for all testing to verify acceptable life and performance of White Hydraulics’ products under actual operating conditions.While Hydraulics has made all reasonable efforts to present accurate information in this catalog and shall not beresponsible for any incorrect information which may result from unintentional oversight. Due to continuous productimprovement, the product specifications as stated in this catalog are subject to change by White Hydraulics at any timewithout notice. The customer should consult a sales representative of White Hydraulics for detailed information and todetermine any changes in the information in this catalog.Improper selection or improper use of the products described herein can result in death, personal injury and/or property damage. White Hydraulics, Inc.’s sole responsibility with respect to its products is set forth in the warranty/limitation of liability policy state herein.WarrantyWhite Hydraulics products are sold subject to a limited warranty and a limitation of remedies policy, both of whichconstitute part of any and all agreements to purchase White Hydraulics’ products. White Hydraulics makes no otherwarranties or promises other than those specifically noted in its written policies, and no White Hydraulics employee oragent has the power to alter those policies other than in writing.7

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BKFEATURESHeavy-duty roller bearings support highshaft loads and provide long life.Holding Torque . 10,000 lb-inRelease Pressure . 400 psiMaximum release pressure . 3,000 psiRelease volume . 0.7 cu. in.Max. Speed . 250 rpmMax. Operating Temperature . 180 FWeight . 37 lbsFluid Type . Mineral based oilDual release ports allow easier bleeding ofbrake release cavity.Oil-filled cavity immerses all componentsproviding quiet operation and reduced wear.SUPERIOR DESIGN FOR RELIABLE OPERATIONWith safety becoming an increasingly important factor in the design and manufacture of equipment, it has becomenecessary to add a brake to many critical machine functions. In response to that concern, White Hydraulics offers theBK10 Series brake. Based on technology proven in White Hydraulics integrated motor/brakes, this spring-applied,hydraulically released brake provides 10,000 lb-in of holding torque for static brake applications.Other features contribute to the superior operation and durability of the brake. All internal components, includingroller bearings, brake disks, springs and seals were chosen for maximum durability. To further extend the life of theunit and reduce noise, all internal components run in an oil bath. Two brake release ports are also provided to simplifyplumbing and bleeding of the brake release circuit during installation. All of these features combine to make the BK10Series brake the top choice for any static brake application requiring 10,000 lb-in of holding torque.SHAFT 31 1 ½” Tapered6.92Max. Torque: 19900 ABLE BEARING AND SHAFT LOADSBearing Curve: The bearing curve represents allowablebearing loads based on ISO 281 bearing capacity for anL10 life of 2,000 hours at 100 RPM. Radial loads forspeeds other than 100 RPM may be calculated using themultiplication factor table located on page 24.-250255075 100.151.5001.4981-1/8”-18 UNEF1:8Note: A slotted nut is standard on this shaft.125 150 175 200 2259,0008,0001.2501.200.17mm.4,0001000 lbs3,5007,0003,0001000 000Bearing500DaN1,000lbs.-10123456789in.141

BKTECHNICALK30 4-Hole 7/16” O-Ring2.347/16”-20 fill hole, port plug installed1.95.412.408(4) Ø .52Ø 7.003.9993.9971.0090 .50Ø 7.88(2) SAE J51 4b7/16”-20 Release Ports.45 DeepORDERING INFORMATIONSERIESOPTIONS913DISPLACEMENT HOUSINGSHAFTCodeDisplacementCodeHousings000No DisplacementK304-Hole Wheel MountFront Ports /2" TaperedAAStandardPAINT142CAVITYADD ONSCodeOptionsCodeOptionsCodeOptionsADark Metallic GrayANoneANoneCBlackCSolid Hex NutZNo Paint