FREQUENCY INVERTER F5COMBIVERT F5 are frequency inverters and servo systems in the p ower range from 0.37 to 900 kW. They provide a modular program for the m echanicalengineering, that meet the different requirements in flexibility with the aim ofOPTIMAL USE OF RESOURCES AND MATERIALS ANDMINIMUM EXPENSE IN DESIGN AND EASY IMPLEMENTATION OF APPLICATION SOLUTIONS Simple handling and multipurpose features were often contradictory. The CP mode ensures user-friendly handling via a programmable menu. In thesubordinate application level COMBIVERT F5 is the world s first drive generation to have a fully programmable user surface, which is equipped with aplain text operator guidance in 6 languages.CONTENTF5 Basic4F5 Software function19F5 Compact6F5 Application20F5 Multi8Drive-based control technology21F5 Multi voltage class 690 V10COMBIVIS 6 PC software22F5 Multi with safety function11F5 LCD operator23F5 Multi encoder systems12Operation and display24F5 Multi encoder cables13Field bus connection25F5-H Asynchronous-Sensorless-Closed-Loop14COMBILINE Filter technology and chokes26F5-E Sensorless-Closed-Loop15COMBILINE Braking resistors28F5 Cooling solutions16Motor & Gearbox technology30F5 Mechanical dimensions17Addresses31F5 Hardware specification182

PERFORMANCE SCOPEOPEN-LOOP SYSTEMSBASIC0.37 . 15 kWCOMPACT 0.37 . 90 kWCompact units with 230 V and 400 V connection in functional and economical orientation and universal features create the ideal platform forthe design of high-quality machines and systems.CLOSED-LOOP SYSTEMSMULTI0.75 . 900 kWClosed-loop drives of voltage classes 230 V, 400 V and 690 V for asyn chronous and synchronous servo motors with feedback devices.APPLICATIONCustomized equipment solutions tailored to operating conditions and requirements.Examples are the software versions ASCL, encoder-less field orientation for asynchronous motors SCL for closed-loop performance without a feedback device forsynchronous motors Versions with special adapted hardware and software3

F5 BASICFREQUENCY INVERTERS FROM SIMPLE TO SOPHISTICATED – IN OPEN-LOOP TASKS THROUGHOUT THE ENGINEERING SECTOR .4 Connection 1-/3-phase 230 V and 3-phase 400 V, choice of AC orDC supply in one unit Optimized KEB-SMM control algorithm (sensorless motormanagement) 17 pluggable control terminals, PNP-logic Analog input 0. 10 V / 0. 20 mA, 4.20 mA (housing D, E) Programmable analog output 0 . 10 V 5 programmable digital inputs 2 programmable relay outputs 4 programmable software inputs/outputs 8 free-to-program parameter sets including S-curves, ramp stop,power‑off-function, DC-braking, PID controller, electronic motorprotection, brake control, internal timer, counter input and energysaving function Output frequencies up to 800 Hz – optional up to 1600 Hz, outputvoltage control, adjustable switching frequencies up to 16 kHz Controlled positioning to end position/counter pulse High-dynamic scanning of the control terminals and the serialinterface in 2 ms / - DC-link connection, internal braking chopper GTR7,motor-PTC-evaluation Integrated filter to EN 55011/C1 (option: B-, D-, E-housing)

3-PH 400 V(305 . 500 V)1-/3-PH 230 V(180 . 260 V)PERFORMANCE SCOPEPN [kW]HousingIN [A]Imax[A]fs N/max[kHz]0.37A*2.354/8C1 05F5B3A-090A0.75A*48.68C1 07F5B3A-0A0A1.5B715.116C1 09F5B1B-2B0A2.2B1021.68/16C1 10F5B1B-2A0A4D**16.535.68/16C1 12F5B1D-1A0A5.5E**24438/16C1 13F5B1E-160A7.5E**33594/16C1 14F5B1E-150A0.37A1.32.84C1 05F5B3A-390A0.75A2.65.64C1 07F5B3A-390A1.5A4.18.94C1 09F5B3A-390A2.2B5.812.58/16C1 10F5B1B-3A0A4B9.5214C1 12F5B1B-350A5.5D1225.94/16C1 13F5B1D-390A7.5D16.535.62/16C1 14F5B1D-380A11E24434/16C1 15F5B1E-350A15E33592C1 16F5B1E-340A internal* 1-phase 230 V AC footprint (option)** 3-phase 230 V ACEMCPart noGENERALLY:Product standardEmitted interferenceEN 61800-2, -5‑1EN 61800-3EN 61000-6 -1 . 4EnclosureIP 20 / VBG 4Storage temperature-25 . 70 COperation temperature-10 . 45 CShort-circuit and earth fault monitoring5

F5 COMPACTMORE THAN JUST AN INVERTER. HIGH TECHNOLOGY FOR OPEN-LOOP DRIVE SYSTEMS6 Wide power range for 230 V and 400 V connection Either AC or DC connection Optimal characteristics at the motor shaft in different applicationareas with KEB-SMM (sensorless motor management) 29 plug-in control terminals, PNP- / NPN logic switchable 2 analogue inputs 0 . 10 V, 0 . 20 mA, 4 . 20 mA 2 programmable analogue outputs 0 . 10 V 8 programmable digital inputs Programmable outputs: 2 x relay, 2 x transistor 4 programmable software inputs/outputs 8 free-to-program parameter sets including S-curves, ramp stop,power‑off-function, DC-braking, PID controller, electronic motorprotection, brake control, internal timer, counter input and energysaving function Output frequencies up to 800 Hz – optional up to 1600 Hz, outputvoltage control, adjustable switching frequencies up to 16 kHz Controlled positioning to end position/counter pulse High-dynamic scanning of the control terminals and the serialinterface in 2 ms / - DC-link connection, internal braking chopper GTR7,motor-PTC-evaluation Integrated filter to EN 55011/C1 (option: B-, D-, E-housing)

PNHousing[kW]IN[A]Imax[A]fs N/max[kHz]PNHousing[kW]IN[A]Imax[A]fs N/max[kHz]0.37B*2.3516C1 05F5C1B-2B0A0.37B1.32.816C1 05F5C1B-3B0A0.75B*48.616C1 07F5C1B-2B0A0.75B2.65.616C1 07F5C1B-3B0A1.5B*715.116C1 09F5C1B-2B0A1.5B4.18.98/16C1 09F5C1B-3A0A2.2B*1021.68/16C1 10F5C1B-2A0A2.2B5.812.58/16C1 10F5C1B-3A0A4D16.535.68/16C1 12F5C1D-1A0A4B9.5214C1 12F5C1B-350A5.5E24438/16C1 13F5C1E-160A5.5D1225.94/16C1 13F5C1D-390A7.5E33594/16C1 14F5C1E-150A7.5D16.535.62/16C1 14F5C1D-380A11G481034/16C1 15F5C1G-190F11E24434/16C1 15F5C1E-350A15H6614216C1 16F5C0H-1B0F15E33592/16C1 16F5C1E-340A18.5H841814/16C1 17F5C0H-190F18.5G42754/16C1 17F5C1G-350A22R1001808C1 18F5C0R-760A22G50902/8C1 18F5C1G-340F30R1152068C1 19F5C0R-760A30H601084/16C1 19F5C0H-350F37R1452618C1 20F5C0R-760A37H751352/8C1 20F5C0H-340F45R1803248C1 21F5C0R-760A45R901624/16C1 21F5C0R-950A55R1152074/16C1 22F5C0R-950A75 R1502702/8C1 23F5C0R-940A90 R1803242/8C1 24F5C0R-940AGENERALLY:Product standardEN 61800-2, -5 – 1Emitted interference EN 61800-3EN 61000-6 -1 . 4EnclosureIP 20 / VBG 4Storage temperature -25 . 70 COperation temperature -10 . 45 CShort-circuit and earth fault monitoringEMCPart no.3-PH. 400 V (305 . 528 V)3-PH. 230 V (180 . 260 V)PERFORMANCE SCOPEEMCPart no. internal (option)* 1-/3-phase 230 V ACfootprint (option) book-style (option)mains choke generally required (page 26) 7

F5 MULTIOPEN-LOOP AND CLOSED-LOOP DRIVE CONTROLLER FOR SYNCHRONOUS AND ASYNCHRONOUS MOTOR.The frequency inverter COMBIVERT F5 Multi is equipped with all functionsand characteristics of the COMBIVERT F5 Compact series and furthermoreespecially prepared for closed-loop operation.Very flexible because of plug-in feedback cards Resolver Incremental encoder, initiator Sin/Cos encoder Absolute encoder Hiperface , EnDat BISS or Tachoand usable in the operation modesKEB-SMM (SENSORLESS MOTOR MANAGEMENT) F5-GFIELD-ORIENTED CONTROL F5-MSYNCHRONOUS MOTOR CONTROL F5-SDecentralized automation in the drive actuator with standard functionsrelieves superior control systems and create clear, compact programs. Speed and torque control Position control Synchronous speed control, electronic gearor customer-specific solutions such as-- Cam switch‐-- Register function‐-- Single-axis positioningRotary table positioningContouring controlCONTROL TERMINAL HOUSING A78 10 11 12 13 16 18 19 21 22824 25 26RL AR LBRLC5I1l2l3l4STO1O2Uin0V2AN1 AAN/ N1O UT1CRFCOM1

PNhousing[kW]IN[A]Imax[A]fs N/max[kHz]EMCpart no.0.37A*2.34.14/8C1 05F5A1A-2E2F0.75A*D*47.28/1616C1 07F5A1A-2E2F07F5A1D-2B A1.5D*712.616C1 09F5A1D-2B A2.2D*101816C1 4D16.5 A]fs N/max[kHz]EMCpart no.0.75AD2.64.78/16C1 07F5A1A-3E2F07F5A1D-3B A1.5AD4.17.48/48/16C1 09F5A1A-3D2F09F5A1D-3A A10F5A1D-2B A2.2D5.810.44/16C1 10F5A1D-3A AC1 12F5A1D-1A A4D9.5178/16C1 12F5A1D-3A A8/16C1 13F5A1E-16 A5.5D1221.64/16C1 13F5A1D-39 A49.54/16C1 14F5A1E-15 A7.5D16.529.72/16C1 14F5A1D-38 A48868/16C1 15F5A1G-19 F11E24364/16C1 15F5A1E-35 AH669916C1 16F5A1H-1B F15E3349.52/16C1 16F5A1E-34 A18.5H841514/16C1 17F5A1H-19 F18.5G42634/16C1 17F5A1G-35 A22R1001508/16C1 18F5A1R-76 A22G50752/8C1 18F5A1G-34 F30R1151728/16C1 19F5A1R-76 A30H60904/16C1 19F5A1H-35 F37R1452178/16C1 20F5A1R-76 A37H751122/8C1 20F5A1H-34 F45R1802708/16C1 21F5A1R-76 A45R901354/16C1 21F5A1R-95 A55R1151724/16C1 22F5A1R-95 A internal (option)* 0.37 . 2.2 kW 1-/3-phase 230 V footprint (option) book-style (option) mains choke generally required (page 26)** module units 2 x P / 3 x P generally with output choke (page 26)GENERALLY:Product standardEN 61800-2, -5 – 1Emitted interference EN 61800-3EN 61000-6 -1 . 4EnclosureIP 20 / VBG 4Storage temperature -25 . 70 COperation temperature -10 . 45 Cfrom 90 kW-10 . 40 CShort-circuit and earth fault monitoringSelection and dimensioning of the synchronous and asynchronous controlmotors occurs according to rated-, standstill- and peak current.3-PH. 400 V (305 . 528 V)3-PH. 230 V (180 . 260 V)PERFORMANCE SCOPE75 R1502252/12C1 23F5A1R-94 A90 R1802702/8C1 24F5A1R-94 A110 U2102634/8C2/C1 25F5A1U-91 A132 U2503134/8C2/C1 26F5A1U-91 A160 U3003752/8C2/C1 27F5A1U-90 A200 P3704632/4C2 28F5A1P-90 A250 P4605752/4C2 29F5A1P-90 D315 W5707132/4C2 30F5A1W-A0 A355 W6307872/4C2 400 W7108872/4C2 32F5A1W-A0 D450 2 x P** 80010002/4C2 33F5A1P-90 D500 2 x P**11122/4C2 34F5A1P-90 D560 2 x P** 1000 12502/4C2 35F5A1P-90 D630 3 x P** 1150 14382/4C2 36F5A1P-90 D710 3 x P** 1330 16632/4C2 37F5A1P-90 D800 3 x P** 1450 18132/4C2 38F5A1P-90 H89031F5A1W-A0 D10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23I1l2l3l4FRSTR STO1O2Uo utUin0V0V1234567824 25 26 27 28 29RL AR LBRLCFLAFLBFLC9AN1 AN1AN2 AN2AO1AO2CRFCOMCOMCONTROL TERMINAL HOUSING D . W9

F5 MULTIVOLTAGE CLASS 690 V3-PH. 660/690 V (600 . 760 V)PROVEN CHARACTERISTICS FOR THE USE IN THE UPPER POWER RANGEinverter part no.EMC filter part no.mains chokepart no.motor chokepart no.2/428F5A1P-B0 A1 x 30E5T60-80011x 28Z1B06-10001 x 29Z1A04-10013502/429F5A1P-B0 D1 x 30E5T60-80011x 29Z1B06-10001 x 29Z1A04-10013454382/430F5A1P-B0 A1 x 30E5T60-80011x 30Z1B06-10001 x 29Z1A04-10012 x P**4305382/432F5A1P-B0 A2 x 30E5T60-80012x 28Z1B06-10002 x 29Z1A04-1001450 2 x P**5006132/433F5A1P-B0 D2 x 30E5T60-80012x 29Z1B06-10002 x 29Z1A04-1001500 2 x P**5506882/434F5A1P-B0 D2 x 30E5T60-80012x 30Z1B06-10002 x 29Z1A04-1001560 2 x P**6207632/435F5A1P-B0 D2 x 30E5T60-80012x 30Z1B06-10002 x 29Z1A04-1001630 3 x P**7108752/436F5A1P-B0 A3 x 30E5T60-80013x 29Z1B06-10003 x 29Z1A04-1001710 3 x P**82010132/437F5A1P-B0 D3 x 30E5T60-80013x 30Z1B06-10003 x 29Z1A04-1001800 3 x P**90011002/438F5A1P-B0 D3 x 30E5T60-80013x 30Z1B06-10003 x 29Z1A04-1001900 3 x P**101512502/439F5A1P-B0 H3 x 30E5T60-80013x 30Z1B06-10003 x 29Z1A04-1001PN [kW]housingIN [A]Imax [A] fsN/max [kHz]200 1xP225281250 1xP280315 1xP400 ** module units 2 x P / 3 x P generally with output choke (page 26) book-style (option) mains choke generally required (page 26)All units correspond to the 400 V type with regard to the technical functions and are universally suitable for the open-loop and closed-loop operation ofasynchronous and synchronous motors. Upon request the units are available for rated voltages of 3-phase 500 V AC and 3-phase 600 V AC.GENERALLY:Product standardEN 61800-2, -5 – 1Emitted interference EN 61800-3EN 61000-6-1 . 410EnclosureIP 20 / VBG 4Storage temperature -25 . 70 COperation temperature -10 . 40 CShort-circuit and earth fault monitoring

SAFETY FUNCTIONSAFETY IN DRIVE SYSTEMSThe requirements of the safety regulations for manufacturers of machinesmust be carried out according to the implementation of new safety requirements of ISO 13849 and EN 62061.Function SS1 can be met in the wiring with external safety time-delay relay, when the drive within an adjusted time is decelerated and set toSTO (stop category 1 of EN 60204-1).The new hardware design COMBIVERT F5-K is available for open-loop andclosed-loop applications in the housings D-E-G-H-R-U-P-W.Function STO is met with the internal 2-channel optocoupler locking (notorque at the motor shaft, stop category 0 of EN 60204-1).COMBIVERT F5-K meets the requirements of PL-e in accordance withISO 13849 and SIL 3 according to IEC 62061.STOSS1VVtttUinUoutSTFI1I3O1CRFAN1 AN2 ANOUANO T1URLC T2RLBRLAUouSTO1STO 1STO2STO 2STO-OUTThe adapted wiring of the control terminals occurs on a separate 10-pole plug-in connector. The 32-pole control terminal of the analog and digital inputs/outputs corresponds to the assignment of the inverter series COMBIVERT G6 – the open loop drive with STO function.1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31RI2I4O2GNDAN1AN2COMCOMFLCFLBFLAGND1 3 5 7 9GNDGNDRST2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32STO1 STO1STO 2 STOSTO 2-OUT2 4 6 8 1011

F5 MULTIENCODER SYSTEMSENCODER SYSTEMS FLEXIBLY SUPPORTEDCOMBIVERT F5 Multi operates all closed-loop tasks with a broad range of feedback cards for different encoder systems. The installation is done factorymade according to the customer request (page 9/10 - 10th place part no.) or can be executed as re-fitting with the KEB Encoder Kits.Factory-madeInstallationPart-codeDEncoder typeTTLConnectionD-Sub 15-poleEncoder typeTTLModeOutputConnectionD-Sub 9-poleKEB Encoder KitD, EG,H,R,U,W,PHousingHousing1MF5K81-DZ19 2MF5K81-DZ19GTTLD-Sub 15-poleTTLInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-GZ182MF5K81-GZ18-TTLTerminal stripTTLOutputTerminal strip1MF5K81-BZ052MF5K81-BZ05-TTLTerminal stripTTLInputTerminal strip1MF5K81-BZ042MF5K81-BZ044TTLD-Sub 15-poleSSIInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-4Z152MF5K81-4Z15ATTLD-Sub 15-poleInitiatorInputTerminal strip1MF5K81-AZ072MF5K81-AZ077TTLD-Sub 15-poleTachoInputD-Sub 9-pole-2MF5K81-7Z09EResolverD-Sub 15-poleTTLOutputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-EZ292MF5K81-EZ29HResolverD-Sub 15-poleTTLInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-HZ28 2MF5K81-HZ285ResolverD-Sub 15-poleSSIInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-5Z252MF5K81-5Z25XHTLTerminal stripTTLOutputTerminal strip1MF5K81-XZ092MF5K81-XZ09WHTLTerminal stripTTLInputTerminal strip1MF5K81-WZ08 2MF5K81-WZ08JHTLD-Sub 15-poleTTLOutputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-JZ172MF5K81-JZ17KHTLD-Sub 15-poleTTLInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-KZ162MF5K81-KZ16SHTL without inverseTerminal stripTTLOutputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-SZ192MF5K81-SZ19THTL without inverseTerminal stripTTLInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-TZ182MF5K81-TZ188HTL without inverseTerminal stripHTLOutputTerminal strip1MF5K81-8Z092MF5K81-8Z09-HTL without inverseTerminal stripnone--LHTL without inverseD-Sub 15-poleSSIInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K81-LZ17MSIN/COSD-Sub 15-poleTTLOutputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-MZ56 2MF5K8G-MZ36NSIN/COSD-Sub 15-poleTTLInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-NZ55 2MF5K8G-NZ351SIN/COSD-Sub 15-poleSSIInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-1Z51VSSI-SIN/COSD-Sub 15-poleTTLOutputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-VZ47 2MF5K8G-VZ37USSI-SIN/COSD-Sub 15-poleTTLInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-UZ44 2MF5K8G-UZ34PENDATD-Sub 15-poleTTLOutputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-PZ43 2MF5K8G-PZ33QENDATD-Sub 15-poleTTLInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-QZ42 2MF5K8G-QZ323ENDATD-Sub 15-poleSSIInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-3Z40 2MF5K8G-3Z30-ENDAT2.2 & BISSTerminal stripTTLOutputTerminal strip1MF5K8G-9Z09 2MF5K8G-9Z09FHIPERFACED-Sub 15-poleTTLOutputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-FZ49 2MF5K8G-FZ39Channel 1Channel 21MF5K8G-6Z07 2MF5K8G-6Z07-2MF5K8G-1Z31IHIPERFACED-Sub 15-poleTTLInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-IZ482MF5K8G-IZ389UVWD-Sub 15-poleTTLOutputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-9Z07-ZUVWD-Sub 15-poleInputD-Sub 9-pole1MF5K8G-ZZ08 2MF5K8G-ZZ08CUVWTerminal stripTTLHTL withoutinverseOutputTerminal strip12-2MF5K8G-CZ09

ENCODER CABLESEncoder cable for housing size AEncoder cable for housing size D-E-G-H-R-U -P-WENCODER CABLE FOR HOUSING SIZE ACABLE TYPEINVERTER PLUGENCODER PLUGLENGTH [m]PART NO. ( length in [m])ResolverTTLAdapterAdapterMaster-SlaveRJ45 maleRJ45 maleRJ45 maleRJ45 maleRJ45 male12-pole12-poleD-Sub 15-pole femaleD-Sub 9-pole femaleRJ45 male2 . 402 . C0-000900F50C1-20P5ENCODER CABLE FOR HOUSING SIZE D-E-G-H-R-U-P-WCABLE TYPEINVERTER PLUGENCODER PLUGLENGTH [m]PART NO. ( length in [m])ResolverTTLTTL (channel 2)HiperfaceEnDatTTL (no KEB motor)D-Sub 15-poleD-Sub 15-poleD-Sub 9-poleD-Sub 15-poleD-Sub 15-poleD-Sub 15-pole12-pole12-pole12-pole12-pole17-poleFree connecting cable2 . 302 . 302 . 302 . 302 . 302 . 4000F4P09-00TTL (channel 2)(no KEB motor)D-Sub 9-poleFree connecting cable2 . 3000F4D09-00Master-SlaveD-Sub 9-pole maleD-Sub 9-pole male100F4509-0001Further lengths on request.13

F5-H LASYNCHRONOUS-SENSORLESS-CLOSED-LOOPASYNCHRONOUS DRIVE TECHNOLOGY OF THE TOP CLASSASCLCOMBIVERT F5-H (ASCL) and with internal safety F5-L is the result of long lasting model optimization of encoder-less field orientation and offers as resultbest speed and torque characteristics with asynchronous motors without encoder feedback.PROPERTIES High speed stabilityLoad step response like closed-loop systemsTorque accuracy typically 3 % MNDisplay values with correction adjustment in the system „on the fly“Operation with output filtersLow installation costs in case of loss of encoder cable, encoder and encoder interfaceOptimized efficiency in partial load rangeAutomatic adaption of the motor-- Calibration routine of stator- and rotor resistance, main- and leakage inductance and dead time characteristic-- Thermal calculation in the motor modelController integration symmetrical optimum-- Simplifies the Ki/Kp calibration of the exterior closed circuit (speed)-- Only one parameter for drive optimization-- Speed presetExact torque display by-- Determination of torque-offsets and elimination in the displayPOTENTIAL APPLICATIONSExtruder main drivesCrusher drives / shredderCentrifugesTest bench / test systemsStirring and mixer unitsMeat cutter and mincerMixing plantsHeat pumpsHydraulic pumpsGeneratorsMachine tools for wood, plastic, metal, .TORQUE CHARACTERISTICTorque gauge bartorque ASCLTorque [Nm] Speed [rpm]14

F5-E PSENSORLESS-CLOSED-LOOPOPERATION OF SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS WITHOUT ENCODER FEEDBACKThe optimization of efficiency, available space and increasing dynamic forces the use of synchronous motors, which can be operated by F5-E (SCL) andF5-P (safety version) now without rotor position feedback in all applications without positioning tasks.The calculated control method of the software has no effect through external disturbances and leads to high smoothness. Mechanically stressed motors,high frequency special machines or high-volume torque motors are operated more functional and safe with elimination of the encoder system.PROPERTIESStandstill position detection (calibration without rotation)Operation with output filtersLow installation costs in case of loss of encoder line, encoder and encoder interfaceHigh dynamic / non-slip rotationReduced installation space / lower weightHigh efficiency / high availabilityPOTENTIAL APPLICATIONSDriven tools in working stationsSynchronous process chain in textile machinesHybrid drivesDiesel electric drives in conveyor systems, container or heavy duty vehiclesElectric drives in boats, yachts and vehiclesSynchronous extruderLnjection moulding technology / blow moulding technologyHigh frequency pump drives in compressors, screws and vacuum pumpsSCLDYNAMIC RESPONSE BEHAVIOR OF A LOADLoad stepSpeed [rpm] Torque [Nm] 15

F5COOLING SOLUTIONSFrequency inverters F5 COMBIVERT are in a modular system and available in the following versions Chassis unit of protection class IP 20 – universal mounting in the control cabinetChassis unit with factory mounted interference filter – unit-internal interference suppressionChassis unit with factory mounted braking resistor – abso