Cybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s ManualMain AssemblyITEMQTYPART e 6-4DESCRIPTIONCybex DecalFoot PadArc Warranty Sheet (not shown)Flange SpacerMain FrameFoot Plate Arm Left RearFoot Plate Arm Right RearFoot Plate Arm Left FrontFoot Plate Arm Right FrontHandle LinkArm Right HandArm Left HandPivot Cover Right HandPivot Cover Left HandPivot Shaft RetainerPivot PinEnd CapPivot PinInstallation Poster (not shown)Spacer TubeSpacer TubeInsert, Plastic 1.88 OD X .281 IDLinkage Rod RightPillow Block Bearing 1 InchLinkage Rod LeftHarness, 630A, FrameCable, 610A CHR GripDrive Frame AssemblyRetaining Ring 1.438 InternalWarning DecalWheel, TensionerArc Trainer Logo DecalCybex Vortex DecalDaisy Chain Jumper Cord (not shown)Bearing, Radial 17MM Extended RaceBearing, Radial Ball .50 ID X 1.688 ODBearing, Radial 25MM Extended RaceBearing, Spherical 15MMTolerance Ring 42 (1.653) IDTolerance Ring 1.378 IDTolerance Ring 1.575 IDTolerence Ring 2.047 IDRemoved 4/07Sleeve, Elevation Mounting, TopSleeve, Elevation Mounting, BottomBearing, Ball .750 DiameterBolt, HHCS .375-16 X 2.0Screw, HHCS .375-16 X 2.50Screw, HHCS .375-16 X 3.00Insert, 1.12 X 2.50-20 UNCLeveling Glide, .375-16Screw, Pan Head Phillips 10-32X .62Locknut, .375-16 NylonLocknut, .250-20 Nylon BLK ZNHex Nut, .375-16Locknut, .375-16 NylonNylon Finishing Washer No.10Washer, Flat .281ID X 1.000OD X.063Lockwasher Split .312Washer, SAE .375Washer, USS .375PN Head Phil SC # 8 X .875 BLKITEMQTYPART S427100AW-18286600A-362630A-317630A-150Pan HD Phil HD Self Tapping ScrewPan HD Phil HD Self Tapping ScrewPan HD Phil HD Self Tapping ScrewPan HD Phil HD Self Tapping ScrewCap, Frame TubeSpring PinInternal Retaining RingSHCS .250-20 UNC-3A SSBHSCS .250-20 X 1.250 SSBHSCS .375-16 .75 SSBHSCS .375-16 X 1.50Shoulder BoltLockwasher, Int Tooth .375Motor, Elevation, 12 VDCCap, Linkage Rod, 2.00 ODCover, CrankCover, Elevation MotorCover, RightCover, LeftCover, Front AccessWater Bottle HolderSpacer, Shaft, Foot PlateGrip 1.62 OD x 1.20 IDRemoved 4/07Instr., 610A Assembly NoteWasher, FlatArm Crank AssemblyInsertGrommet, NylonPan HD Phil HD Self Tapping ScrewPower Cord, Medical (optional)Owner’s Manual (Not Shown)Warning DecalHeart Rate Zone DecalCaution DecalETL Medical LabelService Schedule and Error DecalWEEE Symbol DecalMedical Inlet DecalBattery 12 VDCCable, Grip Harness, ArmsCable, Grip Harness, ConsoleRight Foot Plate (Black)Right Foot Plate (Yellow)Left Foot Plate (Black)Left Foot Plate (Yellow)Toe Cap (Black)Toe Cap (Yellow)Heart Rate Grip Kit w/o Drill BiteHeart Rate Grip Kit with Drill BiteCaution Decal (IFI Option Only)Top Plastic Sensor Grip (Black)Top Plastic Sensor Grip (Yellow)Bottom Plastic Sensor Grip (Black)Bottom Plastic Sensor Grip (Yellow)Pan HD Phil HD Self Tapping ScrewTotal Access Conversion KitWasher, WaveHeart Rate CableBiosig Patent LabelFoam, .25 X .38 X 5.50Arm Locking Assembly

Cybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s A129A130QTYPART -20705-x*YA000201DESCRIPTIONLocking Assembly TemplateNylon LocknutWasher SAE .250BHSCS .250-20 x .6259/32” Drill BitBHSCS .375-16 x 1.00 SSPivot Shaft RetainerLeft Side HandleRight Side HandleBottom MembraneTop MembraneLoctite*Language wedish8-RussianCustomerServicePage 6-5

Cybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s l AccessArm Lock AssemblyAssembly No. 630A-150A130Side Handle KitKit No. 610AK015Total Access ConversionKit No. 610AK023A115A110A112A111A108CustomerServicePage 6-6Heart Rate GripKit No. 610AK014

Cybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s ManualA109A13Main 88 A77A52A15A96A29A38A72A40 6A88A22A4A70A70 A70A61A77A69A97A36A39A68A38A24A39A58A36A40A77 A88 A10A61A33A84A107A52A74A23A100A31A55A54A59 A56A63A74A98A54A59 A31 A51A55CustomerServicePage 6-7

Cybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s ManualA117A82Main 6A91A26A23 9A50A111A88A69A91A64A90A112A57A64A110A112A92 A64A65A111A110A91A64A65A62A25A57A57A62A92A64 2A79A88A60A18A35A35A12A41A35A41CustomerServicePage 6-8A20A2A20A41A11

CustomerServicePage 6-10Console RT NO.DESCRIPTION01250Tape, Double Coated .75610A-103Cable, Embedded Polar Jumper610A-104Cable, Chr Chassis GroundEC-19236Sensor, Polor Wireless Remote Mount610A-396Plare, Console MountingAD-19140PCA, 630A Main DisplayAW-18440Harness, 630A ConsoleHJ582515Screws, Sems, 10-32 x .72 Phil Pan, BLK ZincHS087300Lockwasher Ext Tooth No. 8 ZincHT552509Screw, Tap 8-16 x .31 PlastiteHT552512Pan HD Phil HD Self Tap, 8-16 x .50, Type WBHT55215Pan HD Phil HD Self Tap, 8-16 x .75, Type WB BLKPP080207Insert, Plastic .437 Dia 11 GaugePP620003Console, Front PlasticPP620004Console, Rear PlasticPP620005Cover, Console Battery DoorPP620006Tab, Book HolderSW-18276-x* Membrane, 610A Top, UnivSW-19296-x* Membrane, 610A Bottom W/O AV, Upper610A-206W Console MountHS307400Lockwasher Int Tooth .250 SSHX620420BHSCS .250-20 X 1.250 SSJS347400Lockwasher In Tooth .375JC700422BHSCS .375-16 X 1.50Cybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s ManualITEM

#20Console B10B19B17B13B3B24Cybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s ManualB5CustomerServicePage 6-11

CustomerServicePage 6-12Front End AssemblyITEM11211111212111211112122442PART NO.DESCRIPTIONITEMQTYPART 0HC661217HC701254HF540201Frame, FrontBracket, TransformerSpacer, InsulatingClamp, BatteryController CoverShaftBelt, Secondary Drive, 7 RibPully, Poly-V Die Cast, 16 GroovesBearing, 1.00 Inch Pillow BlockBelt, Primary Drive 16 RibDouble Sided Foam Tape, 0.75PCA, Control BoardPlate, Power Inlet, BlankAssembly, Brake GeneratorRing Retaining, Exterior CresentWarning DecalDecal, Warning Icon, BatteryDecal, Lower Control CoverBattery, 12 VDCBearing, 25 MM ID X 52 MM OD 6205Shaft, LowerCounterweight, PulleyScrew, Hex Head Cap .312-18 x 3.75HX HD Cap Screw .312-18 x 1.00HX HD Cap Screw .375-16 x 5.50Nut, Grommet, 521TR-18448630A-315AW-18447CM000243Nut, U type 10-24 PanelLocknut, .375-16 NylonWasher, SAE .250Lockwasher Split .250Washer, Sae .375Washer, USS .375Spring Retaining WasherScrew, Tap No. 10 - 24 X .50 Pan HeadPin, Spring .1875 x .75 LG Type 420Bushing, 1.275 ID x 1.87 OD, NylonSleeve, Generator IsolationSpacer, Generator IsolationScrew, FHSCS .375-16 X 1.50Screw, Soc Hd Cap .375 X 16 X 1-1/4Pulley, DriveTransformer, 24v DC IEC-320 InputPlateBattery Cable (Not Shown)Label, CalibrationCybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s 8C19C20C21C22C23C24C25C26QTY

Front End C34C34C33C24 7C27C11C11C27C27C42C42CustomerServicePage 0 40C40Cybex Arc Trainer 630A Owner’s ManualC28C28