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Websense & CitrixSolutions BriefThe next generation of SDX platform provides the foundation for furtherintegration. Today, Citrix NetScaler SDX appliances enable consolidatingmultiple NetScaler instances onto a single purpose-built appliance. Workingtogether, Websense and Citrix will jointly deliver Data Security Gateway on theNetScaler SDX platform. This enables Websense and Citrix to jointly deliverconsolidated, best-in-class L4-7 networking services on an open, unifiedplatform.Citrix NetScaler Next Generation SDX OverviewThe next generation of the NetScaler SDX platform provides an open platformthat makes the whole network app-driven. Unlike monolithic approachesthat compromise functional depth for functional breadth by adding piecemealextensions to existing products NetScaler SDX consolidates best-in-classapplication delivery services onto an open, unified platform.The next generation of SDX platform unifies best-in-class L4-7 networkservices into an application control layer, and can integrate this applicationcontrol with both existing transport networks and emerging SDN technologies.This application control layer can make emerging L2-3 SDN architecturescompletely app-driven by using app-centric definitions and policies to simplifynetwork design while making the whole network more intelligent.The next-generation of SDX provides: Control by creating a unified application control layer composed frombest-in-class L4-L7 network services. Simplified administration by using a prescriptive, app-driven approachfor defining networking policy and topology and automating networkconfiguration. Consolidation of network services while preserving best-in-classnetwork functionality. Intelligence by ingraining application intelligence and comprehensivecontrol into both existing L2-3 infrastructures and emerging SDNarchitectures.The dynamic nature of cloud services requires a level of app-awareness,control and flexibility and that go beyond the capabilities of today’s datacenter networks. Together, by integrating Websense Data Security Gateway(DSG) and powered by the next-generation of SDX, Websense and Citrix aredelivering this app-awareness, control and flexibility to today’s networks andtomorrow’s SDNs in an open and unified manner.citrix.com2

Websense & CitrixSolutions BriefWebsense Data Security Gateway Solution OverviewSoftware defined networks are further enabling cloud computing for thefast adoption of mobility endpoints driven by consumerization and specialtyapps. In this new era of app white listing by vendor or enterprise app store,the core security concern becomes data protection and less on malware.The device may not be enterprise owned, nor the network or the app itself;however the confidential data is an enterprise concern and risk to manage.NetScaler for SDN enables application deployment from a holisticperspective using AppTemplates coalescing application-specific trafficmanagement, acceleration and security policies into simple yet powerfulcontrol containers. Websense DSG provides data loss prevention(DLP) and data theft defenses for the SDX application control layer.DSG provides enterprise-grade DLP with over 1,600 policies andtemplates easily selected by country and industry for specific regulatorycompliance. These policies and templates are maintained by Websensedata security engineers. DSG also uniquely contains data theft defensesto detect the use of custom encrypted uploads, password file datatheft, slow data leaks (drip DLP), optical character recognition (OCR)of text within images, and geo-location destination awareness. WithDSG you get DLP for data-in-motion and data theft defenses.Data-in-motion flows through DSG as part of the AppTemplates applicationcontrol layer to monitor and prevent registered data (e.g. fingerprinteddata through data discovery), structured data within dictionaries, patternsand expressions, plus policy and template controls for regulatorycompliance to prevent data loss. Natural language processing enableshigh accuracy in DSG with network options to quarantine, block,remove content or send to a third party encryption gateway. Automatednotifications remind users of policy rules to reduce the rate of occurrence(RO) for violations, plus all incidents are tracked via an audit log.Network monitoring of Web (HTTP), secure Web (HTTPS), email (SMTP),mobile email (ActiveSync), instant messaging, FTP, network printers,dynamic Web 2.0 content, and more are provided with DSG.Customer ValueLeveraging the next-generation of SDX platform comes with peace ofmind that confidential data can be protected from loss or theft withWebsense Data Security Gateway. A single data breach or theft canchange the direction of a company as the topic is now at boardroomlevels and fines can impact a quarterly close with significant percentagesof revenue. Using DLP as a defense, DSG uniquely detects datatheft communications and evasive techniques used by cybercrime,plus the value of enterprise-grade DLP with over 1,600 policies andtemplates for regulatory compliance by region and industry.citrix.com3

Websense & CitrixSolutions BriefIntegration Strategy and Use-CasesWhile consumerization has proven the value of apps on mobile devices,enterprises are now planning and implementing apps to upgrade theirbusiness processes, use of tablets and mobile device technologies infield operations, and streamline infrastructure with cloud computing andsoftware defined networking. Confidential data that lives within networkperimeters on homogenous PC environments prone to malware andadvanced threats is moving to the world of mobility, specialty appsand cloud computing where data protection from loss and theft isparamount. Specific use cases may involve the following data types: Customer information that is personal identifiable information (PII) Payment card data (PCI) from financial transactions Personal identifiable healthcare (PIH) information protected by regulations Intellectual property (IP), confidential and strategic planning information Financial results and forecast information with board members and PR firmsKey to all DLP projects is having a clear execution strategy andmethodology that focuses on risk reduction. Best use cases ofDLP involve prevention and blocking of data loss violations, plususing DLP as a defense to detect and stop data theft.citrix.com4

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