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SAPIENCE HRMSSapience Human Resource Management SystemSapience Human Resource Management System (SAPIENCE HRMS) is a comprehensive human resourcemanagement solution, helping you better manage your most valuable asset ‘Employees’, improve humanresource processes, and make HR an integral part of your strategic planning to help ensure yourorganization’s success.Sapience HRMS automates everything related to HR in a single software system, enabling you to track,manage, and analyze all data for your employees, from application to retirement. Through automatedworkflow, you improve your efficiency. With powerful reporting and analytical tools, you gain a 3600 viewof your organization’s workforce for better strategic planning. Enterprise class Human Resource Management SoftwareCartel IT Solutions is one of the leading vendor of HRMS/HCM software for small and medium size tolarge enterprises today, managing the employee lifecycle for more than 1 million workers in 150 organizations across 7 countries. Any size of business can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive andfeature-rich integrated human resource management solution. Local Practice built-in with International StandardMeet the needs of the organization with flexible payroll processing and comprehensive payrollreporting in accordance with international standards and local practices. Wage Protection System,gratuity / service indemnity, leave salary calculations, benefit administration, etc. are managedefficiently to suit global www.cartelsolutions.comPage 1

SAPIENCE HRMS ComprehensiveWith integrated modules for core HR, Payroll, Talent Management, Performance Management, andanalytics, Sapience HRMS applications deliver strategic business value to every person in anorganization – from professional users to employees and managers Employee DataHR department adds value to the organization when you can provide assistance on decision makingand business initiatives. Access to accurate information is essential. Sapience human resourcemanagement software maintains all your employee-related data in a single database, that enables youto support your organization’s strategic initiatives Highly configurable process, in-depth reporting and screen enquiriesHighly configurable rules and processes get the applications working in the way that best suits your HRand Payroll professionals and business users. Sapience HRMS comes with powerful reportingcapabilities that enable the organization to narrow down to the data that matters the most. Reportslike Pay register, bank transfer statement, job wise hours and labor cost, budget variance on jobs,annual leave due report, end of service report, etc. can be easily derived.SAPIENCE HRMS enables your organization with crucial HRMS tools that empower “Employee LifecycleManagement” ranging from recruitment through separation within a single, powerful and easy-to-useautomated www.cartelsolutions.comPage 2

SAPIENCE HRMSSAPIENCE HRMS - Functional www.cartelsolutions.comPage 3

SAPIENCE HRMSModules – Functionalities in Sapience HRMSOrganization Management Organizational Hierarchy ManagementOrganization ChartMultiple Roles & JobResponsibilities GenerationJob Description ManagementCompany Document Expiry AlertsLeave Management Compensation & Benefits Earnings, DeductionsLoans & AdvancesPay Groups, Batches & FrequenciesMulti-DimensionalCompensation ComputationIndemnity CalculationBenefit AdministrationEmployee Central Payroll Generic Employee InformationDependent DetailsDepartment & Job AssignmentDocument ManagementEmployee AssetsIncident ManagementExpiry Date AlertsArrears & AccrualsFrequency-Based Payroll ProcessingPay Groups & Batches PayrollTrail & Final ProcessingPay Sheets & Pay SlipsGL Integration (Payroll & Provisions) Multiple Shift DefinitionsRoster and Rotating ShiftsTimesheet & Attendance Mgmt.Daily/Monthly/Periodic AttendanceAttendance & Overtime PoliciesAttendance Device IntegrationLeaves, Accruals, Salary AdjustmentsAuto-Computation of Arrears AdjustmentsAlerts for Arrears in End of ServiceAccruals of Overheads and BonusEmployee Self ServiceShifts, Roster & Attendance Leave RequisitionsLeave policy definitionsApproval CyclesLeave-Slab ManagementEarly SettlementLeave Salary Processing Employee DashboardTraining Calendar AccessClaims & RequisitionsSelf & Subordinate AppraisalsPay Slip Download AccessLeaves & Loans www.cartelsolutions.comPage 4

SAPIENCE HRMSTravel & Expense Claim Travel Request and approval workflowExpense Claim ManagementExpense TrackingClaim settlement and reportingMulti-currency with multi-mode settlementmodeRetirement & Separation Project & Labour Costing Activity based timesheetProject and Job based cost allocationConfigurable cost over heads and allocationto job costingProject and job costing analyticsFinance Integration for Job CostingRecruitment & On-boarding Goals & Performance Mgmt. User defined appraisal cycleEmployee Goal DefinitionsReview QuestionnairesEmployee Self-AppraisalsGoal-Sheet & Appraisal ScoreRating DefinitionsAutomated Gratuity CalculationsArrear & Deductions ManagementLeave Settlement ProcessAsset Clearance ProcessExit ManagementEnd of Service Settlement ProcessManpower PlanningPosition RequisitionCandidate Profile ManagementSelection & Interview ProcessOn-boarding CycleTraining & Career Planning Training Courses DefinitionTraining Plans & CalendarsTraining ScorecardsTraining EvaluationsCost Estimation and VarianceCertificate expiration alertsWhy Sapience HRMS On-Premise & Cloud Deployment Modular Architecture Robust, Agile & Adaptive Solutions Built-in Regional Statutory Compliance 100 Man Years of Management Experience Swift Rollout Track Record with 100 customers Interactive Dashboards & Reports Login-based Secured Access 3 Tier System www.cartelsolutions.comPage 5

SAPIENCE HRMSKey Benefits of Sapience HRMS Multiple company configuration and company wise accounting period and currency setup Modular design allows maximum flexibility and customization Multi-currency functionality throughout masters, transactions and reports Manage multiple employee series in one single system Fully secured user control and strong audit trails to track changes in the system Sapience Rule Engine – Create unlimited Leave Rules, Gratuity Rules, Airfare Rules, Benefits, etc. User definable workflow configuration for different transactions and process Pay Groups – Unlimited Pay groups enables the user for mass update of rules in one click Candidate databank, screening process and hiring process through recruitment module Complete employee management from Hire (Recruitment) to Retire (End of Service) Employee Document management and expiry alerts for company, employee and dependents Integration of any time attendance system to automate time sheet management Roster management for rotating employee shifts and user definable flexible holiday configuration Employee Leave Management and automated leave salary processing Employee and Manager Self Service portal with configurable workflow Payroll Cut-Off and Retro Pay Calculation of payroll differences Wage Protection System (WPS) compliant with Ministry of Labor, UAE and Qatar Labour job cost tracking (Project wise / job wise / activity wise) for project accounting Automated provision calculation for Gratuity, Leave Salary, Ticket Fare and Employee Pension Dashboard provides a glimpse of task requiring immediate action Employee Movements Tracking thru Employee Situation Change (rules, department, division,branch, designation, etc.) Tracking of Assets issued to employees and linking them with Indemnity calculation Benefits administration such as schooling, housing, travel, etc. based on grade / individual Employee grievance and incident management Automation of Employee Separation (Resignation / Termination / End of Contract) End of Service calculation including gratuity, leave salary, travel fare, notice period, assets,allowances and deductions, benefits, unpaid salaries, unpaid over times, loan recovery, etc. Month end processing will help the organization for a better control over payroll accounting Real time Integration with other business applications, including leading ERPs Goals and competency library and job specific competency matrix definition User definable Employee Self Evaluation and Manager Performance Review Competency Gap Analysis for the development of better workforce Letter Templates for salary letter, NOC, experience letter, etc. and request through self service Reports built in every module and attach unlimited user definable crystal reports Output reports to other file formats such as Microsoft Excel, text or PDF. Life time license provided to client with no dependency on software www.cartelsolutions.comPage 6

SAPIENCE HRMSSapience Personnel ManagementSapience Employee Data Management is a collaborative tool to maintain employee information in singledatabase, thereby slashing administrative effort and increasing data integrity. No matter how complex arethe human resources, Sapience HRMS gives a simplified way to gather, organize and manage employeedata in as much detail as needed.The module concentrates on collection and maintenance of employee information like employeedemography, official and personal details, compensation, benefits and entitlements, dependents details,contact and emergency contact details, assets allocated to employees, education, work experience, andother relevant information. An HR management module helps a great deal from the process of recruitmentuntil retirement.Employee Master ProfileEmployee master is the central repository for all the employee information stored in HRM software:Official and Personal InformationEmployee Pay Group coupled with benefits and rulesContact details, dependents informationQualification and work experienceDocuments and Assets allocated to employeesEmployee Type (Permanent, Contractual, Outsourced, etc.)Employee Status (Active, On-leave, Resigned, Terminated, etc.)Role, Designation, Cost Center, Department, Sub-Department, Location, Branch, Project, Shift, etc.Employee HistoryPosition and movementsPay elements and pay componentsEmployment status and employment typeCompensation package history / salary revisionsEmployee LeaveTrack Annual Leaves, sick leave and other leavesTrack absenteeism and unpaid leavesView accrued, utilized, carried over and available leavesUser defined leave benefit entitlement plansLeave encashment policy attached with leave rulesConfigurable leave carry forward settings coupled with leave ruleSalary and Benefit AdministrationUser configurable pay groupsUser definable leave entitlement planEmployee Pay Group coupled with benefits and rulesUser definable loan typesLoan Disbursement and AmortizationTravel fare benefit www.cartelsolutions.comPage 7

SAPIENCE HRMSManaging Employee DocumentsSapience HRMS stores electronic copies of any employee related documents and upload any scanneddocuments into the employee’s record in the database. Stored documents can be in any format includingdoc, xls, pdf, jpeg, bmp, etc.Record document informationAlerts related to expiry of documentsEmail notification related to expiry of documentsDependents passport and visa expiry email alert to employeeUpload or attach unlimited scanned images of documents or any files to employee recordInformation TrackingSapience HRMS will track changes made in the employee master or in the confirmation of the system withdate and time the effect has taken place.Employee Probation ManagementTrack absenteeism and unpaid leavesMaintain employee salary revisionsLog all changes made by user with time and dateTrack employee assets allocated (phone, laptop, car, etc.)Record employee incidents and grievances and link with payroll deductionSapience Payroll ManagementFully compliant for entire Middle EastSapience Payroll ensures timely pay for the employees with accuracy, on time, every time. Getting payrollright means a more productive workforce, fewer enquiries and lower administrative costs. Automatedrules-based processing simplifies set up and eliminates errors the solution can quickly respond to change.Implementing Sapience Time Attendance module with Payroll module delivers further benefits and timeand cost savings. Time Attendance module eliminates data capture errors and incorrect payments. It alsoreduces the time lag between when the work is done and when the employee is paid.Calculating total expenditure on labour is made easy as you can pay other people who do work for thebusiness such as contractors and consultants. Sapience HRMS simplifies payroll for businesses that requirea single payroll solution for their Middle East operation or that operate as a group of companies.Major Benefits of Sapience PayrollSet and forget:Sapience Payroll is date-driven to eliminate errors, reduce overpayment and non-payment and improveproductivity. Enter the date of effect of an event, such as the start date for a new hire, due or discretionarydeduction and Sapience makes payment in the relevant pay. Where a payment such as higher duties is fora fixed period, Sapience ceases payment on the end date so there is no overpayment. Sapience calculatesback pay for retrospective www.cartelsolutions.comPage 8

SAPIENCE HRMSBalance workload:Sapience Payroll reduces the workload peak at the end of the pay. The pay is calculated and reconciled atthe beginning of the pay period for both manual (timesheet) and auto payees. Sapience Payroll recalculatesthe pay when it detects an event that will change the pay. Sapience Payroll raises an alert if an employee’spay is negative so that corrective action can be taken before the actual pay run for the period.Middle East PayrollCompanies with Middle East operations can run payroll for multiple countries in a single database. Thisprovides a consolidated view of corporate talent, which is essential when the business has to deploy andpay people across the region.Features of Payroll ManagementCalculate pay from timesheet, recurring and variable entitlementsTimekeeper can assign rotating rosters and automate employee timesheetRecalculate pay when a person changes recurring entitlements, takes leave, works overtime or adjuststimesheetUnlimited pay groups and pay elementsMultiple payment method (WPS, cash, cheque or bank transfer)Split employee net pay into multiple bank accounts and define beneficiary for each accountSpecify deposit amount as flat amount or percentage of net payReal time update of changes to salary entitlement and calculate back pay for salary, allowances,overtime and superannuation for retrospective changes or back-dated salary increaseUse Percentage of basic or flat amount or combinationTrail payroll and final payroll functionality enable user flexibility and better payroll controlChange and recalculate payroll any number of times before finalizingRun on demand payroll for a single, a group or for all employees available at any timePrint pay slips or distribute via emailNotice pay calculation based on resignation / terminationCalculate indemnity based on user configurable pay componentsUser defined loan types and payment/amortization schemesDefine flexible configuration options to suit the business processGeneral Ledger TrackingSet up user definable account codeGenerate balanced payroll journal for each payroll run on final payroll processingAssign general ledger accounts to pay elements, deductions, project and jobs, provisions.Assign cost code for project, job, activity and create a combination of any three levelsAllocate general ledger by division, branch, location, department, cost center, category, project, etc.Export payroll accounting to popular accounting packages such as Sage 300, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ AX / GP, Sage Line 50, Peachtree, QuickBooks, www.cartelsolutions.comPage 9

SAPIENCE HRMSLabour Job CostingSapience Payroll is date-driven to eliminate errors, reduce overpayment and non-payment. SapienceProject and Job Costing modules ensure accurate and timely labour costing so the business can effectivelymanage expenditure against budget; monitor project, job and activity costs and set charge rates fordifferent resource levels. Decision makers know that labour cost data is accurate and reliable and can useit to make decisions.Default cost profiles for each individual employee save time by eliminating errors in calculating andallocating costs. Time and payroll expenditure is tracked across multiple cost categories using defaultallocations or from employees’ timesheets. On costs and leave liability are calculated, to provide the fullcost of labour. Provisions and indirect cost are apportioned to respective cost codes based on the timeactual spent for each project.Sapience Timesheet Management makes recording of employee tasks on a time-line much simpler, fasterand accurate. The system monitors and generates timesheets for each employee, which includes timespent for each job and task/activity. Sapience Timesheet is an effective time tracking software which tracksregular working hours and payroll, as well as overtime and off-times payments. Users can obtain a detailedbreakdown of tasks as well as the cost incurred for each activity and job in a project. Employee payroll,both for in-house personnel as well as employees posted on client locations, can be generated on the fly.FeaturesUnlimited number of Project, Job and Activity can be createdActivity and Job can be created independently and linked to ProjectControl on estimated cost and time scheduleMultiple Activity, job or project can be allocated to an employee for the same dayDistribution of employee overheads based on time spent for each Activity / Job / ProjectCost distribution for regular pay, overtime or off-times payment to project on actual time spent for eachproject, job or activity.Sapience HRMS Self ServiceInternet / intranet enabled ESS SystemsEmployees view and maintain their own information, real time from any location world wideFlexibility as to which tasks may be delegated to managers and which tasks to employeesEmployee Self Service - Personal tasksRoutine HR administration tasks such as changing address, telephone number, emergency contacts,next of kin, marriage, dependents details and their passport and visa details.View employee’s own employment history such as promotions, salary revisions, etc.Employee can view their salary information onlineView employee’s own payroll summary and details, leave history, etc.View conditions of employment, HR policies, procedures, information packs, benefits details, etc.Employee can view official information such as Date of Joining, Designation, Department, Division, etc.Access employee document details such as document no., issue and expiry date, issuing authority etc.Submit / Update employee documents and details www.cartelsolutions.comPage 10

SAPIENCE HRMSEmployee Self Service - Leave request workflowEmployee request for any specific type of leave which initiates a workflow. The request is sent tomanager for approval based on the approval workflow defined and once approved, it is automaticallyposted to payroll and leave management.Cancel leave requested p