TwinCAT Vision:Integrating machine visioninto automation.

Integrated machine vision.Optimised machinery. Higher product quality.Industrie 4.0 made easy.Competitive advantage.Incorporating image processinginto the overall control systemcan improve machine efficiency.Machine vision capabilitiesenhance superior real-timeapplications.Integrating PLC, motion control,measurement technology andmachine vision functionalitywith IoT and analytics on asingle control platform makesIndustrie 4.0 applications mucheasier to implement.PC-based control specialist Beckhoff has expandedits established, highly successful TwinCAT productrange to include TwinCAT Vision, an integrated image processing solution. This addition underscoresthe increasing importance of image processing asa quality factor across mechanical engineering,particularly in applications like Industrie 4.0, qualityoptimisation, and track-and-trace. PC-based control offers an ideal solution here: TwinCAT Visionadds image processing to a universal control2We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Increased productionefficiency.High-precision measurementand exact optical inspectionensure compliance with processparameters.Quality assurance.Applications such as trackand-trace support completetraceability of product quality.platform that incorporates PLC, motion control,robotics, high-end measurement technology, IoTand HMI. This simplifies engineering significantlyin that it allows camera configuration and programming tasks to be carried out in the familiarPLC environment. In addition, all control functionsrelated to image processing can be synchronisedin the runtime system precisely, in real time.Latency is eliminated, and the image processingalgorithms execute in real time. This marks aWe reserve the right to make technical changes.major quality advance over conventional machinevision solutions. With TwinCAT Vision, machinebuilders can fully integrate image processing tasksinto the central control system, paving the way formore advanced machine designs that are capableof satisfying tomorrow’s marketplace demands,and offer enhanced competitiveness and investment security.A winning edge with TwinCAT Vision: increased competitiveness simplified Industrie 4.0 implementation enhanced production efficiency optimised product quality complete synchronisation3

TwinCAT Visionapplications.Measurement Distances Diameters RoundnessDIAMETER:10 mm10 mmIdentification Data Matrix code Bar code QR codeData M at r i x Co d e :4 -34339 9 - 8762284We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Detection pattern recognition position detection colour recognitionOBJEC T DE TEC TIONMonitoring view into the machine simplified service simplified maintenancePROCESSV ISUA LISATIONWe reserve the right to make technical changes.5

Integrated: an end-to-end visionsolution for automation.PowerHardwareTriggerOpennessTwinCAT Vision follows the Beckhoffphilosophy of open control technology.First, it is hardware-neutral: TwinCAT Visionworks both with line-scan and area-scancameras with GigE Vision interface. Second,it supports software extensions, allowingusers to access raw camera data andincorporate their own image processingalgorithms easily.6We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Cloud connectivityBecause TwinCAT Vision is integrated into the TwinCATcontrol platform, it can connect directly to TwinCAT IoTand TwinCAT Analytics. This ensures easy communicationwith the cloud, enables access to cloud-based services, andstreamlines Industrie 4.0 applications.In real timeIntegrating the PLC, motion control, robotics,high-end measurement technology and machine vision capabilities on a single platformenables superior real-time application performance and significant gains in machineefficiency. It also avoids unnecessary delaysin motion and robotics.We reserve the right to make technical changes.7

Modular by design: from engineeringthrough to runtime.System ManagerTwinCAT 3 Engineering Environment based on Visual Studio System Manager– Configuration– TcVision Resource Management– Camera– Configuration– Calibration– Simulation– File Source ControlProgramming– IEC 61131-3– object-orientedextensions– C/C ADS– TwinCAT Vision LibraryTwinCAT Vision LibraryADS Image WatchTwinCAT Vision is directly integrated into theTwinCAT Engineering environment. Cameras canbe added and configured easily under the newVision node, and can be calibrated there as well.It is also possible to capture a camera imagestream and to feed in the recording instead of livecamera images. Alternatively, images in a rangeof formats can be loaded. This means that, evenwithout camera access, users can still develop andimplement image processing procedures.8We reserve the right to make technical changes.

TwinCAT HMI IntegrationTwinCAT 3 runtimeTwinCAT Automation Device Driver – ADDTcCOMMotionTcCOMTcCOMSimulink ModuleC me KernelI/OVisionGigE Vision DriverFieldbusThe sequence of image processing is programmed directly in the PLC, in PLC programming languages and using the extensive libraryof image processing algorithms provided.Integrating image processing into the PLC meansthat the analysis chain executes in the TwinCATruntime system, enabling communication withother processes running on the PLC, such asmotion control, without latency. All debuggingoptions known from PLC programming are avail-We reserve the right to make technical Intermediate results can be displayed inthe engineering environment or in TwinCAT HMIat any time.Simplified engineering,optimised runtime performance: easy camera configuration engineering in PLC programminglanguages analysis chain fully contained in the PLC processing without latency9

Easy configuration of machine visionin a familiar environment.Camera simulation:Switching between the live camera viewand a recorded stream, or enabling streamcapture, is easy, without changing a lineof code.Offset YWidthOffset XHeightLive view:The live camera image allows configurationchanges to be reviewed directly.10We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Camera calibration:For camera calibration, the imaging process is modelled and thendescribed in terms of extrinsic, intrinsic and distortion parameters.This enables position determination and measurement tasks to beperformed with high precision. Calibration can be conducted in theengineering as well as in the runtime environment.Camera configuration:Integrated camera configuration accordingto the GenICam standard in TwinCATEngineering ensures that no other toolsare required. The image shows a regionof interest being defined.Apart from motion control and I/O configuration,TwinCAT Vision also enables cameras to be configured in TwinCAT Engineering. GigE Vision camerascan be integrated under the new TwinCAT Visionnode to be configured according to the GenICamstandard. Here, all camera settings can be definedand the results can be directly reviewed in thecamera live image. Moreover, cameras can also becalibrated in the engineering environment. Userscan choose from a range of calibration patterns,We reserve the right to make technical changes.including their own user-specific patterns. Again,they can review the results directly. TwinCATVision is fully integrated with TwinCAT and VisualStudio. All known features such as docking windows and sourcecode management systems aresupported.Configuration and programmingin a single tool: vision resource management instant review of configuration changes integrated camera configurationfunctions camera calibration in engineeringand runtime easy image stream control11

Vision and control functions: allprogrammed for a single platform.Object recognitionCamera imagePre-process input imageTrace contourIdentify relevant workpiece contoursResultvisualisationMeasurement, incl. monitoring of processing timeIf workpiece identified smiley, then .Measure outer contourMeasure eyesMeasure eye distanceCalculate centre of eyes of smileyDraw results in an imageResulting image12We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Image analysis is programmed in the PLC itself.An extensive library of function blocks and functions is available that includes contour detection,colour recognition, key-point feature extractionand measurement functions. Additional information such as embedded lines or text can beinserted into images in the PLC. The intermediatestatus at any point along the analysis chain canbe viewed as an image in the engineering environment or the TwinCAT HMI. Users can also workWe reserve the right to make technical changes.with the usual debug options supported by thePLC (to monitor variables and set breakpoints, forinstance) and make online changes to the codein image processing algorithms.All functions combined: object detection measurement, including monitoringof processing time result visualisation13

All applications synchronised in real-time:Motion control, robotics and machine vision.Station 2: Part recognitionStation 1: Mover/tablet ID scan Line-scan camera, bright field illumination Object recognition (detection andtype recognition) Position detection (position and orientation) Area-scan camera, bright fieldillumination Data Matrix code readout14We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Station 3: Inspection(dimensional accuracy check) Area-scan camera, dark field illuminationPosition and orientation correctionMeasurement of part-specific dimensionsComparison with reference dimensionsBecause the image processing algorithms areexecuted within in the same environment as PLC,motion control and robotics, all tasks can be easilysynchronised. Image capture timing is definedprecisely – using triggers, for instance – and iseasy to coordinate with the position of an axis orrobot at a given point in time.Integration of image processing into TwinCATalso simplifies the engineering process. A singletool can be used to configure and program allWe reserve the right to make technical changes.tasks with ease. Integration also enables machinebuilders to keep their image processing expertiseinhouse. Since all image processing algorithms areexecuted in the same runtime and in a synchronised manner, delays that would otherwise occurin communication can be completely eliminated.Overall, these enhancements enable substantialprocess optimisations.Integrated image processing: detection identification measurement quality assurance accelerated time-to-market15

The Beckhoff control system:totally open, maximum scalability.AutomationIPCI/O Line-scan camera Area-scan cameraWith the PC-based control philosophy, Beckhoffoffers an exceptionally scalable solution to allkinds of automation challenges. Building on thecore principle of combining all automation functions on a central control platform, the companyoffers an extensive portfolio of high-performancecomponents designed to support modular controlsolutions covering a broad diversity of requirements. Central to this portfolio is a scale-to-fitselection of Industrial PCs with form factors16We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Motion Line illuminationArea illuminationBright field ring lightsDark field ring lightsand performance specifications ranging fromultra-compact IPCs to powerful multi-core servers.In addition, the portfolio includes fieldbus components for all common I/Os and fieldbus systems,highly dynamic drive solutions in all performanceclasses, and the proven, modular control softwareTwinCAT. As the inventor of EtherCAT, Beckhoffalso has unparalleled knowledge when it comesto optimising EtherCAT connectivity betweencontrol components. In short, Beckhoff possessesWe reserve the right to make technical changes.comprehensive technological expertise in everyproduct area, combined with an in-depth understanding of specific automation requirements inmore than 25 industry sectors.A comprehensive portfolioof control components: exceptionally scalable Industrial PCs fieldbus components for allcommon I/Os highly dynamic drive solutions proven TwinCAT control software17

Globally available:the Beckhoff automation expertise.OuluSeinäjokiTampereHyvinkääSt. erMilwaukee dianapolisN O R T H A M E R I C A CincinnatiSan JoseNashvilleLos AngelesRaleighPhoenix RogersSan DiegoCharlotteDallas ttleSan Luis lBursaAthensİzmirAFRICAMostaQuitoLimaSOUTH AMERICASão PauloCampinasJoinvilleJohannesburgNovo rs distributorSubsidiary distributorMontevideoBuenos AiresDurbanCape TownPuneBangaloreCoimbatoreOeirasBogotáNovE U R O gdonMünsterVerlHenley-on-ThamesDresdenMoers MonheimKortrijkMarktheidenfeldLummen OrvaultInnsbruckLyssachZurich eZagrebMetz-Tessy MilanPaduaAveiroEkaterinburgSamaraPort ElizabethBeckhoff – New Automation TechnologyBeckhoff implements open automation systemsbased on PC Control technology for more than35 years. The product range covers Industrial PCs,I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technologyand automation software. For all areas ofapplication, product series are available that canbe used as separate components or integratedinto a complete and seamless control system.We reserve the right to make technical changes.Chenn

Million 021995699120011994599110 1986889119 6306406506606706805891Singapore1983Penang1982Kuala u JinanSeoulXi anQingdaoNanjing SuzhouHefeiShanghaiChengduWuxiNingboWuhan sk67918 les developmentJakartaAUSTRALIASydneyMelbourneThe Beckhoff “New Automation Technology”philosophy represents innovative control andautomation solutions that are used worldwidein a wide variety of different applicationsand industries, ranging from CNC-controlledmachine tools and wind turbines to intelligentbuilding automation.We reserve the right to make technical changes.AucklandWorldwide presence on all continentsThe worldwide presence of Beckhoff in more than75 countries ensures fast service and supportfor globally operating customers in their locallanguage. Moreover, geographical proximity helpsus develop an in-depth understanding of thetechnical challenges our customers are faced witharound the world.Million Beckhoff at a glance Headquarters Verl, Germany Sales 2016: 679 Mio. ( 9,5 %) Staff worldwide: over 3,350 Sales/Technical Offices Germany: 18 Subsidiaries/Branch Offices worldwide: 34 Distributors worldwide:in more than 75 countries(as of 04/2017)O www.beckhoff.com67919

DK3392-1117Optimise your machines with TwinCAT Vision.For full details Automation GmbH & Co. KGHuelshorstweg 2033415 VerlGermanyPhone: 49 5246 [email protected] , TwinCAT , EtherCAT , EtherCAT P , Safety over EtherCAT , TwinSAFE , XFC and XTS are registered trademarks of andlicensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH. Other designations used in this publication may be trademarks whose use by third partiesfor their own purposes could violate the rights of the owners. Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG 11/2017The information provided in this brochure contains merely general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in caseof actual application do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products.An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressively agreed in the terms of contract.Picture credits: