HISTORIC PRESERVATIONZONING NEWSMetr opolita nHistoricZoningCommissionA periodic newsletter for architects, designers, contractors, craftsmen and applicants.O l d H o u s e Fa i r M a r c h 8 , 2 0 1 4HISTORICPRESERVATIONFebruary 2014The Metro Historic Zoningdemonstrations focus onfrom the codes andCommission and partnersenhancing energyhistoric departments.are pleased to announceefficiency, maintainingDavid Currey, president ofthe third annual Oldand restoring old houses,organizing partnerHouse Fair on Saturdayand appropriate designTennessee PreservationMarch 8, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m atelements for theTrust, explained that theThe Martin Center, 2400architectural styles andFairfax Avenue, Nashville.The Old House Fair is aZoning Overlays2Old House FairSchedule3Hillsboro-West Enderas found here inneighborhood locationNashville. “We will have aSpotlight4makes a lot of sense forFREE day-long festivalthis year’s Fair. “Thethat introduces propertyHillsboro-West Endowners to new ideas,neighborhood is listedpractical advice,in the Nationalinnovative materials,Register of Historicand quality servicesPlaces. They havethrough exhibitors,an existingpresentations and hands-neighborhoodon demonstrations. Doorfull range of sessions,”conservation zoningprizes will be given andsaid historic zoningoverlay for part of theirSmoke Et Al food truck,administrator Robinhistoric district and are inwill be on site. HistoricZeigler, “everything fromthe process of expandingNashville Inc. will behow to make an old housethat overlay to include theleading activities formore energy efficient, torest. Having the Oldchildren of all agesthe processes involvedHouse Fair there is aincluding a scavengerwith faux paintinggreat way to celebratehunt, coloring area and atechniques, to fundingeveryone’s hard work inbluebird-house buildingyour rehab.” There willprotecting theirsession.even be a table set upneighborhood’swhere you can getcharacter.”Lectures and hands-onInside this issue:feedback on your

Page 2HISTORIC PRESERVATION ZONING NEWSN e i g h b o r h o o d C o n s e r va t i o n Z o n i n gOver lays Mor e Popular Than EverDue to the booming localConservation ZoningThe Lockeland Springs-economy and theOverlay (NCZO) whereEast End NCZO hasincrease in infillthe goal is to preserveexpanded three times anddevelopment, more andhistoric “character.” Onlyis beginning the processmore neighborhoods aredemolition, newof their 4th.seeing the value ofconstruction and moving ahistoric zoning.builidng are reviewed.also expanded twice andThe purpose of historicThe initiation of historicis in the process of addingzoning is to guide changeoverlay designation isapproximately 500 morein a neighborhood in acompletely neighborhoodproperties.way that preserves itsdriven. Thehistoric character andneighborhoods thatfabric. It does not changeprobably most appreciateuse. Most propertythe overlays are existingowners want thehistoric overlays. Onceadditional zoning becauseproperty owners see theit has been proven todifference between theprotect property values.Just beginningcontext-sensitivediscussions about andevelopment happeningNCZO is Sylvan Parkinside the overlay(currently named Park &boundaries and the typeElkins.)There are three types ofhistoric zoning inNashville. HistoricPreservation ZoningOverlays protect thehistoric “fabric” soessentially every exteriorExamples of homes in theHillsboro-West End NeighborhoodConservation Zoning Overlay.The Eastwood NCZO hasexpanded three times andis considering theyaddition of a few moreproperties.of development takingplace outside of theEight other neighborhoodsboundaries, expansionshave expressed interest inbecome overlays.alteration is reviewed.The most recentHistoric Landmarks areexpansion is the Hillsboro-similar but include justWest End Neighborhoodone building or a campusConservation Zoningof buildings rather than anOverlay, which expandedentire include more than 450Most neighborhoodsadditional properties.prefer the NeighborhoodBelmont-Hillsboro has

Page 3O l d H o u s e Fa i r S c h e d u l 9:30-10:45 Historic vs.Old. Learn howhistorians distinguishbetween old and historic11:00-11:15 FundingYour Rehab. The ins andouts of a rehab loan11:30 –11:45: Pieces ofthe Whole. Exploring“character definingfeatures”12:30-12:45 Old Homes9:30-10:30 Faux is Fab!Ongoing. A coloring areaSteps of wood grainingand posters fromand marbleizingTennessee History forprocessesKids11:00-12:00 HiddenSecrets of HistoricWindows. How to repairold windowsScavenger Hunt JoinHistoric Nashville Inc onan Old House Fairscavenger hunt on theReglazing Your Sashgrounds of The MartinCenter, (weathersponsors!permitting.) PrizesOrganizing2:00-3:00 Bluebirds NeedHistoric Nashville, Inc.Homes Too! Vintage1:00-1:15 To Replace orTennessee PreservationTrustMillworks guides childrenNot to Replace. How toPartnersevaluate replacementNfocus MagazinematerialsThe Nashville SceneCan Be Comfortable (andEnergy Efficient). Energyefficient improvements1:30-1:45 Taming ToxicSubstances. Dealing withthe hazards of lead,Friends:Dale Inc.Preservation Stationin building bluebirdhouses with pre-cut andpre-drilled pieces ofwood. The finishedproject will be a housethat meets a bluebird’srequirements, and thatasbestos and PCBsR.D. Herbert & SonsRoofing2:00-2:15 Green HomeRobinson Grouplearn more aboutSupportersbluebirds. Children will beMighty Oak Buildersworking with nails andPatina Period Designhammers.Makeovers. Energyefficient renovationsfor complete descriptionsOngoing. Architectural12:30-1:30 A Slick Bevel:Thank you to ourVisit www.OldHouseFair.orgyour child can watch andThe Standard SashThermosound WindowsAll children’s activitiesTrace Venturesorganized by HistoricVillage Real EstateNashville, Inc.Above: Examples ofpresentations, demonstrations andchildren’s activities at the OldHouse Fair 2013.

Page 4HISTORIC PRESERVATION ZONING NEWSS p o t l i g h t : DA D UA Detached Accessorylifestyles, and the explosionDwelling Unit (DADU) is aof the creative classtool currently only availableattracted to Nashville.”in historic overlays. Itallows properties that arezoned two-family to have asmall apartment detachedfrom the primary dwelling,where otherwise zoningrequires it to be attached.The small size andrequirement that theproperty owner live in oneof the two units results in aAbove: Jamie Pfeffer of Pfeffer TorodeArchitecture designed the DetachedAccessory Dwelling Unit at 1522Ferguson Street.rental unit that doesn’thave a negative impact onthe neighborhood. JamiePfeffer, with Pfeffer Torode,has designed severalDADUs and has found hisclient’s needs to be varied.“We have found our clients’ambitions to be quitebroad,” said Pfeffer. “Wehave designed units forelderly parents, collegeaged children, live-in aupairs, guest get-a-ways,and home offices. Themyriad of uses speak to thegrowing frequency ofsandwich generations, theAbove: David Baird with BuildingIdeas, LLC designed the DADU at1203 Forrest Avenue.broadening diversity offamily structures andreview process.”The strict designrequirements help protectThe strict designthe neighborhood. Pfefferrequirements can bebelieves that the smallchallenging. Pfefferstructures are an importantexplains, “When designingpiece in the appropriatea DADU, one mustdevelopment of Nashville’sunderstand that size isneighborhoods. “My firmrestricted in every way,has had the opportunity toincluding square footage,design several Detachedvolume and height. MoreAccessory Dwelling Unitstimes than not, we areover the past few years,tasked with designing aand despite the restrictivedwelling unit above aspatial requirements,garage. As the allowableDADUs promote thoughtfulfootprint allows for littlegrowth that reinforces themore than a two car garagefabric and character ofand a highly efficient stair,historic neighborhoods bythe circulation becomes theaccommodating so manykey to the project. Theuses in such little spaces. Isolution generally lies withbelieve that this thoughtfulstarting the stair at theapproach to growth and theedge of the footprint, andcomplexities ofthen turning it in toward thecontemporary urban livingcenter of the volume.”speak to the resonance of“The design requirements,”explains Pfeffer, “spark acreative design, an efficientuse of space, and athoughtful implementationof construction in order tonavigate the thoroughthe historic overlays aspreferred lifestyledestinations for the city.”

Guiding the Future byPreserving the Past.Metropolitan HistoricZoning CommissionThe Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission (MHZC) reviewsapplications to create new historic overlay districts and reviewspreservation permit applications for historic preservation andneighborhood conservation zoning overlays and landmark sitesfor new construction, alterations, additions, repair anddemolition.Sunnyside in Sevier Park3000 Granny White PikeNashville, TN 37204Phone: 615-862-7970Fax: 615-862-7974The MHZC’s nine volunteer members, appointed by the mayorand confirmed by Metro Council, include representatives fromzoning districts, the Metropolitan Planning Commission, theMetropolitan Historical Commission; architect (s), and othercitizens of Davidson County.W E ’ R E ON TH E WE B !W W W . N A S H V IL LE . G O V / M H COur sister organization, the Metropolitan Historical Commission(MHC), is a municipal historic preservation agency working todocument history, save and reuse buildings, and make thepublic more aware of the necessity and advantages ofpreservation in Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee.Created in 1966, the commission consists of fifteen citizenmembers appointed by the mayor and confirmed by MetroCouncil.L I K E T HE M ETR O H I S T OR IC ALC O M M I S S ION O N F AC EB O OK .2 0 1 4 P r e s e r va t i o n A w a r d sCall for Nominationsinclude residential,or emailThe MHC is currentlyEducational [email protected] nominations forInstitutional, Commercial,gov.the 2014 Preservationand Infill architecture.Awards.The deadline to submitFor nearly forty years, thenominations is Friday,Metropolitan HistoricalMarch 14, 2014.Commission hasFor more information,recognized outstandingplease visit http://efforts to’s historicHistorical-Commission/architecture with its annualEvents-and-Programs/Preservation AwardsPreservation-Awards.aspxprogram. Award categories