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UTESCO specializes in development,design, assembling low voltage distributionpanels up to 5000 Ampere, maindistribution boards, DC and AC panels,power factor correction and automatictransfer switch system (ATS). In addition,we offer engineering services with versal Technical Services Company(UTESCO) an ISO 9001:2008 certifiedcompany formed in 2007 to meet thechallenges in technology and fulfill the growingdemand in the field of electro ienced team of engineers capable ofassembling fully type tested panels such asthose of Schneider, EATON, Larsen &Toubro, and ABB. We also providesolutions and technical support for shortcircuit and temperature rise problems.Our key strength is the quality of our trainedand highly qualified professionals, industry –specific expertise, gained across the globe withthe ability to innovate and customizeautomation solution for a wide variety ofindustrial process.UTESCO offers high-tech and innovativesolutions to increase energy efficiency, comfortand reliability of industrial, infrastructural andcommercial applications. We offer full scope ofworks creating power supply systems fromproject design to installation, commissioningandafter-salesservice.ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS FOR POWER DISTRIBUTION,CONTROL, PROTECTION AND AUTOMATION PANEL BOARDS & SWITCHBOARDS

FLAWLESSPerformance,AbsoluteReliability, Contemporary Design & diligentfabrication using components & accessories.These are the PROUD HALLMARKS of ourextensive range of SWITCHGEAR.UTESCO is currently manufacturingfollowing products custom-built to suitspecific need of client & to fulfill theproject based design.Portfolio of LV Switchgear manufactured& marketed by UTESCO are as follows Low Voltage Main DistributionBoards, fixed & Withdrawable up to6300 A, 100kA, Form 4-BFully/Partially Type Tested as perIEC – 61439Motor & Power Control Centers,fixed & WithdrawableSub Main & Distribution (SMDB) &Distribution Boards fully/partiallytype tested as per IEC – 61439Control & Protection Panels for SECGrid SubstationsAutomation Panels comprising ofPLC Panels, VFD Panels, ATS,Synchronizing Panels, APFC Panels.Standard & Non Standard MetalSteel, Stainless Steel Enclosures typetested up to IP66 , NEMA 4xUTESCO has diversified into Control &Protection Panels , MV Switchgear forsubstations. Beginning with the Assembly ofLow Voltage Switchboards & Panel Boards, wehave expanded rapidly with manufacturing ofentire range of Switchboards & Panel Boardsfor LOW VOLTAGE & Medium Voltage,fixed & Withdrawable versions, designed &developed in house, as well manufacturedunder the technology of well known renownedbrands as Authorized Panel Builders.The intensely professional approach of thededicateddesign,development&manufacturing teams has enabled us tosuccessfully embark on an ambitious programof linear expansion.

UTESCO has achieved a intimidating position in the Private as well as Government sector inKingdom of Saudi Arabia. With durable engineering asset & wide product range UTESCO hasemerged as a complete solution provider in the Low Voltage slice covering all the Utilities,Ministries, Infrastructure, Industrial & Construction divisions.Project Management Team at UTESCO ensures quick response and timely delivery to our client.Dedicated & well trained experienced engineering team is assigned for quick after sales support.UTESCO is pre-qualified vendor with SEC Distribution & Transmission Departments, most of theministries & other Utilities. UTESCO takes proud in contribution to the development of nation ingetting associated with many prestigious projects in the industrial as well as infrastructuredevelopment. At UTESCO, we provide customer what they want, not what we have. We believe inbuilding long term relationships with the customers by providing swift & competent service at doorstep.

Low Voltage MainDistribution BoardsFixed & Withdrawable up to 6300 A, 100kA,Form 4-BFully Type Tested Assembly as per IEC – 61439SABIC – SoLA TRUCK TERMINAL JUBAIL

Low Voltage MainDistribution BoardsFixed & Withdrawable up to 5500A, 150 kA, Form 4-BType Tested Assembly as per IEC– 61439UTESCO is providing various type testsolutions as follows UTESCO is an Authorized PanelBuilder for Larsen & Toubro forENERSYS-M & ENERSYS-S as perlatest editions of IEC – 61439 with arange of up to 4000A, 105kA, Form –4b, fixed & Withdrawable UTESCO is an Authorized Panelbuilder for EATON, fully type testedsolution for Low Voltage technologynamed as xEnergy up to 5500A,100kA, fixed & Withdrawablemodules. UTESCO is an Authorized Panelbuilder for SCHNEIDER, fullytype tested solution for LowVoltage technology named asPRISMA up to 4000A, 50kA,fixed & Withdrawable modules.

xENERGYFixed & Withdrawable up to 5500 A, 150 kA, Form 4-BType Tested Assembly as per IEC – 61439

ENERSYS – M & SFixed & Withdrawable up to 4000 A, 105 kA, Form 4-BType Tested Assembly as per IEC – 61439

LV Power & Control PanelsFixed & Withdrawable up to 5000 A, 150 kA, Form 4-BType Tested Assembly as per IEC – 61439

SUBSTATION PANELSUp to 132 kVAs per Saudi Electricity Co. – Distribution & Transmission Standards(31-SDMS-10 &12 )UTESCO’s range of Relay & Protectionpanels are specially designed &engineered to cater specific needs of largeindustrial undertakings for medium &high voltage protection, control &monitoring applications.PRODUCT RANGE AC-Distribution BoardDC-Distribution BoardDistribution PanelsProtection Relay PanelSubstation Control PanelLocal Control Cubicles for GISBusbar Protection PanelsTransformer Protection PanelsPLC PanelsABTS PanelsACCS PanelMosaic Mimic Panels

ENGINEERING SERVICESThe Engineering & Design Department has highly qualified & experienced team of engineers &technicians. These skilled professionals are involved in offering total engineered solutions in thefields of industrial as well as substation protection & distribution, testing & commissioning andcarrying out other electrical analysis such as Co-Ordination Study, Harmonic Analysis, Heat lossCalculations.UTESCO engineering team is fully capable of undertaking total design & engineering andintegration of protection systems in LV, MV and HV distribution networksENGINEERING SERVICES OFFERED Testing & Commissioningo Low Voltage Switchgearo Control & Protection Panelso DC Systemso Automation Panels.Protection & Substation Engineering – Selection/Application of Protection Relays, CT’s,PT’s, Cable Schedule, Relay Setting Details, Schematics, Short Circuit Calculations,Discrimination Studies etc Power Quality Analysis – harmonic Measurement at Site, Analysis & Proposal for SolutionsCo-ordination StudyHeat Loss Calculations for Enclosures/Cabinets


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