35th Annual Debtors AnonymousWorld Service Conference“Sponsorship:Carry the Message – Be One, Have One”Friday, August 6, 2021Saturday, August 7, 2021Sunday, August 8, 2021Saturday, August 14, 2021Sunday, August 15, 2021A Virtual Conferencewith logistical support by the New York City Area Host CommitteeRegistration PacketThe D.A. World Service ConferenceThe World Service Conference (WSC) is the annual business meeting of Debtors Anonymous. It is where GeneralService Representatives (GSR’s), Intergroup Service Representatives (ISR’s), and the General Service Board (GSB)Trustees gather to review the state of the D.A. Fellowship, work on topics like new D.A. literature concepts and newoutreach methods, and vote on important issues affecting D.A. as a whole. Every registered D.A. group, includingIntergroups, may send one representative to the WSC.This document contains the information delegates need to register for the Conference and provides information that willhelp groups prepare for having a representative participate in the virtual Conference.The 2021 virtual Conference will take place using Zoom videoconferencing technology. Only registered delegates willbe able to attend the videoconference. Delegates must have access to a computer, smartphone, or tablet with the latestversion of Zoom installed. See Page 4 for more information.1

ContentsImportant Dates and DeadlinesVirtual Conference Registration InformationVirtual Conference Registration, Online Payment, and FeesPolicies for the World Service ConferenceConference Registration Form for GSRs, ISRs, and TrusteesPayment by Check FormYour Role at the Conference and Committee/Caucus DescriptionsPreliminary Virtual Conference ScheduleService OpportunitiesVolunteer Service FormGuest Registration Form for Fellowship DayJohn H Scholarship ProgramDescription and Instructions for Application ExtensionJohn H. Scholarship Funding GuidelinesWSC 2021 John H. Scholarship Application Form2346789101112131415Important Dates and DeadlinesIssues & Concerns submission cutoff — 1John H. Scholarship Fund donation deadline for 2021 WSCApril 15John H. Scholarship application deadlineMay 16John H. Scholarship recipients notified byJune 132023-24 Host City bids due — 1Virtual Conference Early Registration Discount DeadlineJuly 4Virtual Conference Registration Final Deadline (with additional fees)July 25Learn about the Conference: Pre-Conference Orientation CallsAll Conference attendees are encouraged to attend one or both of the pre-Conference orientation calls:Call #1:Call #2:Dial-in Number:Access Code:Sunday, June 27, 2021 — Selecting your Committee/Caucus1:00 – 2:30 p.m. USA Eastern Time (UTC-4)Saturday, July 24, 2021 — Overview of the World Service Conference11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. USA Eastern Time (UTC-4)(605) 472-5540617093International phone numbers (and online access) are available at

Conference Registration InformationConference Registration and Payment1. Registration. To register for the Conference, you must either: Register online tionor Mail the form on page 6 of this packet to the General Service Office.2. Group Number. You must provide your group number when registering. To locate your groupnumber, use the “Find a Meeting” page on the D.A. 3. Payment. To pay for registration fees, you must either: Pay online at Mail the form on page 6 with a check made out to “DAGSB” to:2021 WSC – RegistrationP.O. Box 920888Needham, MA 02492-0009*Delegates outside of the U.S.: If you are unable to pay online, [email protected] to make arrangements to pay via a funds transfer.4. Registration Confirmation. Confirmation of your registration will be sent by email. If you donot receive confirmation by July 31, please contact the GSO.5. Refunds. To request a refund for Conference registration, notify the General Service Office viaemail at: [email protected] or telephone (781-453-2743) by 4:00 pm ET, Sunday,July 24, 2021.6. Terms and Conditions. By submitting a completed registration form, online or via postal mail, youconsent to the policies, terms and conditions herein.Fees1. WSC Early Registration Discount Rate for delegates only (deadline July 4) 200.00WSC Final Registration Rate for delegates only (deadline July 25) 300.00The Registration fee covers Zoom Pro videoconferencing costs, salaries for special workers (Parliamentarian,Event Logistics Manager, two Videoconferencing Specialists, Office Manager), and administrative expensesinvolved in producing a World Service Conference.2. Fellowship Day (Not included in registration fee.) 15.00Note regarding Fellowship Day: No one will be turned away from the sessions on Fellowship Day forlack of funds.Note regarding guests: To register a guest for the Fellowship Day sessions, use the Guest RegistrationForm on page 11.3

Policies1. World Service Conference Registration Policies1. Registration Feea. The Registration Fee covers the expenses of conducting the World Service Conference (WSC) and mustbe received by the General Service Office (GSO) by the deadline printed in the Registration Packet.b. The Registration Fee is not pro-ratable for delegates that do not attend all days of the Conference.2. Registration Cancellation and Refund Policya. A registered delegate can cancel their Conference registration and receive a full refund of any previouslypaid registration fees, by notifying the GSO, via email or phone, up to 14 days prior to the start of theConference.b. Refunds will be issued via check; within 30 days of the date the refund request is received by the GSO.3. Registration Transfera. A registered delegate can only transfer a paid registration to a delegate who will take the place asrepresentative of that same group (as listed by group number in the registration).4. Extenuating Circumstances and Participation in a Conference Committeea. When a registered, returning General Service Representative (GSR) or Intergroup Service Representative(ISR) is unable to attend the WSC due to extenuating circumstances that occur within the two-week periodpreceding the Conference, the GSR or ISR may participate as a voting member of a WSC committeeduring the Conference year that follows, provided that: 1) It is the same Committee for which they served inthe previous Conference year, and 2) the newly formed Committee unanimously approves the participationof the GSR/ISR.2. World Service Conference Policies1. Parliamentary Procedure. Roberts Rules of Order is the main Parliamentary Procedure employed by 12-step2., including Debtors Anonymous. There are many online resources for delegates to familiarizethemselves with Roberts Rules of Order in advance of Convocation, which is when the General Assembly voteson motions during the WSC.Decorum. Delegates are expected to adhere to standards of decorum. The Conference reserves the right tovote to remove a member temporarily or permanently from participation for just cause, i.e. verbally abusivebehavior, as determined by the Conference group conscience.Delegate Qualification. If a local group or Intergroup votes to remove a member from serving as their GSR orISR or if a WSC committee or caucus votes to remove a member from their group for just cause, that memberwill no longer qualify as a delegate for the Conference year.Delegate Service. Delegates are required to serve on one WSC committee and may elect to serve on oneWSC caucus. Delegates who rotate out of service at the end of a three-year term are expected to serve on theirWSC committee until the end of the Conference year.Committee Attendance. Consistent non-attendance of WSC committee meetings during the Conference yearmay impact a member’s eligibility to be defined as a delegate in consideration of future John H. Scholarships.Service Guidelines. Delegates will receive the 2021 D.A. Manual of Service (DAMS) which describes importantinformation about Debtors Anonymous. Delegates should consult the General Service Board (GSB) if they haveany questions that are not answered in the DAMS. The GSB may add new policies to the DAMS as well asreplace, change, or cancel existing policies. It is the responsibility of each delegate to read and follow thepolicies contained in this DAMS and any changes made to it. The DAMS is not a legal document or a contract.Copyright Assignment. By submitting a completed registration form, World Service Conference (WSC)attendees release to Debtors Anonymous General Service Board, Inc., any and all ownership and use rights formaterial submitted to WSC committees and caucuses during the Conference year. This includes, but is notlimited to, written, graphic, and audio materials. Debtors Anonymous General Service Board, Inc. (DA-GSB,Inc.) is the not-for profit corporation that has legal and fiduciary responsibility for the spiritual fellowship ofDebtors Anonymous.4

3. Virtual Conference Policies1. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the World Service Conference will be conducted remotely via Zoomvideoconference technology.a. Delegates will have access to attend all General Assembly sessions, as well as all of thecommittee and (optional) caucus meetings each delegate has chosen to participate on.b. Delegates will have the same duty to participate in a WSC committee, both during the Conferenceand throughout the year, and the same right to participate in a caucus. All meetings will beconducted in English this Conference year.c. The virtual Conference is conducted in English. The majority of email communications, as well ascommittee and caucus meetings throughout the year, are conducted in English.d. There is no requirement to create a Zoom account to attend the virtual Conference on Zoom. DAGSB, Inc is not liable for any issue a delegate has in using a personal Zoom account.e. All possible steps shall be taken to protect the anonymity of delegates, including requiring thoseparticipating remotely to certify that they can call in from a room or location that will remain freefrom entry by non-delegates while the delegate is online.f. Each delegate must have a unique device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) to participate.g. Convocation voting will be conducted via Zoom Polls with the results shared after each vote. It isthe responsibility of each delegate to ensure the capability of their device to enable participation inZoom Polls.h. Further details about how to use Zoom, how the virtual WSC will be conducted, and Zoom bestpractices will be emailed to delegates closer to the Conference.i. It cannot be guaranteed that there won’t be technical or other issues. If each participating delegatecan communicate their needs, scheduling intentions and issues, and overall experience throughoutthe Conference it will aid in developing this process.2. Registration Refund Policy due to Technical Issuesa. If a Delegate cannot access the virtual Conference due to connectivity or other technologicalissues, they can request a refund and the DA-GSB will consider the request and decide. There isno guarantee of refund and DA-GSB, Inc is not financially responsible for connectivity andtechnological issues. Every effort will be made to ensure remote access to the Conference.WSC Attendee Reminders This is D.A.’s annual business conference, the purpose of which is to conduct the business of D.A.Conference attendees should not promote or sell other products or services at the WSC or Fellowship Day.Tradition Eleven states “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we needalways maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.” This has been extended to allother media. Hence, we suggest that members use first names and last initials only and no personal emailaddresses on documents circulated at the WSC (except committee rosters), as sometimes these documentshave been posted on the Internet.Delegates: Please have your own personal D.A. and A.A. Literature for your use as reference in yourCommittee and Caucus work. For additional reference, all delegates will receive an electronic 2021 editionof the Debtors Anonymous Manual for Service (DAMS).5

Conference Registration Form for GSRs, ISRs, and Trustees(Register online or mail this form)2021 D.A. World Service Conference (WSC), August 6–8, 14–15, 2021(Keep a copy of this page for your records.)First name:Last name:Address:City:State/Prov.Phone:Email address: (Required, please write clearly) YESCountry:Postal code: Check here to join the Delegate Contact ListSpecial Assistance.(If yes, please keep confidential)(If yes, please describe your needs.)Committee on which you plan to serve*:See Page 10. *Delegates must select in advance due to logistics.Caucus on which you plan to serve*:Optional, see Page 10. *Delegates must select in advance due to logistics.Binder Choice: Electronic binder only. PDF files of the binder contents will be available by email.Is this your first WSC? Yes No GSR ISR(General Service Rep.)(Intergroup Service Rep.) TrusteeGroup name:Group location (city):Group #: Check here if representing multiple meetings.Group #s of other meetings represented: Check here if you are interested in serving asa mentor to new delegates. Check here if you would like the assistance of a mentor toguide you through the process of being a delegate.Delegates are automatically subscribed to D.A.'s eNews announcements and can unsubscribe via the link at theend of each eNews email. Already subscribed at Group number is required. Registrations without group numbers may be delayed or returned. To locate your group number, use the“Find a Meeting” page on the D.A. website: Registration Confirmation. To receive confirmation of registration, provide an email address. If you do not receive a confirmation ofearly registration by July 11 or late registration by July 28, please contact the General Service Office (GSO).3. Payment for registration. Conference registration must be paid for online at or bycheck, in a single payment accompanying this Registration Form, by the listed deadline.4. Refunds: Refer to World Service Conference Registration Policies on page 3.5. Videoconference Participation. All delegates must have Internet access and a computer or mobile device capable of Zoomvideoconferencing with the latest version installed. DA-GSB will make all effort to ensure connectivity and technological access within ourcontrol. DA-GSB, Inc. is ultimately not financially responsible for any issues related to the use of Zoom, including connectivity or access.6. Release Regarding Materials. By submitting a completed registration form, either online or by postal mail, WSC attendees release toDebtors Anonymous General Service Board, Inc., any and all ownership and use rights for material submitted to WSC committees andcaucuses during the Conference year. This includes, but is not limited to, written, graphic, and audio materials. Debtors AnonymousGeneral Service Board, Inc., is the not-for profit corporation that has legal and fiduciary responsibility for the spiritual Fellowship of D.A.7. Waiver. D.A., DA-GSB, Inc, and employees, board, and all associates are released and discharged from any and all liability, claims,demands, or causes of action that may hereafter have for damages and injuries arising out of the World Service Conference, theMentor/Mentee Program and service throughout the Conference year including but not limited to losses caused by the negligence of thereleased parties.8. Terms and Conditions. By submitting a completed registration form, either online or by postal mail, you consent to the 2021 WSCRegistration Packet policies, terms and conditions herein.6

Delegate Payment by Check FormTo pay by check, you must complete and send this form to the GSO,whether you register online or via postal mail*.To pay online, go to the link at the top of page 3 in this packet.D.A. World Service Conference, August 6–8, 14–15, 2021(Keep a copy of this page for your records.)First name:Last name:Registration OptionsEnter youramountsbelow.1. Conference Registration for delegates onlyEarly Deadline submitted on or before July 4, 2021 200.00 Final Deadline submitted between July 5 to July 25, 2021 300.00 15.00 2. Fellowship Day (Not included in registration fee.)To register a guest for the Fellowship Day sessions, please use page 11 of thispacket. No one will be turned away from the sessions for lack of funds.4. Seventh Tradition (Optional contribution) 5. John H. Scholarship Fund (Optional contribution) Total EnclosedTo pay by check you must send this form to the General Service Office. If you are attending Fellowship Day, includethe optional fee in your payment. To pay online, please go to the link at the top of page 3 in this packet.*International delegates: After registering, [email protected] make arrangement to pay via a funds transfer if you are unable to pay online.Send this Payment Form with your payment.Make checks payable to DAGSB.Mail to:2021 WSC Registration, PO Box 920888, Needham, MA USA 02492-0009Final Registration deadline: July 25, 20217

Your Role at the Conference and Committee/Caucus DescriptionsWhen attending the World Service Conference and throughout the year that follows, every GSR and ISR serves on aConference Committee. This includes attending all sessions of your Committee during the Conference and continuing the workof your Committee in monthly teleconferences and various e-mail and phone communications during the conference year thatfollows. In preparation for this, please consider which committee you feel offers the best opportunity for your service to D.A. Dueto the logistics of a virtual Conference, we ask delegates to choose a committee and optional caucus upon registering. For somereturning delegates, rotating to a new committee provides the highest service to the D.A. Fellowship. Descriptions of theCommittees are provided below. In addition to serving on a committee, you may also serve on one caucus.World Service Conference CommitteesBDA COMMITTEE (BDA)The BDA (Business Debtors Anonymous) Committee’s purposeis to carry the message to the still-suffering debtor and helpthem apply the Steps and Traditions to all their affairs and notdebt one day at a time. The BDA Committee focuses on issuesspecific to the needs of D.A. members who own or operatebusinesses, are self-employed or have a desire to own oroperate businesses or be self-employed. The BDA Committee isopen to all GSRs and ISRs, not just those who represent BDAgroups.CONFERENCE COMMITTEE (CC)The Conference Committee is concerned with the generalnature of the World Service Conference. This includes: The Charter of the World Service Conference and itsrelationship to the General Service Board and membership ofD.A. as a whole Issues related to the format of the annual World ServiceConference of Debtors Anonymous Assistance to the Host Comm. in their planning and logistics Recommendations of sites for future annual conferencesFELLOWSHIP COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE (FCC)The Fellowship Communications Committee facilitatescommunication and promotes collaboration among the debtorwho still suffers, the Debtors Anonymous membership, theWorld Service Conference Committees and Caucuses, theGeneral Service Office, and the General Service Board.HOSPITALS, INSTITUTIONS, AND PRISONS COMM. (HIP)The Hospitals, Institutions, and Prisons Committee carriesthe message of D.A. to the debtor who still suffers withinhospital, institution and prison systems.INTERNAL OPERATIONS COMMITTEE (IOC)The primary responsibility of the Internal Operations Committee