You acknowledge Your understanding of and agree to the Dispute Resolution/Arbitration Agreementand Class Action Waiver section in this Agreement. Refer to the Dispute Resolution/ArbitrationAgreement and Class Action Waiver section for opt-out instructions. This Agreement is based oninformation You provided in this Declarations Page. You acknowledge Your understanding of the limitedapplicability of the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act as set out in this Agreement.I have read and agree to the terms and conditions on each page of this contract.CUSTOMER’S SIGNATUREDATEAUTHORIZED SELLERSIGNATUREAdministrative Address: 14875 Landmark Blvd., Ste. 108, Dallas, TX 75254 1-888-964-1899DATE

TERMS AND CONDITIONSA.NOTICE1. This Service Agreement is not a contract of Insurance.2. This Service Agreement is not valid unless:a. The Declaration Page is filled out completely and signed by You; andb. The Declaration Page is attached to the Service Agreement.3. Purchase of this Service Agreement is not required in order to purchase or obtainfinancing for a Unit.4. If the term of this Service Agreement overlaps with the term of Your manufacturer’swarranty, look first to Your manufacturer’s warranty for coverage. This ServiceAgreement excludes coverage for any loss covered by Your manufacturer’swarranty but may nevertheless provide benefits in addition to those provided by Yourmanufacturer’s warranty.5. The Obligor shall have no liability for anything other than the obligations delineatedin the Service Agreement.B.DEFINITIONSThe following definitions apply to words used frequently throughout this ServiceAgreement. These definitions are in Bold-Faced type:1. Administrator – Headstart Warranty Group, 14875 Landmark Blvd., Ste 108, Dallas,TX 75254.2. Breakdown - The failure of a defective part as supplied by the Manufacturer or Dealeroutside of the allowable tolerances prescribed by the manufacturer.3. Failure - means the inability of an original or like replacement part covered by thisAgreement to function in normal service.4. Wear and Tear - The gradual reduction of operating performance.5. Claim - A demand by You for benefits under this Service Agreement. A visit/claimmay have more than one Covered Repair.6. Commercial Use - Any Unit, regardless of registration type, used solely or partiallyfor the generation of income.7. Covered Parts - The parts listed in the Schedule of Coverages section of thisService Agreement for the Plan selected.8. Declaration Page - The numbered document executed by You which must beattached to this Service Agreement. It lists information regarding the Unit to becovered, Service Agreement Terms and Conditions, and other vital information.9. Deductible – The amount You are required to pay, as shown on the DeclarationPage, toward the total cost for the repair or replacement of Covered Parts pervisit/claim made.10. In-Service Date - The date on which the Unit was first purchased by the originalowner, if known. Units for which the original purchase date is not known, it shall bestJuly 1 of the Unit model year.11. Plan - Refers to the Plan and term selected by You as shown on the DeclarationPage of this Service Agreement.12. Obligor (We, Us, Our) - Auto Knight Motor Club, Inc. 10751 Deerwood Park Blvd.,Ste. 200, Jacksonville, FL 32256 (844) 241-5518 who is the Obligor to this Agreementexcept in the states of Florida and Oklahoma. In the states of Florida and Oklahoma,the Obligor is Lyndon Southern Insurance Company 10751 Deerwood Park Blvd.,Ste. 200, Jacksonville, FL 32256, Tel: (800) 888-2738, (Florida License No. 03698,Oklahoma License No. 44200929).

13. Repair Facility - A licensed Repair Facility (licensed as a retail merchant to performmechanical repairs) authorized by the Administrator to perform repair servicesunder this Service Agreement.14. Schedule of Coverages – A part to this Agreement that outlines the coverage ofthe Plan selected by You as shown on the Declaration Page of this Agreement andlists the Covered Part(s).15. Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) - This Agreement, which You havepurchased for the Unit described on the Declaration Page.16. Tow Vehicle – A vehicle that is in the process of being towed by the Unit.17. Unit - The Unit described on the Declaration Page that is covered under thisAgreement.a. New Unit - A Unit that is covered by the manufacturer’s coverage New Unitwarranty at the time this Agreement is purchased and does not refer to whetheror not the New Unit has been previously owned, sold or titled.b. Pre-Owned Unit - A Unit that does not meet the definition of a New Unit anddoes not refer to whether or not the Pre-Owned Unit has been previouslyowned, sold, or titled.18. You, Your - The Agreement Holder shown on the Declaration Page or the personto whom the Agreement was properly transferred.19. Seals and gaskets - Should seals and gaskets be required in conjunction with therepair of a covered component, coverage will be extended to include seals andgaskets on said covered components. Gaskets and Seals alone are not covered.20. Wear and Tear - Coverage will be extended to all covered parts and componentsthat suffered a Breakdown as a result of "Wear" and/or "Tear" unless otherwiselisted under the Exclusions section of this Agreement.C.GENERAL PROVISIONS1. Coverage: The Plan and term selected by You on the Declaration Page along withthe Terms and Conditions of this Agreement determine Your coverage. We will payfor the reasonable costs to repair or replace any of the Covered Parts listed in theSchedule of Coverages section which cause a Breakdown, less any Deductible,and will pay for the Additional Benefits listed in the Additional Benefits section specificto Your Unit, provided You comply with all of the Terms and Conditions of thisAgreement. Repairs may be completed with parts of like kind and quality.Please see the Schedule of Coverages section for a detailed list of Covered Partsand to determine the coverage, applicable to Your Plan. All covered parts must befunctioning properly at the time of the sale of this Agreement. Please refer to theGuide To Filing A Claim section of this Agreement for Claims instructions.2. Deductible: We will pay the portion of the expense for a covered repair that is inexcess of the Deductible selected on the Declaration Page of this Agreement.3. Limits of Liability:a. Single Claim Limit: Our liability with respect to any one Claim is limited to thecost to repair or replace any Covered Parts at prevailing retail labor rates.Repairs may be completed with parts of like, kind and quality,commensurate with the age of the Unit at the time the parts failed, ascustomarily used in the RV industry, less any Deductible. Furthermore, inno event shall Our liability exceed the cost necessary to correct the actual causeof the Breakdown.b. Aggregate Claim Limit: Our liability with respect to the total of all benefits paidor payable while this Agreement is in force shall not exceed the lesser of:1) [Seventy-Five Thousand Dollars ( 75,000.00); or

2)Unit Purchase Price, as shown on the Declaration Page of thisAgreement; or 3)NADA current value of the Unitimmediately prior to the Breakdown.4. Manufacturer’s Warranty: If any part is repaired and/or replaced under themanufacturer’s warranty covering the Unit, and those same parts are listed in theSchedule of Coverages section of this Agreement, We will reimburse You for aportion of the manufacturer’s Deductible if the manufacturer’s Deductible exceedsthe Deductible selected, as shown on the Declaration Page. The amount Wereimburse will be the actual amount You were required to pay under the terms of themanufacturer’s warranty, less the Deductible shown on the Declaration Page.5. Territory: The benefits provided under this Agreement are only available for lossesand expenses incurred within the Continental United States of America, Alaska,Hawaii and Canada.6. Incidental Damage: Our liability for incidental damages is expressly excluded herein.Incidental and Consequential damage includes, but is not limited to, propertydamage, loss of use of the Unit, loss of time, inconvenience, or commercial lossresulting from the operation, maintenance and/or use of the Unit.7. Subrogation Provision: In the event that coverage is provided under thisAgreement, We shall be subrogated to all the rights You may have to recover againstany person or organization arising out of any safety defect which is the subject of avoluntary or mandatory recall campaign, as well as out of any order, judgment,consent decree, or other settlement, and You shall execute and deliver instrumentsand papers and do whatever is necessary to secure such rights. You shall do nothingto prejudice those rights. Further, all amounts recovered by You for which You havereceived benefits under this Agreement shall belong to, and be paid to Us, up to theamount of benefits paid under this Agreement.8. Maintenance Requirements: In order to keep this Agreement in effect, You musthave the Unit checked and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’srecommendations. Failure to follow such recommendations may result in a denial ofcoverage. You must retain verifiable receipts for the maintenance servicesperformed. If You perform the actual services, then verifiable receipts showingpurchases of all required parts and materials necessary to perform the maintenancemust be retained, along with a statement showing the date and mileage when theservices were performed. Proof of maintenance may be required to be submitted toUs when a Claim is filed.9. State Taxes: The payment of sales tax on covered repairs will be made inaccordance with the regulations of the taxing authority in the state where Your Unitis repaired.10. Other Provisions:You have the right to return or void this Agreement. You may return the Agreementwithin sixty (60) calendar days after the date it is provided to You at the time of saleor the date We mail a copy of theAgreement to You, if applicable. If You return this Agreement within the applicable time periodand noClaims have been filed, the Agreement shall be void and We will refund the entireAgreement Purchase Price within forty-five (45) days.11. Waiting Period: The Waiting Period is measured from the Contract Date on theApplication page and is as follows: 30 days. The Waiting Period runs concurrentlywith the Term of the Contract. Until the time period has elapsed, your vehicle is stillwithin the Waiting Period. Failure of a covered part during the Waiting Period is notcovered.D.MOTOR HOME SCHEDULE OF COVERAGES

In the event of a Breakdown covered by this Agreement, We will pay for the agreed tocosts to repair or replace any of the parts listed below, less any Deductible, in accordancewith the Plan selected by You as shown on the Declaration Page and the Terms andConditions of this Agreement.BASIC COVERAGEChassis Engine Components: Engine block and/or replaceable cylinder sleeves andheads, if damaged as a result of the failure of an internally-lubricated part; all internallylubricated parts (requiring lubrication for operation) contained within the engine block,including but not limited to: valves, valve springs, valve guides, valve covers, pistons andpins, main and rod bearings, crankshaft, camshaft, lifters, cam bearings, oil pump, rockerarms, push rods, timing chain, timing gears and timing chain tensioner. Timing cover,flywheel, flywheel ring gear, flex plate, vacuum pump, engine mounts, dipstick and tube,intake manifold, oil pan, turbocharger (factory installed only) and all internal parts(requiring lubrication for operation), diesel injectors and injector pump.Transmission Components: Transmission case, if damaged as a result of the failure ofan internally-lubricated part; all internally- lubricated (requiring lubrication for operation)parts within the transmission case including: torque converter, bands, clutches, gears,front pump, shafts, shift forks, synchronizers, shift solenoids, internal switches andsensors. Transmission mounts and transmission oil pan.Drive Axle Components: Drive axle housing, if damaged as a result of the failure of aninternally-lubricated part; all internally-lubricated parts within the drive axle housing, axleshafts, axle housing, universal joints, constant velocity joints, locking hub mechanisms,wheel bearings, drive shafts and center bearing.PLUS COVERAGE (INCLUDES BASIC COVERAGE)Engine Cooling Components: Water pump, radiator, cooling fan blades, fan clutch,hydraulic or electric fan motor, heater core, fan shroud and coolant recovery tank.Steering Components: Steering gear housing and all internally-lubricated parts, controlvalve, steering cylinder, rack and pinion, factory-installed steering stabilizer, internalsteering column shafts, steering pump, main and intermediate shafts and couplings.Fuel Delivery Components: Fuel pump, fuel tanks, metal fuel lines, fuel injection pump,fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, auxiliary fuel tank switch and fuel lift pump.Chassis Air Conditioning Components: Compressor, compressor clutch, clutchbearing, field coil, receiver dryer, accumulator, condenser, idler pulley, evaporator, blowerfan and motor, high/low cut-off switches, pressure hose assemblies, refrigerant (when inconjunction with a covered repair).Electrical Components: Alternator, starter, starter drive, starter solenoid, voltageregulator, distributor, manuallyoperated switches, ignition switch, windshield wiper motorand washer pump, power window motors, power window gears and regulators, and dualbattery paralleling switch, battery cables.Suspension Components: Upper and lower control arms, control arm shaft andbushings, upper and lower ball joints, steering spindles and supports, leaf and coil springs,spring shackles and bushings, rubber suspension springs, factory installed suspensioncompressor, air lines and suspension air bags.Brake Components: Master cylinder, hydraulic or vacuum brake booster, wheel cylinders,magnets, calipers, drums and rotors (when in conjunction with a covered repair),combination valve, metal-only hydraulic tubing and metal fittings. ABS pressure modulator,accumulator, Air brake compressor, lines, treadle valve, compensating valve, actuator anddiaphragm and slack adjusters.

TOTAL COVERAGE (INCLUDES BASIC AND PLUS COVERAGE)Fresh/Waste Water System Components: Hot water tank, burner assembly, thermostat,thermocouple, gas valve, electronic ignition assembly, PC board, diesel/electric heatingsystem, shower assembly, toilet, sink, holding tanks, gate valves, macerator pump, waterpump, faucets, traps, fittings and water lines.Kitchen Center Components: Range/oven burner assembly, burner valves,refrigerator/freezer, microwave, convection oven, thermostat, thermocouple, burner,igniter and PC board.Roof/Basement Air Conditioning Components: Compressor, evaporator, condenser,capacitors, relays, thermostat, heat strips, expansion valve, control module and panel,reversing valve, blower fan and motor and PC Board, and ceiling ventilation fans andmotors.LP Gas System Components: Gas regulators, gas tanks, gas valves, tank gauges, LPlines and fittings, emergency shut off system, gas leak detector and carbon monoxidemonitor.Heating System Components: Furnace igniter, burner assembly, gas valve, gas leakdetector, thermostat, thermocouple, blower motor, and PC board.Generator/Power Plant Components: Power plant engine block and cylinder heads, ifdamaged as a result of the failure of an internally-lubricated part. All internally-lubricatedparts contained within the power plant engine. Alternator, starter, manually-operatedswitches, voltage regulator, power converter-inverter, PC boards, fuel pump and hourmeter.Hi-Tech Components: Engine control module, camshaft and crankshaft position sensors,coolant temperature sensor, knock sensor, map sensor, mass airflow sensor, throttleposition sensor, electronic ignition module, ignition coil, cooling fan control module, electricblock heater, transmission control module, transmission mounted parking brake, wheelspeed sensors and control module, automatic temperature control programmer, mode andtemperature door actuators, remote mirror motors, keyless entry/alarm system, factoryinstalled entry/ security system, rear monitor camera, factory-installed fireplace burnerassembly, interior mounted systems monitor, dash mounted instrument cluster andgauges.Deluxe Appliance Components: Icemaker, trash compactor, dishwasher, built-in coffeemaker, built-in food processor, in-sink disposal, basement refrigerator/freezer, centralvacuum cleaner system, fold out external grill, clothes washer/dryer, ceiling fan motor andsmoke detector.Entertainment Components (factory/dealer installed only): Stereo receiver, tuner, CDplayer, DVD player, satellite system, television set(s), television antenna and rotator.Interior and Exterior Components (factory/dealer installed only): Hood latches andsprings; door handles, latches and springs; door chimes, heated seats, seat tracks, clock,courtesy map light assembly, power window curtain motors/shade motors, awning motor,awning mechanism, awning sensor, shore power cord and retractor, intercom, and airhorn.Leveling System Components: Factory installed mechanical/electric/hydraulic levelingjacks, controller, electrical switches and wiring harness.Power Step Components: Power step, lines, fittings, cylinders, worm gears, electricalswitches and wiring harness, entry door floor motor and mechanism.Slide-Out Room Components: Slide-out room motor(s), guides, tracks and hydraulicvalves, sliding floor motor, pump/jack assembly, electrical switches and wiring harness.Seals and Gaskets: Seals and Gaskets are covered for all listed parts.Wear and Tear: Coverage will be extended to all parts and components listed in theSchedules of Coverage that suffered a Breakdown as a result of "Wear" and/or "Tear"unless otherwise listed under the Exclusions section of this Agreement.

COMPLETE COVERAGE Covers all parts of the Unit except (only ifselected and paid); a. Parts listed under the Exclusions section of thisAgreement.b. Parts covered under the manufacturer's warranty, special policies, or recalls.E. TOWABLE RV AND COACH ONLY SCHEDULE OF COVERAESIn the event of a Breakdown covered by this Agreement, We will pay for the agreed tocosts to repair or replace any of the parts listed below, less any Deductible, in accordancewith the Plan se