Vehicle Service ContractCONTRACT NUMBER:APPLICATION PAGEPURCHASER INFORMATIONPURCHASER NAMEPHONEEMAIL ADDRESSMAILING ADDRESSCITYSTATEZIP CODESELLER INFORMATIONSELLER NAMEPHONEEMAIL ADDRESSMAILING ADDRESSCITYSTATEELVEHICLE INFORMATIONVIN # (MUST BE 17 DIGITS)CURRENT ODOMETER READINGYEARVEHICLE CLASSMAKEVEHICLE PURCHASE PRICEFINANCE COMPANYPMASSERVICE CONTRACT INFORMATIONSALE DATEWAITING PERIODCOVERAGEUSEDCONTRACT TERM(WHICHEVER COMES FIRST)OR ODOMETER MILESMONTHSDEDUCTIBLEZIP CODEMODELDIESEL4X4/AWDTURBO/SUPERCHARGERCONTRACT EXPIRATION(WHICHEVER COMES FIRST)MONTHSOR ODOMETER MILESPURCHASE PRICEAdministrator/Obligor: Endurance Dealer Services, LLC, 400 Skokie Blvd, Suite 105, Northbrook, IL 60062 - (877) 4140134. This is a Contract between You and the Administrator/Obligor. The Administrator/Obligor’s performance underthis Contract is insured by Wesco Insurance Company.The purchaser acknowledges that this Application Page and Terms & Conditions together with any Identification Card constitute the entire Vehicle Service Contract. TheCoverage I have selected expires according to the terms indicated on the Application page and Identification Card as defined in the Terms & Conditions, Coverage Period Section.The components and parts covered are listed under the Terms and Conditions, Coverage Section. I agree to maintain the Vehicle in accordance with the Terms & Conditions,Contract Holder’s Maintenance Requirements Section. I understand to file a claim in the event I have a Breakdown, I am to follow the instructions in the Terms & Conditions, Filing aBreakdown Claim Section. This Contract is neither an insurance policy nor a seller’s warranty. This Contract may run concurrent with and is secondary to any applicablemanufacturer’s warranty. Purchase of this Contract is not required in order to purchase or lease a vehicle or obtain vehicle financing.I have reviewed and understand the time and mileage limitations, coverage, and exclusions, and that the repair of non-covered components is excluded from Coverage. I havereviewed all the Coverage and options available. All of the options I wish to purchase are clearly marked above. I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions, ContractHolder’s Responsibilities of this Contract Section. I hereby declare that I have received the Contract and the above information is correct. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE CONTRACTWILL BE BETWEEN THE ADMINISTRATOR (Endurance Dealer Services, LLC) AND APPLICANT.VSC-02D-SPR-EDS-2014NO CLAIMS WILL BE PAID WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONCLAIMS: 1-877-414-0134Page 1 of 11

Vehicle Service ContractCONTRACT NUMBER:TERMS & CONDITIONSDEFINITIONS:The following definitions apply to words frequently used in this Contract:Administrator means Endurance Dealer Services, LLC, 400 Skokie Blvd, Suite 105, Northbrook, IL 60062, 877-414-0134, the entity that is obligated to perform hereunder. (Texaslicense number: 639)Breakdown refers to the Breakdown of a defective part or faulty workmanship as supplied by the Manufacturer or Dealer, but does not include gradual reduction in operatingperformance due to wear or tear or damage resulting from BREAKDOWN of non-covered parts.Contract means this Vehicle Service Contract including the Application Page and Terms & Conditions.Coverage means the component protection You selected as shown in this Contract and on Your Identification Card.Covered Part(s) means the parts and units described under the Terms and Conditions, Coverage Section.ELDeductible means the amount You are required to pay as selected on the Application Page per repair visit for covered Breakdowns. Once a part is repaired or replaced under the termsof this Contract, there will be no Deductible for future repairs to that part.Effective Date and Mileage means the date You purchased Your Contract and the miles on the odometer on that date.Expiration Date or Mileage means the date and/or mileage when Your Contract is no longer in force. Your Contract expires when the number of months or accumulated mileage forthe term you purchased is reached, whichever occurs first.Identification Card means the numbered card which becomes part of this Contract. It gives information about You, Your Vehicle, Coverage chosen and other significant data.PMASPre-Existing means a condition that within all reasonable mechanical probability relates to the mechanical condition of your Vehicle prior to Contract issuance or during theWaiting Period.Vehicle means the Vehicle which is described on the Application Page.Waiting Period means the period of time and mileage that must transpire before a claim may be filed hereunder. The Waiting Period is equal to the number of days and number ofmiles shown on the Application Page. If no days and miles are stated on the Application Page, the standard Waiting Period is sixty (60) days and one thousand (1,000) miles from theContract purchase date and odometer mileage at Contract purchase date.We, Us, Our means the entity who is obligated to perform under this Contract (the “obligor”). The obligor of this Contract is Endurance Dealer Services, LLC, 400 Skokie Blvd, Suite105, Northbrook, IL 60062, 877-414-0134.You, Your means the Contract Purchaser shown on the Application Page, or the person to whom this Contract was properly transferred.NATURE OF AGREEMENT:This is a Vehicle Service Contract between You (Contract Holder) and Us. You agree and understand that this Contract is a Vehicle Service Contract and not an insurance policy.ENTIRE AGREEMENT:This Contract, including the Application Page, Terms and Conditions, Identification Card, limitations, exceptions, definitions, and exclusions, together with any endorsements, if any,constitutes the entire Contract. No one other than the parties hereto, by mutual agreement, may change this Contract or waive any of its provisions. This Contract gives the ContractHolder specific rights. The Contract Holder may have other rights, which may vary from state to state in the United States or between provinces in Canada. Please see the Special StateRequirements Section for state-specific information.This Contract covers mechanical Breakdown, and is for the sole benefit of the Contract Holder named herein and applies only with respect to the Vehicle described on the ApplicationPage. This Contract shall be invalidated if there has been an inaccuracy, tampering or alteration to the odometer mileage of the Vehicle so that the Vehicle’s true and actual mileage isnot shown on the odometer or cannot be determined. If the odometer becomes inoperable during the term of this Contract, You must immediately notify Us and within fifteen (15) days ofthe odometer becoming inoperable provide documentation proving that the odometer has been repaired.COVERAGE PERIOD:Coverage under this Contract begins upon expiration of the Waiting Period and will expire on the Expiration Date or Mileage measured from the Effective Date and Mileage,whichever occurs first, as shown on the Application Page, and/or when the Limits of Liability for the Contract have been reached.BREAKDOWN:In the event of a Breakdown of any Covered Part(s) listed below, the Administrator will provide for payment or reimbursement for pre-authorized expenses incurred for the repair orreplacement of the part(s), less any Deductible, in accordance with the provisions contained within this Contract. Reasonable expenses are not to exceed the manufacturer’s suggestedretail price (MSRP) for parts, and the repair facility’s published hourly labor rate multiplied by the appropriate operation time, as published in ALLDATA. Replacement of Covered Partsthat have experienced a Breakdown may be made with original equipment manufacturer parts, non-original equipment manufacturer parts, re-manufactured parts, or used parts at theAdministrator’s discretion.VSC-02D-SPR-EDS-2014NO CLAIMS WILL BE PAID WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONCLAIMS: 1-877-414-0134Page 2 of 11

DEDUCTIBLE:In the event of a Breakdown of any Covered Part(s) listed below, You may be required to pay a Deductible. No Deductible payment is required with respect to Coverage listed in theAdditional Benefits of Coverage Section of this Contract. The Deductible type and amount You have to pay is shown on the Application Page for covered Breakdowns on a per repairvisit. If no Deductible is stated on the Application Page, the standard Deductible will be one hundred ( 100) dollars. Should a covered Breakdown require more than one visitto repair, only one Deductible will apply to the Breakdown.LIMIT OF LIABILITY:Our maximum limit of liability per covered Vehicle for all claims paid or payable during the term of this contract shall not exceed the lesser of a total dollar amount of Twelve ThousandFive Hundred ( 12,500.00) or the actual cash value (ACV) of the Vehicle determined by the NADA average trade-in value at the time of repair. Once the combined maximum limit ofliability has been reached, as defined above, this contract, its transfer and cancellation rights terminate.Our liability for incidental and consequential damages including, but not limited to, personal injury, physical damage, property damage, loss of use of Your Vehicle, loss oftime, loss of wages, inconvenience, and commercial loss resulting from the operation, maintenance, or use of Your Vehicle is expressly excluded.CONTRACT HOLDER’S RESPONSIBILITIESCONTRACT HOLDER’S MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS:You must change the engine oil and engine oil filter within thirty (30) days of Your Contract sale date by a licensed service/repair facility.ELYou must have Your Vehicle checked and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, as outlined in the Owner’s Manual. NOTE: Your Owner’s Manual listsdifferent servicing recommendations based on Your individual driving habits and climate conditions. You are required to follow the maintenance schedule that applies to Your drivinghabits and climate conditions. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations that apply to Your driving habits and climate conditions may result in the denial of Coverage.All verifiable receipts must be retained for any service work and may be requested. The Administrator may request receipts to verify Vehicle maintenance. Receipts must be onlicensed repair facility letterhead and include the date and mileage at the time of service. Hand written receipts will not be accepted.PMASFILING A BREAKDOWN CLAIM:If Your Vehicle incurs a Breakdown, You must take the following steps to file a claim:1.Prevent Further Damage – Take immediate action to prevent further damage to Your Vehicle. This Contract will not cover the damage caused by continuedoperation or by not securing a timely repair of the failed component. The operator of the Vehicle is responsible for observing Vehicle warning lights and gauges, andtaking appropriate action immediately. Failure to do so may result in the denial of Coverage.2.Take Your Vehicle to a Licensed Repair Facility – If Your Vehicle breaks down, take Your Vehicle to any licensed repair facility. A “licensed repair facility” isdefined as a for-profit entity, recognized by the state, in the business of repairing motor vehicles.3.Provide the licensed repair facility with a copy of Your Contract and/or Your Contract number if possible.4.Obtain Authorization from the Administrator – Prior to any repair being made, instruct the service manager at the licensed repair facility to contact theAdministrator to obtain an authorization for the claim at 877-414-0134. Any claim for repairs without prior authorization will not be covered except as provided underEmergency Repairs (#8 below). The amount authorized by the Administrator is the maximum amount that will be paid for repairs covered under the terms of thisContract. Any additional amount must receive prior approval.5.Authorize Tear-Down and/or Inspection – In some cases, You may need to authorize the licensed repair facility to inspect and/or tear-down Your Vehicle in order todetermine the cause and cost of the repair. You will be responsible for these charges if the Breakdown is not covered under this Contract. We reserve the right torequire an inspection of Your Vehicle prior to any repair being made.6.Review Coverage – After the Administrator has been contacted, review with the service manager what will be covered by this Contract.7.Pay any Applicable Deductible – You must pay to the licensed repair facility any required Deductible. We will reimburse the licensed repair facility or You for thecost of the work performed on Your Vehicle that is covered by this Contract and previously authorized, less the Deductible. Once authorization is obtained and therepair is completed, all repair orders and documentation must be submitted to the Administrator within thirty (30) days (three hundred sixty-five (365) days inWisconsin) to be eligible for payment.8.Emergency Repairs – Should an emergency occur which requires repair of a Breakdown to be made at a time when the Administrator’s office is closed, follow theclaim procedures above without authorization, and We will make reimbursement to You or to the licensed repair facility in accordance with the Contract provisions ifthe repair is covered. You must call the Administrator’s office within five (5) business days from the date of repair to determine if such repair will be covered by thisContract. Emergency Repairs are only those repairs, which, if not performed, would render Your Vehicle inoperable or unsafe to drive and impair its future operation.For claim assistance, please contact the Administrator at 877-414-0134. NO CLAIMS WILL BE PAID UNLESS YOU FOLLOW THE STEPS OUTLINED ABOVE.Administered by: Endurance Dealer Services, LLC. 400 Skokie Blvd, Suite 105, Northbrook, IL 60062, 877-414-0134.VSC-02D-SPR-EDS-2014NO CLAIMS WILL BE PAID WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONCLAIMS: 1-877-414-0134Page 3 of 11

COVERAGESELECT PREMIER COVERAGESelect Premier Coverage covers the following listed components:ENGINE: The following lubricated internal parts of the engine are covered: pistons, pins & rings, connecting rods & bearings; crankshaft & main bearings; camshaft, followers & cambearings; lifters, push rods, valves, valve springs, replaceable guides; rocker arms, shafts & bushings; timing gear, chain, tensioners & retainers; eccentric shaft; and oil pump.Timing belt; water pump: Impeller shaft, bearings, bushings & housing; intake & exhaust manifolds; engine mounts& cushions; engine torque strut; harmonic balancer; flywheel(flexplate) & flywheel ring gear; mechanical fuel pump; and all pulleys.All lubricated internal parts of the Vehicle manufacturer-installed turbocharger or supercharger. The housing is covered ONLY if damaged by the Breakdown of a lubricated internalpart.Engine head(s); engine block; cylinder barrels; timing cover; valve cover(s); oil pan; dipstick & tube, ONLY if damaged by the Breakdown of a lubricated internal part.(If Diesel Engine, Turbo, or Supercharger has not been stated on the Administrator copy of the Application Page, along with the corresponding surcharge being received byAdministrator, NO Coverage will apply for the above listed components/parts under this Contract.)TRANSMISSION: All lubricated internal parts contained within the case. Computer modules & solenoids; filler tube & dipstick; vacuum modulator; and internal linkage. Transmissioncase ONLY if damaged by the Breakdown of a lubricated internal part.ELTRANSFER CASE: Transfer case housing and all internally lubricated parts. Transfer case housing is only covered if damaged by the Breakdown of a Covered Part. If 4WD/4WD hasnot been stated on the Application Page, the transfer case will not be covered under this Contract.DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY: (Front and Rear) All internally lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housing including carrier case, gear sets, bearings, brushings, and axle shafts.Locking hubs; drive shafts; center support bearings; universal joints; constant velocity joints (except if boot was damaged or missing) and four-wheel drive actuator. (The drive axle housingand differential cover are only covered if damaged by the Breakdown of a Covered Part).PMASAIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING: Accumulator; condenser; condenser fan; condenser fan motor; compressor; compressor clutch, dryer, evaporator and expansion valve.ELECTRICAL: Alternator; air conditioner blower motor; starter motor; starter solenoid and starter drive; horns; windshield wiper motor; and windshield washer pump.LUXURY ELECTRICAL: Power window motors; electronic door lock actuators; electronic trunk release actuator; power antenna motor; and all manually operated switches.COOLING SYSTEM: Cooling fan; cooling fan motor; and fan clutch.FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel delivery pump; diesel fuel injection pump; metal fuel lines; fuel pressure regulator; and fuel gauge sending unit.SEALS AND GASKETS: Seals and gaskets are covered only in conjunction with a covered component repair. Leaking and/or failed seals and gaskets are not covered as stand-aloneseals or gaskets.ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF COVERAGEYour Coverage plan includes the following benefits:Rental Car Benefit and Substitute Transportation: In the event of a covered Breakdown, We will pay or reimburse You for receipted expenses to rent a replacement vehicle (from alicensed rental agency) or for alternate public transportation while Your Vehicle is at a licensed repair facility. Coverage will be provided to You up to a maximum of thirty dollars ( 30)per day and a maximum of one hundred fifty dollars ( 150) per Breakdown. Rental car reimbursement will not continue beyond the day that repairs are completed and You are notified ofthe completion.Roadside Assistance Services and Benefits: All benefits are administered through Nation Motor Club, Inc. administrative offices at 800 Yamato Road, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL33431. For Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas members, services are provided by Nation Motor Club, Inc. dba Nation Safe Drivers.1.24 Hours Emergency Roadside Service: 24-hour Roadside Service is provided when Your Vehicle is disabled as long as this Contract is in effect, and is available bycalling 866-330-0760 (limit one service per seventy-two (72) hours). Please provide the dispatcher with Your PRODUCER CODE which is 40923, and Your CONTRACTNUMBER (which is on the top right corner of the Application Page) along with Your PLAN LETTER which is U. Covered services are not obtained through Us.2.Mechanical First Aid: Any service requiring a minor adjustment (exclusive of parts) to enable the covered Vehicle to proceed under its own power (where available). Youare responsible for the cost of any parts delivered.3.Tire Service: The changing of flat tire on the covered Vehicle with Your spare.4.Battery Service: Attempting to start the covered Vehicle with a booster battery.5.Delivery Service: We will cover the cost of delivering needed fuel or fluid to Your disablement location (You must pay for the cost of the actual fluids).6.Towing Service: Any tow of twenty-five (25) miles or less is covered in total.7.Lockout Services: If keys are locked inside the passenger compartment of the covered Vehicle, a locksmith will be dispatched for services.8.Trip Interruption: In the event of a Breakdown of a Covered Part, Administrator will REIMBURSE You a maximum of one hundred fifty dollars ( 150.00) per day, not toexceed a total of four hundred fifty dollars ( 450.00) (three (3) days), for expenses incurred by You for meals and/or lodging, provided: You cannot operate Your Vehicle dueVSC-02D-SPR-EDS-2014NO CLAIMS WILL BE PAID WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONCLAIMS: 1-877-414-0134Page 4 of 11

to a Breakdown covered by this Contract and the Breakdown occurs more than one hundred (100) miles away from home, and expenses are incurred between the time ofBreakdown and the time repairs are completed. (The date of Breakdown shall be considered the first day.) One (1) d