FORD ESPINSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLANADMINISTERED BY BUDCO FINANCIALConvenient, Interest-Free Financingfor Ford Extended Service PlansFast, Easy, FlexibleIt’s the Smart Choice!More than 400 million in Ford ESP contracts financed!

F O R DI N S T A L L M E N TP A Y M E N TP L A NA Ford ESP Financing Plan ThatFits the Needs of Today’s Customers and DealersExperience and Proven SuccessCustomers have purchased more than 400 millionin Ford ESP plans using the powerful advantages ofIPP.No one understands customers better than you.Today’s buyers expect you to make their experienceseasy — from the initial purchase to the very lastservice visit.Plus, Budco Financial has more than 17 years ofexperience with: C ash management (we will pay you up frontand collect from the customer over 6, 12, 18or 24 monthly installments) Credit card transaction processing Monthly billingNow, when you offer your customers a Ford ExtendedService Plan (ESP), you can provide a simple,convenient and economical way to finance their FordESP purchases.Welcome to the Installment Payment Plan (IPP),the only alternative Ford ESP financing plan backedby Ford. IPP gives your dealership ahigh-quality, no-interest financing plan thatminimizes and simplifies the administration ofpayment plans.We fully manage IPP and bring all our Ford ESPexpertise to the table to support your sales efforts.IPP financing makes it easier for your customersto buy Ford ESP and helps you keep it simple,generating more sales, profits and customersatisfaction.2

Did You Know R etail Installment e-Contract – 66% utilization rate, reducing manual faxing, registration issues andimproving Dealer remittance timing Default Cancel Prevention Program – Since 2010, more than 8,000 accounts have been “saved,” totalingmore than 10 million in retained Dealer revenues by avoiding cancellations and subsequent Dealerchargebacks Dealer Concierge and Customer Service – Our representatives focus on providing the highest level ofservice for your needs, as well as your customers’, including registration error resolution, default cancelintervention and program trainingWhat’s NewWe are excited to provide an overall new system driven by suggestions from Dealers across the country. Thisnew system includes the following benefits to help you better service your customers: Ability to enter multiple Ford ESP contracts onone Retail Installment Contract, creating greater timesavings and reduced dealership administration feesour services to you, we look forwardto introducing in the near future a single system ofinput for both Ford ESP and IPP Retail InstallmentContracts Web-based interactive Dealer and customer sites Enhanced dealership reporting Finance terms of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, providingyour customers with greater options Addition of American Express to the monthly creditcard payment option (your customers can now paymonthly using Visa, MasterCard, Discover andAmerican Express)ar? oreYfscesThiadesIPP ew interfmrovipotwll-n syste stering yith as Newgihl Easy-to-use, self-paced, online web-based training.By giving you the ability toimplement these new modules at atime convenient with your staffschedules, dealerships now havethe tools to use in the most efficientand effective means to help sell moreFord ESPwt’rentneWha ew systemers. Thisiencies inss for molectronicmcece-nreficand d custo ater ef ved pro tion fo rformanrbAop d pean th gre mproiielersss.g anDea alers w ffers an ncludin design progrere,iDe cts, owlytters des ne measuareltnvindcondes a and pro track aciotoinv icing,inginvo report Coming Soon Continuously working to improve3

General IPP GuidelinesCoverage Term EligibilityInstallment Payment Plan Calculatornow available on FMCDealer.comCustomers can use IPP to buy all Ford ESPnew or used plans with 12 or more months ofcoverage.*Ford ESPCoverage TermsEligible IPPFinancing Term12 months6 months (only)24 months6 or 12 months (only)36 months48 months or greater6, 12 or 18 months(only)6, 12, 18 or 24months*Excluding EtchCARE.Dealer CostDealership administration fees will be based on the IPP finance term and the amount financed.IPP Administrative Fees**Amount FinancedFinance Term6 Months12 Months18 Months24 MonthsLess than 1,600 75 110 160 215Less than 2,000 110 135 195 255Less than 2,400 135 155 220 290Less than 2,800 150 165 235 320 2,800 or more6%7%10%14%**IPP fees will be adjusted based on Budco Financial’s borrowing rate.4

Why IPP? Our “Win-Win” ApproachIPP Customer Advantages Choice of payment options: Interest-free payments No credit application– Direct debit to checking/savings account No credit checks– Automatic monthly charge to buyer’s Visa,MasterCard, Discover or American Express No waiting for credit approval– Monthly mailed statement As little as 10% down payment Online payments Choice of extended terms: 6, 12, 18 or 24 monthsIPP Dealer Advantages and Benefits Toll-free Dealer assistance line: (888) 368-8462 Provides dealerships with post vehicle-saleopportunities to sell additional Ford ESP– Personalized IPP Dealer Concierge Team Simple-to-use e-Contract– Proactive contract error-resolution support Online training, forms and support– Proactive customer contact strategy for accounts atrisk of default and cancellation. Since 2010,this program has saved more than 8,000 contractsfrom default cancelling, avoidingmore than 10 million in chargebacks to Dealers Dealership payments are electronically processedthrough the Dealer Parts Statement via ARMISo participate, Dealers are required to complete* Tandsubmit an IPP Participation Agreement. Thisagreement is available online at Oncecomplete, you may either email the formto [email protected], or fax it to(888) 846-9136.– Processing and handling of customer balance-duecollections and cancellation refundsTarget Audience for IPPConsidering the many opportunities to sell Ford ESP throughout the ownership cycle, IPP is mosteffectively used in these sales scenarios: Post vehicle sale1) Customers nearing the end of theirvehicle warranty2) Customers visiting your service drive3) Dealership-initiated direct marketing campaigns Used vehicle customers Customers arranging their own financing5 Customers “capped” by the vehicleloan financing Customers who pay cash, but are attracted tosame-as-cash, no-interest financing Customers who prefer not to include Ford ESP intheir vehicle financing

Completing the Online Installment Payment Plan e-ContractBudco Financial is pleased to offer e-Contract as theprimary registration tool for processing the IPP RetailInstallment Contract. This valuable tool helps youto complete the Budco Financial Retail InstallmentContract quickly and easily using completed, the form is electronically submittedremoving the requirement to fax, email or mail theRIC to Budco Financial. This process reducesregistration errors that cause delays in contractactivation and Dealer payment. More than 66% ofall Retail Installment Contracts today are coming toBudco Financial through the e-Contract tool.1. Selling Dealer information will auto-populatebased on the P&A code used to log intothe system2. Enter the 17-digit VIN (the system willproduce an error message if more/less than17 digits are entered)123. Enter the Current Odometer344. The Vehicle make, model and year willauto-populate based on the VIN55. Enter customer information as it reads on theFord ESP Contract (complete name, streetaddress, city, state, ZIP, phone number – wehighly recommend you capture a work numberand email address as well)6. Enter the Cash price (not including tax, ifapplicable)7. Enter Tax (if applicable)8. Down payment will automatically populate withthe 10% minimum down payment; however, if youhave collected an amount greater than 10% youcan override this default6791089. Enter the ESP Coverage Terms. This fieldgenerates the eligible number of payments for theESP Coverage Term selected10. Select the Number of payments11. If a second contract is being purchased on thesame VIN, click the Add Contract button andrepeat steps 6-10 for the secondcontract. As long as the contracts are going on the same VIN, additionalcontracts can be added to this form without the need to re-enter informationalready added for the purchase611

12. Choose Purchaser Payment Option:12a. Monthly Direct Debit to a Checking/SavingsAccount: Enter the Bank name, Routingnumber, Account number, select theAccount type and Preferred payment day.Note: An Authorization for Direct Paymentsform must be completed and submitted forthis optionb. Credit/Debit Card: Select the Card type andenter the Card number, Expiration date andCardholder’s name13. Check the boxes for both Purchaser agreesto sign the agreement and Dealer agrees tosign the agreement, and enter the DealerRepresentative’s name14. Click the Generate Signed Contract button(the next screen will provide a link to printcopies of the contract(s) for the Dealerand customer)1314Note: When entering theFord ESP contract into ESPS,please remember to click the “Yes”button for Time Payment. You’llfind that on the first screen of theContract Registration System inESPS.7

INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLAN fromBe Sure to Bookmark Our Website: IPPforESP.comThis is your one-stop, online reference for all IPP information,training, downloadable program forms and more!Budco Financial is ready to help you sell more Ford ESP plans. We’ll make iteasier for your customers to finance their deals and keep it simple for your team.Call us today!Important Contact NumbersToll-Free Dealer Assistance Line(888) 368-8462Ford ESP Administration(800) 521-4144IPP Headquarters 24-Hour Fax(888) 846-9136IPPforESP.comIPP-ADMIN-1462118 204bApril 2014