PLAN #Issued To: YOUR NAME(S)VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: YOUR 17-DIGIT VINYour vehicle is covered by: LIFETIME ADDED CARE PLUS(Option Code: LWA100N Form Num: LAP515)LIFETIME ADDED CARE PLUSEFFECTIVE: 05/13/2016SELLING DEALER: 60505 ZEIGLER CHRYSLER DODGE RAMKey Terms*Covered Vehicle or Vehicle - means the vehicle that has the above referenced vehicle identification number*Dealer - means “authorized FCA US LLC franchise dealer”, which includes dealers of the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, SRT, FIATand ALFA ROMEO vehicle lines*FCA US Vehicle - means "Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, SRT, FIAT or ALFA ROMEO brand vehicles only"*Mopar Vehicle Protection (MVP) Plan - Is defined as a Plan offered and issued by FCA Service Contracts LLC.*Plan - means this "LIFETIME ADDED CARE PLUS" Service Contract*we, us, our - means FCA Service Contracts LLC, formerly known as Chrysler Group Service Contracts LLC the entity obligated toperform the obligations of this contract. FCA Service Contracts LLC’s contact information is PO Box 2700, Troy, MI 48007-2700;phone: 1-800-521-9922. FCA Service Contracts LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FCA US LLC, formerly known as Chrysler GroupLLC.*you, your - means the Plan purchaser 2018 FCA US LLC. All Rights Reserved. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Mopar and SRT are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC.ALFA ROMEO and FIAT are registered trademarks of FCA Group Marketing S.p.A., used with permission.A SERVICE CONTRACT: This Plan is a service contract between you and us. The Plan protects you against major repair bills shoulda Vehicle component covered by the Plan fail due to defects in material or workmanship. This Plan is not insurance and is not part ofthe manufacturer’s warranty. We are solely responsible (liable) for fulfillment of the provisions of the Plan.Obligations of the provider under the Plan are backed by the full faith credit of the provider.No Dealer, Dealer employee or our employee has the authority to modify or change any provision of this Plan. The expressprovisions of this Plan outline the sole benefits which we are obligated to provide; no other coverage is implied hereunder,and no coverage can be implied due to an oral or written misrepresentation, error or omission.IMPORTANT! The maximum benefit amount should a covered component of the Vehicle fail will be THE TOTAL COST OF THEREPAIRS PER VISIT LESS THE DEDUCTIBLE, OR THE CASH VALUE OF THE VEHICLE, WHICHEVER IS LESS! The cash valueof the Vehicle will be determined at the time of the covered repair and will be the average retail value as listed in the current NADAUsed Car Pricing Guide. If at any time the repair costs for covered component(s) exceed the Vehicle’s cash value, your final Planbenefit will be our payment of the Vehicle’s cash value rather than the repair costs. Plan coverage and benefits will terminateautomatically and immediately pursuant to this provision and we will have no further obligations of any kind in respect to theterminated Plan.Form Num: LAP515Page: 1 of 10

This issuance of this Plan, unless otherwise prohibited by law, shall not be deemed as a waiver of our right, or considered arestriction of our right to refuse to pay for service and/or to cancel the Plan should it subsequently be discovered that the vehicle forwhich the Plan was purchased was not eligible for Plan coverage.NOTE: Place this Plan in your glove compartment or other secure place in the Vehicle. While your Vehicle is covered by this Plan,your Vehicle also may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. For manufacturer’s warranty coverage details, please refer to yourwarranty information booklet. THIS PLAN DOES NOT COVER ANY REPAIRS OR SERVICES WHICH ARE COVERED BY THEMANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.OBTAINING PLAN SERVICE: To obtain service under this Plan, you should return and present this contract to the Dealer who soldyou the Plan. In the event you cannot return the Vehicle to the selling Dealer for service, you may request service from any Dealerwithin the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico or Mexico.IMPORTANT! SERVICE OBTAINED FROM A PERSON OTHER THAN AN AUTHORIZED DEALER IS NOT REIMBURSABLEUNDER THIS PLAN UNLESS AUTHORIZED BY US AND YOU RECEIVE AN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER BEFORE THE SERVICEIS PERFORMED. DEALERS CANNOT AUTHORIZE REPAIRS UNDER THIS PLAN. Authorized repairs will be made usingremanufactured parts. If remanufactured parts are not available, the Dealer will use new parts.ELIGIBLE VEHICLES: FCA US vehicles covered by a minimum active 5/60 or longer Powertrain Warranty, or FIAT vehicles coveredby a 4 Year/50,000 Mile Basic Warranty, are eligible within 48 months of the in-service date and 48,000 miles. Excludes all SRTvehicles, Viper, ProMaster, Hellcat models, Scat Pack, and all Alfa Romeo vehicles.Note: Only eligible on retail and lease vehicle deliveries. Vehicle must be registered to an individual(s).NOT ELIGIBLE: The following are not eligible for any Vehicle Protection Plan: Vehicles registered outside of the United States,Guam and Puerto Rico; motor homes; taxis (including vehicles used to transport passengers in return for payment, i.e. Uber, Lyft);vehicles converted from two to four-wheel drive; vehicles altered or converted from the original manufacturer’s specifications; severeoff-road use; vehicles not used in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications for payload and/or towing capacity; vehicles with agross weight (G.V.W.) of over 14,000 pounds; vehicles equipped with NorthStar engines; vehicles where the manufacturer warrantyhas been voided or restricted by the manufacturer; vehicles that have been declared to be a total loss by any insurance company, arerebuilt after being declared a total loss, or are issued a title indicating that the vehicle is designated as ‘salvage’, ‘junk’, ‘rebuilt’ orwords of similar impact.The following are not eligible for this Vehicle Protection Plan: Vehicles registered to any government/federal/state/local agency;vehicles registered to a business; vehicles registered to a Trust/Living Trust/Will; Limousines; emergency vehicles (ambulance, fire,police pursuit; police patrol); vehicles used for security patrol; right-hand drive vehicles; vehicles used for postal service; vehiclesused for dump truck; vehicles used for tow service (i.e. tow truck); vehicles equipped with a diesel engine; hybrid vehicles (exceptvehicles manufactured by FCA US LLC); vehicles that operate on other than gasoline fuel systems (i.e. diesel, natural gas); electricvehicles (except vehicles manufactured by FCA US LLC); vehicles equipped with engines greater than 8 cylinders; vehicles used forcommercial use*; ALL cab and chassis vehicles; vehicles ordered with box delete option or where the box has been removed; vehicleswith dual rear wheels.*Commercial use includes but not limited to: Delivery, service or repair work, landscaping and grounds maintenance, shuttle service,snow removal.NOTE: If for any reason, your vehicle is not eligible for this plan, contact your selling dealer for other plans that your vehicle may beeligible for.WHEN PLAN COVERAGE STARTS AND ENDS: Plan coverage begins on the date you purchased the Plan for: (i) aVehicle component not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty; (ii) Trip Interruption; (iii) Car Rental in respect to covered repairswhen a replacement vehicle is not otherwise provided; and (iv) Taxi Reimbursement. Plan coverage begins on the date themanufacturer’s warranty ends for: (i) any Vehicle component covered under the manufacturer’s warranty; and (ii) RoadsideAssistance.This Plan offers mechanical coverage as specified to the named purchaser or retail lessee of the vehicle only, for the lifetime of thatpurchaser or retail lessee. The Plan ends upon the death of that purchaser or retail lessee or upon the transfer or sale of the vehicle.The Plan ends even if the transfer occurs by operation of law, such as to a lienholder, family member through succession, orsuccessor business.Form Num: LAP515Page: 2 of 10

TRIP INTERRUPTION, FIRST DAY RENTAL/CAR RENTAL ALLOWANCE, TOWING, KEYFOB REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS,AND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE EXPIRE AT 7 YEARS OR 100,000 MILES ON THE ODOMETER, WHICHEVER OCCURS FIRST. 100.00 DEDUCTIBLE: You are responsible to pay only the first 100.00 of the total cost of the Vehicle’s covered component repairsperformed during each repair visit. Repairs not covered by the Plan are your responsibility. When state and/or local taxes areimposed upon the cost of repairs, you agree to pay state and/or local taxes in addition to the deductible.COVERAGE UNDER THE PLAN: WHAT IS COVERED? The plan will pay the total cost (parts and labor) less a deductible per visit,to correct any of the following mechanical failures, caused by a defect in materials or workmanship of a covered component and arenot covered by the vehicle’s factory warranty. Coverage is limited only to the components listed below. Components not listed are notcovered.GASOLINE ENGINE: Cylinder Block and all Internal Parts; Cylinder Head Assemblies; Timing Case, Timing Chain, Timing Belt,Gears and Sprockets; Harmonic Balancer; Oil Pump, Water Pump and Housing; Intake and Exhaust Manifolds; Flywheel with StarterRing Gear; Core Plugs; Valve Covers; Oil Pan; Oil Filter Adapter Housing; Turbocharger Housing and Internal Parts; TurbochargerWastegate Actuator; Supercharger; Fuel Injectors (excluding clogged injectors); Serpentine Belt Tensioner; Seals and Gaskets forlisted components only.TRANSMISSION: Transmission Case and all Internal Parts; Torque Converter; Drive/Flex Plate; Transmission Range Switch;Transmission Control Module; Bell Housing; Oil Pan; Shifter Mechanism; Seals and Gaskets for listed components only.NOTE: MANUAL TRANSMISSION CLUTCH PARTS ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME.FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE (4x4): Transfer Case and all Internal Parts; Axle Housing and all Internal Parts; Axles Shafts; Axle ShaftBearings; Drive Shafts Assemblies (Front and Rear); Drive Shaft Center Bearings; Wheel Bearings; Universal Joints and Yokes;Disconnect Housing Assembly; Seals and Gaskets for the listed components only.ALL-WHEEL DRIVE (AWD): Power Transfer Unit and all Internal Parts; Viscous Coupler; Axle Housing and all Internal Parts;Constant Velocity Joints and Boots; Rear Driveline Module; Drive Shaft and Axle Shaft Assemblies; Wheel Bearings; DifferentialCarrier Assembly and all Internal Parts; Output Bearing; Output Flange; End Cover; Overrunning Clutch; Shift Motor; Vacuum Motor;Torque Tube; Pinion Spacer and Shim; Seals and Gaskets for listed components only.FRONT WHEEL DRIVE: Transaxle Case and all Internal Parts; Axle Shaft Assemblies; Constant Velocity Joints and Boots; WheelBearings; Differential Cover; Oil Pan; Transaxle Speed Sensors; Transaxle Solenoid Assembly; PRNDL Position Switch; ShifterMechanism; Transaxle Electronic Controller; Torque Converter; Seals and Gaskets for listed components only.NOTE: MANUAL TRANSMISSION CLUTCH PARTS ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME.REAR WHEEL DRIVE: Rear Axle Housing and all Internal Parts; Axle Shafts; Axle Shaft Bearings; Drive Shaft Assemblies; DriveShaft Center Bearings; Universal Joints and Yokes; Seals and Gaskets for listed components only.STEERING: Steering Gear Housing and all Internal Parts; Power Steering Gear; Power Steering Pump; Lower Steering Shaft;Steering Shaft Lower Coupling; Rack and Pinion Assembly; Rack and Pinion Boots; Electronic Steering Motor; Seals and Gaskets forlisted components only.AIR CONDITIONING: Factory or Manufacturer-authorized air conditioning installations only. Air Conditioning Compressor; Clutch,Coil; Condenser; Front Evaporator; Rear Evaporator; Receiver-Drier; Expansion Valve; Hoses and Lines; Low Pressure Cut-offSwitch; High Pressure Cut-off Switch; Clutch Cycling Switch; Front Instrument Panel Control Assembly; Rear Instrument PanelControl Assembly; Power Module; Air Conditioning/Heater Blower Motor; Seals and Gaskets for the listed components only.ENGINE COOLING & FUEL: Cooling Fan, Clutch and Motor; Radiator; Coolant Temperature Switch; Fuel Pump; Water Pump andHousing; Fuel Tank Sending Unit; Fuel Pressure Regulator; Fuel Tank and Lines; Serpentine Belt Tensioner; Seals and Gaskets forlisted components only.FRONT SUSPENSION: Shocks; Shock Mounts; Struts; Strut Mounts, Bushings and Bearings; Upper and Lower Control Arms;Control Arm Bushings; Thrust Arms; Upper and Lower Ball Joints; Wheel Bearings.REAR SUSPENSION: Rear Leaf Springs; Rear Coil Springs; Auxiliary Springs; Spring Interliner; Spring Bushing; Spring Shackle;U-Bolt Rear Spring; Spring Hanger; Axle Trac Bar; Lateral Link Arm; Shocks; Shock Mount Plate; Struts; Strut Mounting Plates; StrutBushings; Rear Wheel Bearings; Rear Trailing Arm Assembly; Rear Stabilizer/Sway Bar; Rear Stabilizer/Sway Bar Link; RearStabilizer/Sway Bar Bushing.Form Num: LAP515Page: 3 of 10

BRAKES: Master Cylinder, Assist Booster; Wheel Cylinders; Disc Brake Calipers and Pistons; Brake Lines, Hoses, Fittings;Proportioning Valve; Seals and Gaskets for listed components only.NOTE: BRAKE SHOES, PADS, ROTORS, AND DRUMS ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME.ANTI-LOCK BRAKES (ABS): Brake Systems’ Hydraulic Assembly; Pump Motor Assembly; Controller; Sensors and Relays; Sealsand Gaskets for listed components only.ELECTRICAL: Starter Motor and Solenoid; Generator (Alternator); Engine Control Module - (Single Module Engine Controller)(SMEC); Powertrain Control Module, Distributor; Ignition Coil; Coil Pack Assembly, Voltage Regulator; Horn and Horn Pad;Transmission Control Module.EXPANDED ELECTRICAL: All Wiring Harnesses; Electronic Fuel Injection System (excluding clogged injectors); WindshieldWiper Motor; Rear Window Wiper Motor; Wiper Control Module; Manually Operated Electrical Switches; Neutral Safety Switch;Temperature Sending Unit/Switch; Oil Pressure Sending Unit/Switch; Body Computer; Body Control Module; Rear Window Defroster;Factory Installed Radio; Speakers and Rear Entertainment Systems (Includes CD and DVD Player); Factory Installed U-ConnectSystem.NOTE: HEADPHONES ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME.INSTRUMENTATION: Electronic Instrument Cluster; Amp/Voltmeter Gauge; Fuel Gauge; Temperature Gauge; Tachometer; OilPressure Gauge; Turbo Gauge; Speedometer.KEY FOB: Subject to the limitations in this provision, the Plan provides (i) coverage for up to three key fob repairs or replacements,and (ii) a total key fob coverage benefit of 600, which limit applies notwithstanding the cost per repair or per replacement of the keyfob for the Covered Vehicle. Key fob coverage is available even if this component is lost or stolen, and this coverage is not subject tothe deductible that applies to repair visits for covered components.NOTE: FAILURE OF A KEY FOB BATTERY DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A MECHANICAL FAILURE OF THE KEY FOB.POWER GROUP: Rear Window Defroster; Power Window Motors; Power Window Flex Track; Power Antenna; Power Seat Motors;Power Door Locks and Linkage (excluding latch assembly); Power Sliding Rear Window Motor and Regulator (Trucks).LUXURY GROUP: Keyless Entry Receiver/Module; Trip Computer; Message Center; Overhead Electronic Vehicle InformationCenter; Overhead Electronic Compass/Temperature; Power Sunroof Motor; Convertible Top Motor; Electric Mirror Motor andControls; Cruise Control Servo; Headlight Door Motor; Concealed Headlamp Module.NOTE: LATCHES OF ANY KIND ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIME.MOPAR ACCESSORIES: The following Mopar accessories are covered provided they were installed by an authorized Dealer; AudioSystems (including Compact Disc Players); Sirius Satellite Radio; Speed Control; EVS (Security Systems); Clocks; Remote TrunkRelease; Remote Control Outside Mirrors; Power Sliding Rear Windows (trucks); Transmission Oil Cooler; MoparConnect.NOTE: MOPAR PERFORMANCE PARTS ARE NOT COVERED AT ANY TIMEOTHER PLAN BENEFITS: The Plan also provides the following Trip Interruption, First Day Rental, Rental Allowance, TaxiReimbursement, and Roadside Assistance benefits.TRIP INTERRUPTION: The Plan will pay up to 1,000 for lodging, meals, and emergency transportation such as taxi, bus, or airlinefor you and your family if (1) your vehicle is inoperable due to a failure covered under this Plan or under the factory warranty, and (2)you are more than 100 miles from the address of record. Lodging, meals and car rental receipts must accompany a copy of repair billand must be mailed to Vehicle Protection, P.O. Box 2700, Troy, Michigan 48007-2700.FIRST DAY RENTAL: First Day Rental Allowance provides up to 35.00 car rental allowance if the Vehicle is to be serviced for anymechanical repair or maintenance service. Please note: Excludes rental for bodywork to the exterior sheet metal/composite panel orcollision repairs.RENTAL ALLOWANCE: Rental Allowance will pay up to 35.00 per day for a rental any time repairs take overnight, and acomponent covered by the Plan or the manufacturer’s Basic or Powertrain Warranty fails.The Plan will not pay for rental charges for a vehicle that is awaiting service or parts unless the vehicle is inoperable due to amechanical failure of a covered component, or unless continued operation would cause further damage.Form Num: LAP515Page: 4 of 10

The rental vehicle must be obtained from a Dealer. If a Dealer does not have rental vehicles available, you may obtain one from alicensed rental agency. Rental coverage is subject to state and local laws and policies imposed by the rental agency. Rental chargesin excess of the amount allowed by the Plan are your responsibility. The Plan is not responsible for any refusal of a rental agency torent a vehicle to you.Total Rental Allowance per occurrence is a maximum of 5 days or 175.00.TAXI REIMBURSEMENT: Coverage starts on the date you purchase the Plan. The Plan provides up to a 35.00 for taxi cab fare, inlieu of First Day Rental if the vehicle is to be serviced for any same day mechanical or maintenance service.When a loaner car is not available, or you are not eligible for a rental car, the Plan will pay up to 35.00 per day for taxi service, inlieu of car rental, any time mechanical repairs take overnight.Taxi receipts must be from a licensed taxi service provider. Taxi charges in excess of the amount allowed by the Plan are yourresponsibility.Total Rental/Taxi Service Allowance per occurrence is a maximum of 5 days or 175.00.ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE*NOTE: YOU MUST CALL 888-517-4500 FOR THIS SERVICE.The Plan provides assistance due to a disablement caused by any mechanical failure and in addition, the Plan provides coverage forsuch items as towing to the nearest Dealer or authorized repair facility, flat tire change (with your good spare), battery jump, out ofgas delivery (maximum 2 gallons), lockout service i.e. keys locked in car or frozen lock, to a maximum of 100, per occurrence. Anyexpense beyond 100 is your responsibility at the time and site of service. Towing assistance will be dispatched only for mechanicaldisablements which renders the vehicle inoperative. (See exclusions under “THE PLAN WILL NOT COVER.”)This service is provided to you as part of your Plan to minimize any unforeseen vehicle operation inconvenience and is available 24hours per day, 365 days per year.HOW TO USE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE*: All required towing, roadside assistance, lockout, and other roadside assistance servicesdescribed previously MUST BE ARRANGED AT TIME OF OCCURRENCE through Roadside Assistance by calling 888-517-4500.You should be prepared to provide the representative with your name, your Plan number, vehicle license plate number, your locationincluding the phone number you are calling from and a brief description of the problem.In some cases, Roadside Assistance may authorize you or your Dealer to arrange for local service and will provide a referencenumber to do so. Your Plan will in these instances provide reimbursement of up to 100 maximum per Roadside Assistance incident,provided that the claim contains: (A) A valid original receipt of payment from the tow