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Safety TopicMorris Elkins, CSP, CPEA, CPSAMarch 2021

Foot Protection Agenda Most frequent occupational footinjuries Constructing “Happy Feet”(WHY)(HOW) Seasonal considerationsWork environment considerationsMoisture-Wicking socksMaintenance MattersOther factorsDress for Success Standards6

Occupational Foot InjuriesApproximately 53,000 occupational footinjuries annually. The most frequentinclude; Crushed or Broken Toes Punctures Burns and Lacerations Frostbite and Amputation Sprains and Dislocations7

Constructing “Happy Feet”Seasonal Cold weather Temperature Waterproofing Warm weather Temperature Breathable material Air-flowWork Environment Terrain Smooth Uneven surfaces (Construction) Designed for conditions and task8

Constructing Happy FeetMoisture-Wicking Socks Feet sweat Select a material that will wick awaymoisture, merino wool or merinowool blendMaintenance Matters Cleaning Conditioning Tune-ups Store Cool, dry location9

Constructing Happy FeetOther Factors Ankle and tendon support The ridge vs over-the-ankle Achilles tendon support Safety-Toe Composite Steel Puncture resistant shank Hi-Viz Designed for conditions and task The footwear shall always fit the jobspecific work conditions or be activityappropriate e.g. terrain, temperature,running, hiking, etc.10

Constructing Happy FeetOther Factors Fit: Always try-on shoes at the end of the day, as yourfeet swell during the day. Stand up and ensure there is 3/8 or 1/2 inchbetween your longest toe and the end of the shoe Your heel should be snug against the back of theshoe and not slip or slide. Remember different brands are often sizeddifferently Footwear designed specifically to fit the anatomicalstructure of a woman’s foot Better fit more comfortable, more supported,more stable11

Constructing Happy FeetOther Factors Comfort Wear socks that you will wear with the type of shoe youpurchase. Don’t count on the shoes stretching when you buy them.They should be comfortable when you buy them. Always stand and walk around in the shoes to determineif they are comfortable and do not rub or chafe Note the tread is suited for the activity, e.g. smooth floor,mud, gravel, etc. “Dress for Success” Color Style Material12

Standards CFR 1910.136 ASTM F2413-18 ASTM F412-18 ANSI Z41, 1-196713

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