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FROM CALL CENTERS TO CONTACTCENTERS AND NOW THE NEXTGENCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PLATFORMMost contact center implementations today deploy siloed interaction channels (e.g. voice, chat, email, web,mobile and social) where each customer interaction is typically managed in isolation. This fragmentedapproach to customer engagement commonly results in customer frustration, missed sales opportunitiesand reduced operational efficiency.With digital transformation and customer demands evolving rapidly, choosing the right technology to designand orchestrate your customer engagement is a foundational success factor to delivering on customerexpectations while addressing your company needs. An effective customer experience platform mustbe proven, workforce aware, support omnichannel customer journeys, manage SLAs effectively acrossself- and assisted service channels, and be flexible to meet your unique deployment requirements.www.genesys.comCustomer ExpectationsCompany NeedsPersonalized 1-to-1 ExperienceTouchpoint and Channel OptionsOngoing Proactive CommunicationsEffective Self-Service OptionsCapable and Informed AgentsLow EffortImproved SalesEmployee SatisfactionSLA AdherenceSelf-Service ContainmentMinimal ChurnLowest Operating CostJoin the Conversation

#1: PROVEN CUSTOMEREXPERIENCE LEADERGenesys - Gartner MQ for ContactCenter Infrastructure (Past 7 Years)Customer experience (CX) is criticallyimportant to your organization. Whenselecting your platform for customerengagement, choose a partner that hasa proven track record, a strong vision,and the scale and expertise to partner withyour organization to add value at every step.Genesys has been a leader in the GartnerMagic Quadrant for Contact CenterInfrastructure for 7 years running, and alsodemonstrates the greatest completeness ofvision to help your organization deliver onyour business goals.* Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or servicedepicted in its research publications, and does not advisetechnology users to select only those vendors with the highestratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions ofGartner's research organization and should not be construed asstatements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed orimplied, with respect to this research, including any warranties ofmerchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.**This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a largerresearch document and should be evaluated in the context of theentire document. The Gartner document is available upon requestfrom Genesys.www.genesys.comJoin the Conversation

#2: A SINGLE, WORKFORCEAWARE PLATFORMSecond, look for a continuous workforceoptimization solution that’s seamlesslyintegrated with the routing capabilities,enabling you to obtain both workforceoptimization capabilities and your contactcenter infrastructure from one vendor.DISTRIBUTA workforce-aware CX Platform iceATEALUWORKOPTIMIZATIONEVDIS T RIB U TETheWebADAPT Increase influence on schedule Guard quality & complianceTRAINOutbound Reduce over & understaffing Improve QM process efficiency Provide better use oftraining budget Find ‘root cause’ to improvebusiness processesMobileApp Reduce operational overheadwww.genesys.comJoin the Conversation

WebsiteMobile AppContact CenterBack OfficeBranchRevenueGrowth 10to 15%Purchase JourneyOnboarding JourneyAccount Change JourneyProblem Resolution JourneyRenewal and Repurchase JourneyCustomerSatisfaction20%Lower Costto Serve15 to 20%Source: McKinsey#3: PERSONALIZED, OMNICHANNEL JOURNEYSCompanies focused on the end-to-end journey perform betterDelivering exceptional customer service can be a competitive game changer. Getting to exceptional, however, requires supporting personalizedcustomer journeys consistently across each and every touchpoint, whether self-directed or with an agent. This paradigm shift to omnichannel (wherepersonalized service is consistently delivered across all channels) is driving a refresh of customer engagement solutions within the contact center andalso across the enterprise including marketing, sales and service.Choose a platform that can move you beyond random interactions to orchestrated journeys, while supporting the eventual shift from single channel,single department solutions to an enterprise-wide customer engagement solution. While the transition for most companies will naturally be phased,many key elements are readily achievable today, from ensuring transitions from self- to assisted service are seamless to empowering agents with fullvisibility of the customer’s journey history to supporting multimodal interactions to reduce customer effort.www.genesys.comJoin the Conversation

#4: SLA ADHERENCEACROSS ALL CHANNELSA single universal queue is a foundationalcapability for consistently managing SLAsacross all channels - digital, voice and in storeor branch. Look for a single queue that’scontinuously reprioritized via agile businessrules to ensure your workforce is optimallyutilized, working on the right task at the righttime, and managing SLA adherence acrossyour work inventory. Along with the ability toforecast and schedule the workload across allchannels and work items, your organizationwill benefit from real-time dashboards andinsight in historical performance.CustomerInteractionsSkill AContinuous ReprioritizationEmployee Skills & StateInsuranceClaimSkill BReal-Time DashboardHistorical PerformanceCRM &Workflow Queueswww.genesys.comAgile Business tTicketForecasting & SchedulingJoin the ConversationSkill C

Pure CloudCarrierGenesysCustomer PremisesLocal TelephonyHybrid CloudCarrierGenesysCustomer nesysGenesysCustomer PremisesCustomer Premises#5: FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENTTO MEET YOUR NEEDSWhen it’s time to deploy your contact centeror extend its capabilities to deliver effortlessomnichannel CX, choose a vendor that cantailor the implementation to best address yourtechnical, operational, economic and regulatoryrequirements. Given that your requirementswill evolve and expand over time as yourbusiness grows, look for a proven solutionwith deployment options across the spectrumfrom pure cloud to fully on-premises that canflexibly scale to grow with your needs.With a cloud deployment, the contact centerservices are entirely located in the Cloudallowing you to deliver, secure and scalablebest-in-class customer experience without anyinfrastructure or compliance responsibilities onyour company’s IT department. With hybrid,the contact center services are optimallydistributed between your site and the Cloud,allowing for powerful integration options. As adirect extension of your existing contact centerapplications, the hybrid approach extends anon-premises solution to add new channels intothe Cloud, scale on-demand to meet seasonalneeds, or supplement your on-premisesfunctionality with new services like speechand text analytics.Join the Conversation

5 CAPABILITIES TO LOOK FOR IN ACUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PLATFORMOnly one vendor delivers on these 5 capabilities. With over 20 years of expertise, Genesys provides asingle, omnichannel platform that goes beyond routing to orchestrate customer engagement across the fulljourney lifecycle, while delivering the flexibility to support cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments.As the global leader in customer experience and contact center solutions, Genesys is trusted by over 4,500customers to orchestrate more than 100 million digital and voice interactions each rGartner MQ for ContactCenter Infrastructure,7 yrs in a RowOne Platform*Optimize and AnalyzeBoth CX and WorkforceOmnichannel CXPersonalizedOmnichannel JourneysSLA AdherenceAcross All Channels andCRM Workflow QueuesDeploymentCloud, Hybrid, orOn-Premises* One platform with all channels: social, co-browse, email, and proactive chat, fully native.www.genesys.comJoin the Conversation

TAKE YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCETO THE NEXT LEVELWhether your goal is to modernize your contact center, increase workforce quality and efficiency or drive bettercustomer experiences, Genesys offers an open and scalable platform that efficiently fits into your existing infrastructureand reduces total cost of ownership.Industry leaders have achieved amazing results with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform such as:30%Increase in Revenue50%Increase in Agent ProductivityGet Startedwww.genesys.com70%25%Increase in First CallResolution (FCR)Increase in NetPromoter Score (NPS)Request a DemoLearn MoreJoin the Conversation

Website: www.genesys.comContact Us: 1-888-GENESYSGenesys, the world’s #1 Customer Experience Platform, empowers companies tocreate exceptional omnichannel experiences, journeys and relationships. For over25 years, we have put the customer at the center of all we do, and we passionatelybelieve that great customer engagement drives great business outcomes. Genesysis trusted by over 4,700 customers in 120 countries, to orchestrate over 24 billioncontact center interactions per year in the cloud and on premises. For moreinformation 2015 Genesys. 2001 JuniperoSerra Blvd., Daly City, CA 94014All Rights reserved. Genesys and theGenesys logo are registered trademarksof Genesys. All other company names andlogos may be registered trademarks ortrademarks of their respective companies.