Diversityat Osler2019 Year in ReviewCelebrating and fostering diversityin the community

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpTable of contentsMessage from Osler’s Diversity Committee Chair4Managing Partner’s message5Our Diversity Mandate7In support of our clients7Commitment to gender diversity11Representation of women at Osler13Internal diversity initiatives16Spotlight: Our people20Legal Professional Resource Groups22Commitment to community27Committee members342

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpThe most importantaspect of what wedo at Osler is buildinga workplace wheretalented people withdiverse viewpoints,characteristics andbackgrounds cometogether to provide ourclients with the bestlegal services availableanywhere.Douglas RienzoChair, Osler Diversity Committee (2019)Retired Partner, Pensions and Benefits3

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpDouglas RienzoChair, Osler Diversity Committee (2019)Retired Partner, Pensions and BenefitsMessage from Osler’sDiversity Committee ChairHere at Osler, our mission statement on diversity and inclusion describes the three main pillarsof our diversity initiative: diversity in support of our client relationships, diversity in the communitiesin which we work, and perhaps most fundamentally, diversity in our workplace.This 2019 Diversity at Osler: Year in Review shines a spotlighton the most important aspect of what we do: building aworkplace where talented people with diverse viewpoints,characteristics and backgrounds come together to provideour clients with the best legal services available anywhere.Our diversity and inclusion initiative was formallylaunched in 2010, when we created the Osler DiversityCommittee. Looking back over our first 10 years, we haveintroduced numerous initiatives to advance diversity andinclusion in our workplaces across Canada and in theUnited States: In 2012, we conducted our first demographic survey to takea snapshot of our workforce in terms of gender, sexualorientation, racialized status and other characteristics, inorder to establish a baseline so that we could measure ourprogress going forward. We were one of the first law firmsin Canada to undertake such a survey. We have sincerepeated the survey in 2014, 2016 and 2018. Also in 2012, we extended firm-subsidized healthinsurance for domestic partners and same-sex spousesto all Osler employees outside of Canada. In 2014, Osler created a “buddy program” for associatelawyers on maternity/parental leave to assist in theirtransition back to practice following their leave. In 2015, Osler created three Legal Professional ResourceGroups – or affinity groups – representing women,LGBTQ professionals and professionals with ties to theAsia-Pacific region. In 2016, Osler adopted a formal Gender Identity & SexualOrientation Policy to address issues specific to members ofthe LGBTQ community, including procedures to supporttransgender employees during a gender transition. In 2018, gender-neutral washrooms were introducedin several of our offices.While we are rightly proud of our accomplishments todate, looking ahead to our next 10 years and beyond, wewill focus with continuing vigour on our commitment tobuilding a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. Judgingfrom the enthusiasm and creativity shown by my coworkers as highlighted throughout these pages, I canconfidently say that the future looks bright indeed.4

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpDoug BryceNational Managing PartnerManaging Partner’smessageIt was more than 10 years ago that our partner Douglas Rienzo approachedthe firm’s leadership to consider an important new initiative for Osler.Clients were increasingly seeking information about thediversity of the legal teams who were managing theirmatters. They made it clear that their law firms wereexpected to be more invested in making their workplacesdiverse and inclusive. While Osler had been implementingdiversity-related initiatives, it was a turning point for us toformalize our mission going forward and to execute it in amore planful and strategic way.Dale Ponder, our National Managing Partner at the time,asked Douglas to form a Diversity Committee, whichhe has helmed since 2010. The mandate and missionstatement that he and the committee then developed arestill at the core of the firm’s diversity philosophy today. Thecommittee has representation from each of our offices andincludes associates and partners as well as members of ouradministrative staff. This composition was not an accident– it directly connects to the way we see Osler, which is as aone-firm enterprise.contained in this report, remains a vital part of our diversityand inclusion commitments. They continue to be activelyengaged with us as we innovate our practice and designnew tools (such as our General Counsel Report) that providethem with relevant information in a meaningful way.Our diversity and inclusion initiatives are also importantto our relationships with law schools and law students.Some of our associates comment on their importance inthis report.Douglas Rienzo retired at the end of 2019 and I want tothank him for his thoughtful and creative leadership inthe diversity sphere over the past decade. The work of thecommittee and the progress of the firm over that timeframe continues to make me, my partners and all themembers of our firm proud. There is always more workto be done and we are committed to continuing to showleadership over the next decade and beyond.Collaboration with our clients is always at the centre ofour work and, as you will see in some of their comments5

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpOur DiversityMandateOur commitment to diversity is reflected in our policies and ourpractice. Our Diversity Mandate is to promote diversity within the firm,within the framework of the Osler culture of excellence and merit.In addition to this primary mandate, we also aim to promote diversity in supportof our relationships with our clients and in the institutions and communitiesfrom which we recruit our talent. We strive to attract, retain and promotelawyers and staff who are the best at what they do and who reflect the diversityof the communities where we live and work.We were one of the first law firms in Canada to establish a formal DiversityCommittee and Diversity Mandate, and have formed Legal ProfessionalResource Groups to develop and implement diversity initiatives that havean impact within and beyond our firm. Many of these initiatives are undertakenin support of our clients and communities.In supportof our clientsEmbracing diversity helps us deliver better solutions to our clients —and it helps our clients build stronger businesses. We realize thatwhile our diversity initiatives may start from within, they must extendbeyond our firm through our community involvement and supportof our clients.Often working in collaboration with our clients, we've implemented severalinternal programs and external initiatives that aim to create real and lastingchange on the diversity front. This includes sponsoring community programs,getting involved in volunteer or pro bono activities, and hosting events such asour annual Pride celebration, which we’ve co-hosted with the Bank of Montrealfor five years and counting. We realize that fostering diversity and inclusion isa continuous and collective effort and we strive to keep clients updated on ourprogress – and support them in achieving their own diversity objectives.7

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpClient-facing activities2019 Diversity Disclosure Practices ReportOsler’s 2019 Diversity Disclosure Practices report offers an updated snapshoton the representation of women in leadership roles in corporate Canada. OurCorporate Governance Group conducted an extensive review and analysis ofdiversity disclosure by TSX-listed companies and summarized the results forthe full 2018 calendar year as well as the period from January 1, 2019 to July31, 2019. In this fifth annual report on gender diversity disclosure practices ofTSX-listed companies, we highlight the achievement of some key benchmarksand for the first time showcase examples of excellence in disclosure, as weknow that many companies are taking a much more thoughtful approachto their disclosure and are choosing to highlight the ways they think aboutpromoting diversity in their organization — both in response to and beyondthe confines of the Diversity Disclosure Requirement itself. We hope that doingso will provide a useful reference point for other issuers in considering theirown approach to diversity and disclosure of their practices in the future. OurDiversity Disclosure Practices report also includes a sampling of best practicesin fostering greater gender diversity disclosed by leading Canadian companies.Our clients’ diversity goalsOur diversity initiatives are often a reflection of our clients’ objectives. Whenpartnering with us, our clients want to ensure that our diversity goals alignwith their own.Diana Lee, Managing Counsel and Special Assistant to the General Counsel atTD Bank Group, explains how TD prioritizes diversity.“TD is committed to inclusion and diversity in all forms, including with respectto women, visible minorities, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ2 communityand Indigenous peoples,” Diana says. “When we engage external law firms,we assess diversity across the team – from the more junior team membersto the lead lawyer who would own the relationship with TD. It’s particularlyencouraging when we see talented lawyers with diverse backgroundsprogressing through the ranks of a firm.”Michael B. Smith, Associate Vice President, Legal Department at TD Bank Groupfurther stresses the value of diversity in an organization.“It is important to be able to demonstrate how you are driving a more inclusiveculture and diversity generally,” Michael says. “We appreciate the legalprofession has a pipeline problem and that our numbers may not always reflectour society and culture today but that is not an excuse.”“I am happy to see a team that is best constructed to suit a particular need wehave, provided the firm is taking meaningful steps to create an inclusive cultureto help with that pipeline problem and develop and retain diverse talent.”8

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpBoard Diversity Policy TemplateIn 2016, Osler and the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) developed acomplimentary, customizable Board Diversity Policy template to provide astarting point to assist boards in meeting their gender diversity disclosurerequirements under securities laws. Changes to the Canada BusinessCorporations Act (CBCA) have expanded the need for disclosure, and Osler andthe ICD updated the template in December 2019 to address those changes andreflect changes in practice. Our enhanced template not only enables reportingwith respect to those diversity characteristics specified under the new CBCAregulations, but also includes flexibility for companies to target other diversitycharacteristics. For more info, visit Counsel DashboardAs part of our service to our clients, we continue to offer the General CounselDashboard, a unique reporting tool that enables us to report on diversity andinclusion at Osler at the matter level and support our clients’ diversity objectivesboth strategically and in a measurable manner.“The Osler General Counsel Report is a helpful checkpoint I see once aquarter. It allows me to see all the matters that our lawyers have beenworking on and how the tasks are allocated within the firm.At Chartwell, we have many different areas of business, and thosebusinesses often have different legal needs. So seeing the scope of allthe work in one dashboard is very efficient. We have used the Reportfor several years now and to my mind it is the only report of its kind.”Jonathan BoulakiaChief Legal OfficerChartwell Retirement Residences9

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpCommitment togender diversityOur commitment to embracing gender diversity is integral to who weare as a firm. It’s also rooted in our history – starting with our legacyof strong and dynamic female leadership over the years. More than 50years ago, Osler was one of the first corporate law firms in Canada toadmit a woman, Bertha Wilson, to its partnership ranks.Osler’s current leadership team includes Dale Ponder, who was appointed as thefirm’s National Co-Chair in 2017 after more than 16 years as Osler’s NationalManaging Partner and Chief Executive. Sandra Abitan and Donna White arethe Managing Partners of Osler’s Montréal and Ottawa offices, respectively.Osler’s Operations Committee consists of seven women and 13 men, and ourPartnership Board includes four women and eight men.Throughout 2019, we supported a number of initiatives that promoted theadvancement of women in leadership positions within our firm, the legalindustry and our broader communities, including events hosted by the OslerWomen Lawyers’ Network (OWLN), a Legal Professional Resource Groupcreated by and for members of the Osler community. Some of OWLN’s eventsare highlighted on page 23.Gender Work Allocation ReportOsler’s Gender Work Allocation Report provides partners with an individualizedsummary showing the number of hours associates spent on their various filesover the past year, broken down by gender. The report also shows the genderbreakdown of the associates in the partner’s department and across the firm,so that the partners can see, for example, the percentage of hours spent ontheir files by women associates, and compare that to the percentage of womenassociates in their department and in the firm as a whole.International Women’s DayOn March 8, 2019, Osler celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) bywelcoming our colleagues, lawyers and staff to come together in recognition ofIWD to take in a lively discussion featuring guest speakers Elizabeth Renzetti,a columnist and feature writer for The Globe and Mail and author of Shrewed:A Wry and Closely Observed Look at the Lives of Women and Girls, and AmandaLang, an award-winning BNN Bloomberg journalist, Bloomberg Televisionanchor, and author of The Power of Why and The Beauty of Discomfort.The Montréal and Calgary offices hosted events to motivate and unite friends,colleagues and communities to think, act and be gender inclusive. Calgaryalso held a private workshop facilitated by the Calgary Centre for Sexuality forfemale legal professionals to talk about respectful boundaries in the workplace.11

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpCollective Wisdom Story NightsIn 2019, Osler hosted several events inspired by The Collective Wisdom ofHigh-Performing Women, a book that was edited by Osler Chief Client OfficerColleen Moorehead. The book features a collection of compelling first-personstories from effective female business leaders and offers advice on how womencan advance in large organizations without sacrificing who they are. The seriesof events, called The Collective Wisdom Story, featured readings from some ofthese women leaders and included frank reflections about ambition, courageand the choices Canada’s most successful women have made to manage theirpersonal and professional lives. Each event was hosted with a specific groupor industry in mind and featured women who worked in each correspondingspace. In May, we hosted an event with a number of other firms for our combinedlegal professionals featuring readings from women in the legal professionwho are also authors of The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women. We also hosted two client events — one in Toronto in May and one inVancouver in October.#movethedial Story EventsOsler is proud to be a founding member of #movethedial, an organizationwhose mission is to increase the participation and leadership of women in thetech sector. In support of this movement, Osler associates and partners attendedand participated in more than 12 #movethedial Story Events over the year.International Women’s Day12

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpRepresentationof women at OslerAs at December 31, 2019Women hold23.3%of positionson the operationand partnershipcommittees60%of chief executivepositionsAs at December 31, 2019Women represent40%of all lawyers27%of all partners50%of all associatesBetween 2014 and 201941%of our new partnersat Osler were women13

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpIndustry RecognitionEuromoney Women in Business Law Awards 2019: Osler was named “Firm of the Year” forCanada and was recognized as having the “Best Gender Diversity Initiative in North America”for a National Firm. The latter recognition highlighted initiatives such as our Osler WomenLawyers’ Network, and more. Three lawyers were also shortlisted in individual categories: Monica Biringer – Best in Tax Janice Buckingham – Best in Energy, Natural Resources and Mining Wendy Gross – Best in TechnologyMay Cheng, for the third year in a row, was recognized as one of the Top 250 Women inIP by Managing Intellectual Property’s IP STARS 2019 legal directory, a global recognitionthat honours the top female practitioners in intellectual property. May was also recognizedby IP STARS 2019 as a “Trade mark star – Canada.”Jennifer Dolman, a partner in Osler’s Litigation Group, was recognized as one of Who’sWho Legal’s Thought Leaders: Global Elite 2020 for Franchise. The accolade recognizes toplawyers who stand out internationally for their skills in managing a spectrum of corporatetransactions, and advising clients on an array of corporate issues.Andraya Frith, Chair of Osler’s National Franchise and Distribution Practice Group, wasnamed one of Who’s Who Legal’s Thought Leaders: Global Elite 2020 for Franchise. Thisrecognition honours lawyers for their vast expertise and experience, and also their abilityto innovate, inspire, and go above and beyond to deliver for their clients.Maureen Killoran was recognized as one of the “Top 25 Women in Litigation” for thefourth straight year by Benchmark Canada.Pooja Mihailovich was recognized in Benchmark Litigation’s 2019 “Under 40 Hotlist” as oneof the top litigation and dispute lawyers in Canada. Pooja is a partner in Osler’s TaxationGroup and a driving force behind the Canadian Tax Foundation’s Women in Tax events.Mary Paterson, a partner in Osler’s Litigation Group, was recognized in BenchmarkLitigation’s 2019 “Under 40 Hotlist” as one of the top litigation and dispute lawyers in Canada.Mary was also recognized as one of the 2019 Lexpert Rising Stars: Leading Lawyers Under 40.Jennifer Thompson, Head of Osler Works – Disputes, and the team behind thegroundbreaking Undertakings Management Tool were awarded the Precedent MagazineInnovation Award. This award honours lawyers who have upended the status quo – tobetter serve clients, to improve the legal workplace or to help the public access justice.Joanne Vandale, a partner in Osler’s Taxation Group, was recognized as one of the 2019Lexpert Rising Stars: Leading Lawyers Under 40, which celebrate the achievements ofCanada’s leading lawyers under the age of 40 at the top of their profession.14

DIVERSITY AT OSLER: 2019 YEAR IN REVIEWOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt llpInternal diversityinitiativesWe are dedicated to creating innovative policies and opportunities thatpromote the continuous growth of diversity and inclusion within the firm.Our practices, procedures and employee programs are aimed at fosteringa work culture that promotes equality and inclusion and ensures that allindividuals who work at Osler are treated with dignity and respect.PoliciesOsler has a number of policies in place to support an inclusive workenvironment,